I may be TOTALLY off basis here, but I was just wondering if you had an allergy to ragweed? Arnica is in the same family as ragweed and I've recently found out I get really itchy and red with products that advertise arnica as an ingredient. Again I could be totally wrong and off basis but I just thought I would share just in case!


No effing way!? I AM allergic to ragweed!!!! I had no idea arnica was in the same family! I’m so glad you mentioned it and incredibly grateful. That has got to be the reason it makes me itch. I find myself clawing at my face throughout the day and the first few times I passed it off as just seasonal allergies, but then I realized it was only happening when I had applied that specific foundation. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!


Oh my gosh I'm so glad I said something then! It's so miserable being so itchy and not being able to figure out why, it took me I think a full month to figure out that the haus labs bronzer was the problem for me which is such a shame bc the shade is perfect and the formula is perfect😭 I wish you well!!


Thanks. I was searching for a new foundation and I am allergic to ragweed as well. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


Glad I could be of some help today😁


Same here. Thank you.


Wow thank you for posting this I was considering buying. I’ll go with something else now, not worth the risk.


It accentuated literally every single form of texture I have on my face. And my skin is pretty good so I was shocked lol it just looked so dry (I have combo normal oily skin) and when my oils came through it looked even worse.


Oh gosh! What are you using now?


I was way too oily for it. I would get separation and crazy shine after only about 3 hours. It also transfers like crazy.


The transfer is pretty bad, you’re right.


I've heard good things about the Kosas foundation.


I haven’t tried their foundation, but for a more natural/sheer coverage, Kosa’s tinted face oil is the BOMB! A bit pricey, but a bottle lasts me literally well over a year, even using it basically every day.


I bought two shades, tried them each separately and then together, and returned them. They felt heavy, and sat on my skin. They didn’t look skin like at all, more like cake.


I bought the white shade as a mixer and have been liking it. No itching. I’m sure it wears different how I’m using it, but it’s worked well for lighting up some other foundations in my collection.


I tried it and it’s too heavy. I use nars foundation. Sheer glow. Because it looks like my own skin but better and it wears all day.


Oh no! That's too bad, I loved the finish on me. I've only wore it the one time but it wore very comfortably and I didn't even feel like I had makeup on. I typically have dry skin but I don't have a ton of texture. (Same shade for reference).


I’m testing it right now because I’ve heard great things. I feel like even the cool shades are slightly too yellow for me. I highly recommend swatching in store bc the color matching online matched me as like 100 or 145. I have mixed thoughts on it so far: https://imgur.com/a/KWb2HWB This shade is 050.


the shades are like mac the cool are warm undertones and the warm are cool


I swatched all the light colors and everything is super dark and yellow. 050 is my best match but it still pulls slightly yellow.


Which makes sense because their shades labeled "cool" are intended for those with warmer undertones, and thus will generally be more yellow.


I tried all neutral and “warm” colors too, literally every shade from 015-145 and the shade 050 is still the best match for me. The “lighter” colors showed up more yellow and darker than that shade. In my opinion there’s no true cool tone. For example 040 swatched more yellow and darker as did 030 and I did swatch the colors lighter than that as well. The colors are weird and I would not buy without swatching in store. The foundation itself is nice.


Keep in mind that warmer shades are less bright than same-depth cooler shades, but this is not the same as darker. As far as I can tell, the light shades are in the correct order of depth.


Perhaps so! All I know is I swatched all of them and was pretty surprised by the undertones and the colors in general.