I gave mine away for this very reason! Wish I had taken a few swatch photos first, but I didn't. I am also fair cool and shell didn't work for me. I can't remember the other shade I tried but they were both too warm/yellow. I loved the formula too!


Aw damn! I was hoping it was just the lighting. It seems that all their foundations run warm, from the one's I've tried. Here's to hoping they'll extend the range and add better undertones. Have you found any other foundations with a similar formula? It's the best dewy foundation I've used so far.


I’m quite yellow toned and got rid of this because it leaned a bit pink for me and I didn’t care enough about the formula to mix it or anything.


I'm very neutral and it leaned quite pink on me. Idk if that helps anyone but maybe it will


You can also use Temptalia's site for foundation matching. Her matrix is usually pretty good. I've never had any luck with Flower Beauty foundation or concealer as they are all too dark and warm for my NW10 skintone. Even when they added a few extra shades to the fair end of the range, all were too dark. It's annoying as everyone raves about how great the formulas of both the Light Illusion foundation and concealer are. I tried the lightest concealer shade, based on Taylor Wynn's recommendation, but she must not be as fair as she seems/claims because it was about 2 shades darker than my skintone. That was probably the 4th, and last, recommendation of hers I tried that was too dark.


Hi, I'll definitely check that out! I've also had issues with the light illusion concealer. If I remember correctly, the shades don't align with the foundations, meaning the lightest shade is darker than the lightest foundation (which no one wants in a concealer!)


That's exactly what happened with the Lancome Teint Idol concealer that launched earlier this year! I can wear shade 90 in the foundation so I bought 90 in the concealer, which is the lightest shade offered, and it's 2 shades darker than my skintone and the corresponding foundation. What's worse is that the foundation line has 2 lighter shades than 90 so the lightest concealer is significantly darker than the 3 lightest foundations. It's supposed to be the same line but Lancome really messed that up.


Happened to me too. Love flower Beauty but so much of it is warm toned. Surprising considering how pale Drew is.


It's not uncommon for pale people to be warm-toned though! I lean neutral-warm and I'm around NC10. I assume they also are wanting to cater to a wide range of depths.


It's frustrating, isn't it? Because the formulas are so good, but they just aren't accomodating for other undertones.


Try using findation, not always accurate but will atleast put me close if not spot on.


Hi, thanks for this, really helpful!