I made a 100$ knights pledge many years ago, and have thought about upgrading it to add some more support to the team. I have never regreted my pledge, and I feel fairly confident that the game will release. Even if it doesn’t release I have been part of a journey and community which has been every penny worth it.


I pledged three years ago, and wouldn't take it back now if I could. Definitely feels more positive recently as well.


I am happy with the pledge package I bought. There hasn't been a day that I've regretted the decision I made to support the team. I definitely think the game being released is a matter of when not if. As for your question about the pledge tiers, a higher pledge will also include things from the lower tiers. There are a couple of caveats though. Some of the higher tiers will require you to make a choice between certain items. For example, if the pledge allows it you may choose between an Explorers Backpack or Bag of the Legate. There are a couple of other choices depending on the pledge package chosen. The only pledges I would be concerned about are the ones at the $500 level. Make sure you read those very carefully. The Black Rose pledge seems to be missing some of the rewards from the previous tier. I would assume that it still comes with the things not listed like the item renaming and ring of the fallen. If you are concerned about this you can always contact CS for verification. I hope this helped.


Yes this certainly helps. Thank you for taking the time in answering my questions.


I pledged $1000 and played the game 5 hours total in 6 years. lol


I did the Knight's Pledge way back like 4 or 5 years ago. 100 bucks, 2 copies of the game, alpha and beta access. It's not around anymore because they got close to their alpha player cap, but there are other similar pledges that grant beta access, such as the Legate Pledge which is 100 bucks and one copy of the game. Obviously not as good value as the old Knight's Pledge but I guess that's a perk of having supported the game back when it was in its infancy. Frankly 100 bucks for a game and you get beta access is still a pretty good deal. Unless we are talking indie games on Steam, usually a new game will cost you 50 bucks anyway. So really you're only donating 50 dollars to a game you believe in and you get beta access. If the game somehow vaporizes before release, you're out 100 dollars, which unless you're a college student or something that's probably not going to break your bank account.


I did that same pledge. I just recently landed a new job, and once my first couple paychecks come in and me and my wife have settled on wherever we will be staying in this new city, I'm going to be upgrading big time. But it was funny, because I have to upgrade at a significantly higher cost to actually get more features, the knight pledge was that good.


Oh and grats on your new job!


Haha, thanks. It did necessitate a move from the tropics to a place where, believe it or not I'm not lying, *frozen water falls from the sky*. But I feel like the increase in pay, benefits, and general mental health, as well as the lower cost of living is going to outweigh this terrifying weather phenomenon.


Pantheon was really on shaky ground back then. It was a more risky investment. Risk vs reward and all that. Glad the game is really picking up steam lately.


I pledged 4 years ago. ​ I feel more confident and happier now about the direction the game is going in for aesthetics, combat mechanics, world design, class design and progression than I did back when I originally pledged. ​ I understand the delays and the improvements they've made to networking and code as a result of the decision to overhaul some factors, the game is in a far better state in PA5 than it ever was in PA4; the state of things in PA4 would have led to Vanguard 2.0 and disappointment, they made a tough but correct decision to overhaul things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hqIoVeW87A


I pledged in early 2017. Since they are doing regular YouTube videos about milestones, I feel that we are closer than ever from a playable game. Can't wait to access alpha.


The fundamental problem with kickstarting a video game is that once you've given a company a money to buy a dream of a video game, they have no incentive to give you the actual product. You've already shown them that you will give them money for nothing but what you personally *hope* a game will turn into. You reverse the incentive from "Give me a game to buy" to "Sell me more dreams about how awesome this game would be, if it ever came out." There's no way around this perverse incentive: not making a video game is cheaper than making a video game. And even worse, if you make an actual video game, people can talk about what it is, and some of them might not like it. If you sell a dream of a video game, everyone's dream can be exactly what they want it to be (read this sub long enough and you'll see all of the conflicting visions of what Pantheon is from existing backers) and they'll always like what they paid for. So, pledge if you want to. Just make sure you go into it with open eyes, knowing what you're giving money for, and what you're actually getting in return.


how many years are you willing to wait? another 7? 10? 20? How long before the software they are working on is out of date, skyrim still plays well 10 years later, will this if it takes that long to release? What if they close the doors and never release anything? Are you okay with that? If so then yes. Invest. It could be a great game someday.


Better odds buying a lottery ticket than seeing anything from a Pantheon pledge.


When the original Kickstarter failed. I decided to wait ... still waiting.


I pledged for the KS originally, but didn't put money down again until later 2017 when I did a VIP pledge. The game's development has been tortuously long, but it's worth noting they did a sort of reset in early 2020, and the game seems on-track with a professional approach. Their progress since the reset has been fairly fast. They're still a small team, but I think it's possible we'll see Alpha in the next year. As far as my pledge, I don't regret it at all - I've thoroughly enjoyed the benefits I get from it, including Pre-Alpha access (which is definitely not early access & not for everyone). If you are unsure of what you want to do - consider a smaller pledge and come join the Discord. You can upgrade your pledge later (& pay only the difference) as you see more updates & progress over time.


i pledged like 6 years ago (250$) because it looked like pantheon would be my jam, and its been frustrating and enlightening watching it grow reset and grow again and depending on the day region and climate of my headspace i vary from excited about any little detail announced to annoyed that "there is so much going we cant talk about right now, but will be able to talk about soon^(TM)" as to whether its been worth it, the answer is depends


I would hold off on any of the more expensive pledge packages personally and this is coming from someone who pledged at the Pathfinder tier. The Alpha for this game hopefully is going to be available at some point in the future, I would watch all the content they put out on a regular basis and put money down when they’ve made an announcement for Alpha.


$1000 tier and I regret it more and more as time goes on. I feel like they're more concerned with developing things like the climbing system that have no impact on the functionality of the game, and that seems to have been a theme for Pantheon in general.


Yup. Just like star citizen: more funding got turned into more scope instead of more resources, and the timeline just trails off into the sunset. Started off as updated EQ1 interdependency based gameplay, and is now throwing good money after bad to prove somehow that this project should be Vanguard now. Not the first time Brad and his teams have struggled with scope creep. Say what you will about Smedley - he at least kept the team on some semblance of a budget.


Brad needed someone like Smedley to make him meet goals. It's telling that there wasn't a stable build of Vanguard until after Microsoft cancelled the project and he shipped it back to SOE to publish. It seems like that's carried over to the new development team, you have no idea how angry I was when I found out that they had tossed out almost everything and started over after Brad's death in late 2019. I had already stopped following Pantheon for six months anyway because I was frustrated with the glacial pace and the first thing I see when I come back was that *they've started over?* Now they've started over and they're working on secondary class type systems and classes aren't complete, guilds aren't functional and banks aren't in the game? I find the state of the ranger class to be *extremely* telling as to how much VR has their shit together.


(I am also $1000 tier) Yup. The feeling I got is that the Pantheon team is mostly people who "made" vanguard (if you can even call it that), and they took Brad's death as an opportunity to throw out all of the last pieces of EQ1 that Brad had forced them to keep. I also got very bad vibes from the shift to chasing streamer clout over producing quality content. PVP, Climbing, environment acclimation, intuition systems are all a waste of time - sort of like putting a bad on-foot FPS into your space sim. That starting over wasn't even the first. My only hope now is Monsters & Memories. I guess the VR team has realized that only games that launch can truly fail.


I've been uncomfortable with the streamer chasing since it started. I always used to like to say that you'd be able to tell how far along Pantheon *really* was when they let CohhCarnage move around the game world without a developer following him around or teleporting him everywhere.


I was very vocal against it and got threatened with bans by VR staff here and on the forums.


I just feel like at this point they should have *something* to show to someone who isn't an invited special guest, and any criticism is either met with defending them for being a small indie developer, or a equally odd defense that they have several teams working on different aspects of the game. One particular mod here gets *very* upset when you mention that some early MMOs went from concept to launch with fewer people working on them and no existing tools or experience in making 3D MMOs. The last time he banned me over it, he made the comparison that Duke Nukem Forever also had a lengthy development and used it as a positive.


LOL, Duke Nukem Forever and positive in the same sentence. Never thought I'd see it. Well, when we both get banned, let's meet up on another gaming subreddit. LOL.


You mentioned something about only games that launch can fail, one of my thoughts has been that VR doesn't want to get out of Beta, because once the game goes live, they've sold so many packages that include one or more lifetime or multi-month subs with them that it may not be financially possible to go live. A couple of months post launch with no funding because you've already spent your initial subscription revenue is potentially disastrous.


Yup. I definitely think that's part of it. I wonder what stipulations the angel investor put on their investment. That was seven years ago and the guy they bet on is no longer with us, so I can't imagine they're happy about the direction this project has taken (unless they bought into the hype of Vanguard back in the day, which would explain a lot now that I type it...)


Duke Nukem Forever, that's hilarious. That's the textbook example of "why people should worry".


I pledged the 300$ pledge just to have access to the Founder's Enclave. I don't know what it is, but I know that I want access to it. I really hope they do something cool with it.


I pledged VIP early and have regretted it ever since VR decided to give streamers for free all of the access the VIPs paid for (and never got). Don't spend more than retail price on a pledge kit. My attention lately is focused on Monsters & Memories, which looks like a much more faithful implementation of Brad's vision.


thanks for making me aware of this, looking at it did punch me right in the feels


Word of mouth is the only advertising for this project, so spread the word! :-)


>The reason I'm posting this is not to be persuaded into buying one but more hearing how you feel about your pledge after all these years. I have been close to pledging many times but ultimately I can't justify throwing money at nothing. When we know for sure that alpha is happening then I'll re-consider but it is unlikely that I'll pledge until I can actually get beta access (which must be *very very* far away still).


I pledged around 4 years ago and have not regretted it, but I only spent money I was ok to live without. I enjoy being part of the discord and over the last 2 years it's very clear how the roadmap looks and the progress they are making and I am confident they have a plan. They are getting to the end of their tooling phase(please note close could still easily be a year or more), where they will have all the parts needed to ramp up the content creation. This is where they will need money and a larger team, be it outsourced or in house. It's also when they will be able to show people the game in it's fully glory, be it without all the zones they have yet to fill out. That is when I hope they get a good amount of funding and that is when the scope of the world will be built out. I think they have done things right, they are building a game that appeals to a neglected part of the market and may well appeal to a much larger part of the market that has never been exposed to a game like this. I do think that every donation matters to them, so if your cautiously optimistic and can live without the funds and want to join the rest of us on discord and be part of the ride I recommend it. edit (typo)


Two+ years ago, I had a lower pledge and more doubt Pantheon would reach a bonafide release, but after the development progress and some of the changes in design, I decided last year to majorly upgrade. Really want to support the game, so I would say I am happier now than then.


Honestly, there have been so many missteps and setbacks and switched out team members along the way that my faith has gone way down hill. I've been following since pre Kickstarter. I didn't donate that much but, looking back on what I know now I wouldn't have donated. Hindsight is 20/20. Like most people I was very hopeful for the first 3 or 4 years. There is still no guarantee we get to release and best case scenario we are still multiple years out if we do. ...even then, development doesn't stop on release.


Yeah. I pledged $1000 and several years of monthly sub fees to create a new experience using EQ's vision and principles. The team has gone completely off track, instead trying to make this game some spiritual successor to Vanguard but for twitch streamers. Vanguard is a game that was objectively a failure in every sense. It's disheartening to feel like I got baited and switched - but hey, lesson learned, I won't be kickstarting any future video games.


I pledged in 2017 or 2018… haven’t really played computer games much since the pandemic, since now I immediately want to leave my office when I’m done with work. A lot can change in a couple of years. If I could go back and undo what I did, I would.


If i could do it all over again I would have waited until they were closer to beta to pledge any money (I gave them $300). As it stands I pledged years ago and they are still many years away from launch, if it ever does. Also the game I thought I was backing has changed and continues to change so again, I would wait until it gets close to beta and you can see what form the final game may take. You might find you no longer recognize the one you donated towards.


I pledged this year. I didn't spend a ton of money for alpha and whatnot, but simply want to support this team.


I really want to give a detailed response but I'm out of the country and have limited time on mobile data but couldn't resist providing a brief response. I'll put it this way: I haven't pledged, I have followed the development since day one, and I have never been more eager and willing to support the team. Due to financial constraints, I cannot do the top tier. However, I love that I can start with a smaller pledge and work my way up. I don't know if this is a thing (maybe someone can chime in) but I'd really like to setup an autopay "subscription" style dollar amount so I can set it and forget it. I wish I had more time to provide my "why" but all I can say now is that I WANT this project to succeed, I KNOW this project will succeed, and I want them to feel my/our support after everything they've gone through. This development team is truly the "Rise of the Fallen" crew and they deserve every ounce of our support we can muster, IMHO.


Donated once (more substantially at the beginning) and twice after whenever I’ve seen something I was happy with. I would suggest the same. If you like it then you need to take the leap of faith and slap 100$ down into it. But reserve future donations and anything beyond that til they give you a concrete milestone (alpha, beta, release.) All the other stuff is just illusory milestones. They have crossed a lot of illusory milestones in the past to drum up enthusiasm. It would be great if they did something like finish a playable tutorial area with 3 classes for even 5 levels. It would go such a long way to getting donations and showing people this might actually be playable one day.


I pledged firstly because I want to support the game, second for alpha access. At this point the game is pretty far into development and I'm not worried at all.


Stop. I pledged $1000 almost 7 years ago. They've had a total of 8 Pre Alphas, I've played for a total of about 5 hours in 7 years. There have been no alphas at all this year. They dont give a crap about pledgers


That's why if you pledge you should look at it as a donation, in my opinion. The testing is just a bonus. If you wanna donate just to play prealpha then you should make sure you can afford it cause it might take a while, but these days things are moving much more quickly.


I"m not bitter, I'm saying exactly that., Dont expect anything if you pledge. However, they are not very far in development. They cant even handle 20 players in game at the moment.


That's what's happening right now. They're rewriting the network code. Hopefully much more pre-alpha soon, but maybe not til next year.