PS5’s September System Software Update launches globally tomorrow

PS5’s September System Software Update launches globally tomorrow


Control Center customization. Players can now customize their Control Center more freely by rearranging or choosing which controls to hide or unhide at the bottom of the screen.


Any UI customization is welcome. Hopefully they will enable customization for the games row as well.


Hopefuly they'll ass themes of sone sorts or custom backgrounds.


I'd take some ass themes


Lmao im leaving that post as is


If they make one for project eve, you both win.


I can only get so erect…


Try harder!


Don't you mean \*ass is?




I miss psp days


It still is the PSP days. Get modding!


I had a really nice red and black GoW psp I stupidly got rid of Have been eying a ps vita for emulation


Ps vita is great for emulation. If you needed a sign to pull the trigger, this is that sign


Yea, I would love some chocolate ass themes.


Preparation H *does* feel good...on the hole




Should just add folders again too.


Or the "videos/photos" app. Game icon, game icon, videos app, game icon... Looks ugly


It's a downgrade from PS4, let alone Steam lol.


I would kill for folders like PS4. I have games for my kids, and on PS4 I hide my games in folders. Last week my son overwrote my 4 hour save on Hollow Knight. I just want to be able to hide my games again lol.


I was very excited for this feature and tried it in the beta, moving power control to second position vs. last. But even over a week, I could not overcome muscle memory and had to move it back. I always went left from Control Center for power.


This will be great for me - I still haven’t gotten over the muscle memory of having to hold the PS button


Glad it’s not just me


Same thing, why would they change that?


I'm guessing because the Quick Menu on PS4 was a later addition, and the default press of the PS button brought you back to the dashboard, so they had to introduce a secondary way of using one button for a different menu. That said, I think a quick press to access the quick menu on PS5 makes more sense.


Feeling very good about seeing all these other people having the same issue as me. I still don't know why they would make the shut down different than Ps4


Every. Time.


This is funny to me just cause I've now gotten so used to the muscle memory of hitting left to go straight to the end to the power button that I don't want to move it now haha


That's funny because I hate the control center controls so much, I've never been able to build muscle memory for it. It feels like pressing the PS button just performs a random action. I really miss the old PS4 feature where you could double-tap the PS button to quickly jump between apps or bring up your last used app/game. I always still try to double tap and it just opens then closes the control center. I hate it.


Of course, pretty sure we all hate it, including not being able to hold down PS for power. But from having PS5 for a while now, interacting with the Control Center does become muscle memory, once you're able to get it up. Sony has been mute so far on why they make us ignore years of learned interaction, but at least this customization is a step in the right direction.


Ooh shit, nice.


Firmware and blog details: - PS4/5 versions will now appear seperately - PlayStation Now subscribers can now choose between 720p/1080p - New trophy tracker - you can also view PS5 trophies on your PS4 - equalizer settings for Pulse 3D Headset users - 3D Audio support for TV speakers - M.2 SSD storage expansion - UX enhancements - PS Remote Play App and PS App enhancements https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1437765278360821761


Really wish they'd make the mute button on the controller work with the Pulse


It’s such a tiny thing but it would be so nice and make the us feel that much better.


Am I the only person that has a hard time trying to press any button on the Pulse headset? They're all in the same area crunched together and very vaguely different, I feel like trying to mute/unmute or change volume takes way too long for my fingers to find the right button, and almost every time it's the wrong button.


You aren't alone, it sucks. There's no rhyme or reason to the layout, and even looking at the damned buttons is hard to tell which is which.


Nope, i always have to take it off to see what tf I'm doing....


This shit is beyond annoying! Thought I was the only one!


You're never going to be the only one. xD


I doubt you're the only person but I don't have any issues with the buttons personally.


I've had it for a month and I'm just now confident enough to adjust the volume without taking it off.


If it’s the same button layout as the Gold headphones then no, you’re not alone. I figured out mute but chat/audio balance is so confusing even like three years later lol.


I think that’s just the learning curve of any headset with buttons. I had trouble with it at first and I still do with the volume but I can find the mute button and the on/off switch pretty quick now.


>Really wish they'd make the mute button on the controller work with the Pulse It doesn't? That is crazy. I thought that was a hardware switch for the generic software mute function. It works perfectly on my turtle beach headphones.


I still don’t understand if it’s a technical limitation or terrible UX choice. People say that it’s because Pulse has physical mute button but so does Arctis 7P, and that has no problems to double-mute


You'd think toggle on/off via the controller could override whatever position the physical mute button is in on the Pulse. Seems like a massive oversight to me.


Wait does it not work with Sony's own headphones what the fuck? It works with my Arctis 7P with no issues at all!


I wish they'd make it muted by default when the controller turns on. I'm so sick of listening to people who don't know their mic is on.


So this was everything that was being beta tested a while back. Nice! I tried doing the beta but didn't get the invite. I'll take this update though!


I wonder if I'll be able to use 3D Audio with my soundbar and surround speakers.


Not yet. Just TV audio. Seems they're starting with smaller budget audio (headphones), then increasing over time (TV Speakers). I'm waiting for my Atmos speakers to actually be used.


I mean... if you're using a stereo soundbar, I don't think the PS5 can discern the difference. It just sends out audio, a device catches it and plays it. It only knows how many channels to send, not what it sends it to.


I mean the surround part. No support. Strange how the company that make dedicated audio systems decided not to add Atmos, but Microsoft did.


It’s because “atmos” is a license you have to pay Dolby for and Sony didn’t want to pay for the license since they have a proprietary tech that is a competitor to Dolby Atmos.


But they do for all their AVRs, and don't offer an alternative?


I don’t think Sony is good at making all their products work together. It’s like their divisions don’t even talk to each other. I was watching a YouTube review on one of Sony’s new flagship TVs and it wasn’t capable of using some of the features available on the PS5. I forgot exactly what the features were but it is kind of embarrassing for them.


Yeah you'd think Sony would be marketing the perfect sound system, TV, headphone and console combo to blow the competition away!


Works with my optical bookshelf speakers on the beta.


Nice! How would you describe the improvement?


I'm assuming just Stereo only, and its trying to emulate a widening 'spaced' effect for small speakers to emulate surround?


I’d be incredibly surprised if that isn’t the case


Keep in mind it’ll only be 2.0. I do hope that they use the Tempest Audio Engine to create a 3D solution for surround systems, starting with 5.1 and 7.1 setups. They really need support for Dolby Atmos/DTS:X as well for 5.1.2 and 7.1.2 systems with height channels. Surprised they launched without; Atmos has been out since 2012 and they have nothing in it’s place. When it comes to 3D audio, a physical array of speakers surrounding you on all sides and above you is going to give you the best sense of being immersed in it (as cool as 3D audio for headphones is).




> M.2 SSD storage expansion YES!!! Been waiting for that one.


Oh hell yeah M.2 support! Time to buy that SSD finally


I bought mine in anticipation that they would be harder to find when the update is launched


SSDs have a much higher output in production. Otherwise the prices would have gone nuts like GPUs


Any good recommendations for an ssd if i want a lot of space? New to this stuff Edit: Consensus seems an SN850 or samsung 980 *pro*. Thanks everyone.


I got the WD BLACK 1TB SN850. WD also has a 2 TB option which should be plenty of space. They also have the options that come with or without heatsinks, but Sony highly recommends the heatsinks so I went with that. Costs a bit more but will definitely be worth it.


I also went with a 1TB SN850. I think 1TB is the sweet spot, really. 2TB is nice but hard to justify spending 3/4 the price of a new console just for space that I really only need out of sheer laziness to delete stuff I'm not playing. Got the QIVYNSRY heat sink for $12 from Amazon.


Just bought a 2TB WD Black without heatsink! It was OOS with heatsink so I bought a different one. Super hyped!


Same as me. If it's good enough for mark cerny it's good enough for me. I wouldn't ever get one without a heatsink, be silly to risk it for the sake of $5. These drives get super hot. Seen so many people on forums saying they won't be bothering.


FYI the price of the WD Black 1TB with heatsink is $70 more than the option without a heatsink.


It was $20 more when I bought it. Which is still far more expensive than buying seperate but I thought it was worth it for me, as that way I knew I had a heatsink that fit in the slot. The prices change constantly. And after this update the prices will probably change againz if there are any to be found anywhere after the scalpers buy them all.


>If it's good enough for mark cerny it's good enough for me. Yeah that's pretty much why I went with the WD. When the PS5's lead architect essentially used WD to build the storage space and test run the capabilities...yeah I'll go with what he's having lol


I bought and installed an SN850 this week, its $180 at amazon and best buy. You need to use your own heat sink with it. For $340 you can get the 2TB version, pay a bit more to have it already include the heatsink. I just bought a $15 generic heatsink on amazon (the SSD page will have recommendations for the heatsink). pretty simple install, did it earlier this week and took me 10 mins, including a few mins of cleaning out any stray dust bunnies. I'm an all thumbs kinda guy too.


SSDs are way easier to find than PS5s I think you'll be fine.


**Notable Compatible NVMe 4.0 Drives:** Among others as well. - 980 Pro - Additional heatsink required, firmware update optional via Magician software - WD SN850 With Heatsink - WD SN850 - Additional heatsink required - Seagate 530 Firecuda - Crucial P5 Plus - Additional heatsink required - PNY XLR8 - Additional heatsink required - Corsair MP600 Pro (You must remove the heatsink that comes with it) - Gigabyte Aorus 7000S with Heatsink - MSI Spatium M480 - Additional heatsink required - Sabarent Rocket 4 Plus - Additional heatsink required ------ **Compatible Heatsinks:** - Be Quiet MC1 (the Pro variant is NOT compatible) - MHQJRH Heatsink - PELOTE Heatsink - Sabrent M.2 NVMe PS5 heatsink (Pre-Order) - Warship Pro Heatsink - GIGABYTE AORUS External Heatsink *These are not the only options. Please refer to the compatible requirements for NVMe drives and heatsinks.*


WD SN850 without heatsink is on sales at best buy for 179.99. Nearly a $100 difference between the one with the heatsink and without. You can buy a heatsink from Amazon for $10-$30. So giving you all a heads up. 179.99 vs 269.99.


Cyber Monday will be a good haul methinks!


It's possible. It's insane that this drive fell to this price and it's one of the best drives you can buy. It out performs all the others in the same class (980pro, Sabrent firecuda etc).


Here's a heatsink confirmed tested with the PS5 on the SN850. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KDDKDNN/


Thanks, you got me to spend money.


Just a couple of words of warning on the XLR8. They make it both a Gen3 a Gen4. They have a few slightly different models in both generations that all have the XLR8 model number. Make sure the one you buy is a Gen 4. You want either the CS3040 or the CS3140. The 3040 is $280 on Amazon right now for a 2TB version. It's specs are sitting pretty close to the minimum requirements from Sony. The 3140 is the one I bought, which exceeds the specs by a good bit. It's sold out on Amazon but is $380 at Best Buy right now. Rather or not the real world difference in the speed of the two is worth the extra $100 remains to be seen. On paper the 3140 is quite a bit faster but the bigger question is rather the PS5 can make use of that extra speed or not (I'm betting it can). PNY does sell some with factory heat sinks, however they are too big for the PS5 so just buy the version without and one of the heat sinks above (I went with the MHQJRH).


The QIVYNSRY heat sink is also compatible. (Many of these Chinese ones are the same but branded under different names). Great list and thanks.


thanks for this


I'm saving this comment for later. Still not sure if I'm gonna buy a drive, I have a 4 TB external that's been working quite nicely.


For PS4 games an external is completely fine. Only buy these drives if you feel you need more space for PS5 games.


SSD expansion! That´s what I wanted to hear.


Really happy that we can now use mobile data for Remote Play!


Omg finally


There was a way around it by disconnecting your phone from wifi while it was connecting. Worked decently and was able to play a good chunk of persona 5 royal this way. Glad it’s more streamlined now


Really? I didn’t hear about that but that’s good news.


Yeah that sounds super exciting


Me an my unlimited 5G are so happy.


Anyone know if we can connect a controller in some way?


You have always been able to connect *at least* a DS4 to an iPhone. I’d imagine you can do the same on an Android device.


Yep, I use a DS4 and one of those flimsy phone holders that connect directly to the controller and holds the phone at a great viewing angle. Highly recommend them. I have one for my Switch and an Xbox one for X-Cloud


About bloomin' time!


Yes yes yes! Thank you Sony. My SSD is ready!


I was waiting for the SSD expansion update, but after selling Cold War and freeing up like 230gb I don't feel like I need it anymore lol. I'll probably keep an eye out for decent SSD offers around Black Friday or after Christmas. Storage isn't a £400 problem for me right now.


Same boat I have 25 games on my ps5 already


What games do you have? I have like 6 and am at capacity. Curious to hear what’s (comparatively) smaller and worth keeping around on your ps5


* Arcadegeddon ps5 * Borderlands 3 ps5 * Child of light ps4 * Curse of the dead gods ps4 * Dark souls remastered ps4 * Dead cells ps4 * Doom eternal ps5 * God of War ps4 * Horizon zero dawn ps4 * Journey to the savage planet ps4 * Ni no kuni remastered ps4 * Nioh 2 ps5 * Odin sphere leifthrasir ps4 * Polybius ps4 * Ratchet and clank rift apart ps5 * Returnal ps5 * Saint rows the third remastered ps5 * Shadow of the tomb raider ps4 * Jedi fallen order ps5 * Steam world dig 2 ps4 * Synth riders ps4 * Skyrim vr ps4 * Yoku's island express ps4 E: Formatting


If they were full ps5 games I doubt you’d get that much


About 5 ps5 games, and over 6 aaa games. I think the ps4 games are bigger than most of the ps5 games. Rest is indies stuff.


Are HDMI VRR and full HDMI 2.1 bandwidth (4K 120 Hz HDR10 4:4:4) still coming? Haven't heard anything about them since launch.


Your guess is as good as ours. There have been rumors about VRR support slated for Decemberish, but those are extremely vague and I wouldn't put super much weight on them being accurate.


VRR was confirmed to be 'coming' at some point (not this release I expect). But was 4:4:4 ever confirmed? If so I missed that and would be grateful for a link if there is one.


Bandwidth increases will probably come with 8K output support


Native 1440p 120hz will do for me. I've accepted that my mixamp is now useless for PS5 so just want the 1440p at the very least.


VRR is coming. It was (and still is) listed as a feature in the [specs on the PS blog](https://blog.playstation.com/2020/03/18/unveiling-new-details-of-playstation-5-hardware-technical-specs/), so IIRC they are legally required to deliver or offer customers a refund. > The Federal Trade Commission Act allows the FTC to act in the interest of all consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices. In interpreting Section 5 of the Act, the Commission has determined that a representation, omission or practice is deceptive if it is likely to: > > - mislead consumers and > - affect consumers' behavior or decisions about the product or service. > > … > > The FTC Act prohibits unfair or deceptive advertising in any medium. That is, advertising must tell the truth and not mislead consumers. A claim can be misleading if relevant information is left out or if the claim implies something that's not true. For example, a lease advertisement for an automobile that promotes "$0 Down" may be misleading if significant and undisclosed charges are due at lease signing. Similar laws against false advertising exist in other countries. If they never deliver on VRR support, they would have outright lied in the details they gave to customers, and people would have made purchasing decisions based on a lie. So by including it in the specs, it’s a sure-fire guarantee that it *will* come. https://i.imgur.com/Pjyb5S8.jpg






It took 3 years on ps4


Which makes it even worse since they didn't learn from that


I would even take just being able to pin games to the start screen. I don't care how many times I open PS Now, get it off my opening screen.


Is the vertical trophy list not with this update?


its in the beta, so it should. they just highlight the biggest features it seems


Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I found that hitting Triangle and selecting Compare Trophies then choosing literally anyone on my friends list gives me a very usable classic trophy UI. It’s not at all the best solution, but it works until we get an update.


Yeah that definitely helps. But man, I can't believe they ever went with the horrible view it has now. That has to be the most irritating part of the ps5 UI for me. Also the lack of social feed showing what games and trophies your friends have been up to really makes me miss the PS4.


The horizontal badge-like trophy lists themselves were a stupid idea, but the most stupid part of it and the thing that really makes it so incredibly bewildering was making the badges so damn big yet the font/text *also* big so that you can't even see all the info. So now you gotta click them to expand everything, and then you can't even scroll through trophies in that view, no, you gotta go back and select a new one, back and select a new one, and keep repeating. Not gonna lie, I hated the PS4's UI *in general*, but at least it laid out the trophy lists in a logical manner, and your Friends lists could be found in multiple places through the menus rather than being tucked away in some "Hub" that you gotta navigate to find. Honestly, for me, the PS3's XMB UI was what I loved most—so simple and logical and smooth. Wish they'd've stuck with that and just made it better. Not everything needs a stupid badge icon that takes up 35% of the screen when you hover over it.


Always excited about system software updates. It's nice to play around and see the little changes that you don't hear about during the beta phase.


Finally. 2TB, here we come. Anyone has a good video that I can watch to install a heatsink to my SSD? I bought the WD SN850 last month.


[SpawnPoiint is the man. ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzgRJnW-CpA)He does it around 3:44


Wow! This is exactly what I need. Thank you!


Has Sony ever made it possible for voice chat to play through the TV speaker instead of the controller mic? I can’t ever hear what my teammates are saying unless I put earbuds in


I cannot believe this is still a problem.


I want I give you million up votes man this shit is really Annoying and the reason I don’t use the dual sense built in mic ….


And I rarely see people talk about it, super frustrating. Should be an easy fix on Sony’s end


exactly what I came in here to check


when will they ad 1440p support!!!!!


This has far too few upvotes. Please add 1440p 120 support.


Share screen to the mobile app!! Share screen has been the feature I use the most that I didn’t think I’d use all that much on PS5. Much better than the ps4 version.


So with the controller connected to the ps5? Is the lag better? I find that remote play to Android is unplayable. Got 500k internet and it's so much delay...


He's talking about share screen, not remote play.


Ohh that's the thing you need friends for right






I think you’re thinking of remote play, not share screen.


I just want folders bruh


Best I can do is cardboard binders my dude.


Someone call me when we can disable the “explore” card entirely


You mean the advertisements card?


I fucking hate that card


It's annoying for sure. That said after getting a XsX also I have a new appreciation for ps5 minimalist UI. Maybe cause I'm so used to PS that the Xbox one seems soooo cluttered w ads and bs. You can create and customize folders etc tho.


Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow So annoying


M.2 Support finally, as well as control center customizing! The accolades feature is interesting, feel like it won't be used much unless it's super quick/easy to use a la Overwatch.


Other than Wreckfest I have not received it in any other game.


Pretty sure I got one in Siege. I know thats the only game I've ever given it in.


All I need is folders how hard is that , because I if you install more than 6 games the seventh game disappears and can be found in library lol for real PS3 had folders i know shit is mind blowing


It took them 3 years to get folders on ps4. And themes wasnt the day one feature aswell.


Damn, was it really three years? Maybe with previous experience they can update PS5 in one and half years.


glad to see the support for ssd expansion but i'm gonna wait till they drop in price. i dont need the space yet and if needed i can just delete some shit


I just want 3D audio support for sound systems.


Me too. So much touting of 3d audio and you can’t even use it with a true 3d surround system.


Exactly. Seems like it would be the most straight-forward to implement. I’d even take a straight 1:1 mapping for atmos setups.


It's nice not getting "improves system performance" on every update for years anymore.


Yes. Yes. Yes.


Finally! Couldn't get into the beta and I've been sitting on an M.2 SSD to install.


Honestly, I just want folders


When will the PS5’s be in stock. Still can’t find one anywhere


1440p Support when? :(


Please. :( I got a 4k TV sharing with the family and would rather play with my own 1440p monitor


Shareplay screen through mobile app in a party is big!!!


Give me themes goddamn it!!


We can finally remote play on mobile with cellular data!


Serious question - I could remote play my PS5 on my phone? Could you point me in the direction of where to read about this?


We can now follow trophies from the control center! Nice


Can I finally hear voice chat through my TV? Or is it still gimped through the controller speaker?


Forreal, i can't believe there is no option for that lol.


Just in time. Finally secured my PS5 today. I’m gonna miss all the themes on my PS4 though. I really hope they still have plans for those.


Still no PS5 web browser , when it's hidden inside the console .


what time does the update go live?


Does anyone know around what time the update will be avalible in Europe?


I wonder if the 3D audio will work through Sony's Soundbars too. I know they've stated TV speakers but here's me hoping there's some sort of a passthrough that works on soundbars and receivers too (I have a 5.1 HT-ZF9/SA-Z9R setup)


Yeah, the "TV speakers" is a bit unclear. They only specify that they're stereo speakers, but not if the PS5 knows that it's connected via ARC or optical. One can choose between "TV speakers", "soundbar" or "home theater" in the sound options, so maybe that's how it applies? But then you can also have a soundbar and still select "TV speakers" in that menu, sooooo...?


I have soundbars connected with TV through optical port, so it will work for sure, but the main question is - how will it sound? Soundbars are a little different than TV speakers, so 3D audio may not yet be adjusted for that. Guess I'll have to check out tomorrow.


I'm in the beta and it works just as you're describing. The 3d audio is actually good through the soundbar. I guess everyone will have to decide.


No news on 1440p or VRR support? Great update otherwise, but that's still disappointing.


VRR was an announced feature, so it should come eventually. There has been no mention of ever supporting 1440p. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.


Hope this fixes the controller refusing to connect to the console out of rest mode. I’ve had that bug for the past three months or so.


Same. I actually reached out to Sony about this specific bug and they want me to send my system in for repair. I’m hesitant to because it didn’t start happening until one of the major patches to the system in April/may timeframe. That has me thinking it’s a software issue and not a hardware. They think it’s a faulty Bluetooth chip but the tech said it’s the first time he’s personally heard about the problem so he was kind of spitballing. I found quite a few other users whose issue started around that time so I feel like it’s connected. I really don’t want to send my system back so I’m going to test rest mode for the next couple days after this update goes live to see if I keep having issues


Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you, worked fine at launch, hasn't been the same since a software update. I remember rest mode having some issues at launch with bricking consoles, so I dunno if that feature is just generally buggy or what. Fingers crossed on this update, but if it keeps happening guess I'll have to RMA it :(


Good luck! I have personally tried everything I could think of. I’ve messed with all of the HDMI, Network, Bluetooth and rest mode settings. I use an external so I’ve unplugged it and tried, reformatted the external and tried. I also tried using all the different ports. None of those things helped so I think I ruled that out. When stuck on the screen that says Press the PS button to login I have tried using remote play, a TV remote, PS4 controllers and different dualsenses. No dice. Attempted a database rebuild which didn’t do anything and went full nuclear and factory reset the system. That also didn’t touch it. To elaborate more on what the tech said, he thinks the Bluetooth chip is active when you start the system but when it goes to fully power up out of rest mode, something is causing the Bluetooth to fail and turn off. The only reason I don’t like that thought process is because I have tried changing the controller settings to favoring the USB when they are plugged in and even then the controller won’t be recognized by the system. That should bypass the entire Bluetooth process once I plug the controller in, but it doesn’t. So i really don’t think it’s a Bluetooth issue


Exact same issue! I’ve tried everything Sony’s written troubleshooting advice suggests, still happens. I’ve noticed that if it I put the system in rest mode, and then try to wake the console within 1-2 hours or so, my controller connects fine (tried with both the PS5 Dual Sense and DS4 controllers). It’s when the system has been in rest for multiple hours or days, the controller won’t connect. I also contacted Sony tech support, and they assured me engineering was aware and working on the issue. He said to wait until Sony has officially declared the issue resolved via software update. If the issue persists, then call them back and get a new console. I have a hard time believing it’s hardware related given: a) the controller can still wake the console from rest. b) a system restart fixes the issue completely until it’s put back in rest mode for longer than a few hours.


Still no 1440p support I see. Kinda disappointed but not surprised.


Ok, all of this is good stuff! Now there's only a few things left they need to work on: - Folders and themes are desperately needed! - Support for 1440p natively. More and more monitor users are needing this, especially since 120hz became a thing. Not many people have true 120hz TVs (not the soap opera effect garbage) as they're either expensive or they don't downscale well, like my TCL R635 55". It looks like crap in 120hz mode, like seriously worse than 720p. I use my BenQ Mobiuz EX2710 for shooters instead, looks way better in 120hz because it's native 1080p. - Speaking of monitors, can they consider adding ultra wide support? It's kind of a longshot but 21:9 would go very well with higher FOVs in shooters. Not getting my hopes up for this one though.


I'm really hoping Sonly will finally add 1440p video output option. That seem like a straight forward feature. Probably won't ever see Ultra wide support for games, considering each game itself has to support it individually. May Sony can add it for the console UI interface, but would you care for that?


Forget about ultrawide, more pixels require more power




Damn M.2 is finally fully supported but I might still wait till the one I want is back in stock and prices are down. I still have plenty of space and all my PS4 downloads are on a 1tb external ssd so I'm okay we're I'm at.


I really like the UI I hope they don’t change much


I just found out about remote play. Man this is awesome


- Added the ability to turn off voice chat from the controller speakers to your TV Oh how I wish I didn't just make that one up...


Does MHQJRH heat sink work with SN850?


Next add Dolby Vision support and allow 4K streaming on Disney+ please!