Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family

Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family


Interesting thing to note is that in Sony PR, Firesprite are listed as the 14th studio in the PlayStation family... In the Firesprite PR, they say 15th. > Based in Liverpool, UK Firesprite will join the global development operation of PlayStation Studios and will be the 15th studio to join the PlayStation Studios family. https://www.firesprite.com/news/2021/09/sony-interactive-entertainment-to-acquire-firesprite-games/ > Based in Liverpool, UK Firesprite will join the global development operation of PlayStation Studios and will be the 14th studio to join the PlayStation Studios family. https://www.sie.com/en/corporate/release/2021/210908.html


Actually, including support studios, they have 19: https://twitter.com/Zuby_Tech/status/1435614177096347650?s=19 And if Bluepoint rumors are real soon there will be 20.


Rumour? Lol the offical Twitter account posted bluepoint being acquired, I think that's past the rumour stage lol


Definitely not a rumour, but the deal could have fallen through.


This is very unlikely. The deal is most likely done but somehow Sony is waiting to announce it.


Hoping they announce it tomorrow with a metal gear remake 🤞


That would melt the internet lol


Think I'd melt


If they're remaking metal gear solid they better remake metal gear 1 and metal gear 2 as well because that included when solid snake worked for big boss.


Please no one let them anywhere near Metal Gear. Edit: I didn't realize we were all supposed to love Bluepoint -_-


Why not? They’ve proven themselves competent. Only thing I can see fucking up is the voice acting.


The reason Metal Gear games are good have a lot to do with who made them and worked on them. Imagine just John Smith who works at Bluepoint directing a scene Kojima directed or some shit like that. I do not understand people who claim to like something wanting some totally unrelated people to remake it just because they can't handle playing PS1 game anymore? All the MGS games are still good, just go play them.


Right, but we're talking remakes, not new entries. John Smith at Bluepoint isn't directing a new scene with Kojima characters, he's directing the remaking of a scene that already exists, but bringing that up to modern technical standards. Yeah, the MGS games are good still. But tons of people would love to have those games in 4k at 60 fps and more than 5 polygons on screen.


These are remakes being discussed not remasters. That can be as simple and just upressing textures, improving lighting and some basic ui and controls quality of life improvements and such. In fact that's what most of them are.


Maybe it'll be announced alongside their new project tomorrow?


Why should the social media team even consider creating a separate picture for Bluepoint with a different collage in the background if they didn't know the deal was sealed? I also doubt they would even know about it if it wasn't already done.


Social media teams are bored and like to be ahead of the game for announcements like this. It wouldn't shock me that some twitter jockey didn't get the memo before the ink was dry. Time will tell though.




Yeah I don’t think they’d do that, and the BluePoint graphic *also* included Housemarque - it wasn’t an alt image, it was a follow up.


It was an accidental tweet. For all we know, that was an image prepared for a Bluepoint announcement, but the deal never closed. Or maybe they just delayed the announcement, perhaps for tomorrow. Regardless, Bluepoint is not officially owned by Sony yet.




Bluepoimt? That’s a pretty big one. Hope we see more out of them than just remakes and remasters


Firesprite counting XDEV?


Either a typo or perhaps an early draft with the expectation of another acquisition announcement to come before this one. The Bluepoint acquisition isn't exactly a stalwart example of the gaming industry keeping its secrets.


Firesprite didn't write their PR post, it's the exact same one that is also posted on the Sony website aside from the number of studios (which has been changed to 14 now btw.). Tinfoil hat thinking: Firesprite PR was send this text by Sony PR with the number being 15. The number was then changed later on for unknown reasons, but someone forgot to send the update to Firesprite (the announcement of the 15th studio being shifted back, being one possible reason for the change).


Well there is also a rumor of a new Japanese 1st party studio that is made from former Capcom, sega and SE devs. It's supposed to be on the level of that new MS AAAA studio. But who knows if that's true.


Bouta be 15 soon 😏


Probably just a mistake like that advertisement with the PS5 laying upside down. On their official website, Sony currently has 14 studios not counting Firesprite. It's 15 not counting their support studios: San Meteo, Malaysia, and Nixxes. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/corporate/playstation-studios/


This is from the article: > Today is an incredibly exciting day for Firesprite as we join PlayStation Studios with the backing of Hermen and the entire PlayStation Family. We are very much looking forward to the next part of our journey! > > Firesprite, headquartered in Liverpool in the North-West of the UK, was founded in 2012 with the vision of creating games that bring new innovations to any experience we develop. The North-West is steeped in gaming history, producing many iconic developers, publishers and games such as WipEout. Many of our ‘Sprites developed and shaped titles from this era and we are very proud of those roots! > > We’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented developers and publishers across the industry and PlayStation in particular has been a friend and co-development partner for the best part of a decade, collaborating together on many exciting projects including The PlayRoom, Run Sackboy! Run and The PlayRoom VR. > > PlayStation also gave us the opportunity to create our own IP, The Persistence, and we were given the creative freedom to explore, innovate, and release a survival horror game we are immensely proud of. Now, as a first party studio, we know we have the full support of PlayStation in furthering our heritage of combining creativity and technical innovation to offer some truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans. > > I firstly want to thank PlayStation and their community for the warm welcome into a family of incredible creators. I’d also like to thank all of our ‘Sprites, past and present, who have helped shape the Firesprite we see today. I’m proud of the talent we have at Firesprite and you’ll continue to hear and see more from us all very soon! > > We can’t wait to show you what we have been working on……we’re just getting started 😊!


And here I thought Wipeout's studio was part of playstation already


Liverpool Studio, the original developer, was closed by Sony in 2012.


How is Liverpool considered North-western UK. Surely it's just west?


People usually talk about England geographically in north vs south rather than east vs west, it makes more sense in terms of culture, history, economic status etc. Also Liverpool is part of the north-west England region as [defined](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regions_of_England) by the UK government.


Another one? Before the event? Interesting.


Slight chance of a new game announced by them. There logo coincidentally has a resemblance to wipeout too.


Yes, cause they developed wipeout


What a fantastic game Wipeout: Omega Collection is in VR. A wild ride for sure.


I think I remember there being a new wipeout rumor earlier this year…




Firesprite was founded by Liverpool devs.


Essentially very similar studio but just wasn't a Sony studio, kinda funny when you realize they got closed by Sony then worked with them again now they are a Sony studio


It’s a lot of the same people.


I always thought the Psygnosis logo was cool as a kid


Same people different name basically


They’re probably sorting out what to show and what not to show in the showcase, so the things they decide not to show in the showcase probably gets shown before the showcase.


The showcase is not really a place to announce acquisitions, it'll just be trailers and gameplay and devs interviews about games. Acquisitions are financial news. Also the showcase is set in stone since a few weeks at the minimum, they're not sorting it out one day in advance lol


When the heck are they announcing Bluepoint is what's bothering me.


I think they are just going to wing it Feel it out in the moment, play off the audience and all that. Jazz hands!


I find it hard to believe their showcase isn't set in stone far before today.


Nah, they’re just gonna wing it on the live stream


"Guys! The global live stream is in 15 minutes, does everyone know what they're going to say?!?" - Sony producer probably


Yep, as someone that has been involved in planning stuff like this it was set in stone many months ago. There is a ton of lead up work to these scale of events


I highly doubt they’ve now nailed down what they are gonna show off at this point.


Whats even more interesting is this ​ [twitter.com/TheSegaHolic/status/1435634853765074950](https://twitter.com/TheSegaHolic/status/1435634853765074950) ​ This dude is not wrong


Well, he is wrong. Very few of Studio Liverpool went over into Firesprite. But the way articles have been going it is acting like when Studio Liverpool shuttered, the entire team (or even most of it) changed their name to Firesprite and that was that. Also, there is other things to consider, like the leadership of PlayStation back in 2012 is in no way the same as it is today in 2021. Indeed, pretty much the majority of the upper management has swapped hands in those 9 years. Point being, what leadership considered important in 2012 does not stay the same in 2021. Lastly, even if management was exactly the same, and even if Firesprite was basically Liverpool renamed, how Studio Liverpool operated in 2012 and how Firesprite operates in 2021 could be a night and day difference.


I mean your completely right. There’s more details, it just looks funny when you see that Sony bought a studio that was made of former devs of theirs


The cycle of 💰


So they behaved like a company that wants to succeed and make money


Hopefully gearing up for a new Wipeout reveal at the event. Please.


Probably because this is a small acquisition, of a small indie studio that is only behind the playroom. Not a huge studio, and after months of waiting, I think people tomorrow are expecting much more than indies/indie studio acquisitions.


I mean.. they 250+ employees which is pretty decent size.


That is surprising size given their limited amount of games they have released. Seem to be mostly indie and VR. Thus they are probably acquired because they will be tied into PSVR2


Why do you folks in this thread keep making assumptions when all this info is out there? They said they plan to make both triple a and vr games as well as some that can be swapped to both. They are working on a big multiplayer game, a dark story game and a vr game right now.


250 person studio focused on VR, PSVR2 gonna be fire.


Not necessary. If you read the full interview Herman says they are doing both AAA games and VR.


Didn't they recently say they're aiming for aaa vr experience that can swap between vr and flat for next gen psvr. Hopefully they can deliver on that


I'm pretty sure wipeout ps4 had VR mode so that's what it could possibly mean, really hope they do that for Astro.


Would be pretty neat if the new Gran Turismo has this feature


That's a pretty tall order. I'd be impressed if they could pull it off without either the overall experience or movements and controls feeling jank in one of the two versions.


Yeah, based on their job listings they have 3 games in development: 1. A "dark, story-driven next generation ‘Narrative Adventure’ with genre defining goals." 2. A multiplayer PvP shooter 3. A VR action-adventure game based on an existing IP The VR game is something they've been hiring for since at least April 2019


Their main focus is clearly VR, sure they'll make other stuff as well, but that's not a bad thing.


Again, not necessarily. This was in the interview about their most recent work. “Prior to the acquisition, Firesprite had been recruiting for two titles: a 'game-changing huge multiplayer shooter and an ambitious dark narrative blockbuster adventure'. Ankers and Hulst couldn't talk about the productions the company is working on, outside of the fact that they will be in genres outside of PlayStation Studios' core offerings.”


Show me where it says those aren't VR titles...


Read the VGC article, it has more details on what the plan is for the studio.


It also mentions a VR title separately, insinuating those 2 arent


I'm. Pretty sure the MP is star citizen, especially since Herman sounds like he can't really talk about it much.


They were helping with that, in the interview Hermen says very clearly that they will not be helping other studios going forward and will focus on their own games that they have in production for PlayStation Studios.


> Ankers again: "The philosophy that we have is to really innovate and create on any platform. Whether that's VR or non-VR. VR is amazing. It really changes the paradigm of design and immerses you in those worlds. It doesn't really matter for us what the hardware is, we'll maximise and create and innovate for that particular hardware.


This is taken from the Gamesindustry.biz article Indeed, considering its multiple VR releases, the company seems ideally suited to working on titles for PlayStation's new VR headset. And when I first heard the news, I immediately assumed that was the thinking behind the acquisition. "Not necessarily," Hulst says. "Clearly the expertise that Firesprite has gained on their work with The Persistence and The Playroom is something that they bring to the table. It's too early to talk about what specific platforms or experiences that we're going to collaborate on with Firesprite. But that experience is very valuable. source [here](https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-09-08-why-playstation-is-buying-firesprite-one-of-the-uks-fastest-growing-games-studios)


Oh wow, I was under the impression it was a small studio. That’s a huge ass team.


The Persistence was an immaculate experience in PSVR. You're totally right, I cannot WAIT to see what they do with PSVR2 as a first-party studio.


I am super confused why they haven't announced they bought Bluepoint unless they are saving it for Thursdays event.


Co-creators of WipEout and PlayroomVR. Maybe next a new WipEout VR game?


Currently, it seems from rumors/job-hires that they are/were working on: * 'game-changing huge multiplayer shooter' (original IP according to jobs I checked). * 'ambitious dark narrative blockbuster adventure' * VR Game "adapted from one of the most original and successful multimillion-selling console IP titles in the last 10 years" <----- Unclear if this is separate from the 2 above or it is one of the two above. Older listing: 'take a globally recognised multi-million selling action RPG and create a full form PlayStation VR game' Something to note is that they are 250+ devs, pretty sure that's bigger than Bend, Media Molecule, and London Studio together. It's likely they are working on either 2 or 3 projects for Sony now. Edit: The associate game director for the narrative game is former Naughty Dog designer Pete Ellis.


The "Game-changing huge Multiplayer Shooter" is most likely the Star Citizen 'Battlefield-Like' Mode called "Theatres of War" partnership that was announced back in march between Cloud Imperium and Firesprite: https://www.firesprite.com/news/2021/03/cloud-imperium-games-and-firesprite-unveil-development-partnership-for-star-citizen-multiplayer-mode/


Damn so 3 big projects likely. Makes sense why they were bought.


Ambitious dark narrative set in the Wipeout universe please.


Im sure there were Rumours recently about a new Wipeout with extra VR Mode. The HD Collection already had this


They were.


I’m pretty sure Firesprite is made up of a lot of the old Psygnosis guys hence the logo


New wipeout very likely which would be hype. They probably wanna work on a new one as well since A lot of the employees there was a part of that studio.


Oh man, that speed + vr is going to be nausea inducing (for me)


I think if the new headset has good enough picture quality then nausea isn't as bad? Not certain though, apparently you can get used to it..


yeah i think people already used to shit like roller coasters zip lines and driving really really fast in empty highways wont have a problem in vr and those do that get motion sick easy irl also will in vr


VR is so awesome but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to hang. After owning both a PSVR and an oculus quest I was never able to develop those VR legs that people talk about.


This seems bigger than what it looks like initially, basically ex sie liverpool but one of the biggest uk studios at around 250 employees. Also working on a big multiplayer shooter and a dark narrative aaa. I’m sure we will see more tomorrow


WoW playstation studios family’s is getting bigger


Sony is definitely setting the scene for tomorrow ... damn, I don't usually say these things but ... yeah ... I have some hype ...


They said no VR stuff tomorrow though.


This is not a VR only studio, they done more Non-VR work than VR.


Did they specify hardware or software both? I was under the assumption hardware.


I’m not seeing Sony showing off VR software without showing off hardware. Pretty sure there won’t be any PSVR2 info, hardware or software


Yeah pretty sure they specifically said 'nothing related to psvr2


ok, but what I'm trying to say is that although we don't see anything about virtual reality, it is obvious that they announced this to generate more hype before the PS Showcase


When’s that?


Good for them. Never heard of them but damn that’s a huge team


Most of the studio happens to have been former employees of Liverpool Studio, one of the first studios Sony formed during the original PS1 era. They were the guys who made the WipeOut series.


Them announcing this before the showcase only further cements that they will announce Bluepoint acquisition today.


Or... OR they announce MGS remake by Bluepoint AND THEN announce the acquisition.


The MGS Bluepoint remake is just too good to be true, I really don't believe it's happening


Eh, at this point I feel like it’s one of those worst kept secrets unless it was all BS from everyone, which is totally possible. But there have been so many people talking about it. Maybe it all came from the same BS source. Who knows. But someday… it will happen and it’s gonna be glorious.


So none of the so called insiders seen this coming?


Studio Liverpool makes its way back to SIE! Firesprite have made some dedicated PSVR exclusives in the past, so this is a great acquisition! They are working on a “game-changing huge multiplayer shooter and an ambitious dark narrative blockbuster adventure”.


Just found out they have 250+ employees and are currently working on 2 new games. Holy shit! I'm surprised by that. I thought they were just a small indie company.


love seeing a studio in my city get picked up


If anyone is curious, this is primarily a VR studio and consists of many ex-SIE’s Studio Liverpool employees.


They're also working with Cloud Imperium Games to make a multiplayer mode for Star Citizen as announced in March 2021. https://www.firesprite.com/news/2021/03/cloud-imperium-games-and-firesprite-unveil-development-partnership-for-star-citizen-multiplayer-mode/


Is it possible for StarCitizen to come to PlayStation, or is the IP owned by another publisher?


CIG owns the IP, Firesprit is a contractor helping them since CIG already has their hands full with Star Citizen (mmorpg) and Squadron 42 (single-player).


I don't think they could get it to run very smoothly and reliably on the new consoles tbh.


I can see them do a wipeout for PS5 with PS VR functionality. Also apparently XDEV working on it.


That’s actually not true, they’ve done far more non-VR work than VR.


Kinda funny if you think about it...were closed by Sony years ago and now back at it


So nice Sony bought them twice!


250 employees! it seems they're working on a huge multiplayer project


The most exciting part is what any studio can accomplish with the talent that PlayStation Studios can offer. We can certainly see them making better games and improve slowly.


Man I don’t remember Sony going as hard in previous generations as they are this generation. They already have so many games in development and are still adding more on top of that even though they don’t really need to. This is the exact opposite of complacency, Jim Ryan wasn’t kidding when he said PS5 would have more exclusives than any other PlayStation generation. It’s looking like the PS5 gen will end up being my favourite gen, play truly has no limits.


Well we now know who's making that Wipeout game...


\-Andrew house and shawn leyden: "We will kill liverpool studio and nobody will stop us." \-Jim ryan and hermen hulst: " Not on our watch".


I Imagine they'll be a PSVR2 development studio then


Great acquisition. Herman Hulst has to be one of the best people in charge of first party, he really knows his stuff and his connections with the industry is deep. Can’t wait for a new Wipeout!


Would like to see a couple surprise acquisitions done but I’ve definitely been impressed with the 3 recents ones already announced.


That bluepoint leak might have been a genuine mistake on PlayStation japans part huh. Because it’s been months and nothing ever came of it


Unless it gets revealed tomorrow.


Hard to imagine anyone making that big of a mistake though. A lot of “insiders” are convinced that it’s more a matter or when and not if Sony acquire Bluepoint games


If it is a mistake it's one of the most puzzling mistakes that will always make zero sense. An official slide like that doesn't just get accidentally made, especially since that slide already included the HM buy. There's so many steps in the process of that slide being made that doesn't make sense if it's a mistake.


PSVR2 studio. Good move Sony.


Setting up big for PSVR2, exciting!!


Horizon VR seems probable + excited to see what their other projects are


Amazing that a chunk of the team are ex-Psygnosis/Studio Liverpool, which Sony bought in the early 1990s and subsequently shut in the last decade...


Bethesda who?


Yeeeah...lets not do that....


Death Stranding final trailer and an acquisition was not saved for an event. It makes me even more hyped for the event


Man that’s cool that they would announce it before the showcase , ladies and gentlemen expect absolute bangers tomorrow (factions 2 please )


So does this mean Star Citizen is coming to Playstation 5?


No. The moment Sony looks into CIG's books would make them run for the hills. No way in hell would Sony want to associate themselves with whatever the fuck is going on at CIG. The inevitable implosion and blowback of that whole thing is not something a publisher will willingly want to be within a 100 mile vicinity of.


Bluepoint acquisition tomorrow morning prior to the show. Calling it right now


I wonder if this might be a precursor to that PS5 Wipeout rumor floating around. No one could do it better than the old folks for Liverpool, although I don't think many of the OG's are still around, or maybe at XDEV?


Damn. A lot of partners and acquisitions this year for PS




Out of nowhere but cool. I hope there are more acquisition coming


Same. I’d like a couple surprise studios. I’m not sure what the deal is with Bandai Namco but I’d really like them to bring in Supermassive Games for one. The difference in quality between Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology is pretty noticeable and think they would benefit focusing on one platform.


Is it irony that this Studio was opened by Studio Liverpool Devs (which Sony closed years ago) haha. Also that new Wipeout Game might happen


So I don't want to spoil the surprise - but I know what they are working on and you are all going to lose your minds. I had the opportunity to interview Stuart Tilley back when The Persistence Enhanced was released a few months back and we spoke offline (and off the record) about the future of Firesprite and boys and girls - its going to be an exciting time to own a PS5. =)


Any proof for this?


Here is my interview with him: [http://www.duelscreens.com/articles/2021/06/04/the-persistence-developer-the-dualsense-is-the-best-controller-ive-ever-worked-with-interview-w-firesprite-the-duel-screens-podcast-79/](http://www.duelscreens.com/articles/2021/06/04/the-persistence-developer-the-dualsense-is-the-best-controller-ive-ever-worked-with-interview-w-firesprite-the-duel-screens-podcast-79/) And like I said, we continued to speak after the interview was over and I just asked for the 'non-PR' response to what they are working on next because they can't say anything on the record. We spoke for a good 10 minutes and he shared some pretty exciting information with me - and I'll just leave it at that. =)


Sorry for asking, but being Reddit and all...lots of posers but some are legit, such as yourself. Good stuff!


And if it wasn’t already


Wipeout must be actually returning then


There's a "rumored" wipeout game, I could honestly see that being announced soon. Their new logo even has resemblance to wipeout. Hope it's ps5 game with psvr2 feature tho.


Where is Bluepoint lol


Could be tomorrow


My God - I am so ready for a new WipeOut. Any chance this gets announced tomorrow at the showcase?


> Ankers again: "The philosophy that we have is to really innovate and create on any platform. Whether that's VR or non-VR. VR is amazing. It really changes the paradigm of design and immerses you in those worlds. It doesn't really matter for us what the hardware is, we'll maximise and create and innovate for that particular hardware. So for anybody wanting to know they will not be a VR only studio


After many closures by Sony of their UK studios over the years, it's great to see them invest back into the region, and in such a big way. It's surprising Firesprite had grown to be so big, because such an expansion was never really advertised through the usual channels (gameindustry.biz, gamasutra, etc). To be given the capital to grow as big as 250 staff (was it from Sony before this acquisition? Or from other parties?) shows how much confidence the investors had in the studio and their offerings. After all, the UK games industry has hardly been the region to invest in, thanks to poor government support. Oh, and this studio founded by former Studio Liverpool staff is now bigger (much bigger) than the Studio Liverpool that was closed by Sony back in 2012. The rumours a couple of years ago was that their VR project is based on the Horizon IP.




I'm not bashing this acquisition, but it seems weird to close Sony Liverpool 10 years ago, to acquire this Liverpool studio, and staff it with some people who were from ...Sony ....Liverpool???


The people who closed Liverpool are gone. The new people in charge acquired a studio that also happens to have a chunk of ex-liverpool staff. Not weird, just business


Well, sony and playstation where not in the same position that they are now. They were famously losing money like crazy


Things can change a lot over such a period of time. The ones they rehired were probably not to the detriment of their prior work in their view, while others may have. Portfolios of your work are very important in this field.


Where WipEout?


More WipeOut pls!


I want more smaller games to make up for them closing/restructuring Japan Studio, but I'm guessing this studio is probably gonna be PSVR2 focused stuff, down the road.


It’s not, they just are taken ted enough to do both VR and non-VR games.


https://www.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/pkb37c looks like someone beat you.


I hope they're making a PS5 exclusive Wipeout game.




Wipeout has been with them for ages


Anyone try the persistence enhanced on PS5? I played the original on psvr and liked it, wondering how the new update was?


i am really digging that they have been dropping news like this all week. has me really hopeful that they are aiming for pure substance for tomorrow's show.


This is a VR-focused studio


Sounds good, hopefully they'll make AAA open world RPGs for PSVR 2


2 out of 3 of their current projects aren't VR.


This has got to be a new wipeout !


Wonder if they could have anything to do with that Horizon VR spin-off that was rumoured (if it's even real)


Welcome to the family. Hopefully you make some banger games !


If they are making these types of announcements ahead of the show tomorrow... gotta say, it gets me a bit hyped as it seems like they are clearing out their backlog for some big announcements


Before firesprite studio were founded. some of the members were behind a charming old PS1 game called "Kingsley's Adventure" Could be fun if they remade the game with new content.


Got my PS5 from this kid for 700$ brand new 😭


I would love to see another Shadow of the Beast


I wish them the best success and nothing less.


Aren't these guys composed of Ex Wipeout devs?