In my opinion it feels like a parody of the wish fulfilment anime, because of how overexaggerated every trope is.


Yep like it's not that it is that, but it's a mockery of that


I think they’re overthinking it tbh. The reason people like Saiki so much is bc he places no expectations on them. That. Is very much not an incel thing. Also it’s a gag show??? Tf


yeah overthinking. It’s a gag anime. There are literally meta references to how the protagonist always has stuff happen to them even if they’re weird and tsundere don’t worry about it lol, tumblr tales are like 50/50 the most self aware true post you’ve ever seen the ramblings of insanity


What does this person even mean? If their talking about maybe Aso Shuichi he literally wrote it as a gag…. It’s not that deep lol


Right? Like isn't this supposedly a show that is full of anime/manga stereotypes and makes fun of them? And Saiki is supposedly the OP shounen protagonist trope representation, but since Asou is making fun of that trope, he made him kind of like the opposite of the usual shounen protagonists like the "too kind, believes in power of friendship and gives inspirational monologues, expected to save the entire world and works really really hard to get strong" type, whereas Saiki is just born strong af, thinks monologues are boring and lame, he's kind of a jerk sometimes too, and doesn't really play the glorious hero and just wants to chill? And he isn't even liked by everyone, everyone thinks he's gloomy, he only attracts eccentric characters ( which are also stereotypes as well ) because Saiki himself is eccentric in his own way too, and because he's literally the protagonist? Like the only characters he can befriend are those who are oddballs just like him


Over the show saiki starts to care about his friends. We also see that his own grandfather is a tsundere so maybe his attitude is genetic. Also Saiki’s main goal is to prevent a devastating volcano from destroying everything. And by the end of the original series, saiki warms up to his friends and is ready to accept their love I can totally see the wish fulfillment thing, but only in the first few episodes. Saiki goes through an arc. And while it’s true people constantly forgave him or found his attitude endearing, I always saw that as parody of other anime that does those tropes genuinely. Over the show his whole attitude changes. And while he’s still an introvert, he stops being arrogant. And in a way he was never *really* arrogant. Just overstimulated and wanted some semblance of peace If saiki never developed and the show was dedicated to bullying saiki’s friends but each episode wrapped up with an “aw shucks that’s just saiki for ya” then sure yeah it’s wish fulfillment, but Tumblr kid really seems to have like not that much media literacy lmao


bad take this series is obviously the sad journey of the jet black wings on his mission to destroy the evil orginisation dark reunion


They’re overthinking it


A lot of anime feature tropes based on these teen male fantasies, that's just how anime is


Saiki is a parody of said tropes though


I'd argue that all fiction is supposed to do that in a way, wasn't shoujo anime meant to appeal to young teen girls?


Yep, tropes/cliches it's a way to reach your target audience


It’s an interesting take but I’d have to disagree. It’s a comedy series so everything is very over-exaggerated, I don’t think the author wrote Saiki as a self insert for himself. I also don’t see Saiki as asexual so I guess I just disagree with everything they’ve said lol.


They are overthinking. Saiki k is an anime full of popular anime tropes, but making is ridiculous for comedy sake. Saiki is meant to be laughed at as well since as normal as he acts, he is still ridiculous in some way.


um, no? 1. uses fingernails emoji, opinion instantly invalidated 2. the whole point of Saiki K is that it's just this absurd world full of tropes and gags with a protagonist who couldn't care less. girls tossing themselves at him is just one of these tropes. 3. AroAce saiki was pretty much deconfirmed after stuff like Reawakening and the episode where he actually says offu


I feel like its kind of the point to be an exaggeration and satire of exactly this, and it does so very well. That said, you can pry my aroace Saiki HC from my cold dead hands.


Saiki K is an anime where they troll everybody instead of genuinely putting substance into it, with the love interests and all of the positive and negative thoughts that Saiki has with Teruhashi and Aiura, and people just ignore what they want to. It's like getting 94/135 in a maths test and still somehow getting in the top 0.3%. The fact that you love the characters and comedy of Saiki makes you so willing to ignore all of the marks you lost because you handled Saiki and Teruhashi's relationship and the tsundere trope like dogshit, even if you made very compelling positive momments between them.


why 94/135 though? I thought you were from America. Don't they use /100 there? seems so random to me


It's extracurricular.




That's kind of how I originally read Saiki when i first started the series but as I kept watching I realized it was all a gag. Maybe it just hasn't hit them yet.


I think it can definitely be interpreted this way, but whether or not it’s an accurate take is arguable