What is pathetic is that Zionists who spread their propaganda on certain groups frequently insist it was Palestinians who launched a ‘war of genocide’ against the Zionist Jews in Palestine, who were forced to ‘defend themselves’. Isn’t it nice to know that all the Palestinians who ‘left’ in 1948 did so willingly….. according to Zionists….


Yeah....I'm keeping all of these interviews safe, I'm going to upload them one by one. I still have pictures of what happened from the massacres, horrifying pictures, from our village and other villages, that document these genocides. We will sue them, and prosecute these genocidal invaders, some day.


It would be great if they were compiled on a YouTube page so that people could link and reference them outside of one (or a few) social media groups.


These demons await an eternity in hell for what they've committed




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Zionists will try to downvote this important post that uncovers an important documentary. Don't let them win. Upvote it and let it reach the world so they can see the savagery of these invaders.


This is a very great documentary and i applaud the people who worked on it. Unfortunately, i wasn't able to watch this without feeling a burning hatred within me for the Zionists. I'm Palestinian, i already knew what happened to my people during 1948 but when you're faced with the reality of it, it's sickening it really is.