Does Dave dislike PFT?

Does Dave dislike PFT?


Big cat has been around much longer than PFT . Dave a big cat also gamble together a lot and that bonds them more together I think


Yeah PFT and Big Cat are far from being on the same level. Big Cat is an OG with equity and a huge role/compensation in gambling content. PFT is a worthy sidekick.


The very episode BC said his pitch to Dave to hire PFT was "he writes like you except he's not serious" which I think sums up their dynamic well.


Dave has said on his podcast before he doesn’t have a personal relationship with PFT


Dave’s main focus is gambling and Big Cat is a huge part of that (pickem, sport advisors, college football show, pro football show, livestreams, etc etc). PFT is good on PMT but other than that he’s not involved in gambling at all


He's known BC longer plus it feels like PFT and Dave probably wouldn't get along since they both feel like really different people which is ok you don't have to be close with everyone you work with.


People seem to be getting this wrong. PFT and Big Cat were pissed at Dave because they let Trump use barstool to help him campaign, which they didn’t like. They said that as a podcast, they do not want to get tangled into politics. They said they even turned down Biden coming on PMT because they didn’t want the politician to use it for their campaign. They were upset that Dave let the trump team use the barstool brand for their own motives without being consulted


Dave said on his podcast awhile back that he and PFT are amicable, but aren’t close at all. They’ve hung out during livestreams and seemed completely normal.


Pretty sure Dave doesn’t have the attention span to understand whatever zany joke PFT is going for most of the time. Also has probably never listened to an episode like when he told KFC he has never heard his podcast.


Lmao that's explains why KFC still has a podcast


Lol I think Pft didn’t mind Dave interviewing trump. I just think they have two different type of sense of humor.


Big Cat was way madder about it than PFT. If there was one thing that really drive a fork between Dave and PFT it was the Barstool Van Talk fiasco.


The Trump interview just meant more to Dan because as the 2nd in command at Barstool content wise that he felt betrayed that the Erika and other higher ups knew and he didn’t. The Yak post Trump interview was Dan just putting how he felt into the open.


Yeah, I think people got the wrong idea about that whole situation. The sentiment was that Dan was made for political/ideological motives. In reality,he was mainly more concerned with the lack of inclusion on the decision that was made. I'd guess that Dave and Dan are ideologically a lot closer than Dave and PFT. PFT has been semi-defensive of Deadspin in the past and seems a lot more outspoken (albeit subtly) in his jabs at conservative figures in general. Dan seems very moderate, on the other hand.


Dave has a huge ego and fake tough guy personality, it is obvious to me he would align with the moderate to far right politically


Did Dave or Erika ever address this on their podcasts?


It’s because PFT wasn’t with BS before PMT. Big Cat was with them for years


PFT didn’t really call Dave out for the Trump interview at all I don’t think. Dave also basically said, I think on the Dave Portnoy show, that he sees PFT as a real Barstool guy, who’s dedicated to the company, unlike Francis or other guys that he views as mercenaries.


I misspoke, he didn't call him out about the interview, but he did write an article criticizing him about social issues or something like that [https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/pft-commenter-criticizes-dave-portnoy-barstool-blog-01ec814xj060](https://www.thebiglead.com/posts/pft-commenter-criticizes-dave-portnoy-barstool-blog-01ec814xj060)


Found the episode, it’s on 10/22/20 starting at the last 2:55 of the show. Yeah basically they have a working relationship and Dave realizes how talented PFT is but they just don’t cross paths much


Dave was shocked when PFT was one of the main guys front and center on the mural


Just try to imagine what PFT and Dave would talk about in real life. I doubt either one likes the others sense of humor. My sense is that there is some respectful tension between the two just because they’re so opposite. It’s pretty incredible the different personalities and circles that BC is able to excel in when you look at how widespread his fan base is.


I’ve recently saw the interview and Dan said something interesting about dave and it was basically that outside gambling and humor they have nothing in common


Dan looks like he enjoyed pizza


Dan is a made guy with Barstool among like 7 others who were around since the start of the blog. He is also one of the most loyal to the company. PFT was brought in afterwards and I assume differing political opinions brought that wedge between him and Dave.


Did pftcall out Dave for the trump video? I remember big cat was upset about it on the yak but I don’t remember pft saying anything.