Another sub raided by GreatAwakening and NNN this time on r/nursing

Another sub raided by GreatAwakening and NNN this time on r/nursing


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These people are out there. To think the entire medical field is in on a conspiracy is mind blowing. How can you prevent people from being convinced of a lie? This type of thing has happened over and over again throughout history. Buckle up, people! This ride may get bumpy.


You start by giving them healthcare, a good education, and good living wages with ubi to make are thriving. It would be a long process, but this kind of brainwashing has been done over decades. And aside from deprogramming each person this is the best course of action.


NYT had an article yesterday about antivaxxers. Yes, there are the stereotypes that we know and love, but they brought up a very telling new finding. Many of the vaccine "hesitant" that have come around in the last few months have talked to their healthcare provider about it. Friends, family etc help, but just your family doctor seems to be more effective at dispelling doubts. I forget the percentage, but it is alarmingly high, of the still unvaccinated do not have insurance and a regular doctor. They also used this as a reason that even older Republicans, likely Faux viewers, are highly vaccinated. They all have Medicare and a high engagement with medical providers. When you don't have a doctor you can trust, it is easy to doubt the whole system.


That’s way too long for them to read, it doesn’t contain any riddles, predictions, or misspellings.


Great response by the OP there. Real good and expansively good riposte by the OP. A delight to read, and be comforted in facts, not their lies


Agreed! I saved the post because it was an excellent source of medical information.


That person is a hero; I wouldn't have bothered and opened myself up to their attacks. I'm rapidly reaching the point of "F around and find out" if not for the impacts on healthcare and everything else. If all they were harming themselves, I'd say it was time to just leave them to it, and the rest of us can get on with our lives.


I hate that they have to "address their concerns"...just tell the trolls to fuck off and I hope they get sent to a gulag soon!


Finding middle ground with fash will be the death of them


It gives them zero credibility that's for sure...Fashies need to be sent to a gulag, not have basic science explained to them


With zero consequences again, probably! There are other subs on double secret admin probation, without having done anything wrong but expressing opinions the right wing admins dislike.