The GT7 campaign will require a constant internet connection.

The GT7 campaign will require a constant internet connection.


GT sport is like that already, for those who don't know. One of the days i had no internet and bored so i played some races in the gt league. As in the next day I noticed that all my races that i did, didn't save because it need an internet connection to save even the offline races.


Damn that sounds frustrating


Reminds me back when I played GT3 without a memory card because money was tight. We started the game every day with my brother, with the sole aim to save 2.000.000Cr to buy the Escudo. Before guides and Youtube, we became very proficient at planning the shortest route to earn the F1, then cruise through the game until we saved those moneys. If memory is right after all these years, we bought a Miata from the start, prepped it for the Roadster Endurance, and boom, a chance for an F1, and I don't know if it was placebo or what, but when the car prizes rotation showed up, if you pressed X at the right time, you got the car you wanted. It worked for us at least. One day we finally got the Escudo, but it was a small let down, it wasn't as good as GT2's. But the next day, we did the same again hahaha. After a while the aim was to buy the Panoz, same let down.


Lol we did a similar thing with my cousin and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. I'd spend some weekends there and he didn't have a memory card so we'd start the game up and leave the console running the entire weekend and do one race each until we unlocked the Mclaren F1.


My disappointment is immeasurable


Why? What possible benefit did it serve you for your games to not count? How did that improve your game experience? How did that elevate your fun?


It serves the benefit that the game is literally an official FIA sport and requires strong anti-cheat measures. I'm pretty sure having serious official competitions on the game elevates the fun for a lot of players


Online only for a Racing game Campaign mode is absurd.


Yup i really wonder what their reasoning is coz it sure as shit can't be piracy protection maybe... save-file trickery?


In GT Sport cars cost money and a lot of it. If you don't want to grind you can just purchase the currency from the PS Store using actual money. I imagine this is in place so users can't find a currency exploit and take advantage of it while appearing offline. EDIT: Also another point to add this is in place so users don't lose money as well which is especially important if you actually purchase the MTX. This is a non-issue for anyone coming into this thread looking to throw a stink especially if you haven't played GT Sport before. Game still works fine without an internet connection you just aren't able to save progress which I imagine won't be an issue if the servers go down in the future as Polyphony can simply push forward a patch that'll change the way data is stored.


Anti-Cheating due to the fia partnership.


You mean “anti cheating by unlocking cars we sell a cheat code on the store for”


It’s the same in Forza. It’s a good way to monitor people to make sure they aren’t obtaining credits or cars in an unfair way that can ruin the playing field online.


Would be decent if they released an offline only version for those of us who don’t care about online play.


Exactly. Different racing profiles would fix this quick enough.


Right but why would that be required for singleplayer?


DoNt yOu gUyS hAvE pHonEs?


Do we know if there is a specific reason why?


If I had to guess, to make sure game saves are server side. GT wants to take the esport side of things seriously, so they don't want hacked saves/cars making its way to online play


The game is officially a motorsport, and has FIA backing, so they need to take anti-cheat measures seriously.


It’s really weird, any other game that I’ve seen that has had a constant connection has received massive complaints (rightfully so), so why is this any different? It’s confirmed that there is a career mode, why the hell should I need a constant internet connection for an offline mode? If it updates leaderboards or online stats, do what any other game does, store the stats offline until you’re able to reconnect. It seems ridiculous. Other games have gotten a lot of flack for this, and GT should too. Edit: after looking at the original thread, the GT fanbase is also very upset, so hopefully this’ll be changed.


Exactly, fuck anyone that tries to defend shit like this, or worse make a joke out of it..




Except they aren't. Many Sony fans are angry...


Games are still doing this? I thought we got past this shit years ago.


Hahaha what am i in bizarro world? Are there actually people here in the comments not concerned over this bullshit? More single player games on CONSOLE requiring constant internet connections?


There's a defense force for everything on reddit no matter how absurd.


It’s almost like it has a massive partnership with the fia and they don’t want people messing with shit and cheating.


Do they still have the partnership for GT7 ?


Fuck anyone who polices single player stuff for cheating, sponsorship is irrelevant.


Like others said if I wanna cheat in my single player game that doesn’t affect anyone else then let me fucking cheat. So stupid…


But the cars you earn in single player, you can take to multiplayer. I guess they don't want any cheat exploit for credits that you may find and earn on singleplayer creeping and ruining multiplayer.


But don’t they sell credits on the store? Can’t I already ruin multiplayer by spending loads of real-world money on credits?


Some people just don't care. I'm not a fan of it but I'll still buy the game


You are part of the problem.




If you give them money when they pull shit like this then yes, you are to blame. You are an enabler.


Sorry that we just wanna just play some gran turismo


If my PlayStation is on, it’s constantly connected to the internet no matter what I’m playing. So why would I be bother, or it make any difference to me, that a game requires something that I already do 100% of the time? Of course, I don’t understand the need for it for single player campaigns, but it has no affect on me that they implement this in any game.


> but it has no affect on me that they implement this in any game. Unless you want to play the game you "own" in the future when the servers have been shut down.


One time I was bored at home because the internet had gone down. And I thought to myself, I'll just practice some For Honor because that's what I was playing at the time. It was pretty frustrating when I booted it and couldn't even go on single player training mode. That's the kinda shit


Yea this is why I hate the 2015 need for speed. I normally have connection but at many times I don’t because I’m on the road.


That sucks




Ironically your comment is also one of the unsolved mysteries of my life. having internet connection doesnt mean you have to use it.thats like limiting to one option when you have two options. Dont fix what its not broken. Reminds me of hitman games required connection for unlocks, ridiculous. This is not an MMO game.


Tarantulas don’t spin webs


Yeah that part really threw me off. That’s like spider knowledge 101 lol


Yeah well what happens when the servers shutdown and no-one can play the game anymore?


Or if playstation network goes down. Or if your card information gets stolen, so you have to dispute the purchases and get banned and have to work it out with playstation support. Or if your internet cuts out while you're in the campaign. So many reasons it sucks. Weird that people are so cool with this.


Yeah it's dumb to be honest.


Lots of people are dumb assholes in this world.


Outriders requires the internet to play single-player, and in the first week, the servers would crash, and all you could do is relaunch the game and see if it can reconnect or wait until the server comes back online later. You can see the server status https://status.outriders.net/.


Wow that sucks...


It does. This is why I won't buy a game that requires an internet connection unless it is completely amazing.


Some people have spotty internet connections, some people have data limits they don't want to use up on stuff like this, some people simply don't want to have to wait for requests to complete for them to progress through menus in what should be an offline experience, some people like taking their consoles with them when they travel and may not have an internet connection but still wanna play their single player games / modes. The ridiculous thing is requiring a connection for a game / mode that doesn't need one, not complaining about needing one.


I only have Internet on my phone.


WTF is this man. Why would a single player campaign need a constant internet connection, in a racing game! This sucks, killed all the hype in me. Disappointed in people here scoffing it off. You know how some times you love to go back to play older GT campaigns? Well with this one you will not be able too when the servers are shutdown... Always online DRM for single player games should ALWAYS be criticized.


From what I understand you need to be online to save the game, so technically you can still play it. If this was done for DRM purposes then the game can always be patched later on by the devs so the game would work properly with local saves when the servers are taken off line.


Why the fuck would you ever need to be online to save a singleplayer game? That’s not an justifiable reason, it’s an intentional design flaw.


yeah i agree with you, but i doubt its a design flaw. The devs or publishers or whomever have a reason for implementing it even though it makes no sense to the end user. It could be something as simple as denying people access to the save files so that they cannot be tampered with? I dont know, but its a poor decision either way.


They don't want save files to be client-side at all because that could leave room for people to hack in some cheats that could make it into the FIA-sponsored online championships, which would be a big no-no.


So all hype is killed because you might not be able to play it 10 years after release? Really? That's pretty petty.


No, it has nothing to do with whether or not I can play the game: I'm simply morally opposed to buying any product that has been intentionally sabotaged to stop working at any point at all.


lmao so much drama for what? How often are you going to be playing without internet? lol


You dont get it. Even if you have a 100% perfect internet connection, the point is that you are giving total control over your game to the developer. Lets say the GT7 campaign turns out to be the best GT campaign ever, but oh shit, 10 years have passed and now the servers are shutting down. Well, bad luck, now the game is lost forever. Or even worse, they could even artificially shut down the servers in the future to force you to jump to the new GT8. It sucks. You should have the ability to go back and replay your single player game anytime you want, like you can do now with GT2 or GT4, classic games.


Well that's just how the game is designed. If you don't like that, don't buy it. More and more games are requiring constant internet connection. In 15\~ years EVERY game will require it; regardless if it's single player or not.


GT Sport is still running fine, after how many years? I am not too worried at all. But I agree that you shouldn’t buy it if you are worried. I don’t plan for game to even last a year let alone 10 so I am happy to go with it.


So much drama. Assuming the servers do shut down 10 years from now, people are just going to bitch and moan and they'll release an update to allow offline saves. Hell they'll probably do that earlier since the online saves are likely an anti-cheat measure linked to the FIA partnership. I wouldn't be surprised if GT Sport gets an offline save update not too long from now when competition moves over to GT7. Polyphony has shut down the servers for GT5 and GT6 less than two years after the next game came out, they might do something similar for GT Sport. As for artificially shutting down the servers to force you to jump to GT8, that's idiotic conspiracy theory stuff. Why would they force you to play one game when they can milk you for MTX on two games?


Don't buy the game


Not a problem for me but I can see how other people wouldn't like this




Dont buy end good. No DRM.


Well that just cemented that I won't be buying it.


My PS5 is permanently connected to the internet anyway so makes literally no difference to me. I have a really reliable internet connection so can't imagine any issues. Can understand how annoying this must be for people with terrible outdated internet connections though.


I played the first four and gt sport. Gt7 is one of the main reasons why I got a ps5. I simply cannot resist it sadly


Aww you never played gt5? ):


Welp. $70 saved then.


I live in the city proper of a top 40-ish American metro area where the internet monopoly is well known for having outages relatively often. Though I'm lucky enough to live in a pretty solid area of the city, I still have multiple random outages each month. I play solely offline single-player and have only had some very minor cloud-save-based issues (save on console, save to cloud later), so the idea that I have to have a constant internet connection to play a single-player game seems ludicrous. Maybe I'm well behind the times, but this doesn't make any sense to me. As much as I'd love to complain for myself, this seems like one of those things where I should feel relatively lucky and complain for those that don't have a solid internet connection at all times but simply want to play a AAA offline single-player game and not have their progress randomly go unsaved.


Everyone lives in an area with random outages, even Billy Joe Bob in bumfuck Oklahoma. This decision is so stupid.


I think it’s an anti cheat measure to stop you exploiting currency since garages are shared across modes I think it’s good for those who want to play online but they should release an offline only version at a lower price for those of us who don’t care for online or who can’t play online reliably.


It seems like a solution to a problem they created themselves to push the use of paid currency.


I can understand their point of view if they want this to be a competitive esport though I remember my dad tricking his cars out with crazy cheats and shit. To protect the integrity of competition it’s good, but yes it also makes it more likely people will buy currency. Again. I think an offline only, slightly cheaper version would be the perfect solution. I really don’t care about racing people online so this takes part of the fun of GT away from me (exploits and cheats were fun and some of us just wanna go vroom and not spend weeks saving for the cars we want, and we also don’t wanna spend money on currency) Could also argue the mtx makes it pay to win though, so it already ruins the spirit of competition. I think it’s dumb personally but I get why they’re doing it.


I personally don’t mind but I feel bad for anyone who’s unfortunate enough to have shoddy WiFi due to their location or shitty services. I feel like Trophies are a good way to see data if that’s what it’s about, but I’m not sure since this will be my first GT game.


Aww thats a shame i was hoping to play GT7 on the bus etc lol


Interesting how this is a joke for PS users but Xbox users actually have this option lol. I wonder if Sony will ever invest in a competitor to xcloud...


Nah i think Sony's focus is the big hd screen AAA living room experience.


Hotspot from your mobile data!!!!


Well there goes my purchase. Why would they do this? Ughhh


Oh fuck off with this always online stuff.


Fuck that! If I cant play the campaign Offline then there is no point for me to have the game.


So like GT Sport?


nice, at least i can save some money now


I don't understand this. This is why many if us don't buy these type of games. Things like this.


Stop buying games that do this and they'll stop friggin doing it.


Didn’t bother me at all with GT Sport, didn’t even notice. I will be buying GT7, looking forward to it.


I love to go back and play the old GT games. My biggest issue with this, is that later when the servers shut down, you will never be able to play the game again.


Doesn’t everyone (that is in a demographic that owns/will own a PS5) have that anyway?


Bummer, Ddos attacks, Sony down, ISP failures, and all sort of things can break single player.


There's no telling when Sony will shut down the server so not having an offline option is bad. Just look at what happened to other Sony games that had their servers shut down less than a year after launch like the tomorrow children or Gravity Rush 2.


Remember when the Xbox One wanted to do this and people literally flipped their s**t lol


This actually isn’t like that. The goal of Xbox was to kill the second hand market and prevent lending of games. The goal of this is to simply keep saves server side so they can’t be tempered with, likely due to the FIA partnership.


Insight. Hear this dud he right


You're right this is worst. Xbone you only had to check in to play local campaigns. This you can't lose the connection or else the game drops. The good thing is that it's rare for your internet to completely drop.


Also incorrect, it just doesn’t save your progress unless you’re connected, you can still play offline.


Absolutely nothing like what Xbox One was trying to pull.


Yeah, this kind of nonsense will ensure i never buy the game.


Excellent, so when the car licenses run out, Sony will just shutdown the servers, and you have an unplayable single player game, genius. No buy, will be getting test drive solar crown.




That’s disappointing


That's a no for me then. Just can't support an online requirement for a single player experience. Will not.


At least we found out now


This is so dumb.




Yeah, lets make a joke out of companies forcing online only DRM on single player campaigns, for a racing game. And before you say (as everyone that defends this kind of shit says) that everyone nowadays have an internet connection, thats besides the point. The point is that you are giving total control over your game to the developer. Lets say the GT7 campaign turns out to be the best GT campaign ever, but oh shit, 10 years have passed and now the servers are shutting down. Well, bad luck, now the game is lost forever. Or even worse, they could even artificially shut down the servers in the future to force you to jump to the new GT8. It sucks. You should have the ability to go back and replay your single player game anytime you want, like you can do now with GT2 or GT4, classic games.


Come on…


I am just trying to imagine what it would be like to even own a PS5 without a internet connection. My power goes out more often then my internet.


Well, I haven't had a power outage in 20 years and I can't remember the last time I had an internet outage, but those are entirely besides the point. It simply does not need this. All this is doing is restricting customers.


Customers need to get to the 21st century then.


Yeah let’s just force everyone to stream all their games while we’re at it


You're welcome to re-read my first sentence for starters. More importantly - explain why always online DRM for a __single player__ console game is of benefit to customers? Go on, give me at least one valid argument as to why that needs to exist? I'll be waiting.


My internet goes out more often than my power and I live in a major US metro. It's not about "owning a PS5 without an internet connection" - my internet connection is fucking gorgeous most of the time - it's about owning a PS5 without a reliable internet connection. This can potentially suck for those of us that can't control that.


Legit, I seriously wonder what minuscule percentage of the customer base does not have their console connected to the internet 100% of the time.


I wonder what person wouldn’t want the ability to play offline. You are defending having less for no reason.


Well put.


It doesn't matter if you have internet or not, the problem is that in the future the game single player campaign will stop working when the servers are inevitably shut down, or if you lose internet connection for a day, or PSN is having maintenance, etc. How can people not see this is a problem? Imagine if GT2 or GT4 had always online at the time, classic games lost in time...


Seriously? Cmon man...


I already didn’t care much about the game, here’s the clincher.


It sounded bad but then i realised it has been like that in GT Sports and i have no problem so far with GT Sports....so, i trust PD will deliver as well on GT7


GT Sport also have online requirement no? GT sport was doing fine as it is, after so many years. I am not worried about this one bit, looking forward to GT7.


Yes, you replied how little you care throughout this thread. Many times.


That's so BS. This is why I skipped GT sport, why are they doing this???? So disappointing, practically they unvalidated all the goodness they showed in the last trailer.


Not a problem.


Oh no. Smh. >The GT7 campaign will require a constant internet connection.




This is the right response. So many people in this thread outraged when they probably have their ps5 connected to the Internet 24/7.


I think there’s good reason why one would be mad, but saying “people who buy it are a part of the problem” or any of that stupid stuff is idiotic. Some of us just don’t care. Now same thing goes the opposite way, we shouldn’t dismiss their arguments about it unless it’s aimed at us


Everyone calm down. This is due to the partnership with the fia. They don’t want cheats online.


Which is fine... But for those of us that won't be touching online there should be an offline option. I will only ever be playing the campaign.


That makes sense but in the FIA’s mind you could say that and mess around with the save file and then say you want to do online. But I understand what you are saying.


Easily be ways round it. If you sign up for online, make it require internet, if you opt for campaign only... Allow offline. Many people don't ever touch online for games like this. I have been playing GT offline since the original (which obv didn't have online)


Or they could have 2 saves maybe? That compare. But looks at the cars owned and cars sold and events that have been done. Idk how these things work.


So what this means is that if something happens to your internet or Sony servers while you're playing a race you're fucked? WHY??????


Interest lost. Staying with Gran Turismo 2 on PSOne


But why? Such a bizarre move, everytime it happens in any single player game. Why unnecessarily force people for a connection.




My new rule is any game that isn't entirely multiplayer but demands constant internet connection is not getting purchased no matter how good.


This is shitty for people traveling a lot with their PS5. Weird choice, but hey Polyphony is a bit weird


I can totally see why they are doing this… - Prevent people to cheat like in GT6 with the money glitch - Dynamically update the cars. In GT6, when a new car would be available, they had to update the whole game and do server maintenance. Nothing stops them to make an update when they decide to stop supporting the game to allow single player without constant internet connection.


Makes sense. It would be weird to have a PS5 but no Internet, though.


Servers go down, buddy.


Good things it's 2021


Ans some people still have data caps. Also servers go down, as do isp's at times.


Posts like these hurt my brain.


I used to be really against always online shit, but....times have changed, enough people, a high percentage of people have internet. If you don't you need to be dragged into the new world I'm sure the VHS guys get mad at every bit of progress, but it's time to join the world.


I'm sure most people are upset that the game won't be preserved. Several years from now the game's servers will cease to exist. Meanwhile you can go back and play GT4 on the PS2 just fine, or the PS3 titles because you own those games. At that point, your GT7 disc will only be good as a coaster. But who knows, maybe modders will develop their own online server, much like MGS4 multiplayer.


GT Sport also have online requirement no? GT Sport is still being preserved after how many years? (Last game update on 09/09/21) I am not too worried.


At this point, if you want any console you need an internet connection so no big deal


That's not true... To get the most of modern consoles internet is recommended. But it's certainly not required.


Man, Sony really doesn't want people thinking they're nice for too long. Always have to do some bullshit


Let's all bitch about it on a social platform that also requires a constant internet connection!


I know you are just trolling, but that doesn’t even make sense. 1. A game shouldn’t require an internet connection for offline play, period. 2. Social media is interacting with people, so obviously requires an online connection when commenting/interacting with someone. But I can still browse what I have downloaded offline if my connection dies.




Don't recall making fun of anybody. Just pointed out the irony. Happy gaming friend.


Sorry, but I will take one Forza Horizon 5 instead. At least that game has offline mode with drivatar ai. I am disappointed with gt7 online requirements for campaign.


Forza has this too iirc


Gonna wait on this until the launch kinks are worked out.




I honestly don’t care. Bigger issue for me is the game actually having a deep enough campaign mode I’d want to play. It probably won’t, and I’ll pass on it anyway.


Imagine people in 2021 being upset over this. I can’t imagine having access to a PS5 but not an internet connection.


Not everybody is American, Australia's internet takes me like a day to update games.


How do they not learn from gt sport? Or maybe this just a upgrade to gt sport.... sure as hell looks like it from the graphics.


They did learn. They learned that it’s just faux outrage and people will buy and play it.


Not a problem for me.


I couldn’t care less.


Eh it's pretty annoying sometimes. Like happened to me yesterday playing GT Sport. Any progress I made in single player wasn't saved because the network on playstation side wasn't working


All good until the servers gondown for maintenance or your isp has issues and you can't play.


It's okay


Fuck I have dial up


How do you have dial up in 2021?


Data caps exist in the United States in 2021.


I just want them to fix the graphics. Looked like a PS 3 game


I think you need to go see an Optometrist.


You really need to go back and look at a few ps3 games


That is an exaggeration. Also, Racing games are already at a point of diminished returns, graphics wise.


For fuck's sake, Sony


I'd still buy it, in fact I will, my PS5 is always connected to the Internet, we have unlimited data plans for intenret in the UK so not so much of an issue for me at all. Even my PS4 was constantly connected to the net.


Come on, this is ridiculous… whats the reasoning behind this?


DAMN. What happened to GT? I mean GT3 and GT4 were on of the best at autosim games. And now we need to always have an internet connection. RIP old poliphony digital....


Reddit requires an internet connection, yet we’re all still here bitching about Gran Turismo.


Yeah a single player game requering online always connection is totally the same as using a website...


This is like saying if you spend $500 on a PS5 then why can’t you also pay $20 for no fucking reason here and there just because you at one point had the money for a big purchase


Pretty funny


gross. Even the Need for Speed games don't do that


Someone here said nfs 2015 needed internet connection lmao


What a shitty way to convince me to not buy the game. My internet connection sucks. Well done, Sony and Polyphony Digital.


Oh no that means if I have bad connection that day I cannot play GT7. Oh well I am used to it with Steam so doesn’t matter, there are other games that doesn’t require connection that I can play if that happens.


Day 1 for this bad boy. Do we know what are good racing wheels for PS5?


It's annoying for sure; whilst the game is relevent it doesn't matter too much. but in the long run it really sucks, give it 10 years and GT7 will be basically unplayable if GT5 and GT6s online is anything to go by...