Disgusting and shameful


If they oppose non violent methods of opposing the occupation, (BDS), why would you expect something else? They also keep using the term OPT, rather than saying Occupied Palestinian Territories. Even using the word Palestine is frowned upon, they following Germany.


Yeah...well, the UK is the other face of fascism, the the kind that escaped condemnation and got away with their crimes against humanity.


Well their people now are being punished by some of the world's worst unelected leadership. It is amazing how a government can go against it's own people to support the rich and financial industry


Ask the Irish why they think the UK would do this... I'd love to hear their opinions and thoughts on this...


Irish here and not the least surprised. You could also ask people from India, Malaysia, Kenya etc. etc. etc. and expect a similar response. Colonial supremacists are going to stick together!


Oh hi Mark, ya I know, but Irish politicians got the balls to get up and actually say shit. I don't know the guys name, but there's an Irish politician that stands up for Palestine on a regular basis. He's incredible to listen to


Perhaps you're thinking of this amazing human - Chris Andrews? I don't know enough about his policies but he's already got my vote! [https://twitter.com/onlinepaleng/status/1529474693174026242](https://twitter.com/onlinepaleng/status/1529474693174026242)


Richard Boyd Barrett is his name.... https://youtu.be/mu2uI0gZD-c This was just the first link I found for him. I hope it works I'm not gonna act like I know what he stands for outside this subject. So I don't know what kind of politician he is. What I do know is the shit he says about Isreal and Palestine is fucking incredibly accurate, and takes balls to actually say...


This is why Ireland is better


as long as it's a tory govt there is no chance they will acknowledge Israeli crimes


Nothing will change with a Labour government though. There was hope under Corbyn, not so with Starmer.


Did you expect anything else from the colonizers responsible for more "Independence Days" than any other colonizers?


"UK supports colonialism" I mean.. yes. That's what the UK is all about


Disappointed to hear, the Israeli occupation is absolutely atrocious and an embarrassment to the free world


Here's the [link](https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/uk-israel-new-trade-security-agreement-challenge-apartheid-label) from the image


Source? I just want to see the original doc and analyse everything


Love, the source is on the second slide, I started adding sources since people started asking for them, so there you go, check the second slide and look for it \^\^


Crap didn’t see it, sorry and thanks