Does anyone remember JonTron? Weeellll.....

Does anyone remember JonTron? Weeellll.....


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Dear God, that guy in his comments saying that a pharmacist isn't qualified to talk about epidemiology... Yet he has no problem believing the epidemiology expertise of a random YouTuber.


Of fucking JONTRON. I used to like his videos, but then he decided to broadcast how much of a fucking idiot he truly is and.. yeah. Dude has donkey brains.


ironically, he's anti-immigration despite being a first-generation immigrant. Even more ironically, his father is an Iranian immigrant. JonTron is anti-middle-eastern immigration. lmao.


Junes Lokka, a Finnish politician/youtuber/Neo-Nazi was born in Morocco and immigrated to Finland as an adult. But his racist fans don't seem to mind the fact that he too is an immigrant from Africa while he screams about African immigrants and goes to a city council meeting to demand the city to stop their anti-child-abuse project and use that money to hire "Far-Right death patrols" to get rid of the immigrants in the city.


Right wingers love having, "one of the good ones," to pretend like they aren't racist.


Wouldn't his father be first generation and him second generation? Or was JonTron born in Iran?


That's probably right yeah, I was thinking of first generation as the first generation to get birth citizenship which is obviously wrong


My grandfather told me that a very old expression for this is: “pull up the ladder, I’m on board.”


Fuck you, I got mine!


People use it both ways but generation to me implies being born, I’ve always used first generation to mean the first born somewhere, and my immigrant family uses it the same way (by this reckoning I’m second generation because my grandparents came to the US from Greece as refugees from the civil war).


People do, but governments don't. A quick google search shows that both the US and my country consider > first-generation immigrants are the first foreign-born family members to gain citizenship or permanent residency in the country.


A Google search also shows [Merriam-Webster’s definition](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/first-generation) showing both (correct) uses, as well as a number of articles highlighting the ambiguity of the term in English, such as [this one](https://www.thoughtco.com/first-generation-immigrant-defined-1951570). The ambiguity is sidestepped if you just say first-generation immigrant (although then proceeding generations make no sense in that context) or first generation American-born (my go-to).


I've come across too many first-gen immigrants that adopt the Patriot Religion. It's strange as fuck.


Immigrants usually buy into the propaganda that they are being sold. They look at the ghettos and say "I made it; why can't they?" They don't understand anything about Institutional Racism. Immigrants don't know the history of this country; they only know the myth. And immigrants have a need to show they are loyal to their new country.


It's internalized racism.


Yeah me too. Unsubscribed over a year ago 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️




JonTron is a full on Nazi, he full on defends race realism during his debate with Destiny


Donkeys are intelligent. Stop it.


More importantly he doesn't have a certificate clearing him of having donkey brains.


I totally agree that you shouldn't be listening to random youtubers over epidemiologists, but you probably shouldn't also be listening to pharmacists tbf. It feels like there's this weird thing going on since Covid, where anybody that's an expert in anything is suddenly perceived to be an epidemiologist equivalent and it's lead to this mass confusion in both directions.


This is very sad, Jontron is one of the top 5 darlings of OG YouTube. No one was more wholesome on the platform, his content was high quality 5 years before high quality YouTube content was even a thing, and he could do no wrong. But he's fucking racist and now... this. I'm honestly heartbroken. Fuck. How can someone so creative buy into fake news so easily? This legitimately breaks my heart.


He’s been an asshole since day one, he was just never big enough to be public about it until lately.


I remember he said some... Unfortunate things a few years ago, but I honestly thought he learned from it. I don't remember hearing anything bad about him before that, and I had been watching him for half a decade before that happened. But this is proof he's just a cunt. Which is very very disappointing.


He was a dick to my friends and I and like 30 other people at PAX east in 2013 I think, so I’ve always thought he was a bit of a tool but this really puts the nail in the coffin.


He probably realised that he can make more money from crap like this with little to no effort, then he could with higher quality stuff where he has to actually try .


Definitely not. He’s just off his rocker.


At least he fucked off before he ruined Game Grumps


I'd say there's kind of a hierarchy. A pharmacist should hypothetically have some knowledge of pharmacology and that means knowing how drugs act on the body. So a pharmacist is more qualified than a nobody on the effects of a vaccine. Meanwhile, an epidemiologist is obviously more knowledgeable than a pharmacist. It's not a go/no-go kind of situation.


Right, it's like that Asimov quote (paraphrased)-- "there are people who think the Earth is flat. They are wrong. There are also people who think the Earth is a perfect sphere. They are also wrong. However, one is significantly more wrong than the other." There are gradients to these things, a pharmacist is obviously more qualified to speak on how the body interacts with drugs than, say, a reality TV star.


People jumped on this really quickly. FauciLiesDogsDie trended at #1 on Twitter for a couple of hours too. Snopes has a pretty good article on [this](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/fauci-vaccine-experiment-beagles/) issue.


It always boggles my brain the amount of power people think Fauci haves like hes a master of everything not like hes literally one cog and not even at the top. His boss's never get flak lol .Still this whole thing is so fucking fake when years progressives who wanted animal testing stopped where ridiculed as soft hippies and sjw's by this same crowd .


It's amazing how they simultaneously call him incompetent and so competent he is behind all the conspiracy theories regarding the vaccines and covid almost single handedly


That's what fascists do. The enemy is simultaneously all powerful, and incredibly weak.


It’s kind of crazy how true this always is. You’d think their playbook would evolve


Why, when what they have works so well?


Animal testing is wrong when saying so coincides with a bullshit narrative they want to push. Leveraging virtue as a tool. I think there's a word they have for that.


Just more projection of course.


would you say they're signaling their virtue?


[What? No. Signaling their vi...Gibberish. What in the hell are you on about](https://youtu.be/h7VaF8JKpgM)


Damn. Better stop saying opinions out loud. Someone might think you’re trying to talk about the virtues you believe in! Wait… What’s the fuck is wrong with virtues signaling if it’s just talking about anything you agree with? 🤦🏻‍♀️


Fauci gets $1.25 every time someone gets the jab. It's a well-known fact. Educate yourself! Several very aggressive Facebook posters will back me up on this.


You had me in the first half, ngl. Props.


Really? Why would anyone ever believe that? Do people just not understand how the world works?


Poe's law has basically been broken to shit the last five years. I don't know if the world will ever go back to 'normal' in my lifetime. Sure hope so, though.


Unfortunately, it won't. It's right and truly fucked at this point. As if the health effects of Covid weren't bad enough, it caused a whole shitload of people to come completely fucking unglued. It's going to take at least a generation to heal from the past few years.


……/s right?


Yes. Perhaps I need to work on my Facebook Expert act...


Nah you did well.


Needs more MAGA cowbell.


This! It’s convenient that the far right picked alleged dog tests to take a stand on animal rights as opposed to the years of abuses in slaughter houses, cosmetics, or trophy hunting.


You know how like Uday and Qusay Trump have proud pictures of them with dead endangered species they murdered with a gun. For sport. Like, they totally care about animals guyz. Really. Think of the PUPPIES! HARD /s obv


I was reading through Twitter comments on this whole faux puppy outrage and someone mentioned the spawn of the Cheeto’s trophy hunting. The righties and q nuts flocked to make all kinds of excuses and justifications as to why hunting endangered species is ok but testing for medical research is evil.


Wasn't it just a few months ago they were freaking out that Biden would force them to stop eating beef?


A while ago they were freaking out about vegan beer.


if liberals get their way, they will force you to drink PLANT. BASED. BEER.


They're gonna freak the fuck out when they learn what barley is. And that it has estrogen in it.


Or the US based dog testing since they use them in basically every renal study. Not sure what else they use them in, but definitely those ones. Or the millions of lab mice and rats we churn through each year, testing things like heart failure.


Beagles are used for just about everything. Sometimes you’ll switch to hounds if you need a larger subject. But the hierarchy of animals that are chosen for test subjects is mice > rats > (guinea pigs) > rabbits > (cats) > dogs > pigs > monkeys Researchers are required to use the lowest on that totem pole if possible and must justify using anything larger than a rat if necessary. The ones in parentheses are rarely used depending on what is being tested. Pigs are best for a dermatology study, dogs are used for just about anything, and monkeys are used when studying something like heart medication, where you need as close to human physiology as possible.


Why would we ever use dogs as test subjects for humans? I’m not a dog fan, I’m just thinking scientifically. For example, if a dog accidentally swallows one piece of sugarless chewing gum, they’re dead in two hours yet we our bodies tolerate it fine. Not a great control group at all.


Because we’re not testing sugarless chewing gum on them. They’re not perfect test subjects, but they have most of the same mechanism of action sites as humans. So we use them when appropriate. When not appropriate we use something else, like a pig or rabbit. We do this because we have deemed human testing that early in drug development to be completely immoral. We have also deemed testing on any primate as immoral, but less so than humans. So we use smaller animals when we can and use non-human primates only when absolutely necessary. Also, that’s not what a control group means.


I have a theory that far right people are usually much more rural. Because of that they really can't comprehend large numbers of people like someone in a city would, and they don't understand that a handful of people can't control tens of millions of people in large cities and shit just happens. Due to this they tend to latch onto just one important figure in a large government or other entity and direct all their hate towards them even if logically it makes no sense. Another example of this recently is the Alec baldwin thing. They feel like hollywood has gone "liberal" and they just want baldwin crucified for no apparent reason (It was tragic but not his fault from what I've read). I'm just spitballing though.


> and they just want baldwin crucified for no apparent reason Baldwin made fun of their god emperor on SNL so they're more than giddy to crucify him.


He's also been pretty anti-gun throughout his career.


I've thought this for a really long time. When my father-in-law used to tell me about all of the missing votes and voter fraud he imagined was happening. I started to show him the math of what the number 3 million actually looks like. I think it's possible that there's people who truly do not know what very large numbers are. And how to understand them. Probably because they've never experienced anything in their life that they can touch or look at which is a number over a million.


Conservatives do tend to be more rural. There's a reason that urban centers trend toward dems while rural towns are deeply red, and its because people who live in mixed demographic urban centers become acclimated to each other and empathize with each others struggle. The stereotypical chud hasn't left the county that they were born in. They haven't lived around black people (except for "the good ones") or any non-white people for that matter. Its not that they're stupid, they just think the country and liberals especially have forgotten about them, and they're easy to dupe. Thats why its funny when conservatives vote for people like Ted Cruz. These conservatives make a career off the rural hogs rage towards bi-coastal elite cosmopolitan liberals. The hogs have lots of malice towards the type of ivy league educated highfalutin cosmopolitan libs, so on the campaign trail people like Ted Cruz put on the cowboy boots and wear the ten gallon hat and stump about how they're gonna stop the commie-nazi dumbocrats from taking their guns and murdering fetuses. Then after Ted Cruz gets elected, he leads a lifestyle indistinguishable from the bi-coastal elite cosmopolitan liberals.


I was literally thinking about that. Like the pleas to stop animal testing were laughed at by the right for so long and they saw it as necessary but now it’s all “we have to save all the animals! No more cruel testing” I mean yeah I agree no more cruel testing but how are they JUST NOW realizing it’s bad?


Since the story broke about Trump's War Room at the Willard Hotel in Washington, the Trump Trolls have been scrambling to divert attention from it because it's the smoking gun: Trump planned and coordinated the 1/6 insurrection. The only people who give a damn about Dr Fauci are the Trumpettes who've got their hatchets out. They've tried everything to get rid of him; even claiming he should be replaced because he's "too controversial." If Fauci was to resign, the Republicans wouldn't stop. Instead, they would claim victory and for the next decade be saying "remember Dr Fauci and how the Dems claimed he wasn't political? Why did he resign if he wasn't political?"


It’s amazing to me these people care more about dogs in this experiment than they do about 700,000 people dying from Covid19. Don’t get me wrong, I have 4 dogs that I love with everything and have a foster dog added to my chaos, but the pearl clutching at this made up story is just astounding to me when kids are hooked up to ventilators at this moment.


They don't care about the dogs in this experiment. They'll just use anything to attack "the left".


Exactly, I've had more than my share of fun asking conservatives if they're vegan because they suddenly care about the beagles in this one instance. The amount of rationalization you'll see for some types of animal abuse over others just never ceases to astonish.


More people need to see this instead of blindly accepting unproven allegations!


**Has Trump ever proven one of his allegations?**


They want to pile as much shit on Fauci as they can now, so when a Republican ( Could very well be Trump ) takes office in 2024, they can throw him out and get someone more in-line with Republican messaging in his place. Voila, no more Covid if you dont talk about Covid.


Don't think they need to build up any sort of case to throw him out at that point, if he was still in the role at all. Right now it's just that he serves as a useful "boogeyman" to stir up the base. Exact same as how Hillary was trotted out (still is sometimes) as some sort of antichrist whenever they need to rile up the smooth-brains. He dared to disagree a few times with their orange lord and savior while in office, which automatically put him in the "enemy" tribe. Now he's visible and stirring up people about Covid and vaccination somehow is as useful as stirring people up about abortion and "welfare" now.


Using animals to test life saving medicine = bad. Killing animals for fun in Africa = alpha shit.


IE they likely tested the vaccine on dogs, as is common practice, in addition to human trials and probably other animals. Of course, no amount of testing will make the plague rat happy, and if they had avoided any type of testing for any reason it would have been yet another meaningless reason to feed their delusions. For some reason this is all once again said to be Fauci’a direct decision even though it’s highly unlikely that he manages the day to day of vaccine testing, and even more unlikely that he would specifically do something unheard of and evil like some sort of super villain.


Some cases of COVID-19 have been detected in pets too, so it would be irresponsible to not test the vaccines on animals regularly kept as pets just in case that would be necessary for vaccination.


‘Kills dogs’ must be the latest slander to tug at the heartstrings of these idiots, guess they got tired of the ‘eats/kills/fucks children’


Probably desensitized, every fanfic they write is about a child _something_ (fucking, eating, sacrificing to Satan) cabal.


When I was in high school I went to PAX east to meet Jon and a few other Youtubers I liked at the time. He didn’t have a booth because he was helping to run the NormalBoots booth so his fan meetup was basically just a line of people next to the booth where he’d sign autographs or whatever. I was like 4th in line and there were probably 30 people behind me and when he got to me he just decided he was bored and wasn’t interested in meeting any more fans, he looked at me said “this is a huge waste of my time” and walked away lmao. Why bother going to a convention where fans are there to see *you* if you are going to be a huge dick about it? Nobody believed me before but he’s always been a cock.


Jontron is a prime example of somebody who is incredibly stupid but thinks he has everything figure out. Every time he has an opinion publicly he's objectively incorrect


after all this shit he tweeted something like "For the record I'm not against vaccines or anything I just am questioning the conformity of people who just go along with anything!"... lmao hes the one fucking just believing things hes barely read or understands (hes not a Dr or scientist) then going on twitter and posting about it as if its fact.


Yuuuup. I'll give Jon one thing, he at least understands that his ideas fail under scrutiny and thus usually hides them.


Imagine getting internet famous for making wacky voices over video games and thinking it makes you qualified to inform anyone over the ethics and value of medications...


It baffles me how anyone could think such a thing. I remember taking a philosophy class in college and came across the famous quote from Socrates "I know that I know nothing." and it's just been more true to me as life goes on. Because the more you read and learn, the more you realize how much you didn't understand yesterday and leaves you wondering how much you still don't yet understand.


Someone pole dancing on the first peak of Dunning-Kruger


Joe Rogan pre-multi million dollar deal? Just be loud, cauc, and persistent


Then once you’re super rich you can point to your riches as proof that you must know *something* otherwise, why would you be so rich?


He's so fucking gross, can't believe I ever liked that chode.


"I'm Nazi grump"


Not surprising considering how he basically outed himself as a white nationalist in 2017.


With a middle name like "Aryan" it was inevitable


Not really. Considering his heritage, the Aryan there refers to the original meaning, not the coopted version used by Nazis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryan


**[Aryan](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryan)** >Aryan or Arya (; Indo-Iranian *arya) is a term originally used as an ethnocultural self-designation by Indo-Iranians in ancient times, in contrast to the nearby outsiders known as 'non-Aryan' (*an-arya). In Ancient India, the term ā́rya was used by the Indo-Aryan speakers of the Vedic period as an endonym (self-designation) and in reference to a region known as Āryāvarta ('abode of the Aryas'), where the Indo-Aryan culture emerged. In the Avesta scriptures, ancient Iranian peoples similarly used the term airya to designate themselves as an ethnic group, and in reference to their mythical homeland, Airyanem Waēǰō ('stretch of the Aryas'). ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/ParlerWatch/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Holy shit that's actually his middle name?


And he's not even white lol. He's of Hungarian and Iranian descent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Aryan_Jafari


Most Iranians are Aryan.


> The root also forms the etymological source of place names such as Iran (*Aryānām) Well I'll be damned. The name Iran literally comes from the word Aryan. > But for an increasing number of Western writers ... the Aryans came to be seen as a "physical-genetic species" contrasting with the other human races rather than an ethnolinguistic category. Get the snorkel, this wikihole I'm falling down looks deep.


Don’t forget to come up for air. This one gets weird.


**[Jonathan Aryan Jafari](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_Aryan_Jafari)** >Jonathan Aryan Jafari (; born March 24, 1990), better known by his Internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American YouTuber, comedian, reviewer and Internet personality. He is best known for his eponymous YouTube web series JonTron, where he reviews and parodies video games, movies and other media. Jafari is also the co-creator and former co-host of the Let's Play webseries Game Grumps, and co-created the video game entertainment website Normal Boots. As of July 2021, his YouTube channel JonTronShow has 6. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/ParlerWatch/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Hey he's brown too, looks like we can ruin this country for the whites together!


Man I'd hoped he'd turned his views around after that. I always had a soft spot for him ever since watching him and Arin play Sonic 06. I thought, just maybe, he'd have realized how much of an absolute fucking imbecile he was after his 2017 shit, but I see I was expecting way too much from him.


Someone explain to me why these right-wingers are getting their panties in a bunch over animal testing, while Don Jr and Eric Trump are scalping elephants and lions and whatnot.


What am I missing? Aside from the fact that he’s a loser?


That he’s STILL a loser.


He’s a sorta well known YouTuber who thinks he’s funny/smart and clearly isn’t. Bigger context, he was one half of a gaming YouTuber channel called GameGrumps but quit after a year. The channel is now wildly successful. The remaining and new cohosts are some of the nicest dudes in the world and really make an effort to make their gay and trans fans feel included.


The saddest part is I just looked, and JonTron has a million more viewers than game grumps. I dont understand.


Damn, that is sad.


I'm always so conflicted when it comes to JonTron, his youtube videos are actually really good and funny, but his politics are just awful. Surely posting this kind of stuff is only hurting him by alienating part of his audience.


He's backpedaling as hard as he can. https://twitter.com/JonTronShow/status/1452808460073058309


I'll never get the insanity around Fauci in the US His job is to give advise on public health and yet when he does they act like he's some kind of monster, just because they disagree. Furthermore these braindeads seem to think science is about absolute pronouncements (masks do or don't work) as opposed to actual scientists who would only go by what the evidence suggests, but not necessarily with certainty (we believe masks are effective etc) Then there's faux outrage on animal testing


God...damn it Jontron why? I defended you for being just an uneducated idiot when you said that shit way back when. This however I just can't and I won't even try.


Yea same. I’m so upset. Time to unsubscribe.


He [outed himself](https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/03/popular-youtuber-jontron-has-some-wild-thoughts-on-immigration-hed-like-to-share/) as a shitheel years ago.


websites blocked at work due to "hate and racism" lmao what does it say


He defended Steve King, the Iowa Republican Representative so racist that he actually caught the ire of his own party and got stripped of all his committee assignments and blacklisted from party support and funding for his campaign after questioning why "white nationalist" was such a dirty word. He then tweeted off a string of the internet's worst opinions on race, culminating in a two hour "debate" with a twitch streamer who goes by the name Destiny, which included touching on great replacement, racial essentialism, and "WeSTern CiVIliZatiOn". This was back in 2017 so I don't remember exactly, but I think after it blew up and it clearly started hitting his subscriber count, he issued a non-apology apology pretty much not taking anything back and just saying "I'm not going to talk about this stuff anymore", and that's where my knowledge of him ends because I unsubscribed and stopped paying attention.


Came here to say that myself


I unsubscribed from his videos back then and occasionally wondered whether he had rethought his opinions by now. It appears not, though.


The time to unsubscribe was after the destiny debate lol


The what? I’ve been OOTL for a long time.


[This is probably what they’re referring to.](https://youtu.be/1qQNYukh-n0) Yeah…..it was pretty bad ngl


What the fuck did I just watch? He needs to shut the fuck up and stick to comedy. He was just arguing with his gut and had no real counters to what was being said. That was the saddest "debate" I've probably ever seen.


As goofy as they are as a website, this IS a pretty good summary https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/JonTron


Christ. He literally is just spewing the great replacement theory and other hardcore anti immigration beliefs. I knew he did it I just never actually saw/heard the quotes.


What the fuck, JonTron?


Haha. You didn't the first time, you won't this time.


Even with that, there was so much shit going on people didn't really listen to his "apology". Listen to that shit now and Jon does NOT come out smelling like roses in it. He basically says black people are hypocrites for talking about racism but objecting to white people "looking out for what they believe to be the best interests of their race" and that black people get upset when "faced with uncomfortable statistics" (race realism) so they don't wanna have an "honest" conversation about race.


It's the outsider looking in. "you don't want to have an honest conversation" dude, that conversation has been going on for decades. I was a fan of Cosby back in the days and that gangster culture that was glorified in music and media was one of his biggest complaints. It's not that it doesn't get talked about, it does. But just because that problem exists, doesn't mean we should allow others to as well. If you go to the doctor with a broken ankle, the doctor doesn't just go "Well, what's the point of healing it? You're fat anyway, so you won't be exercising much. Just sit down and move as little as possible". They try to fix the problem you're having.


Tbh I never watched that debate or what ever it was. I did what most probably did and watched selective clips. I've matured a lot since then and know better, but I used kid gloves with him and hoped he had figured his shit out. Sadly this just proves he's yet another trash qultist and he's not worth my time.


Not gonna bash you, but why stick with him when he was being racist?


I had never seen the blatantly racist stuff, I saw the stupid shit he was saying about the travel bans at the time and figured it wasn't coming from a place of hate just genuine ignorance. That, I figured, could be fixed and I was hoping it had. Well, as is usually the case, it had only gotten worse. 🙄


I would watch the full debate to get a true understanding of his views, to which I argue have most likely evolved into an even more supreme cluster of disgustingness. Of course if you’ve already made up your mind it may be unneeded.


It really upsets me so much. He is so talented, creative, and I still think he's very very funny. But outside of his art, he is SO awful. How does this happen?


>Does anyone remember JonTron? No.


And before anyone calls BS, [this is real.](https://twitter.com/JonTronShow?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor)


Jon want full white nationalist years ago.


I thought he was Iranian?


If you look white, you’re white


German here.. that's not really how things played out in our past, even if you were named Aryan.


Most Iranians are of Aryan descent.


Which is to say he's of Indo-Iranian descent, because that's what "Aryan" originally meant before the Nazis coopted it.


Ironic, really.


Darnit, I was hoping for a r/HermanCainAward


I'm not one of those people who say "celebrities" should keep their opinions to themselves, but this is the hill he's willing to die on? Really?


I think celebrities should be open about their views. That way I can stop giving money to the fascist ones.


It's especially funny with Jon because he generally knows enough to know his beliefs fail under scrutiny. So that means Jon thought this was the STRONG argument out of all the Covid denial narratives


He’s also believes in ethnostates.


I loved Jontron...wtf happened to him


He kept hanging out with the kids who never outgrew their edgy Newgrounds days, and like all perma-teenagers has to delve into Q rhetoric in order to justify all the places reality disagrees with his feelings




I have some feelings on those sorts of folks. I grew up in that kinda crowd, and kinda heavily resent that I'm left without a "group" because everybody else in my old one refused to grow tf up


It's kind of sad seeing him call Johnny Utah 'Captain Nobody'. I wonder if Jon's aware that Johnny Utah is like a founder of NewGrounds?


Huh, I didn't know there were multiple Johnny Utahs. I'm more used to the one played by Keanu Reeves.


Easy to fall down rabbit holes I guess. Not that that excuses him.


I fall down rabbit holes all the time. Then I (literally) fall asleep for either a nap or the night, and when I wake up I reassess the rabbit hole I fell down and decide if it's worthy of continuing or not. Apparently I'm much like Alice in that I wake up and can think about what happened. How did people lose the point of allegory, and think they're actually real?


My best guess? Their lives are spinning out of control from a combination of fucking everything, and this seems like some kinda bit of driftwood they can hold on and pretend they have some form of control in "secret" knowledge that explains how life is a constantly swirling toilet. It is just an explanation to help them. I don't blame them for grabbing on to it, but I do blame them for the effect they have on other people.


I'll add that it's not just people whose lives are spinning out of control, but also poele that have very deep insecurities in general. Racists, bigots and conspiracy theorists are often just trying to make up for things they fell they don't have or are insecure about. Being this way is the only thing that makes them feel like they're special, and honestly that's very sad. I don't blame them in the exact way you don't, but sometimes they're just too dangerous too be tolerated.


JonTron been a dumb racist. Go watch his debate with Destiny from years ago, if you can tolerate 2 hours of bigotry. If you can't I'll just give you a quote I remember. "Rich blacks commit more crimes than poor whites" - jontron


People should honestly show JonTron stuff with sources to show him he's wrong. Either he's trolling or his brain's going to hell. ​ Edit: Ok his brain's gone to hell. Why would he off the bat believe dumb shit circulated on social media?


[I'm not so Grump.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV2gSLrTTDU)


Raise your hand if you never understand why his reactions in his reviews are meme worthy


Yeah he’s sadly been like this for a while. Sucks. I loved his stuff like 10 years ago.


Jontron's fall to the dark side began in 2016 when he was on a podcast with Sargon of Akkad and he's gotten worse since.


The dude was openly using the n-word on the regular in game grumps, he just had the fortune of having an editor to play sound clips over it. It was practically a running gag. There’s a segment of their sonic 06 playthough where he says it 5-6 times nearly back to back. Dudes always been a dumpster fire.


JonTron is a fucking cornball. I remember a few years back he was all sucking up to white supremacists and spouting all their talking points. I hope he realizes that if America became the white ethnostate they want he wouldn't be considered white.. dudes fucking Iranian his last name is like Jafari I think lol. They'd eventually be coming after him too.


God damnit, JonTron.....


If you read the report on Snopes, it refers to the actual documents of the study. Things like "showed pain upon administration." Well if you stab a needle into any animal especially one that doesn't understand they will wince. The dogs were fine in a few days with no negative results. Basically it's the pinch feeling you get with a shot. Why dogs? Well I think it's a bummer to test on dogs and animals too, but mice had a 90% efficacy rate and macaques had a 70% efficacy rate. We're more similar to macaques then we are mice. I'm sure they were trying to identify differences between the animals and the efficacy. Beagles are probably genetically in-between.


Ah Jon... should have just kept your damn head down. Now more shits gonna fly. What a moron.


Jontron calling johnnyutah, someone who was part of his friends circles for years, a nobody is really weird to me. This man is a mess lol.


The first time I saw him I thought "damn this is what it looks like when your brain swims in stupid."


Does anyone remember his "debate" with destiny? He basically outed himself as a white nationalist. This is not surprising in the slightest.


Good that Arin dropped him like the sack of shit he's become at this point.


This is my surprised face :|


friend from a twitter gc replied to a JonTron tweet a while back saying something to the effect of “wow im still following the white genocide guy? huh” and jontron tried to get my friend (who is self employed) fired… for directly quoting his words?


I have yet to see one of them have an actual response to “what is the end game?” Other than the vaccines will kill us all a month after we got them (it’s been 8 months since I got the shot and I’m still kickin’ and rona free), or the ultimate control over us even though everything in my city is open at full capacity and not requiring vax cards or masks.


Is anyone really surprised though that anti-immigration, white-replacement rhetoric vomiting JonTron is also an anti-vaxx conspiracy nut job? These things go hand in hand.


yall platform manchild gamers then freak out when they turn out to be huge idiots. its your own fault for watching other people play video games. but ya gotta keep the circle jerk going somehow I guess.


The only thing I remember about this guy is that he’s racist.


Did he really just pull up a headline that says "COVID vaccine still very effective at preventing severe illness" and say SEE IT'S USELESS!!


lol the way Jon just switched to "Stay in your lane don't correct my twitter posts" instead of either proving he was right or admitting he was wrong. What a child.


Saw a blurb about this on fox tucker Carlson. I was like where have you been? Dogs as medical test subjects have been in use for decades.


JonTron is such a fucking cock wart why do people still like him


This hurts. I used to love this guy, then his mask slipped.


Is this the guy that is probably Q?


No, thats Ron Watkins


JonTron is saying stupid far right stuff? Noooo....like so surprise.


Heard he used to be pretty funny and entertaining till well….


He wants to move away from being a funny internet man to being a pundit. It's easier and makes way more money. Esp for a middle eastern dude And also is an insane piece of shit.


I have a theory that Jontrons parents were screwed over by the Iranian Revolution and have political opinions that align with that which were instilled in Jontron.


I don't understand how, even if we tested on beagles in horrific ways, that would be a mark against vaccine development. Accelerating the process to save multiple millions of human lives seems more important than the livelihood of 44 beagles. Appeals to empathy are weird


Fucking damn it, I was hoping he'd learned from last time.


I avoided him the same way I avoided Pewdiepie.


He's a moron. He's funny and witty, but ultimately a moron. Loud about it, too, no doubt emboldened by his relative fame into a false sense of intellectual superiority. I say relative fame because he's fucking nobody. Just another jackass with a YouTube channel.


This isn't a big surprise. If you didn't already know Jon Tron was an alt right nut you haven't been paying enough attention.