PSA: New PS5 firmware allows you to disable the annoying screenshot icon

PSA: New PS5 firmware allows you to disable the annoying screenshot icon


Sweet, next we need to be able to move through screenshots without the menu showing up.


this dude, y i gotta remove the menu each time a switch to a new screenshot its so dumb


And the accompanying black blur bars that come in from the sides covering half your picture each time you go to the next screenshot... :/


I thought I was just being dumb and there was some obvious solution to this problem. Relieved, but still annoyed, to hear this is just the PS5 being dumb.


The one that comes out when you use the share button to notify you that you just took a screen shot?


Yes. The icon itself is not the problem, but the fact that if you take two sreenshots back to back, the second one will save with the icon appearing on it. I don't even know why they do this since when you record videos the console removes any icon that appears during gameplay in the recording.


I always thought that the Xbox would do that too, until I found out it didn’t


On Xbox all notifications are overlays and the screenshots and videos will ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could record the Achievement pop notication with videos. Wonder how ps works since i feel like it has to be an overlay as well, but that it can't or won't ignore them.


The crazy thing is that on PS5, video recordings won't have system overlays. Like if you took a screensot, then record the video, you won't see the notification banner on the video. So clearly they could make it that screenshots don't capture system overlays also...


That is crazy. Maybe since the screenshot on trophy unlock is a thing, this can't be changed fully with breaking that? Just my worthless armchair analysis.


The solution seems really simple though, right? If the user takes a screenshot while there’s a trophy pop up, just re-render the popup and insert it into the screenshot


To reply to what you were inquiring about PS and how it handles achievements/trophies and videos: the PS5 saves a 15 second video leading up the trophy icon popping up. This can be turned off of course.


> I don’t even know why they do this since when you record videos the console removes any icon that appears during gameplay in the recording. Lack of attention to detail, honestly all over the UI/UX of PS products


It seems to have gotten so much worse with the PS5, too. I want Late PS3/Early PS4 Sony back so bad.


Why is this even an option? I hope it's off by default. I can't think of any reason why anyone would want this and it bothered the hell out of me.


Weird, when I save 30 seconds clips, it also gets this atrocious and annoying icon


Mine only saves one screenshot without the overlay.


Sometimes you want to take multiple screenshots and you have to wait for the icon to go away so that it doesnt ruin the photo


Oh yeah it has happened to me


Finally we can move the power button. Such a small inconvenience but I’m glad to be able to customize this.


You could always press left on the control center from the first option to get to power, y’know. It saved me a lot of time just doing that, i still have the power button as the last one just because of that.


I’m ashamed how long that took me to realize myself lmao.


Lol its fine dude, i can see how someone would missed it. Sony really shouldve said something about it like the first time you get on the ps5 tbh


That method doesn't work. If you use any other option (like friends' list), the cursor will lock in on that one the next time you click the PS button. After the firmware update, I put my friends' list option first, and the power button second. That way I can frequently check my friends' list, and when I need to power down I click once to the right.


Youre not wrong but scrolling a couple times isnt too annoying for me.id personally rather have things closer for quick use such aa game base, notifications, music and things like that way before the power button. But im happy that sony made it to where you can change it, it was kinda ridiculous that you couldn’t customize the controls to your liking.


I’ve been having a blast taking burst screenshots during the beta for this, especially when playing ghost of tsushima. Have literally had this issue for YEARS of screenshot icons showing up in other screenshots going back to ps4. edit: apparently you could turn it off on ps4


You could turn it off on the PS4...




yeah but that took a couple of updates too iirc


lol yeah like u/CashmereShiv said, you could remove the screenshot icon on PS4 for a while now. It was actually the reason I was irritated that it wasn't on the PS5 day one. Just glad it's finally here! But now my harddrive is gonna hate me with all the screenshots I take. Gotta start putting them on a USB


lol i had no idea but same


I couldn't take that many screenshots during my playthrough because of the pop up. Glad it's finally fixed tho


Can we hide the Explore tab from the control center yet?


What about the notification when you enter a blocked scene? I want the option to take that away again like on PS4.


So many people wnt this wtf are they witing on


Thank you. Now add folders back.


And themes...


Preach brotha!


FINALLY! This is the only update I care about lol


SSDs and vertical trophy lists are great, but this is what I really care about. It's such a needed change.


They also need to fix videos. Share button > save recent gameplay > 30 seconds The last few seconds, your character is just standing still while you go through the menus


Can't you already do that with long press?


No idea, but sometimes I encounter something unexpected, and I want to go through the menu to choose 30 seconds or 5 minutes or whatever, depending on what happened.


Can we save the Trophy video captures to an external drive? That's my wish.


That would be nice. I just ended up disabling the feature except for gold trophies and platinums. I usually only keep the platinum video though.


Finally about fucking time


Screenshots? Those things I take and then never look at again? Alright! (But no, this is a very welcomed change)






Ah poo. Hopefully next time.


*Cries with my basic bitch 1080p tv*


Honestly very happy playing PS5 games on a 1080p TV. To me, the smoother experience (higher FPS) makes for a better experience than screen resolution, so this is a great setup for now.




So is the update available in the US yet?


Yah few hours ago


I've never taken a screenshot. Good for those that do though.


Me neither, and I dislike the Sheare button too. But I'm glad other people like it, I guess.


This makes me sad. I take screenshots constantly, and always record video after memorable gameplay moments. I love looking back on all of this from time to time.


I’ve never done it on purpose but I’ve accidentally hit the button more than once


... but are they removing the STUPID, PERMANENT "hey these are the screenshots you took the last ... FOREVER" card that pops up next to the (equally stupid) "stories from your games" ? ... I have 0 saved screenshots on my PS5 because that is afaik currently the only way to remove that damn card. (really don´t see what they were thinking with most of PS5s UI, so many downgrades over PS4...)


I love that card.


Yea is a fast quick menu to the media gallery


Sorry amigo. It's my most frequently used card (except for recorded videos instead of screenshots). It let's me quickly edit my content.


that´s ok and of course I see the use in this - but why can I not disable it? or why does it have to permanently be displayed? It should go out of view after I click on it once / aka clear the "notification". ... my issue here is mainly that I´m an inbox-zero-guy... "unread" notifications/bubbles etc. make me anxious :-P


It's just a gallery shortcut..


Hardly! You can trim videos in that card while the game is still in the background. No need for Media Gallery with that card.


How do you take burst screenshots?


By setting the screenshot option to "Easy Screenshot*" then mashing the button whenever you want to take "bursts" of screenshots. I did it all time on PS4.


I wonder if this will allow me to take a SS in BFV without the pause menu coming up. That shit is super annoying.


Me and several others on Twitter have the issue that we can’t play any games online after the update. Logged into PSN and internet connection is perfectly fine but unable to connect to any server… (COD/Madden/EA/2k and more) Already made a reset im of the PS5 installed the firmware again but nothing works. Also there have been several freezes during the process. PlayStation Support can’t help and don’t even know this problem but several users on Twitter and also some of mir friends have the same issue….anyone can help? 🙏🏼




oh fuck yes. Having to wait a few seconds and miss some solid shot opportunity was very annoying.


Been waiting since launch for this. At long last! Luckily GoW and TLoU PII has a photo mode shortcut to "pause" between screenshots. PS4 even had this so must have been overlooked.


Feels like such a minor annoyance compared to having to have a timer displayed on top of the screen when you're recording.


Nice. Not only did it suck to capture it in multiple screenshots, I always hated how it appeared to show up on a delay, and is just a generic image. Dare I say the Nintendo Switch screenshot notification is better!


It would be nice if it would just take a screen shot when I hit the screenshot button, and not give me more options and end up missing my shot.


You can change the settings so that 1 press takes a screenshot. It's set up to **Easy Video Clips** by default. **Settings - Captures and Broadcasts - Captures** then hit **Shortcuts for Create Button** 👍🏻 In fact just pressing it once should just take a screenshot.


Ahh damn. Don't get me wrong, Im glad to have this feature, but real talk I totally assumed it was this way from the start. I mean the switch had this feature pretty much from the get go. I'm not looking forward to seeing how many of the screenshots I took while playing Control and Ghost of Tsushima have that dumb screenshot icon in the corner. One of those things, that seemed like such an obvious quality of life improvement going from ps4 to the ps5 that I didn't even bother to check if they actually implemented it. I just had faith that they'd do it right from day one lol. Whoops.


Omg, finally!! Taking screenshots all the time and always think how good would it be if I could remove that notification and dont need to wait to disappear to get second one...thats for me the best part of the update lol, should have been in the video for update release^^


They should remove the "Recent video clip thing" when you press the PS button. It's annoying that you have to press down every time you open the menu. Or is it already a thing I'm not aware of?


Didn't bother me any


I'm just glad we got the damn ssd expansion update finally. No more picking and choosing between games


It’s not really THAT annoying…🤨


Fantastic. The Switch handles screenshots the best, there's a nice button for it and it's very unobtrusive, just a quiet camera click sound.


This is actual good stuff.




Oh thank Gods, this combined with the nice icons telling me I have the PS5 version is making my life complete


How about just not record the icon. The notification is still useful. Kind of like how iOS does it.


i wish i could press once or twice for longer video clips, like some things are longer you want to save and sometimes you just need a small clip


I hope we can delete video clips from the profile in the next update. I have several "dead" clips showing up that are already deleted on youtube.


Snowflakes are crying about a icon in a screenshot🤣🤣🤣 Wtf has gaming turned into


It's after your bedtime kid.


cool I'll check this update out in 3 years


huh, i've never once considered that annoying nor did i think anybody else would. all it does is tell you when you've taken a screenshot, which is nice so you know it did it successfully. it literally lasts a second.


And some people want to take multiple shots in quick succession, this icon usually spoils them.


huh, i guess that makes sense. i'd never do something like that, personally, but i can see why that would be annoying.


Amazing. This and Remote Play accepting mobile data. Now just add folders back and better UI customization. Also, allow us to see more about what friends are up to again. One step forward and two back but at least this is a decent update.


Can you disable/repurpose that picture button at all yet? That button is so useless to me.


YES! get that shit outta here!


The only option I want: Turn on TV when PS5 is powered up: ON (this option already exists) Turn on PS5 when TV is powered up: OFF!!!!!!!!!


Isn't that just HDMI link?


Yeah they have the first option I mentioned but sadly that also turns on the second option which I don't want. Xbox lets you set these individually so when you turn on your TV to watch Netflix or whatever, your console doesn't come to life and change the input.


Hmm, I dunno. My PS5 turns my tv on, but my tv doesn't turn my PS5 on.


Huh. Even if your TV comes on on the same input your PS5 uses? Maybe different makes handle it differently but my old Samsung did this and now my LG does too.


I have a pretty old Vizio (2009), so that could be what's preventing it. I have no idea though, because it functions in the same way my PS4 does on my 2015 Vizio as well, so I just figured it was normal.