Does anyone else get bored of builds really quickly and reroll all the time?

I get bored of builds really quickly and end up selling everything off (normally for a loss) only to reroll for another build I'll be bored of.

Does anyone else go through the same? Are there any solutions or tricks to avoid doing this? Or maybe I just haven't found a build that really clicks for me.

Maybe SSF would prevent this but there's always the temptation to migrate to trade.


Yep this is me. 8 odd characters per league usually.


Same here usually although only 4 so far this league because I've invested much more heavily in 1 which I now regret as I'm really not enjoying it.


All depends on finding a skill I enjoy. My inquistor has gone from storm brand to shockwave totems and back to storm brand and now been left on the sidelines Skelle mages because I know I can do everything with it, for when I get annoyed with dying too much on other chars. Cold dex stacking raider that started as spectral helix but is now venom gyre, and i'm enjoying so I'm sticking with it for now


> storm brand to shockwave totems and back to storm brand totally relatable lol. I leveled an inquisitor and started with spark. Didn't like it & switched into storm brand and farmed a handsome amount of currency. Rolled back into spark but didn't like its expensive version either, so fell back to sb. This time I built an aegis & melding sb but dps felt lackluster so I rolled into cold reap. It felt clunky so I'm considering falling back into og glass cannon storm brand.


This is the real answer. When I'm playing some sort of DoT build, I'll usually play the build to at least the low 90s.


I had a lot of fun with my bane build, currently starting a steel build and at level 50 I’m wondering when it starts becoming fun.


Never, that's why it's not really popular


Not sure how you guys handle running through the campaign 8 times a league. I can barely handle doing it twice.


It's fun, feels good to start off with nothing and build a char up to ~95. But I grew up playing games like diablo 2 so I'm used to running the same campaign over and over.


with leveling gear you can start from scratch and be in maps in ~3 hours leveling an alt can be a VERY different experience from league start if you optimize it, and the optimal leveling path is pretty much the same for every class (hollow palm).


It’s brainlessly easy to level through the acts. I just chuck a movie or two on and I’m done by the end. I somehow never seem to have any regrets so it’s easier for me to just smash out a new character instead of rerolling a totally different passive tree lol


This league I spent a little time learning which quests are regrets. Unsurprisingly I was adding a lot of time to my runs when I was doing all the regret quests. It's generally not too bad with +1 wands, wanderlust, tabula, goldrim, bereks (etc). Seven League Steps are awesome as well, although maybe not this league (chill, freeze etc). Mostly, I just turn on some sort of YouTube playlist and/or watch Netflix on the side. Usually I get my main build setup somewhere between A4 & A6. I try to do cruel lab before killing A5 Kitava and then Merc Lab before A10 Kitava. I do agree that the campaign should be shorter, but I'm starting to see how much room there is to craft mods on white/purple items (and that blasted quicksilver boot recipe).


Pro-tip - just play 8 versions of the same character then you can play even more since you don't have to level lol Edit because I'm worried that comes off a snarky, I'm actually being serious. I've played like ball lightning guardian, and cestral protector Inquisitor, firetrap inquisitor, shockwave totem inquisitor, etc...


Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm an altoholic.


4 chars this league


At 8 right now




Many many people do this. A subset of the population min-maxes. Some just want to play new builds. Some work to create wonky builds that fail and then they reroll. I get every build I play to kill elder/shaper/sirus/maven then reroll. I don't have the time/patience to grind a build to build up currency to min-max anything. Anything over 15-20ex or 1-5ex in each gear slot is just...too much for me to worry about when most builds are already capable of end-game content. To each their own.


I tried to make an int stack trickster with some recombinated int %int 3k ev body armour. I quickly realised why yrickster is god awful for int stacking when i actually reached maps. Example, for comparison occultist gets stun immunity, +1 curse, freeze and chill immunity, easier time crafting a chest piece and just overall better pathing for split personalities. What i get with trickster is 4 frenzy charges and like 20% extra chaos dmg.


With trickster you'd want to steal some additional jewels from assassin to easily cap crit+multi (or power charge) and then it's still a stacker so it's expensive in general. My dex stacker hollow Palm is good on a budget but never do wave 30 or Uber bosses on a budget.


Sleeping on the attack speed trickster gives you a little bit :P When I played mine in 3.17 the only thing I really missed from Occultist was profane bloom, but clear was more than fine still anyway. Pantheon and jewel implicits sort out freeze and chill and some of the stun mitigation too (along with the ES mastery), and I just settled for a regalia instead of the sadist garb I had planned. Had a great time farming expedition with it. Occultist is better overall still, but to say Trickster is awful is a little misleading imo


Oh i should have made it more clear, was doing whispering ice. I guess that changes the entire context of the post. My bad.


I stand corrected, hahah fair enough. I commend your efforts


I used to until I found the “style” I like most. I dig self cast and move fast so cf kb has been amazing and scratches the itch. Now I’m trying to figure out a bosser for invitations, boss rotas, and Ubers. Maybe looking at an armour stacker but not sure. Can’t stand minions.


I wish I liked minions but every time I try it pisses me off and I give up


I tried leveling with a minion build at least 5-6 times over the years, never got through the campaign... The only minions I liked were the old Carrion Golems that shred everything without any support minions, but even to that I switched from my elementalist starter


If you ever want help getting a minion build going let me know. They can be a pain in the ass in the very beginning.


Could you help me out with a minion build?


Thanks. I think it’s just the having to resummon your spectres etc becomes a pain but probably because I don’t stick at them long enough


I play ssf and keep re rolling at least once a week. Its part of the fun. Yesterday got a paradoxica so reroll inc once again lul


This is pretty much what I do. There's definitely times when I get something and go to 99 while SSF min/maxing my gear like with omni. But once I have a bosskiller online I can tell if I want to waste time or not by 80. If I'm not feeling it I'll pull the ripcord and try something else. Shit sometimes I'll get to 40 using the skill I want and be like yea no.


Oh yeah. I'm quite restrained this league - not had that much play time, and quite liked one of the builds, so I'm only on number 7. It's mainly because I find putting a build together and seeing it progress more fun than actually playing it, at least when it's going to take 10s of ex or more for minor upgrades, and any more skill points are going to be fairly minor too. And yeah I quite often have a fire sale on the gear to get to the next build more quickly!


I agree. Feeling it come together is a lot more fun than grinding for days for a tiny bit more DPS


Yup. 15th Build this league.


Ouch. What have you tried?


What hasn't he tried




I know everyone is different and plays differently. But for me, I always had to play offmeta builds, and would get bogged down trying to make something unique or using some niche interaction others weren't using on trade league. I was spending a large chunk of my time trading for niche items to make my build function.... So what I ended up doing, last league, was play SSF. Never had as much fun as I do now. Never played as much as I do now. I don't mind rolling more meta builds because it feels more earned since you're making it all on your own. And the best part is I accomplish way more endgame stuff because I reroll way less than I used to, and because I don't spend all that time trading for minor upgrades. Best of all I am personally making the strongest builds I have ever made. Apparently grinding endgame yields better rewards (whodathunk?). Sure there are some drawbacks and a bit more limitations, but I will never play trade league again, and would recommend you at least trying out SSF.


Also comparing your strong builds to others on PoE Ninja gives another sense of satisfaction, there's a sense of satisfaction I get knowing my build wrecks and knowing I did it all on my own.


I considered SSF for this league but was weak and went with trade again. I can see the appeal of SSF though and I think I know RF Inq well enough to at least give SSF a go to begin with. Lots of people have said it makes things a lot more fun and keeps them invested for longer


Last league I ended up migrating last minute just to buy a couple items to finish 36 challenges and get the wings. You would do fine on RF inq. I played 2H axe spectral helix impale champ this league until Rog made me a 950 phys DPS axe so I rerolled to Earthshatter zerker for more clear speed to farm up my Omni, so now I'm min/maxing LS raider trying to get ubers done. I'll also have to roll a 20% cull Slayer for boss kill assurance, and might even mess around with a Cast on Death char depending on how poorly ubers go 😅. SSF really let's you make very clear and distinct goals. My brother has joined me in SSF, last league he min/maxed a Lightning Strike raider for 2+ months when usually he would reroll 15+ chars each league. This league he has struggled to find the build he wants to invest in but he's still having a lot of fun.


Yh Pohx has done RF on SSF so will watch some of his stuff. That all sounds like fun, reckon if I struggled I’d just be weak and migrate early though


Yeah that's a great build that can take you as far as you need. The Atlas tree is obviously EVERYTHING for SSF and the reason why I enjoy it so much. I HIGHLY recommend to go hard into Expedition/Harvest and essences and blank everything else out, at least initially. I crafted some of the best gear I ever had in the first two weeks of this league, and I'm not that great of a crafter by any means. Use Rog/Gwennen Expedition to get all your bases, use Tujen for currency, use Harvest (and Rog) to craft, and good things will happen.


Sounds like a plan! Harvest is super rippy though


That it is. I definitely am not a fan of glass cannon builds, luckily RF inq is quite tanky with that regen and block and all those layers. Definitely have to focus on those defenses if you don't want to get popped nowadays


What I noticed over the years is that people reroll on the wrong premise. They think that they can't progress further, or that they are squishy because the build is "bad". So they reroll to a new build, thinking it would be better and they end up in exactly the same spot as the last time. So they reroll again. I used to be like that. What helped me was sticking to a single build and trying to push as far as I can. I learned a lot of build mechanics that way. Turms out you can slap them on most of the builds to improve their feel. You just have to push through this barrier once, then you will know how to do it in the future .


I do both. On leaguestart I generally push hard to try out new content, endgame etc. I set myself high goals and work towards them. Once that is done I liquidate my characters and spend the rest of the league rolling random builds, often getting to like 90 max, reselling gear, etc. ​ Seems like the part you're missing is the one where you set yourself some goals to achieve.


Yes i sure do. i usually play around 5-8 build a league. i start off with my league starter play for about 1-2 weeks and grind mageblood, hh, and usually 100ex+. GOto my next build, usually make some nice gear, play for a week, and sell it for morre $, then keep doing the same process until i find something i like and feels good. If i like it , ill play for 2weeks+. this league i started with ea, went to coc fr, rf explode, then ts omni..looking at reap inquis now


How tf do you grind mageblood, hh and 100 ex in 2 weeks?


I usually play most of my builds for roughly 1-2 days then go back to minmaxing storm brand like every single league.


At least you've got one you can go back to


That's the league starter and finisher char. I always try some other build then realise how amazing sb is when you invest into it so i just keep playing that.


Just reroll atlas instead and try unique setups, that keeps me entertained on 1 character


I think learning to craft or upgrade my own gear was what kept me interested in a build (if I just farm 10 more t1 ele bases through harvest or essence maybe I'll get a better weapon). I think playing SSF helps too because you have a use it or lose it mentality and end up using chaos and exalts for crafting and you yolo spam more often


Most leagues my biggest issue is doing this over and over until i run out of currency and brick my league. I play a few hours a night and absolutely HATE levelling and going through the acts so i tend to look at builds i can re-spec into by selling my gear. Most of the time i get to the point where i have run out of money trying a build that i don't like that i can't get to work and then can't afford to fix it and quit. Last league i tried the Arakaali Fang spider build and got the furthest i have gone in any league. Minion build that didn't really feel like a minion build due to cyclone and good mobility while being extremely tanky was super awesome. Helped me learn a lot of fights etc. and then i just dumped currency into random mapping characters for fun. This league is shaping up to be like previous ones. Started RF INQ not really enjoying the play style and currently dumping currency into random builds and trying to find something i like. Makes it much harder now that the acts feel so much more painful to get through.


They need to introduce a way to skip the acts of you’ve already done it each league


im in the same boat. farm up a few ex and decide reroll, play the char til mid 80s and reroll again. no progress or currency made, time wasted on rerolling just to get bored quickly. happens every league for me ngl it burns me out. i dont know how im still playing this game, im really attached and still love poe very much. im trying my best to take breaks in between characters tho


I don't reroll, i push my characters to lvl 97-100 and play one or two characters per league. When do you reroll, because sometimes it's far too early ? i remember a reddit post of someone that reroll at lvl 70-80 and plays a lot of character per league, and for me at this levels you didn't really make a build, it's just a character with a skill and some random basic gear, no special interaction, instead of rerolling, pushing a build a bit further makes you interact with the gear selection/progression, aka creating a build/character.


It depends on the character - generally the tankier it is the higher level. Anywhere between 85-95 normally


I do the same, usually just one and then improve until maven and co are easy. I've put about 200ex into my RF by now, maybe 300. It's not an Uber killer but that wasn't my goal, everything else is easy and I'm on the altar grind to 40/40, just 800 more to go xD I probably could do some uber fights if I tried them a few times but I don't feel the need tbh...


300 ex and cant kill ubers? Dfuq? Thats a shit build imo, even if optimized for mapping


Read it again?


Usually at like level 80-90 I'm done with a character exactly because a build has all of the mechanics in place then (even if the numbers aren't "good" yet). At that point in softcore trade you're probably doing t16s and the non-uber endgame bosses without too much trouble, and I never feel like pushing for ubers or super heavy juicing because the grind to get the content is so long. Then the only thing left is to either reroll or quit the league. Usually that means invest like 3 ex in a new build and then immediately quit after when that build also starts doing (blank) red maps at like lvl 70. It's why I honestly liked the most of the archnem mods before they gutted them. They make the content you always have access to harder, so there's more need to invest in your character before you just run out of content that doesn't require farming to access.


Most builds don’t really come online till like 92-95, the last few skill points generally make such a survivability or damage boost that rerolling at 90 seems absolutely insane to me lol.


This. I rerolled rf into armor stacker champ this league, till 90 it felt like an absolute waste of time and currency. Then when i got the last 5 passives in idk how or why but the build became super super strong. All of a sudden i am killing ubers while at 90 i kept dying in t16s. Idk how to explain it but thats my experience


Yeh every skill point above like 91 is potentially a new jewel slot or a cluster or an inspired learning like there’s so many options haha


Funny i only do the exact opposite : i only want to build one char per league, try to minmax, then quit the league


Any builds you'd recommend?


As soon as I reach that wall where every upgrade is either a crafting project or it's 5ex to upgrade, I feel like rerolling.


I know it's much more efficient to focus on one build but that's way less interesting to me. I end up with 6-10 builds most leagues, my goal is to get 90+ with each one to give them a fair shake. Only rarely do I not hit that with all my characters. Out of those, a couple will end up hitting 95-97 range and completing challenges. Just depends which builds function the best for the limited budget I put into each one. Coming up on 7k hours and never played the same skill the same way twice. Works for me.


Can see why you enjoy that. Any builds you’d recommend that you’ve taken to 95+?


Oh yeah, I don't even bother with specters till later on when the gem is leveled up and I get more minion life nodes


Im still trying to find the answer.


The biggest help with this is just play SSF, you won't get nearly as quikly bored of builds as it takes longer to build them and you actually care about your char and items.


Yh a few people have said. Will try next league


Yeah man. I average about 12 characters a league. This one I'm at 5, but that's because there were no balance passes. Updated skills and new items typically push me to build something to 90 and then see if I like how it feels. Typically that's a no, so I go next. Also really hate rerolling characters and buying every single gem and item at once, so I just grind out the campaign which lengthens my time in league lol


I get this...when you hit a point all your upgrades are 40+ ex and the xp slows down a lot around lvl 95. Just takes too long to see progression.


I think I'm worse. I play something simple like minions till I get an exalt or so and start hideout farming via currency trading to feed the addiction. Once the currency is coming in, I level up multiple characters and just experiment with mechanics. Stupid stuff that stands nearly no chance of functioning, just to see how far it might go. Example: Occultist Dual Replica Tulfall using Saqawal's helm/boots/gloves with archmage for 5% mana cost per auto cast. Lower duration to absolute minimum (minus extreme quality on anom haste). Take ascendency to get 200 mana spent -> power charge. Throw in some -max power charge jewels, experiment with mana/life recoup, etc. Watch the twister spell loop commence, be sad that there's no room left for real defenses or offenses.. just a fun loop. Find a new experiment and repeat.


You're doing the research so others don't need to.


I'm an ssf player and I almost always have 1 main build and then experiment with various other builds for fun as I find/craft interesting items. My main build this league is RF inquisitor (like many others) and I've messed around with poison spark, cold bv, skelly mages and Phys trapper. My secondary fun builds normally last a few days too a week but also some times become the main build (poison spark almost became my main build for example). While this isn't efficient it is alot of fun, but that being said ima campaign enjoyer and many aren't. My next fun build will either be poison concoction PF or vls champion, as I have end game viable year for both sitting in my new build tab. It isn't boredom that makes me play other builds it's frustration at losing exp on the main build combined with a fun break from trying to lvl past 97.


I really didn’t enjoy VLS champion for some reason but good luck!


Poison concoction it is. Champ VLS does seem a bit bland especially with out chill/freeze.


Yes, we should be friends and commiserate and then rebuild


LeaveOldManAlone is my ign


I usually am one of those people and it keeps going until I find a build that, for whatever reason, I stick to for a couple of weeks, even through different leagues. This league in particular i've been enjoying RF inquisitor a lot, there's so much documented content as to how to progress and craft your own gear that I pretty much always have something to min-max. Level 95 atm and I'm still not bored, nor do I have al lthe equipment that I want. Last time I remember happening was delirium league when hollow palm builds where the new fancy thing, I loved the concept and has been the league with my highest level char, 98, who knows maybe RF this league will get to 99 lol.


I’m trying to push RF as high as I can now. Trying to break the rerolling pattern


I really enjoy taking builds to the next level. Phox’s RF for example - I built the POB point for point. Then wanted to increase my single target and found a way to do it. Then found a way to do Ubers with even more damage. Now I’m taking the next step to have EVEN more damage but maintain my clear speed and tank. Min/maxing is the juice that keeps me going.


Have you got a current pob? I started with his guide too and have modified it using poe ninja and am at about 2.2m dps


It's how I play if I'm going all in a league.


Yes, mostly because of using the same league starters all the time and then all the off meta skills you find fun takes 100ex to even feel as a good as meta skills that only need 1-ex to feel the same


I feel seen


It's because the speed of the endgame makes all the builds essentially function the same. Movement skill, blow up pack, movement skill, blow up pack.


Ive probably spent more chaos this league on Regrets than I have on Rings.


Same here


If my build can't do end game well I'll reroll until it does. Some leagues that is 1 or 2 builds, some leagues I'm 5+ deep.


Yup. Then I go back to my Cyclone character. Then I get an idea for a new character while spinning around the map. Create a new character. Play a few days. Repeat.


I always thought I was like you - an altaholic - I typically run like 5-15 builds a league. Even in SSF. Then i got the shock of my life when I levelled to 100 back in Harvest and even kept playing after that. For me it was really just about the state of the game and the build. If its smooth, fair (challenging but approachable), build is enjoyable, content and goals ahead of you... well I just kept playing. If some of those aspects are not there - maybe its all good but your build isn't quite clicking with you - I'm not motivated, and go back to rolling a number of characters. Which I guess makes sense, as there's a number of factors (for me) that need to line up, some within and some without my control. So far I've only hit 100 in Harvest, ritual and Archnemesis (cold dot, double strike and LS respectively). For tips I would say managing your own expectations is super important. People are kind of stupid (talking about myself included), you need to sort of spell-it-out to yourself about what your build is and isn't and lean into that. If you put unrealistic expectations on it (like playing a hipster shitty uild but trying uber content) its this weird dissonance that you are thinking one thing and doing another. Also, Playing good builds/ meta is also a lot smoother, its night and day. I'm all about the hipster trash builds, but when you do 10 in a row then play something meta its suddenly a totally different game. A dozen alt-f4 moments just don't happen, and a number of bosses you just breeze past because of just high damage or whatever. Its a totally different experience. ---- (Also its happens the same in SSF, you just take longer to reach that point)


That’s really helpful. I think I’ve realised I enjoy being tanky but because of that damage is less so need to stick to the content that suits


i can relate, im on around 10 builds this league but i always go for the classic kb ps int stacker cause i know that ill enjoy that playstyle maybe you gotta find that one build that scratches your itch and youll have something to invest your time/currency into


I usually get stuck in PoB after first build.


Its ussually happen when you mid invested into a build and not push it i avoid by set a goal before start to olay each build for example for leaguestart build i set 10-20 ex goal and then i allow myself prooceed to new build this will force you to do harder content (4 void stones,atlas completion, favoured map slots )and acctually make your build stronger which equal to fun For 2nd build ky goal is ussually like 100-200 map with some semi jucied strats


Yh I think setting goals in future while solve this. Like not letting myself reroll until I achieve X with that character


>Maybe SSF would prevent this Nope, not in the least …


I play builds that I know I will enjoy. Over the years I've basically found myself always going back to the same archetypes of minions, explode, and cyclone builds. Just something satisfying seeing explosions, mowing down mobs like a lawnmower with a cyclone build, and the freedom of just speedrunning while aggressive minions blast everything. So literally every league whether I make 1 character or more, one of them is always the archetype I like that I will always take to end game content and complete challenges with regardless if it's meta or not. Just gotta find what strikes your fancy and that might just take many leagues.


Try SSF, helped me at least. Only 3 characters atm instead of the the usual 8-10 (HC anyway forces a reroll every now and then)


i got adhd. ​ yes


I'm the opposite... I always min/max a single build until I'm done with it (sometimes sooner, sometimes later) and then fall into a pit of despair because I don't want to play through the campaign again for another character. It's so annoying, I fucking hate it. Just let me arbitrarily add leveled (68) naked characters after I leveled the first...


Only play 1 this league spectral helix respec to Lightning strike.Strong af never get bored.Just when im almost done with league 39/40, a mirror dropped.Bought a MB & headhunter for the sake of owning.Got no use for them so keep in stash cause Ls champion.


I’ve never really enjoyed LS for some reason


I just accept that its a part of the game and start to like it 😅


Yes and no. I just stop playing. Going through the GOD DAMN STORY AGAIN sucks.


I keep one good character to farm currency, bosses, etc with and experiment with the currency I make/ be a sugar daddy to my friends that are less lucky and fortunate so they can do the same. My witch has been four different builds so far, right now it's a CoC frostnova/ice spear mapping/bossing build


Yes, and Im perpetually poor because of it


I used to. Then I found that I had a lot more fun if I stuck with something instead of being baited by shiny new ideas and spending all my time rerolling and not pushing anything.


I had that this league and started on ssf. Having a blast. It's a different game


SSF seems to be the solution. Will go for that next league or try it out if I get completely bored of this league


It's great fun. Your currency means something. The items you craft yourself are yours. You shape ur atlas skill tree accordingly, you farm div cards. It's a great journey


it is harsh, but hardcore mode can force the decision on you to switch builds i went several years learning the acts in hardcore and kept on trying something new on re-roll until i finally got beyond act 10 and decided to roll softcore to ensure i can learn all the different maps/bosses and get to know the mechanics


I started this league in HC trade, I was an altoholic before but I slowly started to want to play one as far as possible and min max. I still ended up playing 6 builds to high 80s/mid 90s this league before switching to SSF


That would just cause me to quit the game. Die too much for that


Yup, dont like to play builds for a long time and love to discover new builds that would be fun. That's why i am always poor and every bit of currency gets pumped into new builds


I usually reroll a decent amount. But this league I'm sticking with one for now. Wanna really see what it can do when it's "done" I'm also something like 50-100 ex deep. Self crafting is way tonexpensive compared to buying....


Its a problem for me too. When i have to pay 5-10ex for upgrades, i can beat basic bosses (sirus, uber Elder, maven with 2-3 portals) i cant cope the grind for +10crit, and the big updates (mageblood, omni, square, double corrupts, etc) its simple impossible for me. Trying a new build, improve It at get it to the point of beating normal bosses its simply more fun


That’s fair


Doesn't sound like a problem if it's fun to you to play that way


I do that. Though I don't sell my previous gear for the chance I might come back.


I’d do that If I could afford it


All the build I do are under 1 ex anyway haha


Oh fair enough haha


I keep my leaguestarter pretty long, then just switch to something more comfortable to farm with. Started rf this league, now slowly building my mage skelly with mostly crafting everything myself since i dont have to worry about currency


Nope I have the opposite problem. What's the point of changing builds when u can push the build u have to the absolute max? Might help that I craft all of the gear myself. And usally do a twist. RN im going occultist coc ice spear. But with life. And no uniques (except cospris) cuz uniques are boring.


I usually try out 4 or 5 different builds each league up to 5-10ex invested, just looking for something "fun". I think my issue is the combat in this game is not great, which is typically one of the most important aspects of a game for me, but all the other complexities are what keep me playing PoE. As for how to avoid it, I don't know because I do it every league. This league has been a little different for me, I tried several different builds just to be more effective with pandemonium sentinels because they are just so good and you can use them twice a map. Most of the builds I'm familiar with were terrible for pandemonium sentinels.


This happened to me when I first started. Last league I had the desire to farm a headhunter, and that objective kept me playing the same build for a long time. Now I’m on my way to buy my first mageblood; been playing RF INQ since league start and I think i will not make a second character this league. I have very little time to play nowadays(1 hour maximum due to real life stuffs), so I’m pretty comfortable with what I have now and where I’m heading. If you think it’s a problem to make many characters per league, try to set goals(like killing an Uber boss, farming thousand deli maps, farming a chase unique or two)


That’s a good suggesting. I league started RF too and although I’ve tried out a few other characters this league I keep coming back to the RF inquisitor so maybe I’ll try to stick with it until I can afford a Mageblood as I had my first HH drop from Gwennen last week. Stupidly sold it to fund a character I now hate but the less said about that the better…


Haha we’ve all been there, don’t feel bad about it buddy


Bought omni with it so should easily be able to sell that at least!


I'm still on my RF build and now need like 10 more ex and will buy HH to try this legendary power for first time ever.


This is the first league I've played with the new atlas and it's been more fun than ever for me. For once I feel like I can make any build and focus on content that works for it. This is the first league I've killed Sirus, and I've even fully completed the atlas and all Maven challenges including the feared. I feel like my new goal of the game is to make new characters that excell in certain content. At the moment I'm working on a melee build to take on uber bosses and wave 30 simulacrum. However, this will be my fourth build this league. My first build I tried out just didn't work out. Not because it wasn't playable, but because it just didn't seem fun for what I wanted to do at the time. Same with my third build except I invested tons of currency into it and had a lot of fun but I'm already kinda bored of it and considering cannibalizing it to super juice my uber bosser. Just go with the flow man. It's a bit of a pain to level up new characters but reselling stuff is a breeze and if its not worth as much (or too much) HEY you can maybe use those items on a new build.


Yh I know, just wondered if there was something I was missing but maybe it's just because I see streamers playing the same build for ages


You aren't wrong about that. I get so tired of the same builds being pumped every league by all the streamers at once (who can blame them? The builds are strong). I tried a tectonic slam chieftain at first but I just wasn't feeling it. The build didn't even feel all that weak and I might league start it again. Second build I did was a Arakali Mana Guardian (started as dom blow til I had the currency) and I just felt far more invested in it. I'd play around with some skills and just see what you like. Maybe search builds by ascendency and maybe try reviving something ancient on PoB. Maybe try making your own build! In scourge league i made a weird mana stacking Agnostic flameblast totem starter that actually turned out pretty decent. It wasn't perfect but I learned a lot and I was more invested in the build because I made it myself.


Sometimes yes 😁 but not this league (RF Inquisitor and loving it)


Rf has been the most boring build i have ever tried. Took it to 97 with about 70ex investment. It taught me that walk simulators are not my thing. It also taught me that going as tanky as possible on the expense of damage is also not my thing. We are all different i suppose


Convert to explode and sell the ashes


RF is definitely fun


I've done it this league more than any other. I do it for a few reasons: * I realize I hate the play style (can take awhile as you often don't know what the build plays like right away) * Hate the leveling process (too many skills swaps; don't like the leveling skills) * Confused by the leveling process (poorly explained or requires way more regrets than you get at league start) * Don't know how to upgrade anything or upgrades make minimal difference and I get frustrated/lose motivation (no carrot on the stick) This league I tried Gorotha's Spark (I despise standing still/confused on upgrades), DD Necro (refuse to buy mtx for performance reasons), and Ziz's Shield Crush (confusing leveling). Eventually I used lily's Seismic guide that levels with Spectral Helix + [this gear flowchart](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1YXqvFEaGOYjRlLfB1bMJDZij86oLYGbq/edit#slide=id.p4) and now I'm pretty good.


Know the feeling!


Say you have ADHD without saying you have ADHD... :D This is so me. In every single game I've ever played where there's any reason to reroll/roll an alt.


Haha no comment on that one


Yeah, except this league I dumped all my currency into one build, wasn't a huge fan of it (even though the dps is insane) and now I can't sell the gear so I guess I'm done with league


I did the same but luckily I’ve been able to sell some of it


Worst part is I had an offer I missed, 30ex for my boots. I dropped them to 20 and still haven't had anyone else message


That sucks


Nope. If you invest in a character from day 1 and stick with it, grow with it etc - you'll stick with it unless you're some teenage kid that needs copious amounts of Adderall so you don't get bored from looking away from the PC screen for 1 second.


I am at my 5th toon this league. Have not hit 90 on any of them. Then again...not sure if its me or the game is getting boring cos all they do is make things harder by making sure your grind more and not actually improving the game or rewarding good players


I do think the grind has increased in the last couple of leagues. Out of interest, what builds have you made?


Yoy dont say. The game literally makes us grind cos the "new contents" are really just massive DPS checks. Sigh. Oh and I did a DD necro, pyro sabo, LS raider, LS raider and now on my CF champ.


I used to be like this but once I found a build/archetype that stuck with me it kind of limits your options of what you can Reroll to. I can’t play bow/minion/trap/mine/totems/melee.


What's the archetype/build that you stick with now?


Hi there. I've been doing SSF for quite a lot of time now. I'm doing this every 2/3 build lol.


Must be a lot harder in SSF. Do you reroll to things you already have some gear for?


I play only in standard. That way I've accumulated some gear. I love to theory craft build then try them. But sadly not all of them are good enough for endgame, and I lack a lot of the best uniques.


I used to do this more but the leveling process burns me out super quickly. So while I still *want* to make multiple builds I just lose the desire to play when I have to go through the campaign again.


Same here so I spend a lot of currency on regret orbs


I've tried a few different builds but LS just keeps sucking me back in. Gonna min-max the fuck out of it instead :)


I've tried LS a few times and it just didn't click. Gonna try to minmax my RF Inquisitor instead


I used to, but now you need to invest so much to get a character into crushing content. So far omly have seismic and self cast FR Gonna be rerolling a GC char or Cold Reap. I always wanna do brands, but getting to the 10s of millions of DPS mark is a bit of a drag because you need the stupid crazy helmet


I usually have half a dozen builds for other reasons. League Starter, Mapper, Bosser, Wonky-Self-Contructed-Garbage-Build, Random-Marauder-Because-I-Like-the-Class and at some point )given I could accumulate enough currency) I go for Mr. Do-It-All and end the League once it stops being fun. So its less a matter of being boored of the builds, I just see them as different kind of tools, for a different kind of itch. And rarely, very rarely I run into a build that simply checks all boxes for me and is so satisfying that I use it for the whole season, not necessarily to max it entirely but moreso because I couldnt see myself trying something else and having more of a blast.


That makes sense. How far do you normally take each character?


The ones I dont like that much to around 85 and the ones I really like to 96. I never went past that number, since I really hate running Beach Heads or other brain dead ROTA's and it becomes kind of a chore to play passive all the time, as you will otherwise loose hours of progress (I know that any HC-Player reading this will shake his head, but I'm only playing HC SSF once a league for funsies and usually die for all the same reasons, I dont make it above 96 in SC).


I usually go through a few to find the one that seems the tankiest and most DPS with the least time needed, done skele mages, seismic traps and righteous fire this league so far. Found the traps one most effective so far but still squishy


This is me. I usually have a few builds that I take further than the rest. This league it’s been Ea ele, SB inquis, cyclone slayer, and ls champ. But I’ve probably tried at least 12 builds this league. I also tried to play a Ssf character but it didn’t quite catch for me. I think that was mostly due to the fact that I had already played a couple of standard characters. If I had league started as Ssf I think it would have stuck way better.


I do this because im tired of the game but each new league lures me in and i want to enjoy it, do a league starter get bored and do 15 different ones for a week until i get over the new league hype.


I always end up doing the same but I don't sell my stuff unless I'm really pissed with my build. I usually end up spending the currency I make in the first few weeks on several different characters instead of investing in just one.


This happens to me in trade league a lot, especially in SC trade because of how easy it is to get tons of currency. I stick to characters a lot longer in ssf and in HC (still a noob, so way more poor) because reaching that point where upgrades are super expensive or hard to get takes me much longer. One thing I did start doing though is not selling off gear from previous characters so that it takes me longer to gear up new characters


Good idea. I think I’ll try SSF next league


I usually play 3 builds. My starter this league it was bane. Boss killer this league its spiders so didn't have to reroll. I put usually around 100-200ex into this build. Then a map clearer depending on the build usually another 200ish ex. I use to reroll all the time but now I play builds that getting one skill point feels really nice or upgrades that are 10+ ex matter. For example leveling up 1 time on my spider build would get me another small cluster node. Which gives 35% effect attack speed damage and energy shield. For me it's about picking builds that "small" upgrades really do matter.


How do you farm that much currency?


I've been an altoholic for as long as I've played this game. Around release it actually took me several leagues before I stuck with a character long enough to reach maps. Nowadays I usually play characters somewhere into the 85-90 range. Anything past that I usually lose interest because by that point you've entirely outscaled everything in the game that isn't uber bosses or pretty heavily juiced content. I'd probably play single characters more if there was some content readily available that actually tests your character more, but I never feel like farming or trading to get access to bosses so I either reroll or quit the league fairly quickly after atlas completion. I don't think it's a thing that needs a "solution", it gives me time to brainstorm character ideas for the next league and prevents me from entirely burning myself out on the game.


Yeah I'm currently trying to get off of RF but I'm poor pepehands


RF is good for grinding maps at least


My trick is to play something with a flexible setup and tweak as I go, swap skills for a few regrets and maybe swap clusters but keep the same gear more or less. You build for an archetype and explore a lot of similarly-functioning skills without tearing the character down each time, then make 1-2 alts to try some off-archetype builds without having to heavily respec or regear your main setup. A prime example - my inquis rn is set up with aegis + nebulis. His only damage aura is zealotry, and all gear is eldritch influenced for generic stats - aura effect, reservation, crit multi, etc. I can use any selfcast lightning spell with that set and succeed, at most I swap to channeling clusters for some or swap to a couple of more niche nodes or a new anoint. I can also play any cold selfcast build doing the same and dropping call of the brotherhood. Last league I played str stack BLS, I could use any scepter skill to success with that setup. That was also inquis, and I do think inquis is just the best class for generic builds you can change parts of freely bc you don't invest in pen. But if you were to play omni you could do the same thing with any attack, or HOWA with LS / molten / frost blades / etc.


That’s a solid idea. Self cast inquis has always appealed but I normally go RF


I’m normally this person. I usually level 1 of each base class and swap around a lot. This is the first league I haven’t done that, mostly because CoC FR is just so damn good at everything.


That needs a lot of investment though right?


My trick to reduce the odds of me getting bored with a build is to level and low level map with a different skill and transition to the main skill once I'm at a solid gear level. This helps me from feeling like I only use one skill the whole time. Example, leveling absolution, taking it pretty far and then converting to skeletons once I'm in reds or something. Additionally Corrupting Fever champ is my cocaine this league. Explosions from hemo gloves are super satisfying.


Another good idea!


I totally agree.... I got a mageblood and then wanted to try substractem's CoC FR, it's tanky af, but my damage just.... I feel like I do negative damage.... I know I need to min-max it some more, but I just don't see the numbers in single target.... Not even with Mageblood taking most of the defences.... I want a build that's equally tanky but that it's able to do really good damage so I can do some challenge hunting....


Same here but I feel like I’m finally getting there with my RF inq. Damage is still low in the grand scheme of things but it’s high for me


I’m like this. I usually get a build up to around level 90 before I realize I don’t like the play style. I’ll usually find one build I want to keep around for the league. In ritual I rolled like 12 builds but always kept my carrion golem elementalist around. This league I won’t sell off my RF inquisitor but I keep rolling something new. My build the past two days has been mathil’s arma brand elementalist lmao


A mathil build - must be squishy?


I was really bad for this. I've gotten a bit better. Having more specific goals for a character or a bigger plan has helped me stick better. Build 1 needs to get X amount of currency Build 2 needs to beat these bosses. Stuff like that keeps me on the character until the goal is met then off to the dumpster they go. I also like having something different or unique to center a build around so it has some defining feature.


I think have goals and/or SSF are the ways to solve this


Nope, I am the complete opposite. I've played every league for about 5 years and I think only once have I ever rolled a second character during a league. I'm much more a one build, done right (100ex) each league.


Do you clear all content with that character or normally burn out?


Clear all content. I don't know if I'll do all the ubers, but I'll unlock all favourite map slots and complete every map in atlas. I carefully choose a league starter that is capable of doing this and I have never played the same build twice. I play a different ascendency every league and I only have two more to play.


I do this a lot. For me it’s just an issue of finding a build that really speaks to me. I’ve only found a handful of builds that I stick with past 92 or so. It’s always the builds that I least expect to enjoy as well. For example: archmage agnostic is my favorite archetype in theory, but in practice it’s just not fun. Pledge of Hands seems mandatory and if you’re not playing Ball Lightning or Cremation you’re having a bad time. Lately I’ve given up on it due to the defensive meta shift towards using as many auras as humanly possible, plus aegis aurora is too good to pass up. My point is that two leagues ago I switched to Poison Concoction pathfinder on a whim and it became one of my favorite builds really quickly. I discovered that stepping outside of my comfort zone and just doing something that I never would have otherwise done has helped my retention to a single build immensely. Sorry for the life story. Hope something in here helps you!


They’re good points. I think that’s my problem, I’m always looking for something that’s tanky, has loads of damage and is fun to play when in reality you only get that by sticking with something to a shit ton of investment (if you ever get there at all)


I used to do this every league but this league I started with lightning strike then swapped to RF and have never looked back tbh lol I enjoy it so much


Lots of RF enjoyers here (me included). Let’s hope they don’t nerf it


I have the same problem. There are a few times I’ve stuck with a build, though. I think three things are required. First, the build must feel impactful and smooth. Trappers, totems, and summons don’t feel as fun long-term as something that directly attacks and instantly kills. Second, it has to feel powerful, well above average in terms of build power. Often I’ll spend days gathering the gear for a new build, level a new character, equip the expensive gear, and not really be wowed by its performance, leaving me feeling lukewarm about the build. Third, it has to have clear, obtainable upgrades worth getting that feel like they increase the power of the build. Ritual was the best for this - harvest combined with conq influence + maven orbs created very clear directions for improving gear. Sentinel has also been great for it, probably due to recombinators making great gear relatively affordable. I played a seismic trapper then swapped to a champ, which did blunderbore/gull KB CF then swapped to Omni LS, and felt great. I recently swapped to Grimro’s TS CF, and it feels good but doesn’t blow me away for the amount invested (maybe 200ex). I’m thinking a dex stacker (maybe an aura stacker) will be my next and final build. If it feels amazing with high investment (300-400ex), I’ll really go after some challenges. Otherwise I’ll probably wrap it up for the league.