Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Trailer | PS5


Really annoyed that current U4 and TLL owners can’t just get a 60fps patch for free


That's literally the main thing I've been waiting for since I got the PS5. They released the PS5 patch for The Last of Us and God of War and that really got my hopes up for Uncharted 4. I purposely been holding off playing it just for the 60 FPS patch but I guess it looks like I'm probably going to have to buy it again if I want that...


Yeah, me too. Been holding off playing 4 until the 60fps patch. If they want to try and make me buy the game again to play it in 60fps, I'm simply never going to play it. Microsoft isn't doing this anti-consumer bullshit.


Jim Ryan wants his $10, and he is going to milk it out of us


$10 is optimistic. I would be surprised if there's an upgrade path for existing owners.


$10? You mean the full price.


If they were newer releases maybe, but it’s been a while.


This should have been the entire collection.


With the entire collection, I would have bought it. Not for this.


"Hey PC guys, how would you like to start in the 4th game in the series and its spinoff"


Definitely think the first 3 should've gotten a 4k60 upgrade, with the addition of a PC port.


The original trilogy is actually 60 FPS on PS4 Nathan Drake Collection. So glad we’re finally getting this it was very jarring to jump into UC4 and Lost Legacy in 30 FPS.


OG Collection still needs an 4K and HDR Patch.




Actually they can, they never patched it for 4K on PS4 Pro, I am sure they can. HDR is even easier.


I really don’t care about those. 60 FPS is much more important not just from a visual standpoint but actually how the game feels to play.


I know 60 FPS is the top tier but it would be great to have it complete at 4K 60 HDR.


And what, miss the chance to milk us for more?


That’s Jim Ryan’s entire goal as CEO of PlayStation. How many games can they slap a few more pixels and frames on and charge $70?


Atleast on PS5 we can play the previous 3 games. But what about PC? They're getting the finale and the epilogue lol




You can have a 60fps when you pay for it you cheap fucks! -- $ony


Yeah I got 4 through PS+ and enjoyed it. I thought it was fun but not as amazing as people made it out to be. I would gladly play it again on my PS5 with a 60FPS patch but I don't think it was good enough for me to justify paying $80-90 CAD even with LL.


Did you play the first three games before playing Uncharted 4? The game will matter more if you have followed the characters through previous games.


What makes uncharted 4 so good? I'm halfway through the first uncharted from the Nathan Drake collection and it's not super impressive yet. Granted this game was from 2007. I hope the second and third improve a lot.


First one is the weakest of all of them. Uncharted 4 is good game but how you get connected to his character and how 4th is a send off for Nathan drake is what makes 4th one special.


Disappointed this won't be a patch. I doubt they'll do much with the actual graphics and try to charge us $30 for it


I'm worried it will be even more than $30


Damn, yeah I was hoping they'd just give us a 60fps patch. That's all the game really needs...


Wouldn't be surprised if its $60 or $70


That would be absurd but I wouldn't put it past Sony


It would actually be stupid given that every PS5 owner already has UC4 through Plus. There'll be plenty who haven't played Lost Legacy, but how many people will pay full price for a game that they've *just* been given for free?


Yup, I think if it was gonna be discounted or have an upgrade path they wouldn't call it a "collection." Hope I'm wrong


Yeah I’m worried us console players will get boned on the pricing for something that should be at most a $10 upgrade


Sony has been really pushing to resell old games lol


Well when people are constantly asking...


I mean they're not doing the one game people are constantly asking actually. You know the one


Future cop lapd?






Because COVID has fucked their pipeline and now they are panicing. The middle of the show (a good 20 minutes or a half at least) was all remakes and remasters. Like the who the fuck cares at this point? I've played these games before. KOTOR is the only one I'm excited about because it might be a proper REMAKE like FF7R. Remasters can get fucked, just cash grabs. Especially for UC, the two games aren't even old and there's no reason why it shouldn't be a free patch.


I really think that COVID just fucked up their scheduling. Otherwise they’d have Horizon 2 out by now and they wouldn’t have to use remasters/Director’s cuts to prop up their second half of 2021 (and early 2022) lineup.


Yeah, it's good they can at least fill in the gaps with remasters and third party stuff, but it's going to be interesting over the next two years watching the releases and doing the usual comparisons with the other side of the fence.


It's the first time I've considered buying an Xbox in about 10 years. I think they match my taste better these days. Xbox is focusing on RPGs and Sony is focusing on superhero and open-world games.


They milking it. Uncharted 4 dont need a remaster just a 60fps patch. I aint buying it till its super cheap on pc then. I cant go back to play it at 30fps ever again since launch. Im enjying playing the trilogy right now on my ps5 though at 60fps


Does it still hold up after 4? I loved 2 but it must be outdated now.


Uncharted 2 at 1080P 60, is still awesome to play. Looks brilliant in my 4K display. A ten year old game looking like this, clearly shows the technical prowess of Naughty Dog.


Uncharted 3 was only a small visual upgrade over 2, but 4 and Lost Legacy were a huge leap and are much closer in visual quality to TLOU2 than Uncharted 3.


It'll be a $40 game if bought independently. For exisitng owners - $10 fee. (Just my prediction)


There definitely won't be an upgrade for this


$30? You are joking. This will be $70 usd


$30 ?? It's gonna be $70


Sony milking people to the absolute max this gen while their competitor has game pass.


I own both and haven’t finished either so I’m glad I’ll get to play the PS5 versions on my first completion of them, but I do hope they offer a paid upgrade path for existing owners. Even $10 like they’re asking for games post Horizon2 as they mentioned the other day.


Happy cake day


Graphically, it looks mostly the same. I'm sure there's some touchups here and there that are hard to pick out without side by side comparisons, but it's definitely not some situation where I feel they can justify pricing it that high. Especially when you've been able to buy UC4 for like 50 cents the past couple years. lol Thing is, they're gonna upset PC players if they want full price for it there but only charge like $20-30 for it on PS5. PC gamers dont like being treated like 2nd rate customers, for better or worse.


I mean PC users are getting the one thing this console has to offer, it’s exclusives. Console users shouldn’t be getting the shaft just cause Sony wants to appease people who didn’t buy the system


Don’t worry. Console user will be getting the shaft because $$$.


Because they can sell it as a bundle.


Agree. Unless it $20-$30 I’m passing


Kinda bummed this was the only thing we got from Naughty Dog....


Technically we didn’t get anything from them. Iron Galaxy are working on this Edit. ND are involved in this. Iron Galaxy are doing the PC version.


Iron Galaxy is only working on PC port


I would imagine that part of the work is a shared effort.


Fellow gamers, please do not buy this.


Honestly I hope it's a free 60fps patch for PS5 owners who already own the games. If they want us to double dip they can fuck right off.


i paid a lot of money for Uncharted 4 collectors edition day 1 purchase, there is no way im gonna pay again. I dont have a problem with the remaster, but they really need to give a free 60fps unlock for the PS4 version. I dont care about higher resolution or sligthly improved graphics, but 60fps is a game changer.


It really needs to be stressed how slight the visual upgrade is too. That trailer doesn’t look noticeably better in anyway. The pro version of 4 also added hdr years ago, so I honestly don’t see any reason to upgrade beyond 60 FPS which is not something I’m willing to spend money on after GoW, Horizon and Days Gone.


Curious to see the pricing for current owners of these games


$70, do you have any doubts?


And a $90 deluxe edition with some silly hats for nate and nadine, and throw in a $250 "pirates" edition with a model coin or somethin. Bam, 5 million sold ez


you sonnabitch I'm in


It's called the Pirates Edition because you have to burn yourself a copy of the game to disc as there's none in the ~~box~~ treasure chest.


Knowing sony...


Ahh yes, just like with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


If they charge $70 for this they’re smoking crack.


If it's anything more than a $10 upgrade fee, they go straight fuck off.


UC4 is free in the PS+ collection that all PS5 owners will have... and Lost Legacy goes for what $20 these days? It's certainly not going to be as cheap as that is it...


PS+ gave you 4 or you got it with a launch year PS5 so I feel like most people should just be missing Lost Legacy.


They are asking about the next gen upgrades.


Maybe a bad assumption to make but I'm going to say they'll want you to buy the game all over again.


I think you’re right. They’re touting these as remasters, not just ps5 versions. Even though it’s basically semantics, I think there won’t be an upgrade path, personally. Would love to be wrong, but it’s just what I feel deep in my sack.


I really wish they'd go the Xbox route and get Smart Delivery going. Doesn't matter which console you have. It automatically, seamlessly gives you the best version, for free. To do anything else just feel archaic, and anti-consumer.


but then how would they get your money twice?


I really doubt it as it's a whole new SKU, with both U4 and LL. Now, if they're separate download codes/discs, then yeah, probably holler about the lack of PS5 upgrade.


I don't get why there's a Remasters Collection, when UC4 is part of the PS Plus Collection. That you get for free after purchasing a PS5. This only needed a 60fps patch. Kinda like what happened with God of War, Rachet & Clank, & Days Gone. Games that are part of that PS Plus Collection too. Sony started off like they were truly focused on being a consumer friendly company with how they handled PS5 upgrades, as a free patch. Now it feels like it was all a ruse, so they can pull this off with very little scrutiny. Very scummy, man. I get this is part of the money making business but to flip it, blatantly in our face like that? Damn... cold, Sony, cold...


So not a 60fps patch? We have to wait, and pay for a new collection?


Does this collection include a game that’s not in Nathan Drake collection? I actually don’t know.


Yes, the Drake Collection is the first three games for the PS3, this is 4 and the spin-off on PS4


Ah for some reason I thought it was the PS Vita game and the PS4 spin off packaged together. Honestly not sure who this is for then... We can just play 4 through PS+ collection. I doubt this will much more impressive to be worth re-buying. And the PS4 spin off is regularly $10 . If it's like $20 maybe worth it for basically the sale price spin off + $10 PS5 upgrade for 4. But I am suspecting $40-60.


Super excited for PC players to finally find out what’s so special about Uncharted!


Kinda weird to play 4 before the other 3 though. Considering a big part of 4 is playing off of the emotions of the past 3.


I guess they can probably use PS Now? But that's such a subpar experience.


Won't be as good if you haven't played the previous entries though


Idk man. I know many people that started with 4 and it’s still their favorite game


Oh I don't doubt that people don't love it but I don't see how you could appreciate it as much not having a history of the characters in previous games. Not to mention the many references to previous games that will be overlooked.


True not all the appreciation will be there but it does hold its own ground very well


I am one of those. Played UC4 on PS4 without playing the previous ones. Was still fantastic. Then I played through lost legacy and that was amazing as well. I bought the Nathan Drake collection like a year ago but haven’t played any of them yet.


Uncharted 1 I knocked out in a weekend but it was a SLOG, 2 took a little longer but wasn't as much of a slog, 3 has been pretty easy so far out of the three. I'm playing on hard mode and could bump 3 up to the next hardest even so it's the easiest (and cheesiest story) so far for me.


Uncharted games are better on the easier difficulties


I wanted to see if I could manage through hard difficulty so I'm just reporting how hard "hard" is - honestly 1 is just really annoying.


Anything above normal is a waste of the player's time.


Unchated 1 definitely hasn’t aged well. Amazing at the time but yeah


Well they’ll only be playing 4 right? Would be better if they made a port for the previous games too


I’m excited, not to get into Uncharted, but to finally get back into it. The first game was one of the games that on PS3 gen truly felt like defined that gen. For me it felt so ahead of everything else that Naughty Dog just looked like magicians working that system, and that was barely scratching the surface as U2 showed. Never played U3 and U4 though, even though I watched gameplay of all of it. Can’t wait to play U4 and Lost Legacy on PC of course. Once I eventually get a PS5 I definitely intend to play through all of them though back to front


It doesn't need a remaster. It's already a great looking game. And by the look of the trailer it isn't getting much of a graphical upgrade at all. Great for PC players I suppose, but it's not a game I'd go back and play again just for 60fps.


They really expect us to pay $60 or $70 for a game that’s already included free in the ps+ collection? They’ve literally gone back and patched most of the big exclusives to 60fps for free. This is ridiculous


I can't even notice the difference in the visuals between this remaster and the og uncharted 4. haha


Probably just 60fps and 4k


Instead of a free 60FPS patch for people already owning the game we get this. Thanks Jim, truly #fortheplayers




So confirmed no upgrade path for people already owning the games?


No confirmed upgrade path, which is confirmed no upgrade path.


I really hope they clarify on this, it's gonna be really shitty if they do that


I feel like they didn't give any prices or upgrade paths on purpose to see our reaction first and then act accordingly


> for people already owning the game. Which is everyone. They literally gave every PS5 owner UC4 for free, now they're gonna ask full price for, what, a framerate boost?


1-3 are already 60fps What is this collection, 1-4 and lost legacy?


4 and Lost Legacy only.


Oh wow thanks


The problem is they already gave everyone uncharted 4 with the ps plus collection so they were always going to charge for this upgrade.


Annnd there's the 60fps paywall we were all expecting. Goodbye.


If its a free upgrade for 4 & LL then I'm excited, but if I have to pay then I'm good.




Even an upgrade path would be fine but looking at Spider-Man Remastered it might be $60 or $70 maybe.


They could have released 1-3 too for PC players and an upgrade path for 4 and LL for PS5. This just doesn't make sense.


This makes me happy and thankful for free patches for God of War, HZD, TLOU 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and several other games. "60 FPS unlock" should never be put on a separate upgrade path.


>Legacy of Thieves Didn't realise Jim Ryan was getting his own Uncharted!


LOL, take my upvote


So wait, this is a standalone title, and there is no option for existing owners to just download a 60 fps patch I presume? Not really feeling to buy these games again (unless additional content), love UC4 but there's a lot of new quality coming out I'd rather spend coin on.


I'm gonna buy it when it's on sale for $9.99 on my PS6 Slim.


Might be unpopular opinion but Legacy is my favorite Uncharted! the dynamic between Chloe and Nadine was so good and refreshing!


There are atleast two of us My personal favourite too


Make that three of us!


Legacy and U2 are indeed my favs also. Was refreshing to see new characters but also the length was a lot better also I reckon, U4 sort of went on a little long IMO, Same with TLoU2.


I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite but it’s an extremely underrated game and more than worthy of the franchise. Always play it after beating UC4. Reminded me a lot of UC2.


The temple with emerald water and huge statues was stunning.


We all know it's just called "remastered" so they can sell it again.


Sony: Buy the game again you plebs. Me: No.


Thanks Jim. Do I pay you $10 for UC4 upgrade? Another $10 for Lost legacy? Or $39.99? How about $69? Just patch the damn games you greedy bastard. This is beyond ridiculous.


Remove the online trophies in these games, please lol


This was my most wanted PS4 to PS5 exclusive update and after GOW it was the reveal that excited me the most about the showcase. Now that I’ve realized it’s not a patch but a way to make rebuy the games I realize that Sony is just going to be getting more and more greedy. Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy just needed the frame rate unlocked they already look better graphically than any game that’s not called Last of Us 2 or God of War. But you know, Sony will be Sony.


Funking money grab lmao remaster of a 5-year old game. Last-gen the PS4 had an excuse that it can't play PS3 games.


Microsoft: If you own your games here's a free upgrade for all of them Sony: Thanks for buying our games now buy them again if you want them to look better on your Ps5.


Nintendo: Remember those games you loved, too bad you can't play them on your new console and we won't sell you ports.


Nintendo do all they can to stop emulators while selling you full price simple port


Yeah this model is annoying but as a switch owner it could be so much worse lol


Comparing anything that PS & Xbox do to what Nintendo does is a low bar lol


MS: Free upgrades, smart delivery, game pass which includes ea play and xbox live and xcloud, Play anywhere, FPS/Resolution boost, VRR, 1440p, first party studio games being $60 (so far) Sony: yeah so you'll get HFW upgrade for free because you are whiny babies but everything else is $10, and we'll make remasters which only increase resolution and fps and ask $40-70 (i would bet on the higher end of that scale personally) for what should've been a free upgrade. That bloodborne 60 fps/remaster that you want? no thats definitely not coming lol.


Meeeh, I'm fine with this franchise. I won't buy again lol


Not trying to make this into a console war, but MS would have given you that for free with FPS boost and a patch.


Started playing this on PS5 this afternoon...I guess I will wait.


How about completing it and take one for the team? Perhaps right after completing it, Sony will announce a free patch…


I havent finished finished the lost legacy, but now I will in spite. These should be free updates for the games, and an optional purchase for people that missed the originals. I hate remastered games this gen. Specially when its so easy to freely touch up ps4 games into ps5.


This explains why we're not getting a 60fps patch. We'll see what kind of upgrade path there will be for current owners, but I'll bet my hat the PS+ version doesn't count.


Sony really knows how to sell old shit for £60.


I’m gonna go ahead and guess this will be full priced whether we already own the games or not


Sony dicking their own fan base again, it should be free for the PS5 players. I am on PC so it's entirely different.


Meanwhile Xbox is adding FPS Boost to games for free without requiring the original dev


Games looked great on PS4. Don't know how much they can improve on them


60 FPS/4K


> Don't know how much they can improve on them UC4 is nowhere close to reaching the limits of what games can look like. I promise you it will look dated once you see what Naughty Dog can do on the PS5 with a proper next gen title. Hell, I think UC4's graphics already show noticeable weaknesses(as with basically all XB1/PS4 era games). Not saying it isn't a great looking game, I just think a lot of gamers have this weird problem with lack of imagination and not being able to see past the current limits. Anyways, they've showed footage and it doesn't look like there's any substantial changes. 60fps will likely be the main thing.


I don't think it's crazy to recognise that graphical improvements are much less noticeable now than they were in the recent past. Up until around 2016 it felt like every year games looked very noticeably better than what had come before, but now Uncharted 4, Red Dead 2, God Of War, The Last Of Us 2, etc all look quite similar from a graphical standpoint despite being released over a 5 year period. Then you look at the difference between Uncharted 4 (2016) and Uncharted 3 (2011) and the difference is night and day. And U3 looked a hell of a lot better than most games released in 2011. Of course, there are still significant graphical improvements but while more things like more detailed reflections are cool, they aren't blowing me away like the improvements were in the early 2010s. The increased prevalence of 60fps and fast load times has been by far the most noticeable evolution of the last few years, at least to me.


Framerate baby


Yooo, remastered for PS5 and PC, that's awesome


Hopefully Bloodborne is next. I really can't believe it still hasn't happened. I'm beginning to become concerned that Sony only ever ports their games to PC if they were made in western engines. The only Japanese game they've ported to PC was Death Stranding, which was made in the Decima engine. I know Sony, and especially PlayStation, is not nearly as Japanese as they were ten years ago, but it's gotten to the point where it feels like they're boxing out the Japanese side of the brand's history. They gutted Japan Studio, they gave the Demon's Souls remake to a western developer, they don't acknowledge Gravity Rush, Ape Escape, or Parappa, and they make an almost active effort to not support Japanese titles on their own platform. Ape Escape 2 is one of the only PlayStation 4 games that doesn't work on PlayStation 5, at that point it's practically insultingly blatant. All this little stuff has really been piling up. They don't seem proud of their Japanese history and seem to only want to emphasize the western aspects of the brand. It's irritating as someone who liked both, and it's irritating that people don't seem to talk much about this.


I want to see Bloodborne remastered or at 4k 60fps with RT on PS5


Sony barely treat Bloodborne like it's their own game sometimes. For a game that was supposed to be 'co-developed' with Japan Studio, it was not at all technically polished. Graphically dated(though artistically amazing of course) and with performance problems and painful load times - it was everything you typically wouldn't expect from a 1st party PS4 release. And yet they've done nothing to try and rectify this. PS4 Pro came along only like a year and a half after Bloodborne released and it got nothing all while games like UC4 and The Witcher 3 which came out in a similar timeframe as Bloodborne all got PS4 Pro patches.


So I guess i’m not going to play the OG collection.


I love this franchise, and I still consider Uncharted 2 and 3 some of my favorite games of all time. However, I am not sure I need this. 4 and LL were great games, but the appeal of this franchise is starting to lose me a bit. Great for people who haven't played though.


RobinGaming is gonna have a field day with this one


Just replayed the first 3 and they hold up surprisingly well. I was kind of dreading going to 30fps but the 60fps rumors gave me hope. But there's no way in hell i'm waiting months and paying extra just to get an fps patch for 2 games i already bought. Screw it, I'd rather play at 30 than reward this milking


Doesn't this game still look great tho?


This is why Uncharted 4 hasn't gotten a 60fps patch? Bullshit greed and absolutely unacceptable. Let them know about this on Twitter.


I feel like it ain't gonna be a free update


I bought Uncharted 4 collectors edition day 1 and then Lost legacy normal edition day , i think i supported the game enough to get a free 60fps patch for PS5. So many other Sony games give a free patch, like God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, does naughty dog needs money this desperately after the last of us part 2 fail? Dont get me wrong i dont have a problem with the remastered version, i only want the 60fps patch for the PS4 versions, Ghost of Tsushima got remastered too, but still offer the 60fps patch for ps4 owners, that is the fair thing to do in my opinion.


This is another potential PR disaster waiting to happen. $60 for the PC version with all the bells and whistles. $70 for first time PS owners. A $10 upgrade for people who already bought the games at $60 on release, all to be able to use their brand new $500 console to its full potential.


Enjoy the games, PC players. 😊


If it was the core 4 games I would get this on PC in a heartbeat. But being just 4 and a side game I'll probably skip or wait until a good Steam sale.


If you’re going to make us pay for a patch, at least remaster Golden Abyss too. FFS what a rip-off.


they expect me to pay for this?? 🤷‍♂️


Is this an upgrade for existing owners or a brand new purchase? I'd love to go back and get the platinum for lost legacy with this but don't feel like its worth buying again as the game is barely 4 yrs old...


While I'm interested in getting the plats .. again, I won't get this until it's in the 30$ range (for the collection) since I've exhausted them already.


Wouldn't it be better to put 1-3 on PC first.


So…two recent games that already looked great? This seems super lazy


I am new to PS and was planning on buying both these games. Now I am going to wait for this remaster. Having looked at the gameplay videos of the original game it feels as if it doesn't really need a remaster.


I was hoping for a Director’s Cut version of 4


Can't wait to play this on PC. Besides having a decent frame rate, I can't fuckin' stand playing shooters aiming with that goddamn analog stick.


Hopefully they have added gyro/motion aiming support to this game.


The fact it's coming to PC is honestly the best selling point.


This looks great! I'm thrilled to see Sony's increasing commitment to PC launches.


So many spoilers... If you haven't played the games, don't watch this video!


If you've never played the games you have no idea who the characters are or the sequence of events.


I'll wait until there is a definitive NO to a 60FPS patch. Until then I'll be a happy gamer with a ton of games waiting in the backlog.


I have to say...on OG PS4 when 99.9% of my games ran at 30fps, I just didn't know better. It was "fine". Now that I've been spoiled by some juicy PS5 titles (Demon Souls, Morales, R&C, etc.) at buttery smooth 60 fps, it's truly hard to go back, lol.


Why are we getting the two newest games remastered for the ps5??? I would’ve much rather gotten a huge collection with all of the games (including Golden abyss)


I bought all uncharted games when I got my ps5.. hope it's a free upgrade or at least a cheapo one, wouldn't mind playing again at 60fps, it was a pain to play at 30 but the game was so good I had to endure it.


was excited to play it in 60 fps but I'm not buying it again just for that, naughty dog remains my least favourite sony studio


Never played these before so super excited. Which games are included in the collection?


Seems like it’s just 4 & Lost Legacy