Kojima says he wants to make games that 'change in real-time'' and are 'different for every player'

Kojima says he wants to make games that 'change in real-time'' and are 'different for every player'


It seems like he wants to make something akin to the psychological training/surveillance game played in Ender's Game. Where the system "AI" plays a storyline based on the users background and choices. I guess we might get there eventually, with procedural level design coupled with context based directives, where an AI makes a coherent plotline, generates NPCs interactions within said context. Using all the background inputs/parameters by the player plus your social profile from the internet.


Until dawn teases with some backbone system like this but only uses it for 2 cheap scares with what supposedly scares you most


When they asked what scared me the most, I was very much *not* going to let them know how much spiders scare me.


But take the idea to 11... you are playing the next Kojima game and they can measure the fear (like how do you avoid the camera, how fast you avoid X thing, which areas you avoid) and then later on they use that against you... a bigger squid chases you, a burning squid, a toothed squid... whatever impressed you multiplied by 100. ETA: if a programmer was being a dick just imagine messing with the signs of danger put by other players in Death Stranding, leading you to face a monster instead of totally avoiding it.


I don’t think this person likes squid


But it raises a question: is there really entertainment value in that? Would I want that? If its about whats the scariest thing and the things I avoid. I avoid them for a reason after all.


Well that's part of the deal in some media but I was only saying of dialing up some stuff within a know set of scares not bringing odd or infrequent fears that could trigger someone.


Yea I got ya, just some thoughts I had about the subject in general.


I totally agree with the horror as horror, not having so much entertainment for many people. But I think horror is one of the few lines a system like this could entail. Even the horror would be a tool for narrative and even psychological process. Face your fears type of thing.


Yeah, you might like horror movie scares but if you're scared of spiders you probably avoided arachnophobia.


So kind of like what one of the silent hill games tried to do?


I didn't played them fat PS4 is my first console and I didn't have a decent PC before (now on Linux)




Yeah that was only a tease or half an idea.


Honestly, I thought he did a pretty great job with making a game that “changed in real time” and is “different for every player”. I’m positive that my Death Stranding map doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Probably not *anyone* else’s. It doesn’t happen in real time, but when you “zone” or reboot the game, the map updates as well as with all the people that you connected yourself to via Bridge Links. I was really surprised at how much the contributions from people that I would never see or meet ended up influencing me throughout the game. A well placed bridge here, the donations to the highway there, a ladder or rope, a vehicle left behind, a package for you to return, a delivery for you to complete, a shelter from the TimeFall and a place to charge your batteries, or leave your burden behind in a post office box for someone else to carry on. I drove around in this one person’s truck for probably 10 hours. Was tempted to send them a friend request by the end of it, haha. So yeah, if this is Kojima’s first attempt at a “strand-type game”, then I can’t wait to see him perfect it.


Absolutely love Ender's Game and this is a great example. Would be really cool if he could pull it off!


Isnt that prey 16 plot too?


If there was one person capable of doing this it’d be Kojima


Honeslty, I think it can be any playstation studio looking how hardworking and talented they are...


Any studio if given enough resources and time basically can do any type of game.


If those resources include different people, sure.


Based on what? I get praising the guy for the direction and themes of the games he helms, but I don't see how *he's* the only one capable of this. Like, technically, procedural games like Minecraft and games with clocks like Animal Crossing already do change in real time and are 'different' for every player. There are even geo games like Pokemon Go and Orna that change dependent on date, time, location and local weather and check the boxes for his vision in the article. I just don't get how Kojima's 'The One" on this when those games already exist on a level lol


This article is a little too vague on details to be meaningful, I can't tell if they're describing some specific game he's thinking of, or just writing an article based on some random thing he said. That aside, I do think Kojima has a special place in the games industry. One thing that makes him unique is that he is personally a brand - most big budget games aren't attached to a single person's name and creative direction the way Kojima games are, so he can take games in more unusual directions while still having a budget and production that would be unavailable to an indie studio. I think it'd be neat if we had more directors in games with household names the way we do with movies, and less design by committee type stuff.


That’s because it’s generally a bad business decision. For example, Konami’s MGS IP is worth significantly less than you’d think, because fans wouldn’t like anyone but Kojima directing the games. Tying your success to one man is very risky. Another reason is that it’s generally disrespectful of everyone else working on the game. You’ll notice people like Cory Barlog resist the personal praise they get and constantly remind people that many hundreds of artists, writers, developers, etc work on these games. Kojima’s from a different era, so he gets away with it, but I think most businesses would look at his relations with Konami as a cautionary tale, and most modern game directors would cringe at being hailed as rockstars.


According to some articles [I don't know the source] that might because he wanted to be famous like a movie director and he seems to enjoy that kind of superstar attention that directors like Spielberg got at that time


You raise some good points!


I can think of several franchises that are synonymous with their directors, even ones where they left. Like, say Bleszinski and people still think of Gears of War and Jazz Jackrabbit. The Houser Bros and GTA. Hennig and Uncharted. Nomura and FF/KH. The difference between Kojima and the rest is that he's the only one with a big enough budget from Konami and a big enough head to slap his name on the boxes of MGS games. That, coupled with controversies surrounding a studio bearing his name (which, he's also the only guy to really do) and Sony funded 1st party marketing on another game with his name on the box and you have this level of mainstream cult following he has now. Kojima isn't really that special, his name has just been made more digestible to more casual audiences thanks to his infatuation with film. For those following gaming on the production side, I think there already are lots of recognizable names out there.


Kojima has a lot of gimmicky ideas but he also manages to make them into good games. He isnt the only person who can pull these things off at all. But he gets a lot of attention so he can talk about these gimmicks and people listen.


Lots of people could, but you completely misunderstood what the person above you actually said


It should be that Kojima is the only one who *would* dare to do it.


Self promotion.


I mean any server based open world game could easily meet these criteria. It’s not that revolutionary.


he means like a full on story with that. spoilers don't really exist because everything is different


So like what cyberpunk aspired to be? Honestly I'd play it if it was a kojima gams, not a big fan of his games but hell i know that if he made a game like that it would be good


Have you heard of Animal Crossing?


I kind of thought of that and the Sims


Kojima worship is funny. There are many directors of coming up with fresh ideas and breaking convention.


“in real-time” abandoned confirmed


Different for every player refers to how disappointed an individual gets.


i.e. No Mans Sky


A game that started out as shit but now has a Steam review of "Mostly Positive" because the developers didn't give up?


> started out as shit It's great that it worked out but you only get one chance to make a first impression. Edit: Goddamn, y'all love No Mans Sky


Sure but they've built the blueprint for recovering from that start. Not sure why you had to shoehorn that reference in here....


Yes and if life only worked on first impressions, we'd be fucked.


Stop it... lol.


All the drama with Abandoned was just Kojima's real-time concept in action.




Whatever happened to that? Lol I went to check that demo app a few times and they never added any other trailer apart from that 5secs one. It is definitely a scam.


Sounds a lot like he's thinking about that cloud streamed game project he tried pitching to Stadia and supposedly took to Microsoft next Death Stranding kind of went in that direction with how its online worked in building out the world but this sounds straight up like something where every real time experience is different


I suppose if you take the building elements in death stranding and applied them to plotline events, it could be somewhat possible to start, but... you'd need a large backend system and basically an AI spiderbot retrieving and rebuilding story to have different experiences depending on what other worlds/players are connected and doing. I would say closest example I've heard of such a thing would be the AI system behind the ingame story for sword art online, it basically used part of its AI to scoure the internet and rebuilt mythological and fiction stories to make events (or atleast thats how it was described, didnt go too far into detail as that wasn't the main backdrop for the SAO story)


Which is where I assume the whole Microsoft rumor thing comes in because I feel like in that regard, should Kojima sign a deal with Xbox they can use stuff like xCloud's technology and the Azure tech for that experience since I recall them saying something about the AI in Azure serving as a backend partially for some of their gaming content as well in addition to the other services I'm imagining it's interactive on like the level of a Telltale game or Detroit Become Human, but the whole game is randomized for different players instead of you directly influencing events based on your actions or how you interact with the game directly. I imagine they'd use that as a big xCloud type game in that regard. Again, assuming that Microsoft thing is true


hmm, havent looked into it much aside from searching but (https://www.windowscentral.com/sonys-microsoft-azure-powered-cloud-service-will-be-playstation-exclusive). so, it seems sony has a partnership with microsoft to use its azure tech. and that anything sony makes on it will be sony exclusive. so, could be either way with what studio he takes it to.


It is important to note that KojiPro also doesn't have to develop for Sony if they don't want to. They're independent developers and supposedly shopped this project around a few different places already Word around the rumor mill is that Microsoft supposedly secured a deal to publish it after they failed to pitch it to Google for Stadia, but we also have no idea if any of that actually went through. It could be that Sony may end up doing another game, but it could also be multiplatform. We probably won't know all the explicit stuff until Death Stranding DC is out the window probably


It seems like whatever his idea is, it really needs a cloud architecture to pull off. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft dominate the cloud. All of them are into gaming.


Loved Death Stranding. Can’t wait for his next crazy ass game.


10 days until the director's cut!


I haven't followed this but is there an upgrade path? Or they trying to make us repurchase? Loved the game but no way I'm dropping 60/70 on it again.


There's an upgrade cost but it's 10 dollars if you already own it on PS4, disc or digital. It's not available yet so you won't find it right now.


Dope. Def worth the $10 for the controller stuff alone. Thanks for info!


Yeah like other upgrades it doesn't become available until the actual release, so no pre-loading sadly.


One of the aspects that made death stranding so good was the affect other players had on your game. You could be plotting a route that takes 3 hours and then you come across a series of ropes and ladders laid by 4 different people, which cuts your route time in half and leads to a breathtaking view you never would have experienced. Or you find luggage at the bottom of a cliff where someone looked a little too far over the edge, and you suddenly have a new objective to finish this strangers mission and help them out.




You aren't able to see or use the community gear until you have accomplished a certain quest for each area. It leaves lots of times to use your own gear, while making the trek back a little easier after you conquer a challenge.


Aside from not seeing the gear at first, your own map is only affected by a handful of other players on your server, and even then you only see a fraction of their gear. But it's also just not.. other people's gear helps you out, but it doesn't spoil a puzzle exactly. It's a challenge. Like.. most boss fights are challenges rather than puzzles. There's not one specific strategy - it depends on the player, and your build, and it's dynamic. The 'best path' to the next horizon depends on what you're carrying, what other gear you have available right now, how much time you have, how fragile your cargo is, etc. So the other gear isn't "solving" anything any more than another player popping in on your boss fight to throw a punch is.


I loved this aspect of the game I hope for the next game that whatever plot it is, it also holds the strand system


Stuff like that sounds so appealing to me, but the spooky monsters and weird baby stuff looks like it might get a tich too scary for my tastes. But I really want to be a delivery boy in this weird and wacky world.


I’m scared of everything and this game was right at my threshold but worth it.


So Animal Crossing but more complex. Cool


This sounds more in line with his reported cloud game deal with Xbox Also every other day he tweets that he wants to make X type of game, different flavor every few days. Guy wants to do it all.


I just want a proper horror game. Hopefully he hasn’t tossed that aside.


I’m late to the party, but I just found out about and watched a playthrough of P.T. I want it so bad 😭


It would’ve been something special for sure. Out of everyone that worked with Konami at the time, he would’ve been the best choice for Silent Hill in my eyes. At the very least, we would’ve gotten some downright bizarre and actually cool ideas instead of the schlock we got with the western attempts.


Getting Mythic Quest vibes


I was gonna say there’s a team of engineers going “he’s not serious right?”


"Nobody tried because it's impossible!"


He's making an exclusive for Xbox, right?


rumor only . If there is any deal then if would be revealed at TGA .


Seems like he needs cloud tech, first he tried Google, now Microsoft. Basically there's no way it's for Playstation as Sony doesn't have the infrastructure.


You can either love or hate his games but I'm glad he's just trying to make something different.




Yeah of course you can


Kojima was at his best with MGS 1, 2 & 3. He hasn't captured the same crazy out the box thinking since then. I want the kind of Kojima that has a character in the game read your memory card or gives you an hour long boss bottle stalking an old guy through a jungle who will just die of old age if you don't play the game for a week. I don't want piss grenades and ads for Monster.


I just finished MGS5 and I dunno. The story is so complex and confusing you need a spark notes to follow along.


It's also not actually good. Fantastic gameplay, poor story. Opening was epic though.


It’s too bad the story wasn’t great, there some awesome moments, just wish it was like that all the way through.


The Phantom Pain was a cluster fudge of story telling 😂. The gameplay save it!


TBH, that's basically every MGS game. Great gameplay (at the time). Poor and unnecessarily convoluted story and plot but great character moments and dialog and cutscenes. Uncharted games kinda took that formula but simplified the plot. Uncharted stories are run of the mill treasure hunts but the dialog and character moments are what make it amazing.


Kojima is Sony's 'Peter Molyneux'. Always wanting to be working on something "organic, never the same, the world has changed the next time you play it". And then the game gets released and it's none of that.




Yeah its nice to have big aspirations and all. But let's be honest this guy recently says all these innovative ideas but hasn't delivered on any one of them because he knows he can say it and most people will eat it up.


Most people just want more Metal Gear Solid from him. I could care less for anything else he does.


Whatever it is, just don’t make another fucking UPS simulator.


haha this.


Every where game ?


So a video game in a video game but is somehow Death Stranding


What is the Matrix?


> In case you’re wondering, I’m the same age as Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise is one year older… Until my brain loses its creative power, I’ll continue to strive to create things. That’s my instinct, and that’s what I love to do. Thank you.” Bless this man.


I love how he uses two of the most well-known and conventionally attractive celebrities as comparison just to tell us how old he is. That’s a strong quote


To think, he could've used Rob Schneider and David Spade as examples.


He’s so focused on evolving the industry I think he’s putting the fun part of video games in the back seat.


I don't know, I had a LOT of fun with death stranding.


How is he evolving the industry exactly?


he is doing the exact opposite imo


So procedurally generated?


Those aren't the same thing.


Guy is getting too out there. Lol


I mean he did a Gameboy game that used solar power on the game cart. This is nothing new for him


He's crazy enough to do it though lol.


Isn’t that what they say about most innovators?


For sure but will it lead to an entertaining game? I can appreciate his energy to explore and push the limits but I find myself more bored on his last two games.


I mean that’s completely subjective to the player if you think it’s entertaining. Some people find Death Stranding stupid and boring and some people absolutely love it. Both are valid opinions on a subjective art form.


Agreed. It’s my opinion. As a big MGS fan… the last one put me to sleep.


And for me I loved it despite the stupid ending and it feeling unfinished repeating the first half of the game but yeah I’m just thankful we have game directors looking to take chances and try new things.


I actually just finished it up. I picked it up for super cheap. I did beat all the endings. But I dunno I didn’t seem like MGS tbh. Having just finished Witcher 3 before that all the open word quest games are starting to get derivative. Plus I kinda hated the cinematic aspect of the mission where you had to ride in the helicopter for 5 minutes or watch credits after every mission. Also a ton of the early Afghanistan missions were filler and not relevant to the story.


First generation implementations aren't necessarily the best examples of the innovative ideas in hindsight, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have been made to begin with. The original Metal Gear game was essentially the genesis of the stealth genre. Looking at it now, it was not anything close to what we would call today a good stealth game, but it got the ideas out there that other developers (including Kojima himself) latched onto, refined, and perfected. Even if he accomplishes what he wants and it doesn't turn out to be the most entertaining thing, which is what some people said about Death Stranding, the important thing is that the ideas are out there and now everyone else can make "strand" games better.


Metal Gear really didn't do anything new. All of the stealth aspects of the game had been used before. That said it is definitely the game that made the stealth genre popular due to how well executed everything was.


Are you talking about Metal gear (1987) or Metal Gear Solid (1998)? Because stealth in 1987 was definitely a new gaming concept.


It literally wasn't. 005 and Saboteur both came out before it. The original wolfenstein games also used stealth as a main mechanic.


People literally said for MGS back in the day. Also this has been done, Animal Crossing


Nobody said that about MGS. It was revolutionary and got tons of praise for it.


I think revolutionary is a strong word, but it did popularize the stealth genre. All of the stealth mechanics in the game had been done before though it was the first to put them all together in such a finely tuned package.


That’s what he does. I can’t think of a successful game developer more “out there” than Kojima.


Hopefully he does so on PlayStation.


This sounds like the game aided by cloud technology that he’s going to make for Xbox


Say what you will but Kojima has some of the craziest ideas in the industry… and I love it. Like, in Death Stranding, there is a whole urination mechanic which is insanely in depth.


i hope its a strand game


Well, as long as it's not 2 hours of staring at a blank screen with green HIDEO in a corner and another 3 hours of trying to hit the boss...




Not the same thing.


I don't think Kojima would forget to let players save and quit


I agree that they missed an important feature but compared to what the game offers this is a tiny tiny miss.


This guy just oozes artist Douchebaginess. His weird style ruins his games. Mgsv was great but the flying fireman riding a unicorn..... death stranding story he couldn't even tell you what the fuck it was all about. Guy is extremely overrated.


I somewhat agree. I think he needs better story guidance.


Man. Yes. Death Stranding was so damn awesome. I know it wasn't for everyone, but Kojima's concepts and story telling is great. He reminds me a lot of Jonathan Hickman, who's a comic book writer.


I have read a lot Hickman, but never played any of Kojima’s games. Tell me more about how they are similar. Should I try Death Stranding?


You know how Hickman likes to world build? As in, in several of his books, he'll release an issue (or in the back of several issues), definitions, maps, history, notes, etc, on the world of his books. Kojima does the same, but in real time lol. He likes to world build, and it's through story, side missions, logs, etc. Also, they both tell massive stories with a lot of information, that sometimes it can be too much to take in. It's a fine line between convoluted and complex. However, they somehow make it work by the end, and you tend to realize you understood after the fact. They both write similar characters. A mix between goofy and serious. And they both write stories outside the box. Suff that others are not writing and that some may think is weird. I remember when Hickman was writing fantastic four years ago, he showed a pic of his thougt process. He had a massive white board and all of his ideas broken down for each specific issues, even the ones that were like 20 issues out, with who he wanted for the art, the number of panels he wanted on each page for each issue, etc. That's the type of specificity that Kojima also likes to think like.


Kojima wanst a lot of things but never achieves any of them.




What a visionary, respect


The man can't stop pushing boundaries! Love it!


AS long as he makes it for PS5 I'm fucking in


That sounds awesome, just make it more than walking.


Death Stranding was more than walking?


Sometimes you drop packages too.


That and sneak past enemies, or fight them. As well as drive vehicles. Pretty decent loop.


Found the person who didn’t play death stranding


Hah, dude, I pre-ordered it and played the hell out of it. I love all he's done, and the game has its high points, but i did not have fun playing this. It was work and got redundant soon. IMHO.


Minecraft ?


sounds a lot like what MS Flight Sim does..to achieve this he would need top tier cloud infrastructure…hope Sony can provide that…or else MS is getting a masterpiece


I feel like MGS V was definitely different for every player




Maybe in 2077.....


The man is a visionary.


This pompus piece of shit is incapable of even making a decent 'regular' game.


Said every kid who aspires to be a game developer ever!


Kinda like the old-school ‘Choose your own adventure’ books that were TITS… back in the day.


Kojima Westworld vibes


I’ve always wanted a truly dynamic and persistent game. Where the choices have real butterfly effects that change things on a small and large scale.


Supermassive Games wants a word about a deal.


Like Returnal?


So a roguelike?


Anyone who’s into gaming at all needs to read Ready Player One. Don’t watch the movie, at least not first. It has some pretty cool ideas about what gaming could become.


The first RTS game! (Real-time Strand)


I doubt I’ll enjoy it but I can respect him doing new things. That’s how developers should be.


based on the title, that sounds fucking terrible.


Alright I'll check back in about 2045 then because that'll take a long ass time.


Curious but time will tell\~


this is a old idea not new but havent seen anyone implement.


Soooo text based rpgs to make a return?


The problem is I've found with multiple ending games or custom play etc is that most gamers are completists, perfrctionists etc Part of the satisfaction of videogames is often the 'cleaning up' and finishing a level or section where its done done. 100% a game is a big deal for a lot of people, having a game you can never complete fully might be frustrating and present a lack of motivation.


So he wants to make a rogue like procedure game? Think no man's skiy but with rogue like qualities. Cause rogue like are the only thing I can think of that are wholly unique to the individual player. And the procedure set up can make it up on the fly. Well if there is anyone that can pull it off it is him. If this was anyone else I would he skeptical as a mofo. Still am a bit skeptical but I have more faith with him.


It's probably related to Xbox cloud based exclusive rumored


Silent Hill please


How about just sticking to what you're good at and making some more metal gear like games.


No Man's Sky already does that and there is still nothing to do. I get the man wants to be innovative but just make games guy.


No Man's Sky? Sure, the gameplay loop is the same for all players but no-one starts in the same place and system and everyone visits places unique to them.


Sounding like No Man's Sky before launch


If you want to get really technical, NMO is actually pretty different for every player. Although the premise stays the same for all.




Is this the guy from that black mirror episode?


I believe Skyrim already has these features


A strand game part 2!


You mean an rpg ?


All I want is garlic bread