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Didn't white flags used to symbolize "surrender?"


[They don't understand that.](https://youtu.be/A5CbqtiKjSg?t=19) They also have been arguing in their servers about if the Supreme Court ruled you don't need a drivers license anymore and keep misquoting the constitution.


Oh, so they've gone full SovCit. Tell them their white flags don't have the proper gold fringe on them.


The White Moops


The card says "Moops"!


Oooohhh ya, sorry, it say moops




> gold fringe *THERE* it is! I love that part.


I will not surrender to a court of admiralty under USC 1849-3, which CLEARLY states I don't need a driver license to travel in my vehicle! I will not comply! And yet I will cite the laws of the government I don't think has any authority but will use that authority to have the authority to have my windows broken by an authority when I disobey that authority that I claim doesn't exist.


I am insane now. 🤣🤣




And I do NOT CONSENT to being tased!!!


And yet, here we are with you being tased.


Lack of consent doesn’t tend to change LEOs actions. In fact, some say “I don’t need your consent.”


You consent to a lot of things in your DL application. I used to work for the CA DMV. There is a lot to it.


Just driving on any public roadway amounts to implied consent. The consent in legal matters is not usually individual, for obvious reasons. Individuals can’t pick and choose which laws they will follow.


Wow...that reference takes me back.


I feel like I should know the reference, but it is missing me at the moment.


Sovereign Citizens *love* to tell judges that their courts have no authority over them since the gold fringe on the flag marks it as an admiralty court. It usually goes as well as you’d expect.


Ohhhh I want to see these morons argue that driving is a commercial term. Preferably to some cop who can ask them to show where it's defined as commercial. I want to see that. So badly.


That’s not how those interactions usually go. The cops normally just smash the window and drag them out of the car. It’s the judge that tells them how the law is. Videos of both are usually really funny.


I've sadly not seen any judge address and explain why driving isn't a commercial term.


"Don't you accept donations for driving around like ninnies? Money has changed hands, you've created joinder with your donors and are now driving commercially." I'd love to see what mental backflips they'd do when you speak back at them in their own legal voodoo.


It would go something like this: "Nuh-uh."


I've seen the comment that since they record it and put it up on YouTube that's for monetary gain and that means it's commercial.


> they've gone full SovCit. No. They've morphed or transitioned to SovCit, *for now*. They've changed goals and names and objectives so many times they don't even know what they're doing half the time. If there are any solidly stated goals then the group has been hijacked by extremists. "We just wanted to drive trucks around and participate in The Great Honk™." "NO, now we're going to commit violence in protest of drivers licenses".


Lmao I was just gonna say, this white flag "rule" that I've never heard of sounds like some "maritime law" bullshit that those people pretend is a thing


I believe the white flag to parlay with the enemy at least *used to* be a thing... Like hundreds of years ago. Not sure if it's still the case. Either way, they're not at war with anyone (especially not the US Government), so it literally means nothing and the immediate assumption of 99% of people is going to be surrender.


They probably got it out of Pirates of the Caribbean 🤷🏻‍♀️ https://youtu.be/uG-zY5jYGgQ


Ooh sovereign citizen. I heard once that as soon as you play that card, you lose access to a lot of things that to us are common sense, but to these idiots comes as a surprise Edit: I've just read what the "Sovereign Citizen" movement believes, and it is a doozy. I thought it just meant revoking your citizenship and becoming an ultra private citizen, turns out it's even dumber. Every day, I'm a little more surprised somehow


So they're probably not paying taxes? Can you report that to the IRS without full certainty? I'd assume they're already looking into these guys, but it's always good to be safe.


EZ switch to white hoods?


White hoods for their cars. Because they’re too lazy to March.






Just punch out a couple of holes with your keys, wrap that sucker around your head, and you're good to go.


I can't see shit out of this!


My wife stayed up all night making these!


tbf they might rule that “iT dOEsN’t SaY DrIVeR’s lIcEnSe iN tHe CoNstItUtiOn!!”


God what a crisis that would be. The SC has already thrown precedent completely out the window, you know, the *literal cornerstone* of our legal framework. But if they go full lunatic and start throwing out all laws not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, it would effectively dissolve the country. Think about how far-reaching that would be. We would have a war over it. Even if we somehow survived, what on earth would we do with the corpse of the SC? It would fundamentally destroy the most basic building blocks of our country.


The irony in attempting to interpret originalist meaning while ignoring originalist meaning.


Yea, founders wrote...a lot. And the SC is like "none of that matters, let's just throw out all the ideology and keep the one essay we say matters." My history/civics classes in HS covered a lot. Once I got to university, I realized they only scratched the surface.


They basically have. There's a post in /r/news about the new ruling about native lands arguing they've now made so many huge opposite direction swings no law is safe from reinterpretation at the local level now


[What's next? Requiring a license to make toast in your own damn toaster?](https://youtu.be/ZITP93pqtdQ)


Wait, is that real? I mean that's like peak satire, and I didn't think deep fakes were that good.


It is real, and it's hilarious. [Here's another really funny moment](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ)


So they’ve declared war on the US?


And are already surrendering


Jesus christ. So let me get this straight. They think if they fly a white flag they can claim ANY action they take was "peaceful parlay"? Sounds like their intention is to expressly commit a war crime frankly. "hehe if we fly a white flag that means its illegal for them to stop us if we try to Jan 6th the government again! We are very smart!" Sovereign citizen level of stupid.


Official flag of the confederacy!


Yep. Definitely the last flag. https://library.rockinghamcc.edu/flag/history their brief flag history is as stupid as they are. > The people of the Confederate Union also wanted a flag for all occasions that would not be confused with the "Stars and Stripes." In May 1863, the Confederate Congress adopted the blue cross with thirteen stars, but placed it in the "place of honor" and substituted the three bars with a field of solid white. > The Confederate soldiers felt that this flag resembled a flag of truce. It was again altered and adopted in 1865, shortly before the end of the Civil War. A red bar was added extending over the width of the banner and covering the outer half of the field.


What’s hilarious about this is how they wanted to separate from the US but immediately used a flag just like it, and when trying to distinguish their flag even further, continued using the same motifs and colors, and on the way nearly making a truce flag. Not a bright bunch, these folks.


And there's the Streisand Effect of saying "the stars and bars are heritage not hate, it's not even the official confederate flag..." so the curious investigate the real truth and it makes them look even stupider. Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG2nkqfKS5I quick video explanation. TL;DW what people call "stars and bars" nowadays would confuse a slave beating 1860s confederate.


> Definitely the last flag. Indeed, [here it is](https://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_515980).


They still do. And they also don't prevent arrests. But please, don't tell any of these idiots about that detail...


Thing is, the white flag is the actual flag of the confederacy. They're just finally flying the real one


Still do.


In the photo, it looks like another Klan parade... which isn’t that far away from the truth.


Seeing a car with flags does not make me feel free.


That’s why the Confederacy added a red stripe to the edge of their flag, which was all white in order to represent the “purity of the white race.”


More and more I get the feeling that the GOP, MAGA and such only want one freedom, the freedom for themselves to be the biggest, most annoying, inconsiderate assholes on the planet.


“Modern conservatives are engaged in one of mankind’s oldest philosophical exercises: the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”


There should be an addendum to that: "When no such justification is found, just make one up. It doesn't need to make sense or be internally consistent. In fact: the dumber, the better."


That is such a good way to put it.


I think they've nailed it already


They are already experts I guess. But I fear that we will see the master class in 2024-2025 and beyond.


While destroying it.


"Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition …There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect" https://slate.com/business/2022/06/wilhoits-law-conservatives-frank-wilhoit.html


They don't know what freedom really means. This is their braindead interpretation of it.


You’re thinking of oppression and yes you are correct.


It's not just oppression. It being annoying while being oppressive. Look at MTG and Bobert they do NOTHING except being annoying and trying to be oppressive. Both things that separately qualify as assholish behavior in my book.


It's been like that since Barry Goldwater my friend


Just to make sure I have their plan clear. They intend to go to DC. On the 4th of July. To make traffic miserable. So they are under the impression they can make 4th of July traffic in Washington, D.C., any more miserable than it already will be. Just checking.


Well the trucker convoy thought they were going to make traffic bad in DC, and the people in DC barely noticed they were there. These moops won't do anything to the traffic there. There's what? Like 10 of them?


These rural boys vastly underestimate the number of vehicles in such a massive space. Which is especially odd because they've already been there once...


"I don't get it, Cletus, when we were slowly driving through all 3 blocks of downtown Hickville, we were causing serious traffic issues there, why isn't that working here?"


That's because they think that two pick up trucks at the single stoplight in Armpit, Alabama, is enough to cause gridlock for hours. They don't quite grasp that more urban city streets are planned a bit differently.


It's difficult to estimate the levels of traffic when you're being chauffeured to your protest/insurrection destination in the back of a U-Haul.


Shoulda been these clowns stuck in that trailer in San Antonio


That's why there isn't a single person from a city who officially contested election claims. Not enough moops, too many normals


They would need to cause a multi car accident where someone died in both directions on the Maryland side of the beltway for anyone to even notice traffic was particularly bad, and even then most people wouldn't notice.... (Maryland side because they don't haul cars away when someone dies till the finish the investigation, the Virginia side would clear it out quickly)


In before they get caught in traffic, get tired of waiting, and instead go march around a parking lot nowhere near where they wanted to be and declare it a victory the next day.


It's hard for someone who's never lived in that area to understand how insane it is. It will literally be stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic sprawling from downtown all the way out into the Virginia and Maryland suburbs for early morning until late at night. In the area around the mall it could take a couple hours to go a few blocks. People will be hot, they will be drunk, they will be impatient. If these losers wanna go willingly participate in that, I sure would feel owned.


Theres a reason lots of people walk in cities. Driving is actually worse.


What is interesting to me is they do this shit, then when leftists do the exact same thing they are terrorists.


To them its not hypocrisy, because they are right and everyone else is wrong.


Exactly. When we accuse conservatives of being hypocritical, we are usually working from the framework that the same rules apply to all people, no matter their race/sex/orientation/political beliefs/ etc. Conservatism rejects equality. Once you do that, it's perfectly logical to believe that some humans should follow different rulesets than others.


Is that honestly their only goal, to make traffic bad?


Their goal is to create a massive disruption in traffic so that the government is forced to acknowledge, recognize, and negotiate with them to stop. Its absolutely delusional. There are going to be tens of thousands of vehicles in DC on the 4th, packed like sardines on every atom of blacktop, going nowhere fast. They will not even be a blip on the radar of traffic-based irritation. In fact, their tactics may indeed get them attention, just not from the people they are trying to get it form. Angry, drunk, hot motorists trapped in traffic jams for six hours are going to hear these knuckle-draggers loudly making themselves a convenient target and use them to vent their pent up frustration.


i was wondering why i suddenly felt so free


Just wait until July 4th. That is supposed to be their big day in DC with other "patriot" groups joining them. Don't worry they have white flags waving to prevent arrest.


tbh i don't know if my body can handle any more freedom, it's a bit nervewracking


You'll lose your physical self and achieve apotheosis


Universe, I don't ask you for much. But I NEED there to be a hero cop to go up to these people and start giving them a hard time, but then suddenly stop and say into their radio, "guys, they know about the white flag thing. Everybody stand down."


> Don't worry they have white flags waving to prevent arrest. Law Enforcement Officers *hate* this one weird trick.




Not to mention the generous over-abundance of American flags and red, white, & blue stuff in general that covers *every damn thing* in DC on the Fourth of July. Wrapping yourself in the flag and squawking about being a patriot is just about the *least* conspicuous thing you can do.


it would be hard to imagine them standing out in any major city on the planet on a random Monday, they must have absolutely no concept of scale


I was wondering the same thing until I realized my zipper was open. Doubt I'm allowed back in that Burger King.


Fuck them and the horses they rode in on.


Sir, this is a Subaru.


Fuck them and the Subaru they rode in on.


And relatedly, how dare they taint the good lesbian name of Subaru.


True story. My ex wouldn't let me get a Subaru because people might think I was a lesbian. I, of course, didn't care what other random people thought. It was how it would reflect on him. He was apolitical at the time. Now he is a massive Trump supporter/asshat. Makes me mad, but it's also hilarious.


Gentle folks, this is a Wendy’s




I can dig it.


Are they going to beat the cops with the white flag this time? "Can't arrest me. It's a white flag!"


Ahh, yes, just we learned in the 8th grade and you want to buy drugs, you ask them, "are you a cop?" and they have to answer honestly or it's entrapment and you walk free. Street Wisdom, baby.


Badger Meyhew has entered the chat


"It's in the Constitution."




Don't forget the sharpened and/or weighted ends and easily removable cloth


It's a weird bubble. From what I've gathered, they think that the police are with them and have agreed not to arrest people if they have a white flag. Or they think a white flag means "I've surrendered, and that means you can't arrest me!" which is a total misunderstanding of surrender. What will happen is a few of them will drive around becoming a minor irritant on the freeway. I don't think they get scale, how big a city is and how large a group you need to seriously disrupt it. That and they believe there's a great silent majority that's with them, ready to rise up. But what they really don't get is that disrupting people's 4th of July celebrations would just totally piss off a lot of people, even if they're on the right.


Pro choice/BLM/environmental/gay activists hold up traffic to protest violations of human rights??? Evil selfish jobless babies with nothing better to do— you’re totally justified plowing them over in your pickup truck. The bigger the body count, the better. Oh and send in the riot police to manhandle 4 foot 90 pound women while you’re at it, that’ll teach those bitches not to demand autonomy or speak outta turn! Morons larping as patriotic revolutionaries hold up traffic to protest….drivers licenses…and….gas prices…and Biden, maybe…or something?…?? Heroes doing the “lord’s” work, bastion of free speech and American values, anyone who disagrees is a commie snowflake bastard who should die. Yeah, sure, that totally makes sense…somehow.


Hypocrisy is the name of the game it seems.


Even after they got their wish of Roe V Wade abolished. They're STILL pissed off about...scratches head...uh, something.


So, everyone else show up with black flags, for No Quarter.


Per their citation, a person flying a white flag indicates that they are (1) part of a military force and (2) are an enemy. These people are no longer pretending they're not enemy combatants. Barack Obama has set a precedent on how American enemy combatants should be treated in a theater of war. This approach is dumb, no-one is going to take this seriously. The problem is that even if they were taken seriously, it would be even worse for them It's like fails on fails. > As a legal matter, the white flag, when used by military forces, indicates a desire to communicate with the enemy. The hoisting of a white flag has no other legal meaning in the law of war. Source: DoD Law of War Manual (Updated Dec 2016) - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://dod.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/pubs/DoD%2520Law%2520of%2520War%2520Manual%2520-%2520June%25202015%2520Updated%2520Dec%25202016.pdf%3Fver%3D2016-12-13-172036-190&ved=2ahUKEwi4zYKS_dL4AhV8I0QIHVHMBaAQFnoECAQQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0D6O28kI2jMQYVBoqCsN8L


If they’re a self-declared enemy of the nation…don’t we have a word for that?


🤣 Wow, they've made this even worse for themselves out of sheer ignorance. And yet these are the same people who scoff at education.


> Barack Obama has set a precedent on how American enemy combatants should be treated in a theater of war. So... drone strikes for the 1776 Convoy? I'm OK with that, provided it's done while they're encamped in some remote location and not on I-495, I-395, or in downtown DC


Yeah, if they cause the beltway to have to be shut down for repairs that's going to be an issue


If you have a very loud aftermarket sound system, join it and play whatever you think will piss them if the most. As loud as possible. Hard to hear a horn if "fuck the police" is playing at 130db+


Anything from Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Don't bother with message, these people unironically listen to things like Rage Against the Machine and don't realize the machine they support is exactly the one that music rages against. They'll think you're helping them.


Born This Way will be the counter anthem lol




Just play Dido's White Flag.


Oooh, or the Union version of Dixie.


Slayer works too




The real heroes will be the ones who risk the wrath of the FCC by blasting it over all the CB channels & FRS/GMRS frequencies, especially if some madlad captures the squelch codes they use (if any). Chucklefucks would no doubt lose their fucking minds if what they're trying to talk over suddenly starts blaring "EIGHTEEN NAKED COWBOYS..."


Union Dixie would be best on repeat, sprinkled with marching through Georgia and battle hyme of the republic


How do white flags prevent them from getting arrested? Where they getting arrested before for other flags? What flags were they?


Looks like two Klan members hoods coming through the sun roof.


You can find their livestreams of this [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT35pjmdNpM) and [here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkXeLMOyNFY) This is their "dry run" before their plan to enter DC on July 4th for their.....whatever they hope to accomplish. [Information on what they believe white flags are for.](https://youtu.be/A5CbqtiKjSg?t=19)


I watched a minute and I don't understand. They're just on a radio saying they hate Joe Biden over and over.


There really isn't anything to their movement. Their goal can be summed up as restoring the constitution and returning to a moral society. Ask them to describe exactly what that means and it all falls apart.


Yeah if their goal is to live like it's 1776, the F350's have to go and I don't see that happening.


Ye Olde Waffle House


this has killed me


RIP Uninteresting_Vagina


But those ones are my favorite!


Plus all their guns. Muskets only kiddos.


Paul Revere's horse probably has a known bloodline. They would probably like to ride a descendent from 1776. *left this wide open*


Unfortunately, we don't even know her name for sure (it's thought to be Brown Beauty, but people back then didn't tend to name horses unless they were something special). However, any Thoroughbred or Saddlebred horse would do. And I would love to see them get bucked off those animals.


Because they full plan on resorting to violence and can't say that out loud


It is all they have. A hatred of a president because their guy not only lost but was "treated poorly", so they do it out of spite. It is childish and stupid.


These are the dudes that cried “RENT FREE!” for 4 years. Just driving around in circles following each other yelling “fuck Joe Biden” into a walkie talkie. For months on end.


So they like international laws when it's convenient for them but if it's something like an agreement like the Paris Accords it's communist bullshit?


Watching that livestream, they're on the Beltway, traffic is surprisingly light. Not far from my house. Re-goddamn-diculous. The gomer's GPS said "continue on 495 for 15 miles", and that was at Little River Turnpike, where's he going? That'd miss the I-66 turn to go into DC. Going back to Maryland? And the comments are full of knucklehead false patriotism and reciting that "proud to be an American" song. Just what do these goons want that they don't already have? Attention?


What do they want? The right to knock a Black man into the gutter if he steps into his path on the sidewalk. The right to beat and rape his wife in the privacy of his own home. The right to kill a homosexual person for existing. You know. Like the good old days.


That's the impression I get. Lots of references to Jesus while just being as hateful as possible.


they want the right to burn a cross on your lawn


I HATE THAT SONG. I know hate is a strong word. I HATE THAT SONG. Gawdawful song for so many reasons. Hated it since at least 1995, maybe earlier. Late 2001 / Early 2002 did not help. It is propaganda disguised as popular culture.


> they’re on the Beltway, traffic is surprisingly light I mean, it’s DC heading into 4th of July weekend. If you’re trying to disrupt business in DC, I’m not sure there could be a worse possible time.


These people are morons. Like 100% morons at this point.


How are they not labelled a domestic terrorist group? That is *literally* what they are...


Ah good, they are once again livestreaming their intent and illegality. These fucking moops never learn.


What brave warriors.... 🤦🏽‍♂️


This is the future. Groups of brainwashed social media dorks driving around the country, accomplishing nothing but annoying and pissing off the rest of us. Forever.


Do we have a route for them?


street egg vendors would like to know your location


I vend rotten tomatoes personally


Thought I saw two klan hoods on the top of that Subaru.


I find a mildly amusing irony in a Japanese car draped in Americana


I wonder what they'd have to say if a BLM protest slowed traffic.


So these are the guys who support it being legal to drive through protesters in the street?


Hey at least they're flying the historically accurate confederate flag finally.


White flag, white car, white skin, white supremacy, white nationalism, white pride, white race, "white life," white Jesus... "Perhaps in an ideal world, everyone would be white, isn't that right, Rachel? Or, should I call you RACIST? Nice try, Hitler. F"\* \*Early denizens of the Internet will get that, and for the uninitiated, [here ya' go](http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=irule2), and you're welcome.


White flags? So they're surrendering....again?


Since when did a clusterfuck need a dry run?


Look at who you’re talking about. I’m surprised they can walk and breathe at the same time.


Pass a pack of gum around and suddenly you've got the clusterfuck.


"White flags" you mean white hoods.


Going full sovereign citizens I see🤣 they are not driving they are traveling. Really looking forward to how those with their CDLs will explain that to DOT and law enforcement.


Where is this? You've cropped out the top of the plate.


White flag, they surrendering already?


i thought they were against stopping or impeding traffic?


In this picture specifically, it looks like Klan hoods rising above the car


Bless their hearts


That patriot trucker is driving a Subaru hatchback.


So the symbols and slowing down traffic thing are reasonable protest tactics. The problems here are the reason for the protest (do they even have one?), and the potentially harming others by honking their horns incessantly, particularly at night.


Betcha there won’t be any rubber bullets or tear gas for these guys


The fucking morons didn't even go into DC. They drove through Virginia to the beltway, drove north on the inner loop about a quarter of the way around, got back on 270 and went home, stopping only to regroup in the Walmart parking lot in Germantown. The only thing they accomplished was getting flipped off by a few drivers that recognized them, and blocking traffic by driving slow and hogging both lanes between Germantown and Frederick. If they had any sense they would have realized that the area where they were blocking traffic is the reddest part of Montgomery County, so the people they were pissing off were as likely to be Republican as they were to be any other political alignment.


Seems appropriate that those flags look like Klan hoods in that pic.


Nothing quite says patriotic like wadding up the American flag and putting it on the roof of your Asian shitbox. These people are beyond parody.


Since they're purposefully holding up traffic and not actually protesting, can't they be ticketed/arrested?


They look like clan hoods poking out the sunroof.


Didn't expect to see a Subaru in that mess. Subie owners are usually laid back and enlightened.


Trumpists are coming out with their defeated flags, low IQ’s, and failed policies. Whatever will we do?


Soo does that mean you as an American citizen. Beat the crap out of them. Since 1 they don't believe in the Government laws. 2 I've had it with the slow driving. I mean they don't exist


I'm not gonna say nuthin'


There was someone driving through my neighborhood like this a few months ago with those really long wheel spikes. They were going like 5 miles an hour with a long string of cars behind them and they were purposefully swerving into oncoming traffic just to scare people. There were fewer and fewer cars between us because people would just fuck off so when there were just two cars left, I drove around them at top speed directly at the motherfucker while blaring my horn. You should’ve seen his eyes. They were as big as dinner plates. He swerved into a nearby parking lot and traffic resumed. They are like dumb little kids trying to start a fight, but they don’t really want one.


Their telegram is fun. They posted a video of a concert with whale drones and were like if they can do they can trick us anytime! Lead paint was removed to so the government could easily project x-rays and gamma rays into peoples homes Most of all world leaders, anyone they hate from congress and random celebrities have been arrested and executed and a currently being impersonated.


Where did this happen and what exactly are they practicing for? I live in Arizona. I have seen a few cars with both "1776" and "III%" decals on them in my immediate area. How scared should my family be of them? (Hubby & daughter are Indigenous & Hispanic; teen daughter is LGBTQ+; I'm white.)


> How scared should my family be of them? You should not be scared of these witless wonders. Backing down or being scared only emboldens them.


Probably not affiliated in any way. While some of this group identify themselves as III%ers, the III% movement and imagery predates them by a long time. Clothing and stickers with "1776" on them also predate the Parking Lot Patriots by a long time, so chances are that anyone you encounter wearing any of those symbols has no clue that the Cult of Santa even exists. They are truly the fringe of the fringe. That said, both III% and 1776 imagery are usually a good indicator that the wearer falls somewhere on the right-wing spectrum.