I cut it open and kept the rest in a little Sephora sample container that I cleaned and saved. I’m not the biggest fan, it just looks like greasy sunscreen on me and I got over the SUPER dewy look so I’ve just been using it up as a sunscreen all over my face on top of another sunscreen since I can’t guarantee the spf after the whole purito and k beauty sunscreen debacle


Interesting pan, OP! Do you have any other recommendations from the brand or base products in general? Also love the Frankenstein-ing of the package lol


Lol I cut closer to the opening but found that there was still tons of product near the top and my qtip was too short to reach


After I finish this as well as my sample size of supergoop unseen sunscreen and no poreblem primer, I’m just going to stick to my sunscreen and moisturizer as my primer


Thanks for the review! What is your skin type? I have been eyeing this and am now deterred from the purchase. 😂


I would say I’m acne-prone combo with an oily tzone. It didn’t make me break out or anything but it just isn’t what I’m looking for in my makeup routine now


I had this and hated it, the shimmer made it look like I put highlighter all over my face😑😑


Yeah, I used to like the glowy look, but it’s not for me anymore. I can achieve the same look with my sunblock and tinted moisturizer