God of War surely has to be among the most consistent franchises in gaming. All its mainline entries are fantastic.


When it comes to the ones SSM developed, only Ascension missed the mark, but that was because they had milked the original God of War formula to death by that point and they tried shoehorning in multiplayer when every game was doing it around that time. It was still enjoyable though.


I played and beaten that game but somehow I'm still surprised it exists whenever someone brings it up. I don't remeber anything from that game.


I remember everyone love the multiplayer in Ascension though. It was really good.


It had a smash bros feel to it that hasn’t been replicated since. I know there are plenty of smash clones by now but if you played ascension you’d know what I mean.


The main entries are some of my favorite games of all time


For me too bro Kratos reaping off Elios head is still a clear memory in my head!


That and Uncharted


I will fight anyone that says Golden Abyss was bad


So no one?


Last of us too


All 2 releases


Now now... the 1st one has been released 3 times


Including the one of them that released 3 times!!


It's interesting you say that because I agree with you, but prior to the 2018 release there was a very popular trend of revisionist history where it became very en vogue to hate on the franchise


It sort of became cool to shit on the OG trilogy after 2018 came out as well. People were saying the originals just had mindless violence(so does 2018?), edgy sex minigames(context is key here, sex was everywhere in Greek mythology) and the stories were not meaningful(series literally starts with Kratos trying to kill himself because he is still haunted by the memories of his wife and daughter).


God of War, Uncharted, GTA, Kojima MGS, RDR That's on top of mind


dont forget all the Souls titles from FromSoft, all of them are 9/10 quality


Totally different, but Elders Scrolls is another one.


Hell you could just count Skyrim as it's own series with how many releases it has had


Massive congrats to the team at SSM and everyone that had a part in this game. Sony Santa Monica are beasts, mainline games: * 2005 GOW: 94 meta | Director: David Jaffe * 2007 GOW2: 93 meta | Director: Cory Barlog * 2010 GOW3 : 92 meta | Director: Stig Asmussen * 2018 GOW: 94 meta | Director: Cory Barlog * 2022 GOW Ragnarok: 94 meta | Director Eric Williams


I knew the franchise has been consistent but that's pretty ridiculous


Oh I’m just learning that Cory Barlog didn’t direct Ragnorak. That will be an interesting change.


Current murmurings for the last couple years are that he’s been working on the other new IP being developed at SSM Pretty sure he still helped write or contributed to the writing for Ragnarok though


Cory is still the creative director. So pretty much Eric’s right hand. Eric has the most involvement and responsibility though.


Also Eric has been around since OG days just like Cory. And Cory bounced a lot of ideas off of Eric for 2018 as well.


Ragnarok sitting on a 95 wow this game is gonna be insane


94 now game cancelled


Well screw that then. I can't play anything below 95!


I won’t tolerate anything worse than Ocarina of Time


These damn studios rushing out crap


Literally unplayable


Preorder cancelled


Just slide that $69.99 over to Sonic Frontiers, mate. You'll actually save $10 as it's $59.99


I’m glad somebody said it. At least Sonic will respect my time.


I'm not even a sonic fan but it seems like the way to go!


When I saw the amount of water in the trailers I knew it was going to be a disappointment


For real. What an overhyped piece of shit.


“If Kratos doesn’t hang dong this will be a 1/10. Great gameplay, wonderful music, perfect atmosphere, awesome characters but Kratos fails to deliver his meat staff, 1/10 if I could give it a lower score I would.” ~independent review score person you should take seriously before you buy


That's a legit point tho.....


If he hangs dong ima thundergun my way up to gamestop and get a copy asap.


Gene Park got me hyped AF > [God of War Ragnarok has finally dethroned The Witcher 3 with the best side quests I’ve played in an adventure game](https://twitter.com/GenePark/status/1588200002354302978)


Yeaaaa that’s a big wait and see right there


I really enjoy Forbidden West's side quests. Some great locations and characters in them.


They did a really great job with the side quests in FW this time around, some of the desert quests were my favourite parts of the entire game. Maybe the thing most improved over the first game.


Boomer and Delah are the most delightful side quest characters in any game




FW for me was just too Ubisofty in its missions tbh.


I remember people said that HZD2 had really stepped up side quests but... and man I found those side quests were horrendously boring. Endless A>B>A>B dialogue options followed by neverending quests. Admittedly I didn't like the story/dialogue/characters in HZD and expect the mocapped GOW2 dialogue to be a step up but I'm always cautious. Seeing it's around 40h to plat GOW2 makes me think the sides won't outstay their welcome though.


Well no shit you aren't going to like the side quests if you didn't like the story, dialogue or characters. I imagine it'd be the same for someone who doesn't like the story, dialogue or characters in The Witcher or God of War.


i'm running on very little sleep and this comment killed me for some reason. Was thinking the same thing lmao. "Yeah this mac n cheese really sucks. I mean, granted, i hate pasta, and cheese, but seriously - like, there was no chicken in it at all? I was told this would be good mac n cheese. bit misleading"


Yup, the side quest of HZD2 (HFW) are very good. But of course you need to love that world in order to enjoy the side quests. One of them you deal with a father who has dementia and is reliving his days when there was a war between several clans. He ends up stabbing his daughter thinking she was one of the enemies. He's later told what he did and is deeply saddened and goes to live/die on his own in the wild, so he never hurts anyone again. Only for the daughter to go searching for him and explains she'd never hold a grudge, etc and loves him. It's deep as fuck, but if you don't love the world or lore, you won't necessarily give a shit at all.


Well, as someone who loved the story, dialogue and characters, I would agree with him on the HFW sidequests being pretty boring and repetitive, with a few exceptions here and there. Some sidequests in TW3 felt like they could have been small story expansions on their own, whereas HFW stuck to the same boring "Save someone's friend from a machine after being dumb enough to tackle said machine on their own" or "Bring materials for new weapons that will get outclassed by the vendor in the next town" format.


HFW dialogue was torture. Always way too long to make a simple point.


Nice! Though imo Ghost of Tsushima is my personal standard for side quests. I didn't get bored with a single one in that game and looked forward to new ones.


Really? GoT sidequest did nothing special for me. It was a decent game IMO. Not in the same level as GoW, Mass Effect, The Witcher 3 etc.


imo the actual combat mechanics of GoT were where it really shined but in terms of story it’s wayyy behind everything you listed


GoT's combat is fantastic, my favourite of all but yeah that's the only thing it has over those other games


Imagine Witcher 3 quests with GoT combat, someone should get on that


Ghost of Tsushima wasn't a perfect game, but imo it had a lot of great qualities and shows that Sucker Punch has a lot of potential as a studio.


Can’t argue with that.


Legends is also one of the most fun co-op experiences in the last few years Really hope there’s a big focus on that in the sequel


GoT was a dope game but the side stuff was pretty generic.


The main characters side quests were pretty dope imo


What? They are among the worst excesses of side quests. Every single one is tacked on feeling with almost no variety. The camera is always far away and just filled with droney dialogue.


I personally disagree. I really liked them.


The title cards for each one were always a delight.


Great to hear. I’m currently playing Zelda botw and finding it’s side quests a huge grind. They are terrible in comparison to Witcher 3.


Interesting to read! The witcher 3 side quest where you get to know hear what Roach is thinking is my favorite side quest ever


Extremely common Sony and Santa Monica W


Death, taxes and Insomniac/Santa Monica/Naughty Dog delivering a critically acclaimed game. It's just a guaranteed thing at this point.


I feel like Sucker Punch, Guerrilla Games, and maybe even Housemarque could join that list too with their next entries.


Guerilla has always been praised on the technical side, all of their games are lookers, but i feel its with Zero Dawn they really started to become a great dev team overall, Forbidden West surpasses it in every way too.


I would be willing to argue the narrative specifically in Zero Dawn is better, it has that sense of discovery and mystery as you piece together what happened to bring things to the point they were at. Forbidden West is a heck of a game though, way better than I was even expecting as a huge Horizon fan.


Forbidden West was always going to lose that battle when it comes to story. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Zero Dawn’s narrative has a very compelling mystery that slowly unravels throughout the story. The final revelations of how the world became what it was is truly mind blowing. (fuck Ted Faro) Forbidden West doesn’t have that kind of mystery because the cat is already out of the bag. Secondly, it’s the middle entry in a trilogy, and usually, it’s the second installment that has the most trouble carrying its weight. As the middle entry, I feel that FW did fulfill its purpose. I view FW in the same way as I do with Mass Effect 2. While the first installment has a gripping narrative with a central mystery, both sequels added a bunch of complexity to the world and it’s characters, however, the main storyline itself leaves a bit to be desired because it’s setting the stage for the finale. That’s why the ending feels kind of weird.


Yeah I agree, finding out what project zero dawn was is such a great story beat, I remember just sitting there for a bit after the reveal thinking how good that twist was


thats totally fair, hence why i didnt argue for the story, though i do like FW\`s story more than most people, i like the direction they chose for Aloy and i hope they see it through in the 3rd one.


I thought they did an excellent job with FW’s story too. I went into it very skeptical because I didn’t think Zero Dawn needed a sequel, but they proved me wrong. They managed to do something new and still make it fit the world.


With zero MTX, loot boxes, etc


One of the very few devs I will buy a game full-price, day 1 from.


What the hell is taxes?


You'll get there eventually


*Uncle Sam wants to know your location*


Motherfuckers always trying to ice skate uphill


Damn 94-95 on metacritic. Looks like the sequel lived up to the hype!


I grew up playing the old GOW games. 2018 GOW is my favorite game of all time. I’m so ready to get my hands on this next week!


As someone who just recently entered the PS ecosystem, is the 2018 GoW absolutely necessary to play before this one? Or could I just catch up on the lore? Edit: looks like I definitely need to play it then!


Definitely necessary, you don't have to play anything before it though


You'd get a LOT more out of it if you did though


Probably true, I watched a recap video of the original games and it did help give some moments more impact


Yeah I never played GOW 1 or 2 (just watched recap videos), but I did play 3 before 2018 and I was glad I did.


3 is so good. Better than most games released today.


3 wasn’t necessarily the best in terms of game quality but cinematically incredible. The PS4 remaster looks great


This was exactly what i did! I played 3 the week before 2018 came out!


"It'd be a lot cooler if you did"


It is absolutely essential to play the 2018 one before Ragnarok. Honestly they would be enriched by playing the old games too, but they’re not strictly necessary.


It’s necessary to play because it’s a great game. I would play it first just to see if you enjoy the world and mechanics, since the sequel builds off of it


I would ask yourself: Why do you want to play this game? To enjoy a good game. If the previous game is a good, enjoyable game too, why not play that too? Unless you have only time to play one game before you die, I don’t see a reason to skip an insanely good game. Playing games isn’t like a todo-list of errands. No need to paradoxically avoid fun.


You could watch a story recap on youtube and be fine. It's a fantastic game though and I highly recommend it.


Literally bought a ps5, oled, and new couch just to enjoy it. So. Fucking. Pumped.


I played GOW 2018 on PS4 and liked it at the time, but not as much as GOW 3. I recently replayed GOW 2018 on PS5 and took my time a little more with it and wow, was completely blown away the second time. It really is a masterpiece.


Just about to finish my replay through GPW 2018 this weekend! Wanted to Refresh myself with the plot before Ragnarok! Such an amazing game and it is crazy how great it still looks today!


>Tamoor completed God of War Ragnarok on PS5 in 35 hours and has returned to the game for many hours more. His original headline for this review was Good Kid m.A.A.d Daddy. 😂


My angry adulthood developed


for the people who don’t understand the joke, it’s referring to the Kendrick Lamar album “good kid, m.A.A.d city”.


Kratos Lamar


Classic album


This is an impressive collision of my interests


Atreus: Dad, I remember you was conflicted... misusing your influence


Just watched Skill Ups video. I can’t fucking wait


I’m heading there now! Thank you for the heads-up!


Is Skill Up’s video spoiler free?


100% spoiler free


Just got a PS5, now I gotta blast through GoW 2018 so I can be prepared for this


Don't blast through it! Take your time, GOWR will still be there when you're done.


You'll have enough time, maybe not to do everything but definitely the main story. I've just replayed it in prep for Ragnarok, such a fucking amazing experience!


Good luck. You should have enough time before Ragnarok releases


Take your time, making your way through that world and checking out all the little corners will make playing that sequel oh so better.


On a replay of it


Ayooo ps gamers! we gonna eat good next week


Goin dark. Good luck and Godspeed to you all.


See you on the other side brother.


Sony’s closing out the year on a high note. Already preloaded and ready to go. Can’t wait!


Looks like while there was a lot of bigger is better with enemy diversity, combat, locations and also QoL improvements, people miss the intimacy for the first one. The smaller scope is actually what people miss. Fascinating


SkillUp: Strongly Recommended https://youtu.be/QdqMpAV1A1s


Elden Ring and now this, it's been a great year for masterpieces!


95 Metacritic - even better than the 2018 game - as a sequel is incredible! So hyped to finally play this! Edit: dropped all the way to 94. What a shame /s


That will come down. Usually always does.


> Usually always


60% of the time, it drops every time.


Have always wanted to get around to playing the God of War games. Part of me wants to start at the first, but I know that’s a huge undertaking. Any suggestions from vets of the series? Should I start in the middle at the reset? Should I start at the beginning because it’s worth it?


You don't need to play the original trilogy for Ragnarok to make sense. Just the 2018 God of War. If you plan on playing Ragnarok that is


Shame on you, don’t deprive that man of some of the greatest moments in gaming history. Start from the beginning bro, it’s all worth it in the end


The games are all great, but these new ones are distinctly different. The old ones are a series of wild, over-the-top action sequences with little puzzles strewn about. 2018 is mostly narrative driven with much more simplistic gameplay and a lot more down time. The old games are Devil May Cry with less complex gameplay and more of a focus on spectacle. The new games are like The Last of Us except Joel cleaves heads in half with an axe. And rides a boat a lot.


Watch a video or 2 that recaps the events of the og games but you can very easily start at 2018 with no confusion


2018 is a new beginning that treats the original trilogy as backstory lore. You absolutely do not need to play anything before 2018. Go ahead and play it and Ragnarok as a duology, and if you love them, you can always go back and play the old games for more, and to learn where Kratos came from.


I'd say grab GoW 3 Remastered & 2018 at the very least. 1 & 2 are good but feel the most dated at this point and also are the least story intensive overall. With 3 & 2018 you'll get to see Kratos at his absolute worst morally (while experiencing one of the best games ever as far as just visual spectacle) and that Kratos is really what you want to have in your head going into 2018 for it to have the most impact on you narratively.


I'm shocked, i expected a 95.55. Pre-order cancelled


Give Cory Barlog some credit he's basically been responsible for 2 of the biggest franchises in video game history between this and Backyard Wrestling.


Don't let david jaffe read this or he'll go on another unhinged youtube rant about DLC


Eric Williams also worked on backyard wrestling. They are truly the dynamic duo.


This game doesn’t exist until it’s in my hands.


Avoid all DigitalFoundary/Eurogamer content. They slip completely unnecessary spoilers into all of it. Seen a character I didn’t want to know existed, had a gameplay point spoiled (in the performance article when it was not needed).


~~God~~ Schrodinger of War


I can’t stress enough on how good “SkillUP” reviews are . Really thoughtful and well written and no score . Lately that’s my go to guy if I’m going to buy a game or not


My go to. Very good explanations as why he likes or dislikes a game, in depth review and understands and makes the audience aware of bias he has towards certain games, either for or against


Lol at the one review comparing it to a Marvel movie. What kind of mush-brained yahoo wrote that one?


yeah that 10/10 and Marvel movie on autopilot comparison don’t really make sense to me.


I think they were basically trying to say they hit all of the really predictable plot points and scenes you would expect and did it well while not actually doing anything new or revolutionary. They're just too stupid to realize they're talking to gamers and normal people that don't really want to think through an overly wordy and dramatic review that could've said the same thing in one sentence


As soon as he referenced 'Cheers' a show which was well before my time, I put some of his ramblings down to age, though everyone has their view on things I guess


Is a tie for Game of the Year at the Game Awards this year even possible in the rules? Wouldn’t be surprised if it did between GoW Ragnarok and Elden Ring if Keighley does so. I don’t see any other game this year with as much high reviews as these two.




Why does it matter which game wins the “Geoff Keighly” Game of the Year award? Elden Ring is an amazing game, and Ragnarok appears to be an amazing game, winning some arbitrary award doesn’t change that fact. Many people consider Shawshank Redemption to be one of, if not the best movie of all time, it won a grand total of 0 Oscars.


Who wins? We do. We got to play both :)


Same awards show that gave goty to a mp game over uncharted.


After finally playing both, I'd still give it to uncharted


Wowoowowo, calm down with the logic and reasonable reply. We don’t want that here, what we want is fighting over which game is better (Jk it’s obviously the Sony game!!1!!)


Shawshank is over rated for sure. No wonder it didn't pick up any academy awards.


Reviews are what I expected them to be, but I still believe Elden Ring will take GOTY this year.


Recency bias might swing the thing into GoW's favor. Though I will say that Elden Ring was the first From game that I not only beat, but also platinumed. I'd be hyped if either of those won. No one else really stands a chance IMO.


We'll see. Not having played GoW yet, I'm perfectly fine with either game winning GOTY tbh. I absolutely loved Elden Ring and it's up there as my favorite game ever, and I'm sure I will love GoW just as much.


Elden Ring is a bigger diversion for FromSoftware based on what the reviews are saying - GOW to GOWR


Elden Ring is so far my favorite game of the year but it’s lack of narrative/story will bump it down for me when compared to Ragnarok which will have gameplay and story


and also From Software need to upgrade their game engine


Calling it now - they’ll both win GOTY


RDR2 deserved the dub though


Debatable. Didn't RDR2 win best writing? A well deserved award if I'm remembering correctly.


I don’t remember exactly, but having just replayed both, Red Dead 2 is more narratively impactful, immersive, and technically impressive game.


Man, now that I've read the Polygon review, I gotta say, it is a little annoying and condescending. I usually like reviews that try to say something different or interesting but this review is not doing it for me.


Feels a bit pretentious I agree.


Stores need to hurry up and release the bundle I can't wait til next week


Polygon out here wearing a fedora


some russian reviewed it and gave it a 0 on metacritic... lol google translate: >Выпустили на PC отлично! Это если бы Нинтендо продала Марио. У вас и так очень высокие цены на игры а это удар в спину. Мы для вас готовим сюрприз. Месть! > >Released on PC great! This is if Nintendo sold Mario. You already have very high prices for games and this is a stab in the back. We are preparing a surprise for you. Revenge!


schizo tier ranting, I love it


Just inject this into my veins already!


Incredible! Literally can’t wait to play it


No one says anything about haptic feedback or adaptive triggers. At this point, its all I care about.


Heard from a preview a few days ago that those mechanics are there but in a very simplistic way, nothing extremely worked on. Kind of what I expected when they announced it was intergenerational, that they would probably focus in a lot of other aspects before that. Just things I heard tho, let's see how it is at release. Being a Sony exclusive I bet there's still some nice moments enhanced by the dualsense


Triggers aren't utilized that much, but haptics are good according to a SkilllUp review


SkillUp does. He says they're subtle, but great. They convey a lot of details about your surroundings, and as a result, they chew through battery life.


I don’t know how much I trust these reviews anymore. I purchased Horizon Forbidden West because the reviews praised it and felt bored out of my mind playing it.


Well reviews are never a certainty, but if you enjoyed the first one then you'll most likely enjoy this to. Did you enjoy zero dawn?


You are brave saying that here but I kind of agree. Never finished it.


Polygon is so pretentious lmao.


It's gonna be hard for any game to top Elden Ring for my GOTY. But this could do it. So hyped


My thinking


Remember people - an 8 or a 9 doesn't mean that reviewer is "biased" or a terrible person...so get a grip and realize that it's just a review that won't impact your play time at all.


Yeah, at the very least for Easy Allies who gave it 9/10, I know it's Huber who reviewed the game and he's a massive fan of God of War and scored Gow 2018 at 10/10. Not to mention [his reaction (2nd to the right) to the 2018 reveal](https://youtu.be/5I0Ivr1pGkY?t=293) is great. In no god damn way do I think anyone could accuse him of being biased *against* God of War, and I hope people don't go that far. It's almost nuts to be talking about a 9/10 score like this, as if it's even remotely considered a bad score.


This is exactly what I wanted to hear. More grandiose and bombastic like the original trilogy. Can’t come soon enough!!!


We're listed on Open Critic rather than Metacritic but our humble site also got to do this review and I'm really proud of it. - [https://foreverclassicgames.com/reviews/2022/11/god-of-war-ragnarok-ps5-review](https://foreverclassicgames.com/reviews/2022/11/god-of-war-ragnarok-ps5-review)


SSM is a top 5 studio easily. I can‘t wait to see their new IP.


I’ve almost completed GOW 2018 but those DAMN valkyries


What’s the word on the puzzles? Are they improved from 2018?


Wheres my man skill ups review in this thread? One of the best on YouTube for reviews


I'm bummed all these great reviews are coming out a week before release. Wish i could play this weekend.


Is the first one difficult? I’m usually pretty bad at single player games when it comes to the boss battles but I want to experience this!


Why are these games so expensive? $70 for a standard edition! Truly insane pricing.


New 360 games were $60 in 2005. Think we have it pretty good as far as pricing goes, tbh. Especially with how prevalent sales and discounts have become.