How do you deal with being away from your kids ?

How do you deal with being away from your kids ?




Video calls every few days (definitely once a week at least!) and sending a care package halfway through with little candies and gifts.


You have two kids, but will miss one of them? Something's wrong with that math.


The other one is a new baby so I don't have the same kinda bond. I have a much stronger bond with my toddler


I love time to myself, and DH and I have both worked hard at being equal parents who can each care for the kind on our own. *Six weeks*, though? I honestly just wouldn’t be okay with that. Is there a particular reason it made sense for the trip to be so long?


She hasn't seen her family since both the children have been born so none of them have met the kids. It s been 3 years since altogether since she's seen any of them. I can't go due to immigration issues with which we have had to hire an attorney. So I can't go with which sucks they put me down as a drug trafficker because I admitted to smoking weed in america whilst there and when they asked where we bought it I said in a dispensery and they said I'd travelled across state lines because it wasn't legally available in the state I bought it. It's gonna take a while to rectify if I ever can.


Eh they have zero problem with being away from me and actually request that I stay home when they go somewhere so I've gotten used to actually enjoying my free time away feom them.