My friend just messaged me that their watching PandR for the 1st time ever, but have started on season 3 (because her sons told her that it's not good until then). She has know idea that Andy and Anne dated or about the pit! I feel like she's robbing herself of so many fun times.

My friend just messaged me that their watching PandR for the 1st time ever, but have started on season 3 (because her sons told her that it's not good until then). She has know idea that Andy and Anne dated or about the pit! I feel like she's robbing herself of so many fun times.


Straight to jail


Skip season 1, go to jail. Skip to season 3, straight to jail. You make fun of the Ron and Tammy episode, jail, you undersell the Pit, jail, you oversell Lil Sebastian, jail. Parks and Rec is perfect, because of jail.


It's impossible to oversell Li'l Sebastian.


we have the best audience in the world.


Because of jail


if i wasnt poor i would give you an award


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Her kids, believe it or not jail.


The 1st Ron and Tammy episode is in Season 2


She needs to watch season 2. I agree with skipping one bc the show changes drastically in season 2, but you get introduced to Chris and Ben in season 2 and the show finds it footing. Skipping season two leaves a lot of gaps in the show.


Season one is only six episodes. If you’re going to watch season two it’s worth it to power through those 6 IMO.


Agreed. When I rewatch i start with The Fight in season 3, and I think that’s a fair enough place to get a newcomer hooked when the show is at its prime, but if they decide they like the show they should definitely rewatch from the beginning to get the full picture and context!


I've never watched season one and I've never regretted it. Season 2 gives you enough backing to understand the gist of season 1.


To me season one is just a random 6 episodes that don't really take the characters anywhere bc they change in the 2nd season.


Yup, that's the exact point it turns from good to great


Does she also tie her laces before putting on shoes?


I never understand people who don’t start at the beginning!


People shit on season 1 all the time and I feel like it’s totally unjustified. Does it get better with Adam Scott and Rob Lower? Absolutely. But season 1 and 2 are definitely still enjoyable.


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God number 2 is probably staying there intentionally eh?


I think season one is a little slow and still finding it's feet. I suggest newbies to start at season two, then go back to season one later.


I feel like this isn’t something you can do on your first watch lol


Yeah I rewatch shows all the time and cut out seasons or more usually stop watching after a certain character leaves. But if someone else is watching for the first time, we're going from the beginning baby.


Season 1 isn't great, but you gotta start there in order to appreciate the progression.


Unpopular opinion. I genuinely like season 1.


I'll sit at the unpopular kids' table with you. Leslie and Ron's characters aren't as strong in S1, but it shows the start of Leslie and Ann's friendship as well as the end of Ann and Andy's relationship...and The Pit! I think The Banquet episode is really funny, but I've always wished Marlene Griggs Knope was in more episodes.


Hey, welcome! We have one dinner roll to share together at the table. I think that there are a lot of things to like about how the relationships are established through S1 and S2. The Banquet is hilarious.


Am I the only #$%ing person here who doesn't know Jeanine Restrepo?


I love how awkward Leslie is during the episode. Come to think of it. Season 1 ends up feeling like Leslie as a NEW government employee. And then by the time we get to season 3 it’s like she has made a CAREER out of it.


There’s nothing wrong with Season 2. It’s not the best but it’s fine to start on.


Season 2 starts with the same sex penguin wedding, the exact moment I knew this show was special. Season 1 is a drag, but it's 6 episodes so it's over before you know it. Never skip!


That’s the episode where Leslie decides she is not just some government drone. People are crazy if they skip the first two seasons.


Tbf season one has the some of the characters completely different. Ron wearing a suit and being normal stuffy and Leslie being just dumb. I don't feel much character progression. I think they just did a 180 in between seasons and it was a good call. Season 1 is completely skippable imo


And we’re allowed to have a difference of opinion! I think it’s still funny and relatable. Even if they made changes to the characters that were necessary for the whole life of the show.


>And we’re allowed to have a difference of opinion! Are you clarifying for yourself or for me lol sorry I just assumed that.


Uhhh. I’m not sure. Either way it’s good!


1 & 2, while not the greatest.. certainly sets up the series with important background info and character development. It’d be impossible to see all of April’s growth without watching from the beginning


I never understand why Season 2 is looked down on, easily on par with the rest of the series. Leslie becomes the protagonist we all love, Andy and April’s relationship starts taking shape and almost all the characters get fleshed out and more interesting. Hunting Trip? Telethon? Ron and Tammy? Greg Pikitis? Sweetums? So many favourites. The top comment is from Season 2’s Sister City for Christ sake.


I’m with you, I like season 2.. though most would prob say the series improved a lot once Ben and Chris entered the show . I think parks got better as it went, as compared to the office which faded towards the end


Yeah the first two seasons aren’t as good but you still.. need them.


Gets good at season 2. Just as good as the others


How can she understand the Pit Song?


I realized on my first re-watch that the main catalyst for the entire series and ultimately the main characters forming life-long friendships is because Andy is an idiot and fell in the pit in S1. Also, as stated in previous comments, S2-E8 is when we meet Tammy 2 and get out first real glimpse into Ron’s sexual and violent past. This, of course, lays the groundwork for the alopecia-stricken abomination that is known as….Jammy.


idk why people skip any of this masterpiece. it's absolute gold start to finish and if you disagree you're dead to me and i'm coming for you and you need to start running


I actually didn't mind the first season all that much but it definitely got stronger as it went on. Season 2 you get introduced to a lot of the reoccurring characters like Jean-Ralphio, Perd Hapley, Joan Callamezzo , Marshall and Marcia Langman, ect that really add to the show.


I’ll never understand skipping whole chunks of a show to get to the “good” stuff sooner. Yeah seasons 1 and 2 aren’t as strong as what comes later, but you need the foundation laid out in those first seasons to gear up for the greatness to come. Otherwise I don’t think jokes will land as hard, you won’t get the same feel for the character growth going on, and you just won’t enjoy the show as much.


Greg Pikitis!!


And miss the stakeout?? SUGAR SLAM??


Weird! It’s almost like skipping two entire seasons of a TV show limits your knowledge of the plot!


Yeah that’s what you get for listening to some dumb kid


For any person viewing the show for the first time, Seasons 1 and 2 actually introduce and se up so many things about Leslie, the Parks Department, Pawnee, the many colorful side characters that we've grown to love. They are worth watching for me as it makes the entire experience of watching the show grow and develop even more meaningful. For repeat watchers, complete fine to skip to favorite seasons.


The first time you watch season 1&2 are good but when you finish the complete series you realise they aren’t as good before season 3. But you have to watch them


I know people hate brandequits, but the episode with him getting ron up to code is one of my favorite


He did have good scenes with Ron.


Seasons one and two aren't as good as the rest of the show I agree, but they're part of the story that's being told. You can't just skip chapters in a book. You miss out of groundwork being laid, character development and so much more. There are also some great moments in those seasons! Her son's sound quite frankly, like idiots.


I honestly thought season 1 was easily enjoyable


I loved the show right off the bat when it originally aired. I only recently found out that a lot of people hate seasons 1 & 2. I happily rewatch the show from the beginning at least once a year.


It makes me mad because yes, it gets better after S1 but that doesn’t mean S1 is bad!! Also it’s so short that I feel like it’s easy to watch and you get so much important background on the characters and their “Why”


Don’t skip any of it. Character development is the best part of the show. Especially season 2.


You don’t appreciate how great Ben and Chris are if you don’t meet Mark first.


I started right around then (maybe end of season 2…it was on at my brothers) and I’m not sure if I would have stuck with it had I started episode one. After a few eps into season 3 when I loved it I went back and started from the beginning. Maybe she’ll do the same!


Convince her otherwise it’s so much better if you have background. Some of my personal favorite moments are in season 1 & 2 “I’m Ron fucking Swanson” *rolled down hallway in office chair*


Yeah but its good because you already know the characters and the story. Thats like skipping directly to the punchline of the joke and cutting out the setup. Or overhearing the inside joke of the group you joined late. You wouldnt find it funny and will miss the point. Like she already does. And of course like most people here already said... S2 is gold.


Season 1 isn't even that bad to me. Yeah its kinda weird and finding its footing but its still really funny!


Your friend is a fool. Never start a show from the middle.


I started watching at season 3. By the time I finished the season I was hooked and decided to start over at season 1. I agree I favor the show at season 3 and up, so in my opinion it’s a good season to get you hooked and let you know what a great show you’re in for.


To really get a sense of the entire series, you have to watch from season 1, and gradually you can see the show change from trying to replicate The Office, to finally finding its own style.


Skipping entire seasons?! Especially on a first watch?!? What kind of psychopath cheats themselves like that?!?


skipping season 2?? imo the gay penguin wedding is one of the all time best episodes


Donnas scream when her benz got shot with a shotgun. It gets me everytime


Unpopular opinion - this is how I tell people to watch the show. There is a recap of seasons 1&2 on the s3e1. Season 1 is rough. Season 2 is better but takes some time to pick up steam and loses people. Season 3 is gold. AND you get to the flu a million times quicker!


Stop. *Pooping!*


Start with the last episode of season 1, spot-watch season 2 until you get to Hunting Trip, then watch every episode from there.


Start middle, finish, start again


Lol wtf you need to watch seasons 1 and 2 to get the feel of the show that's where it's built, it's not like season 1 of the office where you can actually skip it and it doesn't change the experience that much.


She needs to start at season 2 at least. She completely missed Chris and Ben’s introduction


Their son is a quack. Get the full scope of the show, if it gets better later thats only a good thing.


Yes this is awful lol she’s missing a lot of great stuff


Why doesn’t she just take Season 1 and 2 to the men’s room so she can murinate all over it!


Noooo you have to power through s01!! S02 is a lot better. She should start again for real.


I felt like the first 3 seasons were the best and then it started to go down hill


This is the best way to watch it. Start with s3, and then after s7 do s1 and s2.


I started a full rewatch yesterday. That first season is still funny, despite it not really feeling like the rest of the series.


I will never understand people like that.. who skips the first 2 seasons!? why even bother watching when they skip the BEGINNING?!


I prefer season 3 onwards mostly because Ben and Chris bring a really good energy to the show. But if it's your first time watching you must watch it all.


1st season is kind of hard to watch but I liked the 2nd one towards the end


The Andy living in the pit arc is one of my favorites. Really missing out on some character foundation skipping the beginning of the show. Even if those season aren’t as funny or good (which I disagree with lol), for storyline purposes it’s still necessary???


Recently re-watched for the third time and I can say this time that I think seasons one and two are fantastic


I started season 3 and then once I finished the show, went back and watched 1 & 2. Starting with season 3 helped me get hooked from the beginning, but now I definitely appreciate the early seasons.


100% robbing herself


I fucking hate hearing about people doing shit like this. The Office is bad for it too, people skip season 1, 8 and 9 as well as various episodes between. Its absolutely ridiculous. Even if the rest is better, its still good, and adds to the story too. Drives me nuts.


I tell people to skip season 1, sorry not sorry. Watching it was painful and had my then boyfriend not repeatedly reassured me that it gets better I would have given up on PandR


So they don’t get to see Scarecrow Boat?


Find better friends


i start some friends on s2 and some on s3. depends on their commitment level. if they aren't going to stick with it, they have to at least meet ben.


I could maybe see skipping the first season, but if you're watching the show for the first time, it has some vital information in it.


She'd like season 2. Things feel more established starting there


Season 1 straight up sucks. I always skip.


Honestly I can be okay with skipping season 1. It’s not great, the show hadn’t found itself yet. You miss some important stuff, but I’m sure there’s a YouTube recap video out there somewhere. But skipping S2 as well? Why?