Insomniac Is Making Marvel's Wolverine

Insomniac Is Making Marvel's Wolverine


Insomniac WTF!???? How can they can make all these games!?????


I think they are actually 2 studios, like the ratchet and clank team and the spiderman team.


Correct, they are huge. They could even have a 3rd team going by now with Sony funding.


Apparently they do. Cause they had Miles and Ratchet. And now the guy who worked on Miles is apparently directing Wolverine and the others are doing Spider-Man 2.


brian horton’s on wolverine!?!?!?!? deadass my favorite director in the industry, i just went from pretty excited to through the roof excited


That name sounds vaguely familiar as if I had read it within the last few hours. So I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. Why do you like this guy so much? What else did he direct besides Miles?


he did rise of the tomb raider, which is one of my favorite games of all time and has one of the most intense, batshit crazy, sweaty third acts i’ve ever played in a video game. between that and the emotional ringer he put me through with miles morales, anytime i see his name i know i’m in for a ride edit: loving rise of the tomb raider might be a hot take but i stand by it, i think it’s an excellent game and playing it brings me happiness


> he did rise of the tomb raider This does not instill confidence — but Miles was great, so we can say lessons learned


They probably do. Back before Sony bought them they had 250+ employees, then they went on a massive hiring spree for a while. Which is still pretty average for Triple A for PlayStation Studio.


Come on sunset overdrive 2!


It's in the studio's name. They don't sleep.


Insomniac is Sony’s Mappa Studios. They don’t stop making shit lmao


Has to be one of the best studio buys going the output and the quality is insane


Owning both funimation and Crunchyroll, Mappa is kind of Sony’s Mappa too. At least for us fans in the west.


Hopefully they have better working conditions. But yea both of these studios are insane


Insomniac made Ratchet and Clank for PS5 with 0 crunch time which is unheard of so I’d say their working conditions are on point


Yeah surprisingly Insomniac hasn’t had any kinda problems problems. It’s like a perfect work environment as far as I know.


Ironically, they’re one of the best studios for workers treatment.


They the best rested of all the studios


Or maybe not ironically? It’s almost like when you treat people well, they’re happier, and do good work. Go figure.


They don't even close their eyes when they sneeze






I don’t know, but they can have all of my money for this one.


I said this in another thread, but man. Sony got insomniac for a fucking steal


Established studio + all that Sony funding now. They were on a hiring spree on LinkedIn a while back. Must have been gearing up for Wolverine.


And they recently announced on Twitter that they were starting on a new MP project as well... How hilarious is it that between today and last year when TLOU2 released Insomniac has been able to release two games and announce two more and Naughty Dog still hasn't freaking shown their Factions MP game.


Insomniac has to be the greatest purchase sony has ever made over the past decade. Banger after banger these past few years.


Biggest steal of the century. Then you've Rockstar Games who delayed their fucking GTA 5 remastered game.


And it looks the exact fucking same. I expected them to push the quality of RDR2 but nah, carbon copy. AND IT’S STILL SOMEHOW GETTING DELAYED.


Maybe it's because I last played it on PC but yeah, I was watching it thinking it looked the same, but to be fair, the stream was a little soup like, at least the one I was watching


I thought it looked dated as hell, more than I remember GTAV looking last time i played it, on an XB1. With back compatibility the way it is now, there's no need for this port, at all.


I mean it was a PS3 game a PS4 game and now a ps5 game.. just make another game


Unfortunately people keep buying this shit


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that. Compared to the Demon Souls remake it looked like hot trash. This is a hard pass for me.


I really hope it bombs, especially online. They might be forced to work on gta6 then.


I’d like to know why the delay happened. Like, the game was done, it’s a full-fledged and functioning ps4 game that’s been around for quite a while now, what possible missteps could have occurred with making a timeline on making it run slightly better??


They want to wait until as many people as possible have ps5s




I don't even get why people are buying it. It's the same game that's been out for years and the current consoles can play the current versions. Stop buying this crap


I'm in awe how much they've been knocking it out if the park. Releasing fun, award winning, AAA, great single player experiences on a yearly basis is almost unheard of in modern gaming. This might be the most productive and efficient studio ever. Considering R&C has been my favorite gaming series since ps2 I couldn't be happier.


Insomniac and Wolverine? Sign me the fuck up


The Art Director of The Last of Us (2013) and Part II moved to Insomniac earlier this year. Gore. [Twitter head](https://i.imgur.com/tdw741Z.jpg)


I can’t believe we’re getting a Wolverine game BUT I’m especially shitting myself because it’s Insomniac! I cannot wait to see what they do with the combat. They absolutely **nailed** everything about Spider-Man. Holy shit what an incredible time to be a gamer.


Yeah, and they made quite noticeable improvements in the animations and graphics everything when they released Miles Morales. Imagine the potential improvement between Miles and Wolverine/Spider-Man 2.


I think those improvements are going to be felt considering these games are exclusively PS5, and they already have a bit of experience developing exclusively for PS5 with R&C.


I have more hype for this than Ragnarök, Spider-Man 2 and KOTOM **combined**, not even gonna lie. If you had asked me what my #1 dream game would be, I would have said an Iron Man or Wolverine game made by Insomniac, and I'm not even that big into Marvel. And I see why they're called "Insomniac" now..they must have no time to sleep, making all these insane games.


Ironically, Insomniac is known for having one of the best work-life balances in the industry.


And they produce high quality games…weird. It’s almost like happy creative people do better work than miserable ones eh? Hope to see more studios follow their example, because their output is incredible!


Maybe there's something to this whole 4 day a week thing we keep hearing about and governments hate the idea


Ragnarok felt just like a continuation of the previous game, nothing stood up to me. It still gonna be an insane game tho.


I’m not sure what more they could really do differently. The story is set in Norse mythology, in those realms. They made Atreus older because no doubt if they used the same actor he is genuinely in his tweens. They’re adding the remaining gods/characters. They kept the promise of Freya coming for vengeance. This one was always going to be a sequel, albeit one that can have more visual prowess then before due to the PS5. This trailer was everything I wanted and more.


I didn't mean my comment as a negative thing, even if is more of the same, the game it's still going to be great. The reason it didn't hype me as much as Wolverine is because I already knew Ragnarok was gonna happen and I already know what I'm gonna get with the game. Wolverine was totally unexpected which made me way more hyped.


Yeah, I agree. I wasn’t coming after you on it. It is a continuation because it has to be. The entire first game was basically a setup for the second.


That's kind of how I felt. I was genuinely shocked by the marvel/insomniac reveal because at first glance I could tell it wasn't Spider-Man 2. Wolverine is my other favorite character besides Spider-Man( I legit have my left hand tattoed like Spider-Man's glove. The back anyway)so seeing insomniac doing it was a mind blowing reveal. I'm super excited about GoW but like you said, I already knew it was coming so it wasn't as mind blowing of a reveal even though there was more to show. Then they did the Spider-Man 2 reveal and (insert Jonah Hill squealing meme here). 2023 can't come soon enough lol


I think it’s because it’s a superhero game for a hero that isn’t Batman or Spider-Man coming. From a respectable studio. That’s hype as hell when the hero hasn’t had his own game before/in a long time


Also enemy design looked way more varied, hoping for some actual “boss” fights and not just reskinned Trolls


Like some actual giant god of war boss fights?


That's what I felt was missing in the previous game. The vast majority of enemies were just draugr variants and there was little it no blood.


Just imagine the power you’ll feel behind the axe with the dual sense. So excited


This is how I felt. Game looked good just not different. It doesn't have to be, game was a masterpiece but it's quite literally more God of War. Kind of explains the quick turnaround on titles because it looks to be the exact same engine and animations. The exciting part of it isn't any new features or tech, just the prospect of more from that world is exciting.


Same. Ragnarok looked pretty much exactly the same as what we got with the first game


yeah because it is a crossgen game, I hope we will have the ending of Norse GoW for ps5 exclusively lol


They said Ragnarok is supposed to cap off the Norse saga. So I guess it’s only 2 games


Ragnarok is actually the Norse finale from what they said in the interview. Plus it's logical, Ragnarok is literally the end in the Norse mythology






Ragnarok is the last of the Norse games


Word! I could not have said it better myself.


I think I'd prefer an X-Men game, but maybe this will lead into one, who knows. Insomniac is clearly a big enough name in superhero games that they can rely on getting a sequel.


I think the Wolverine brand is just at a higher stock than X-men. Likely from crappy hollywood films on the X-men side.


Insomniac has been the absolute best lately. This is massive.






Turn based RPG


Midnight Suns spinoff


Is there any other way?


Dating simulator


Insomniac on cocaine with their work ethic. lol


Living up to their name


This gen is going to be nuts lol


Seriously, and I feel like Sony and Microsoft have so much more to announce. Don't they both have something like 20+ exclusives in the next couple years and we've seen only a fraction?


I can’t even keep count now of what’s going on. All I know is I gotta snag me a PS5 to go with my Series X and I’ve still got some time by the looks of it.


Sony said 25 games in development (2021) and Microsoft said 35 unannounced games in development (2020 before the announcement of State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon 5, Avowed, Fable, As Dusk Falls, Contraband, Perfect Dark and The Outer Worlds 2, só they should have still ~26 unannounced games) but that is just Xbox Game Studios, before the Zenimax Media acquisition.


Insomniac best studio.


Wonder if there will be any crossover between this and Spider-Man, even if it is just small references. Hoping for this to be a more driven Uncharted-like game.


From the PlayStation blog: “Being able to build a new, original universe with Spider-Man and now Wolverine is such an honor for so many of us at Insomniac Games” Edit: Spider-Man Miles Morales also set up the existence of mutants through references to Dazzler.


Can't wait to see Insomniac's Universe grow


I don't want it to be super linear, something like GoW 2018 would be great


I also hope for a more linear game than Spidey for Wolverine, push the story and character development a tad more too. And violent fight, and some cinematic moves that fits him.


Yeah I'm hoping for a linear game with big set pieces like uncharted. Wolverine doesn't suit open world


Has to be rated M. You can't water down Wolverine to try and please everyone.


Especially after X-men Origins: wolverine. Game was bloody and brutal. The way it should be.


Amazing how such a shit movie spawned a great videogame.


I heard it’s because the movie got delayed so they had time to polish the game or something


I still play it to this day. The regen effects were amazing. I hope they do something similar here


Yup! Still one of my favorites. Gameplay graphics still look really good. Combat, leaping is phenomenal.


Way better than the movie lol


Also Logan, being rated R, was the second-highest grossing entry in the entire X-Men franchise. There is definitely a market for an M rated Wolverine game. So excited!


Games, unlike movies, still make boatloads of money when given the 17+ rating (M vs R). 15 of the top 50 selling games of all time are rated M compared to a single R rated film in the top 50 highest grossing films. If you go by highest grossing per year, 15 of the last 25 years' best selling games were rated M vs 7 R rated films topping the charts in the last 50 years (all of which were released more than 25 years ago).


The last Wolverine flick is the 7th highest grossing R-rated flick of all time, and the R-rated X-men films are 3/4 of the top in the series all time. I’d be more surprised if they went soft.


> 7th highest grossing R-rated flick Emphasis on *R-rated* flick. Like I said, only a single R-rated film (Joker) breaks the top 50 films of all time and not a single R-rated film has been the highest grossing film in a given year since Die Hard 3 in 1995. An R rating severely hampers a film's box office gross. Meanwhile, M rated games are consistently top sellers with M rated games being the highest selling game for each of the past 12 years. So, I'm agreeing, it's fairly likely that the Wolverine game will be rated M because that has been shown to not hamper a game's money making potential.


The dude has freaking giant metal claws coming out of his hands. He’s not knocking people out; he’s maming and killing them, no question.


Ikr? Thats the first thing I thought about. No blood = no wolverine


Need that steamy sex scene with Mystique looking like Jean Gray 🤤


You know they’re going to be borrowing elements from the x men origins wolverine game


That game was so badass. Chunks of flesh getting ripped apart revealing the adamantium skeleton underneath, and then regenerating your health and body back to full. It was one of the coolest things I'd seen in a game at the time


They’ve gotta be. That’s pretty much the blueprint. When Insomniac said they were taking cues from the Spider-Man 2 movie game for the first PS4 game, it showed that they know what’s fun and what audiences liked. I have a good feeling they’ll be doing the same for Wolverine.


I’m guessing this is a PlayStation exclusive due to it being insomniac? That’s huge if so


It’s absolutely an exclusive.


And this is why, as a long time PC gamer, I am thinking of getting a PS5. These exclusives are just unreal.


I got mine a couple months ago, no regrets. You just can't beat the PS exclusive library. Still sticking to PC for fps games tho


Yeah Spiderman was 99 percent the reason I got a ps5 despite having a PC. Also, Ghost of Tsushima is a fucking incredible game I can't recommend enough.


Holy snikt.


Hey Bub


Have your upvote and get outta here dammit.


Hope this eventually transitions into a full blown X-Men game at some point


If you had told me Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine were being made simultaneously a year ago I’d say one of them has to suck and there’s no way they can keep up, it after playing Miles Morales and Rift Apart six months apart, I’d say Insomniac is more than up to the task. Insomniac has become my second favorite PlayStation studio behind Naughty Dog so I’m very fucking excited.


I knew what it was when he was sitting there. No one better to do a proper Wolverine game


If you have read a couple of Wolverine comics you knew immediately what was happening in this scene and who was sitting at the bar. Great reveal!


It reminded me heavily of that scene in I think X-Men First Class when they try 'recruit' him.


Or that introduction scene after the cage fight in X-men 1


Or that scene in Ultimate Spider-Man with Venom.


Yeah that was it for me, and also that it was Insomniac. I was even looking to see if his wounds were healing lol


Yeah I half expected Xavier to show up like in the movie lol


Care to inform an idiot who has no idea?


Logan likes to drink and get into bar fights. Usually idiots take it too far and snikt goes the weasel


Logan wears cowboy hats gets into bar fights all the time and the marvel logo was a big giveaway


I think Rocksteady could give them a run for their money, surprised no one has said it.


Naughty Dog if you wanted a Wolverine game like Logan


I hope they really dig into the grit of Wolverine like the movie Logan did. Insomniac’s Spider-Man felt like a more mature version of Spidey but I hope they go a step further with a character like Logan.


Completely agree My hope is that outside of player choice to wear different outfits like in Spidey, you never wear a costume ala Logan


I actually like that idea, where it focus not on Wolverine the X-Man with a load of allies, but Logan the loner who goes on his own solo adventures in street clothes.


RIP my bank account.


Plenty of time to save up.


Man, Insomniac is very good with city transversal. I wonder what Wolverine transversal is going to look like.




I think you are on to something.


I’d be cool with a mission based game instead of open world, however, if they do open world we gotta have a motorcycle or something


This is days gone 2 now lol


I don't see Insomniac doing a mission based game. The problem with a motorcycle is vertical movement.


Instead of a horse Wolverine can whistle for Colossus who will throw him over buildings.


Could be like Days Gone, just set in more rural Canada


That bar did look like it was in a rural area.


I can see it being like Rift apart with a few open ish hub words you cba travel between


With Nightcrawler sitting bitch, so teleporty motorcycle


I really hope it isn't an open world game. This character lends himself better to a more linear action game if you ask me, and we know Insomniac is good at those as well.


Holy moly, bub.


Insomniac are next fucking level


I'm not a big superhero-stuff fan but their Spiderman games have been excellent and Wolverine has always been my favorite character. This is probably the first comic related game I've been truly hyped about since I was a kid playing the X-Men arcade game.


speaking of which, sooner then later. someone should be porting / bundling the old arcade games to the new consoles x-men simpsons TMNT were by far my most played arcade games as a kid.


how many projects can you do? insomiac:yes


Two at the same time, they were workinh on miles morales and ratchet and clank at the same time. Now Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, I hope we can play as venom, or we get seemless character change, when you play with peter miles is elsewhere in town etc.


From the blog post: Spider-Man 2 is being developed by the original Spider-Man team, and Wolverine is being developed by the Miles Morales team. I'm assuming the Ratchet team is a separate team that isn't as far along with their next project.


Wow, this is definitely the biggest and most welcome surprise so far. An Insomniac Wolverine game, holy shit.


Only reason why I'm excited, Insomniac's involvement.


Yes! They will put the heart and quality that will add a lot of value in the finished product.


Insomniac working overtime with their incredible output


Insomniac fucks


To me this was the moment of the show by a huge margin. Anytime insomniac does something new I am hyped


A wolverine game being made by the studio that has made some of the best games? Umm...yeah. I'm totally into this.


Please be M rated with Steven Blum


Let’s fucking goooooo


Can't wait to beat shit up!


Fucking goosebumps


This was the best part of the show and it was mere seconds!


Next to KOTOR, biggest surprise of the conference. I remember the PS3 game being somewhat fun. With who's making this, it might be great and I'm not even a fan of these comics/movies.


How the hell does Insomniac do it?! Unbelievable productivity and quality.


Insomniac is carrying PlayStation right now.


I think they're just planning to make it and will probably arrive after Spiderman 2


Yea, the way the blog talked about it it is still 3-4 years off. Still insane though.


Jesus how much do Disney love Sony to lend them another Marvel IP. I love it lol, let Sony just be the Marve home for Video Games


Marvel games' sole purpose is to license out characters to anyone with big enough pockets and Sony can afford to pay upfront. The buy in is supposed to stop the shit show of tiny studios cranking out any unfinished crap from a disney franchise after people started avoiding licenced games for a while in the early 2000s; but SE proved that wrong with avengers.


That avengers game is an abomination to its license.


Too bad insomniac didn’t make the avengers game


Disney’s been expanding its gaming focus like mad. Ubisoft is making *two* licensed games for Disney, Microsoft’s Machine Games is working on Indiana Jones, Square is working on multiple Marvel projects and EA has Respawn developing a Jedi sequel. And most of these games were announced over just the last 18 months.


bub. This is going to be interesting.


Never imagined I’d play a Wolverine standalone game on the PS5. I’m in awe


I screamed. Feels like ages since I’ve screamed in excitement for something


Stupid people on Twitch laughing about it and remembering Avengers didn't realize this is an **Insomniac** game, this is going to be nuts : I can't wait.


Too bad that Avengers IP didn't go to Insomniac right? They would have done that game good then what it is now.


I hope they go hard with the violence and gore in this, it needs to be disgusting. Can’t wait.


When I saw that Insomniac and Marvel logo I full on thought it was Spider-Man It was a surprise when I saw it was wolverine BUT THEN Insomniac pulled a “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE, PAL” and returned again to announce Spider-Man 2! Best reveals of the night IMO


I stopped reading after Insomniac. That’s all I need to know. Can’t be a bad game


Insomniac as a collective are absolutely killing it this generation already


The fact that The Last of Us 2 Art Director has now joined Insomniac has me even more hyped because that game was really beautiful and super gory!


I hope we get a more gruesome take on Wolverine like in Logan.


“The Dark end of the street” - James Carr For anyone who immediately went looking for the song like I did!


Man,if Wolverine attacks have blood splashing everywhere like in the Logan movie,I'll support every game Insomniac release until I'm alive.


I hope they also do an Ironman game in the future


He better be chopping people up with those claws, this game needs to be really brutal compared to Spider-Man.


No doubt they're going to tie in both games together at some point in the future


Wonder how they are making it? I doubt it is going to be open world, do not see Logan helping people for the fun of it. "Hey collect pigeons for me" "F%\^ off Bub, grabbing a beer!". Also do not see him scaling buildings. Maybe something narrative/action driven like Uncharted games. They must make it M rated, cause we him to slice and dice, do not cop out like Marvel Avengers where you fight robots.


Insomniac are fucking insane. Best studio by fucking far.


quite literally almost shit my pants when I saw the claws


Anything Insomniac makes is Gold.


Insomniac is carrying PS5 hard


You know you're a nerd when you knew it was Wolverine well before the claws came out.


They teased HULK. OH MY GOD ITS FINALLY HAPPENING. I'm such a massive hulk fan and they teased HLK 181 on the license plate. Its the issue that Wolverine appeared in Hulk Comics. Also its gonna take place(during some point) in Madripoor!!!! Princess Bar is located there and its where the trailer takes place.