God Of War Ragnarok is the finale of the Norse Saga according to Hulst

God Of War Ragnarok is the finale of the Norse Saga according to Hulst


Cory hand picked the director for this and he will not disappoint. He is a long time God of War developer. And I honestly think Cory is still helping with the game also.


He's still really involved as a Producer and Creative Director.


Of course Cory is still heavily involved lol


If you saw the end of the PlayStation Showcase you saw Cory tease a sequel- “ooh, you meant God of War *Ragnarok*, I thought I was here for a different reason”[PlayStation Showcase 2021](https://youtube.com/clip/UgznPgbfwN0jEGnzLSh4AaABCQ)


He is rumoured to be working on a space game.


And Balrog isn't directing which I guess was common knowledge but that was a hard hit for me. GoW was magnificently directed, one of if not the most finely directed cinematic games ever.


I mean this other guy has worked on every god of war game including 2018 so I think it will be in good hands. Cory has said for awhile he's been wanting to work on a different project than God of War. There is nothing worse than having a game director that isn't fully focused and passionate about the current project.




And the base game is already there really. They just have to come up with another great adventure and add some gameplay stuff. They don’t have to reinvent the game for the sequel


I read someplace he got to do a SciFi game due to the success of GoW. The game looks incredible but yeah kinda feels weird now I known Balrog won't be directing. Especially after watching that mini doc on the creation of GoW and knowing how much he oyut into it.


Yup, he's 100% working on a space epic.


The only reason people think he's making a space game is because he changed his Twitter profile to space theme.


And because it's fairly well known that they were working on a space game before switching over to reboot the God of War franchise.


It was called Internal 7.


He's literally talked about wanting to do a project like this in multiple interviews too.


Santa Monica has worked on a sci fi game twice now. One was cancelled because it was like Destiny too much according to Sony. So it makes sense they are making one.


False, in the GoW documentary he mentions how there was a scifi game in pre production that was canceled. If he had the opportunity he would like to explore that.


Would you care to link to the documentary, please?


[here ya go](https://youtu.be/ra_R-K_IoUc) I usually don't like 'making of' stuff but this one was extremely interesting


Thank you!!!


Good thing is Cory is probably working on his original ip, he's been wanting to make.


Balrog lol Big demon dude!


No man is an island. Cory isn’t the only one making the game, the entire studio is.


It wasn't common knowledge but if you look at their history it was an easy thing to predict.


I honestly doubt that will make a difference. From the footage, honestly I couldn't tell it apart from the first game at times. Animations and environments are different and Atreus' balls have dropped, that's about it. Looked like DLC to me. Not saying btw that it's a bad thing, more GoW works well for me and still looks excellent, I'm saying I wouldn't expect much to change in respect of cinematics etc.


While of course, the overall design won't change (it's a sequel not a reinvention), maybe a small trailer for what will probably be a very long game (if it's the finale, there is a lot of stuff to show, Ragnarok is not some small event) isn't the best to judge that. I'm sure there's tons that is not shown. But yeah I'm not worried, it's still the same studio (the director isn't doing everything in a video game), the new guy worked on all the God of War games and they do not put anyone in charge of such a project, I'm sure he deserves it


Also, every GOW entry in the first 3 trilogy has had different directors so this is how the studio works. Cory was still the creative director and laid down an amazing blueprint in the last one. I'm sure the new guy is gonna kill it as well since he's a studio veteran. I have trust in Santa Monica. I'm actually stoked they're wrapping up the Norse arc with this one since that means this game will go all out. It has been in development for a long time so hyped.


~~He’s still cinematic director.~~


Where did you see that?


I thought it was the title they gave him when the guys were being interviewed


We're in for a hell of a ride with this one, y'all. Not ready.


It's going to be quite the ride. I'm expecting Atreus and Kratos to have a big falling out. Maybe even an actual fight. Does Atreus accidentally hurt ^^^or ^^^kill Kratos?


Considering >!the end of the first game showed Kratos dying to Atreus!< I can also foresee some father-son fight as well lol.


It showed Kratos (and this is debatable, some think it's Tyr) "dying" (technically could be hurt) with Atreus holding him, not to him. If he was the one that fought him, he probably wouldn't react this way


If Atreus and Kratos had a gigantic falling out and ended up fighting, you don't think they would still care about eachother? I think whoever won would be holding the other afterwards, without a doubt.


Obviously the game showed that, but knowing how emotional the first game was I don’t think it’ll be so clear cut. I’m hoping Atreus is possessed by something if he kills Kratos, and the final scene is their final goodbye 🥲


To be fair, it wouldn’t be the first time Kratos died... nor the second.


Nor the third..


Nor the last


When I play it's well into the hundreds.


He's just gonna pop up in Ancient Egypt with no major injuries.


Ah shit, here we go again


atreus and him definitely aren’t going to get along much longer. atreus wants to be a god and meddle, kratos hates (and historically, kills) gods who meddle. atreus is going to start ragnarok, it’s his destiny as loki. nothing good is going to happen to their relationship i’m afraid


He already started Ragnarok by killing Baldur with Kratos


That would be badass. Just hoped there was a third game where this would happen. Boy being the final boss.


How heartbreaking of an ending would it be if he had to fight his own son at the end. Would he go through with it? Would he sacrifice himself for his son?


He did mention in the first game that he would die if it meant saving Atreus


And he also >!supposedly dies because of Atrius!<


>!We don’t know if that’s why he dies, only that he dies in his arms!<


Correct, I believe the idea behind everyone thinking it could be Atreus’s fault, is the fact one of the runes on that image translates to betrayal


I was ready for him to be a boss when he was being an insolent little shit in the first one.


It’s like Anakin vs Obi Wan all over again


This is going to be absolutely epic.


Damn.. I expected a trilogy.


Yeah me too.


When is it releasing ?


2022 currently, but I was bit disheartened when no set date was given at the end of the trailer. I'm hoping no delays are necessary.


Lucky fall 2022. Realistic spring 23


Realistically 2022. Cory said it was always meant to be 2021 ans Covid pushed it back.


Seems odd, thought the norse setting will be a trilogy.


I assumed a trilogy as well. I’m expecting another “saga” since they will be ending the Norse Saga as stated on the stream. Maybe Egyptian mythology next?


Never gonna happen but I’m lowkey hoping Aztec mythology next.


That would be my long shot hope. Mesoamerican mythology is an untapped resource for fiction.


Yes man. I really hate how few gsmes explore things like Aztec, Mayan mythology and stuff like Hinduism like Lost Legacy did. I am a huge greek, Roman, norse and egyptian buff and I hope Egypt is one god of war but I would kill for an Aztec one (seems pretty fitting with his bloodlust rage and wiping out multiple pantheons too) or even just other games with that setting or mythology. Imagine a next gen Quetzacoatl.


Wow, that would be a perfect fit.


Hmmm, seems like a good bet honestly. What else could they really go for?


God of War 6: Kratos VS Jesus


Jesus in 4K 60 FPS, sign me up


White Jesus or black Jesus?


Preferably both


I’m envisioning a buddy-cop film with this


East Asian? I'm really not sure, but I bet there are some interesting out-of-left-field choices.


Egypt, Celtic and Japanese were very obviously teased in the 2018 game so I guess those are the obvious choices


Hmm honestly Kratos in east Asia could be wicked, but my bet is on Egypt, though I would much rather Kratos fighing Jorogumo (nightmare fuel).


Original vision was the Norse saga to be an Egyptian saga, maybe that?


There’s some wild gods and monsters in Aztec mythology I would love to see that


I mean they literally listed the past and future mythologies on a wall in God of War 2018. It was pretty explicit.


Has to be Egyptian. To my knowledge, that’s the only other civilisation that has well known “gods”.


Mesopotamia (Gilgamesh) and Aztec mythology


Slavic mythology could be good, also maybe Celtic or Persian, could try something Chinese or Japanese


I mean they literally listed the past and future mythologies on a wall in God of War 2018. It was pretty explicit. Greek, Norse, Japanese/Shinto, Celtic and Egyptian.


Er, Indian?


For sure they'll move to another pantheon since we know Tyr did travel to pretty much any pantheon existing and here we see he's alive.


Ya I thought Thor this time, and Odin next game.




Yeah it seemed like they covered very little in 2018 and left a lot to be resolved.


Trilogies are overrated. Lots of trilogies could be told in one or two stories instead.


Yeah I agree great stories dont have to be in trilogies, but it just seemed like the way to go, just like in the original GOW trilogy. Setting up the story, facing Thor and the grand finale againts Odin. But if there's one thing I trust is Santa Monica descision making regarding their stories.


Sure, but not for stories with larger and more expanded mythos. You need more entries for that. This isn't Last of Us, where the world building is smaller. God of War has always featured pantheons of gods and interesting settings. If this is the final entry of the Norse mythology then it wasn't split well and part 1 showed *too little* of it. It would be fine if it was more evenly split, then yeah, do only two parts. But part one was so overwhelmingly about Kratos and Artreus (which was done well and is fine in a longer series) that we only saw like 5 gods, two of them were basically mooks that died after their second appearnce.


Agreed 100%. Not to mention that means both Norse games will be on ps4. I was expecting the last one to be balls to the wall ps5 only title


Knowing this is gonna be the epic finale for the Norse Saga and Ragnarok is gonna be limited by the PS4 feels a little disheartening, but I'm sure it'll still be good.


I think the bigger news is that they are calling it "the norse saga". I get the impression that all this is building up for Kratos to tackle yet another pantheon. I wouldn't mind if we eventually got to Cthulhu. Kratos fighting big otherwordly sea monsters would be pretty rad.


I mean the 2018 game was pretty clear that Tyr can travel between realms. And we'll find Tyr in this game. Tyr and Kratos are both gods of war. That's writing itself


I am honestly a little frustrated they provided that Tyr reveal, and that he's a giant in the trailer. I think that would have been a really nice reveal for most of us in game.


Oh trust me, they've thought this through. If they're revealing this stuff in the trailer, it means they've got even bigger surprises waiting in the real game.


Ya i was chatting to friends and it just felt like a huge missed oportunity to show them finding tyr then talking about him being a giant and mentioning the girl at the end is also a giant. I mean if I wanted major plot points and bits of mystery ruined for me Id watch a marvel trailer.




The No Way Home trailer spoils major character reveals lmao


Alfred Molina was confirmed ages ago. The trailer did reveal the rest of the sinister six though, which wasn’t confirmed previously outside of Jaime Foxx being heavily rumored to return. There are still a few reveals that haven’t been shown in the trailer (yet, it might be in the next trailer) and that is >!Tobey and Andrew reprising their roles!< (potentially major spoilers of something that’ll likely happen in the late first half or middle of the movie).


It doesn't matter, that genius didn't know Spider-man film's marketing is done by Sony, not Disney. This was established a long time ago and it was also why the other Spider-man film trailers were also spoilery, particular Homecoming.


Magni and Modi were already part giant, Thor is half giant and if I'm not mistaken he married a giant woman.


We saw 4 symbols in GoW 2018 on one of the doors or walls or something. One was Greek. One was Norse. One was Egyptian. And I forget the fourth. If we get a true PS5 Egyptian GoW I will shit a fucking pyramid.


The fourth was Japanese. it's showed a symbol - 3 magatama arranged in a circle.


Imagine Kratos using a katana


Knowing Kratos, it's probably gonna be an Odachi, and it's gonna be fucking SICK


Holy fuck


Hindu spin would be dope as fuck too, god's like Shiva and Kali are dope as hell.


I'm not sure they would want to do a religion that people currently practice


That's true, though the Hindu gods are in Smite, so there is a precedent. Also while I know it's not A LOT of people but there are genuine present day Norse pantheon believers, as well as Egyptians. You are absolutely right though, difference in numbers is insane, there are at least half a billion+ Hindu's in the world.


I believe the fourth symbol was for the Japanese god of war, could be wrong though


One was the Greek Omega symbol Kratos knows. Another was a Japanese symbol. The third was the Egyptian Eye of Horus. The fourth is a Celtic triple spiral symbol not Norse.


Fighting unfathomable lovecraftian gods would be so fucking cool.


I think Egypt is the logical next step but who knows


They were literally choosing between Egypt and Scandinavia for GOW 2018 so it's obviously Egypt now as they're done with the North Saga. Which actually excites me even more.


Would love something more South American. I think that’d fit better with GOW


Kratos vs Chupacabra? I’m in.


Let me tell you this game called Bloodborne... /s


That is exactly what is hallening. They made it extremely explicit in the last game. According to that one wall in God of War 2018 they plan on doing 2 or 3 more mythologies for the series as well. Japanese, Greek, Egyptian, Norse and I think one more were on the wall.


I hope so. I just hope they don’t kill him at the end. I keep getting that feeling. Though, granted, they did that once already.


He has died in literally every major series game except GoW 2018


>Kratos fighting big otherwordly sea monsters would be pretty rad. That description sounds exactly like the first game. I don't GoW going Lovecraftian, but man that would be badass.


Kratos is going to decide all gods and pantheons should die, and he is going to visit every realm to kill them all.


I thought Cory mentioned that they prob had two more games in this story arc. This was around the time shortly after GOW 2018 was released. Now Knowing this will close the Norse story arc this will definately be an insane game. Especially with what is in store and the set up done by the first.


It will no doubt be great, regardless if it’s bleeding edge graphics. The game still looks absolutely fuckingtastic.


People aren’t worried about graphics on cross-gen games. It’s that the game’s scope and design are constrained by the old hardware. Still can be a great game though.


If it makes you feel any better according to that one wall in God of War 2018 they plan on doing 2 or 3 more mythologies for the series as well.


It's not"limited" by the ps4. It's limited by time and resources. Direct sequels have alway been just built upon the previous game. why? Because the studio spent a shit ton on money and time making the first one and needs to squeeze as much money as they can from it. Next one (Egyptian pantheon maybe?) will definitely be ps5 exclusive but will take like 5 years to make


I guess we heard that differently. My understanding was that Ragnarok is setting up for the finale.


They said in the interview afterwards that this caps of the norse series. Hopefully they’ll clarify soon but seems like this is it. Edit: IDK why this is being downvoted, there were two separate comments. One about building to a finale and one about capping the series. We’re all torn in this thread. It obviously needs clarification.


he definitely said it's SETTING UP the finale, since a trilogy makes logical sense. op misunderstood


Nah, director also said “it will cap off the Norse saga”.


He said ragnarok will cap off the saga, but I think he meant the event not the game. It could def go both ways, we’ll have to wait for clarification


He also said the event was happening in the game, so we’ll just have to wait and see


Ragnarok happens in the game, but it doesn't have to be only this game either


Very true. At this point we really don’t know. Herman Hulst was saying it was setting up the finale, but Eric Williams was saying that this is the end of the Norse saga. I’m more inclined to believe the director’s statement, but it’s possible that they’re going for a more ambitious trilogy this time. Who’s to say this isn’t the last game set solely in Norse mythology, and the true finale of the trilogy involves more mythologies. Maybe Ragnarok sets off a cataclysmic event spanning those mythologies.


im actually glad that no one is really 100% sure. At least when i eventually play this game i wont know if its ends the saga or will it still continue


That’s a good point. Because it’s interesting how hulst and the directors comments directly contradict each other. Yeah the director knows his game, but Hulst also knows the plan. Very odd


Ragnarok is the end of the Norse gods, and he said Ragnarok will be fully portrayed in the game before saying it will cap off the Norse saga. It’s not a trilogy, it will only have 2 games in it


If the event caps off the series then why not call the final game Ragnarok?


I don’t know, but I can guess. Obviously ragnarok will be a big part of the second game, but if it’s to be a trilogy basically I’m thinking it’ll be kinda like a two parter. Ragnarok will be the focus of the second game but the event of ragnarok will spill over into the third game.


But why wouldn’t they call the second one something like “GOW: Fimbulwinter” and then the third “GOW: Ragnarok”? If this is a trilogy what are they going to call the third game “GOW: Ragnarok part 2”? It’s slightly ambiguous but the [interview](https://youtu.be/nOJrXHLQPx8) heavily implies that this is the final game for the Norse mythology.


The “why not call it….” Argument is silly. You can’t prove a negative. They called it ragnarok because ragnarok is the focus of the game. This we all know. They could call the third game “fuck Odin” for all I care. Then again there could be only 2 games. All I know is when I heard what they said I interpreted it as being 3 games not 2, but I’m fully open to not being right.


Ragnarok is an event. It's like calling something an apocalypse and the next one would be the post apocalypse.


Ahhh the denial


Cory sitting there sweating like - *I was supposed to finish it in two games?!*


Surtr destroys asgard during Ragnarok. Makes 0 sense to call the 2nd game Ragnarok if there’ll be a 3rd Although, i’d love a “God of War Love and Thunder”


You heard correct. And "setting up for the finale" implies that this is part two out of three.


How long is this game gonna be if the entirety of ragnarok plus finding tyr and learning of loki is happening. Plus fighting freya, thor, odin. This might be a big game, side quests might be mandatory if you want to know everything.


I hope it’s really long


Probably as long as the first, but I'd imagine with less backtracking. People forget, but the first game's main quest, while expansive, had you double backing to lots of the areas you had already visited (albeit taking different paths and such). If you could imagine Ragnorok basically being the same length as the first (which was pretty long) but you always went to a new area rather than backtracking, the story could cover quite a bit more ground than the first while still staying relatively the same length. The trailer today really only showed what looked like 2 main zones (Frozen Midgard and that region with the town) so I'm thinking we probably haven't seen past anything past the first third of the game.


Seems like finding tyr is a minor reveal compared what they have in store. Unless they just put a major spoiler in the trailer for no reason


So what mythological period is next then?


Aztec / pre Columbian would be great, there's barely anything with this mythology in medias


They teased them in god of war 2018. Idk exactly what the other symbols where but it showed greek, norse, egyptian and an asian one. I'm curious now so im gonna look it up lol.


Kratos fucks up Buddha


The "asian" one was Japanese.






Chinese. Kratos vs Wukong.


Catholic. Down with Jesus and God.


Hold circle to drown Noah


Can you imagine the chaos if they made the Jesus fight like the Zeus fight in GoW3? Wooooooooooo BOY


Possibly intertwined with Arthurian legend, wouldn’t mind killing the knights of the round table


Yeah I agree but what would you want for a video game?




Scientology I hope.


Kratos versus the space aliens and Tom Cruise.


I mean they literally listed the past and future mythologies on a wall in God of War 2018. It was pretty explicit. Greek, Japanese/Shinto, Celtic and Egyptian were the ones on the wall I believe.


I’m gonna assume Egyptian


It could be Egypt or maybe they go with aisan mythology which are not that present in game right now.


Asian mythology would be absolutely dope.


Celtic maybe?


I'd say Celtic is way too close to Norse, would feel pretty much the same


[Maybe he'll come into the modern day, where *MONEY* is our God](https://youtu.be/uFbeaM0hp_c?t=04m41s)


I think Egypt. Something about that child’s appearance and attire says Egyptian to me. Maybe they are lost and are able to help deal with ragnarok in exchange for helping them return home? Edit:nvm apparently its angrboda


Oh wow, so not a trilogy then? That's different, but if thats the story they have to tell then there's no reason to stretch it out.


Can’t wait to see Kratos kill Thor with the Mjolnir


I hope it’s a long, meaty game then, with plenty of story, character development, new areas, and post-game content/superbosses. The Norse setting has been really fun. If this is where they’re going to end it, I hope they really take the time to explore it fully.


Aztec next please


If this is the end to the Nordic saga then I can only imagine how epic and insane the climax of this game will be. Hopefully they wrap up the story nicely and concretely since its only the second game of this new setting


Initially I thought it would be 3 games - Kratos vs Baldur, Kratos vs Thor and then Kratos vs Odin as the main antagonists but there probably isn't enough material for the developers to stretch it to three games. I'm not that dissappointed if this is the case. Just means Ragnarok is going to be jam packed with plot and action.


Huh. Really thought this was gonna be a trilogy


I'm honestly glad if this means we we shouldn't expect a sequel. Don't get me wrong, I loved the previous game, but I don't want Ragnarok to be tied down by being the middle part of a larger story.


While I wish it was a trilogy, I'm glad they recognize that the story works well as two games and don't squeeze a 2 game story into 3 games.


I really hope they announce a remastered collection of all the God of War games including the PSP games


$20 says the next game after this takes place in Egypt


It's a lie, it's impossible to cover the Norse mythology in only two games, it would be a crime to waste so much history and so many characters. There is simply not enough time. Besides, Cory said a year ago that he had written the story of Kratos in the Norse mythology to release more than 5 games. So, at the very least, this has to be a trilogy. I think the director Eric has not expressed himself well and that's why it's easy to misunderstand him.


According to the director too, that was really surprising to me. And it explains why it will actually be called Ragnarok. I've been arguing with so many people on why that won't be the name, but i fully expected 3 games at least. But this is really cool too


Can 2 games really be called a saga? Or am I missing something?


1 game can be a saga, it’s just the story told of a specific family


2 games with 3 year cycles each is the best way before moving on to a fresh idea. Thumbs up from me.


Gotta be Egypt next.


Egypt or Japanese pantheon that is even way more interesting, exiting and with incredible stories.


He said “setting up the finale” which is not what a finale is at all.


I thought they said they wanted this game to set up a good finale. Implying a trilogy for Norse saga


What they killing the christian God next?


The Christian God already did that Himself.


Wrong setting up the final is what he said, implying a trilogy.


But also “capping off” the Norse series?


All i know is dat we gonna play it and find out