This is really cool. Recently heard about a local group of Palestinian and Jewish women that meet weekly to celebrate their differences and each others cultures. Its a pretty progressive city in the US, but I was still surprised and very happy to hear of it.


These people aren’t exactly the best representation of Judaism. The Satmar sect follows an extremely regressive form of Judaism, they do not believe in the rights of women or secularism There’s far better Anti-Zionist Jews you could pick to represent the religion. Just an opinion, considering this is the most common sect of the religion I see posted on the subreddit.


Good to see this talked about ❤️


Why are they just coming out of the woodwork now? Also can someone confirm they don’t accept any money from the gov?


They’ve been around for a long ass time. They are a large group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews that take their interpretation of the Torah to mean that Israel being established is antithetical to their religion. This group also extends outside of Israel as I’ve seen them engage in protests in a lot of other countries too. Here’s more information on the subject: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/ultra-orthodox-anti-zionist/


That’s great to hear thank you


They've been out for decades now...check the archives in history.