Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - Iki Island Trailer | PS5, PS4

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut - Iki Island Trailer | PS5, PS4


And another horse dies right from the start! T-T


He should just start naming them all Roach.


I name every horse in every video game Roach


It looked like Jin was riding the same horse that appeared to be drowning, but I’m gonna be pissed if I lose another horse just making my way to the island


Ngl I ugly cried at that part. The emotional weight of the scene before and the beautiful music had me primed up to not be ready for Kage to fuckin die


Kage... Miss you buddy. :(


Real men name their greatest friend Nobu


“This horse will be with your for the entirety of your journey” Rip Sora and I guess Nobu too now :(


After finishing the game and doing a new game+ run I'm already down 3 horses, 1 in the intro and 2 at the start of act 3. They better give this horse a flotation device!


They technically did, as it was on the boat.


Horses can swim. If it was close to shore he can make it. It'd be pretty silly to spoil another horse dying in the trailer for the DLC too.


I am so sick and tired of my horse dying. I did watch the new trailer for IKI Island, and i saw the Ghost's horse die. I am not a fan of these mechanics, hoping to draw the player in.


Curious if they'll ever expand legends mode. Another raid and maybe another ghost or two would be welcome.


They've mentioned more Legends mode content is coming


They said last year that the raid was the final content for Legends. Or did they recently come out and say the directors cut has more?


Yup >Finally, for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends fans, we’ll also be releasing some new updates, including an all-new mode that we’re excited to detail in the weeks to come. All Ghost of Tsushima: Legends*** updates will be available at no additional charge to owners of any version of Ghost of Tsushima on either platform.  https://blog.playstation.com/2021/07/01/ghost-of-tsushima-directors-cut-arrives-on-ps5-and-ps4-consoles-on-august-20/ I don't think there's going to be a new raid or missions or anything like that but a new mode sounds nice depending on what it is


This is awesome news!


Duel mode?


That'd be awesome if they can balance it properly.


Yeah I would be wary of that. It would probably just end up being a parry-fest


Make the parry use a charge from your ki meter.


Also another survival map or story level would be awesome. I’m just excited for more Legends content cause its super fun


Yeah, I dig it way more than I thought it would.


The gameplay is already good but doing co-op with other people just makes it better lol


I'm hoping for a good chunk of content. I figure the new iki areas will be made into multiple maps similar to the first maps were from tsushima. Hopefully we get a new mode and multiple stories and survivals.


It was confirmed in the director's cut blog that there will be a new mode. I'm very curious to what it will be


An infinite survival mode would be dooooope and probably easy to make.


That would be sick and you'll get certain tiers of rewards based on how far you get


Yeah I'd like a nice middle ground between snorefest gold and nightmare which can be annoying with the arrow spam. A new class would be super nice as well but this is free content so we'll see.


I haven't tried it yet. Is it really that good? They put a bad taste in my mouth with the way they shoehorned Legends into the story map everywhere. I guess I will have to try it out.


It's the closest I've felt to playing *Mass Effect 3*'s multiplayer in a melee-based game


Is it fun to play solo (like not with friends, but with randoms) ?


In my experience it’s not too bad, granted i haven’t done the raid yet. It’s surprisingly fun. I originally started it to just get the trophies and be done with it, but I found myself liking it a good amount by the time I was done. I always played with randoms too


Yes. I've only played solo and it's fun as fuck. So nice when everyone bows at each other and plays flutes in sync lol


I loved that mp as well, might have to keep the directors cut. Sold GoT after I finished it last year


Legends is way better than it has any right to be. I played the heck out of it for a month or 2. Definitely give it a try.


It's like the Mass Effect 3 mp that caught everyone off guard


The story levels are pretty good except this one level where you need to coordinate with your team to leap on like 15 platforms. But I prefer the survival mode where you fight off the endless waves of enemies. That's where the gameplay truly shines and it gets fun


Yes it’s fun. Yeah really not sure why they added it all over the map, That was unnecessary.


I hope so it was such a fun multiplayer experience that honestly wasn’t expecting to be that good.


Reminds me of mass effect 3 multiplayer. Wasn't interested in a multiplayer mode for a single player game, tried it and found it to be a solidly fun co-op experience. Legends scratches that same itch for me. Same fun combat from story mode, but with enough twists that it just feels different.


ME3 is one of the few success stories of them trying to slap multiplayer into everything that generation. My only regret with the LE is the multiplayer is absent.


Bioware said they might add it if demand is high enough


To me that's Doom 2016 multi-player


Eh, I don't really count that because Doom has been heavily associated with mulltiplayer since the early nineties.


I’m hoping for them to rerun the special outfits from other PS4 games. I need to play with that Bloodborne outfit 😂


I think they’re currently available. I only need the God of War outfit. I dunno how long they’ll be available for


Or perhaps some balancing. The archer class is mad OP.


looking pretty awesome, im excited now. looks a bit psychedelic too


This is shaping up to be a sizeable addition, can't wait for it. Loved the more "supernatural" feel of Legends, if they are adding it to the main game I'm here for it.


I wonder how they will take that direction here, considering it is a part of the main game. I remember that around release, they were stressing that the main game would be grounded in reality. It was only in the Legends mode where the mythological would be explored, and any sort of magic or powers in the main game were limited to New Game +. Edit: I am now being told that there is no magic in New Game +. I was basing that off of a developer commentary video released by IGN on legends and NG+. What caught my eye in that video was a flaming sword, and the ability to summon what appeared to be a spirit dog of some sort. I know it’s not telekinesis or casting huge spells, but these are certainly not realistic and grounded in reality. I’d call it magic.




“Open your eye”


Huh I haven't played NG+ yet but the flaming sword is just the "Way of the Flame" in the standard main story and it's not supernatural at all, you need incendiary oil to use it so it's implied he just pours in on his sword and lights it with a spark, even the Mongols use it against you. Spirit dogs however appear as companions for the Ronin in Legends mode.


Wait.... there's magic and special powers in New game +?!


I’d prefer them to keep that stuff separate. There weren’t really any hints towards that in the main game so it’d be pretty jarring if they just go straight up fantasy. They’ll probably do a Far Cry and do it with drugs/herbs.


Damn I personally hope that’s not the case. Would prefer that stuff to be kept separate.


Can't wait. Ghost of Tsushima had me hooked when I first played, excited to go back into that universe.


Man this looks awesome, a bit psychedelic and a bit darker in tone. They've been throwing the word 'haunted' around a lot which is cool with me.


Best Samurai game of all time.


Sekiro would like a word


Shinobi, not samurai.


Sekiro can go sit back down in a corner. Has zero argument against tsushima


Subjective, i loved both ghost and sekiro equally.


Anyone have any idea what the length of ths will be?


I'm guessing 6 hours main story and 4 hour fillers(foxes/bases/bamboo strike/filler quests)


Here's hoping some of the quest aren't just a whole lot of avenging people. I felt like there was like 4 side quests where the person you were sent to look for wasn't dead by the time you got there.


To be fair, the island was being raided by Mongols. It would be strange if everyone you were sent to look for was in perfect health. Like if someone sent me to look for someone in a restaurant I would expect expect to eating. If someone sends me to look for someone else during a Mongol invasion I would expect them to be dead.


Id like potentially some more variation to those side quests. Its almost always go here, find corpses, and kill the Mongols. Maybe a parent sacrifices themselves so their kid can live but I dont think there's a single child alive left on tsushima.


True but one thing I got tired of was doing a bunch of side quests and they all were pretty similar. I guess that's a me issue as I can just simply advance the story. But I'm on of those to try and get most side stuff done before finishing the main plot because I usually don't go back to these titles once I'm done. I still haven't finished the game..


Mission type variety was limited in GoT for sure. I hope it expanded in this expansion or future sequel.


They should've cut the fox shrines in half. There were way too many of them.


If they learned nothing about that tedium in the main game, that does not bode well. Edit: Unpopular opinion learned. Consensus enjoys chasing the fox to a statue 40+ times to do the same clap animation.


I loved the game, but I hated that goddamn yellow bird by the end.


Yea it’s a very fun game but I couldn’t finish it… the fighting is so crisp. The visuals were great. The story was great. But it really was… drawn out? Idk. I would still suggest the game to folks though!


If you ignore the side quests it’s a pretty focused storyline/game


I finished it, and generally did just that. But I thought the game still felt a bit meandering.


Drawn out? You know you don't have to do the side stuff right? You can just power through the main story


The world is still empty and a slog to go through. The game is good but don't try to put down others who got bored because the game was drawn out.


How is saying "you don't have to do the side stuff" putting the other person down? The general consensus is that the side missions aren't very good in comparison to the main story so no one would be roasted for having that opinion.


How did I attempt to put them down? There's nothing wrong with disliking the game. I just disagree that the game is drawn out. It's just like breath of the wild in the sense that you can just power through the story or waste your time collecting all the korok seeds.


I don’t see this being said about the game enough. I enjoyed the game, I got the platinum, and it’s probably one of the nicest looking games I’ve played. But the side missions are some of the most boring I’ve played in a AAA game. They dragged the game out far too much and felt that the game needed a lot of fat trimmed off it. Not only were the side missions just not interesting, but there was way too many of them (61!). If the DLC includes more bloat like this, I doubt I’ll be buying it. As I can’t put myself through that tedium again.


Completely agree. Got the platinum earlier this year and man it was repetitive. All the quests were the same and the side activities just got boring as well. The combat mechanics were great, the scenery was beautiful, but the story and post-story content was not good at all.


I think you don't see it said often because usually when a game leaves a lasting impression on someone, you will rarely find them blasting the game for any reason. I think it's just normal. It's not a perfect game, definitely has its flaws (90% of my deaths in the game were frome thinking I was jumping to a platform but the falling animation kept going and then I died lol, it was very frustrating). But the game is so good to me that I really don't want to get online and criticize it. Just how most are.


The side quests really are extremely boring, probably the least interesting in an open world game I've played in a while, if you stick to the main story+ the missions that give you the extra abilities the game is great, but the side quests really are a borefest


I hold the same unpopular opinion. I have been playing Sekiro after GoT and really appreciate the variety of levels (caves, castles, puzzling areas, etc)


The problem is all those "tedium" is completely optional. The main story is pretty straight forward, varied and has no level gating. People find all the side stuff like shrines, foxes to be relaxing and interesting as it directly combines exploration and gameplay. It is up to you, to choose the pace that YOU want. Telling something is tedious by forcing yourself to do stuff is idiotic. Chasing a fox is waay better, than clearing an outpost every single time for a reward, mechanically fox is a small traversal challenge that adds a unique hook to general exploration.


I never mentioned anything about the campaign but for context I loved it. I just found most of the side content tedious, which is an important aspect of any open world title. I hope they learned from their feedback and attempt improvements with the dlc.


> The problem is all those "tedium" is completely optional. You're aware there's plenty of games (even open world ones, though not many) with non-tedious side quests, right?




What’s the source for this? That sounds like a nuts amount of content if the main story was 24hrs ish


Wouldn't surprise me as the main game had like 50 side missions that were literally copy paste aswell. I love the main story of the game but the filler was so tedious


5-10 hours of that could be filler as it takes 50 to get a platinum


ive been yearning to replay this game since i beat it last year. so i'll def be getting this and restarting the game.


Oh god inject that shit directly into my veins, cannot fucking wait!


Can't wait can't wait...playing through again on Lethal. The 1 on 1 duels are so much harder.


I recently restarted after I lost my save upgrading to a ps5. Lethal mode is the definitive way to play imo.


I was hoping the save would carry over. I still can't get my hands on a ps5.


You absolutely can carry over your save. You can make a physical backup on an external hard drive, or just plug your PS4 into your ps5 to transfer all data. Also, if you have PS plus then cloud saves are an option. Me personally, I just sold my PS4 before I backed up my saves and did not have the cloud option.


I used the ghost weapons and the bow with the special archer armour a lot on my first playthrough and it honestly completely guts the combat. All the ghost stuff is super unbalanced and trivialises everything. I think I might do a lethal, full smaurai run and turn of most of the HUD.


Oh gosh I want it.


Sony really would have saved themselves so much trouble if they just announced this as story DLC and didn’t muddy the waters with the Director’s Cut label nonsense. All this really is is $20 story DLC with a $30 version that gets you the DLC and the PS5 version. That’s so incredibly benign.


I would've bought the DLC immediately if they didn't do the whole extra 10 dollars for ps5 bullshit, shame


I can’t seem to find where to buy the ps5 upgrade, I only see the ps4 one


You can't buy it yet


Ya, I thought I could at least pre order it


I decided to shelf the buying decision until the entire package goes on sale for below $20. Hitman has been occupying me.


Hitman 3? I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale. How is it?


I've been playing the Episodic 2016 Hitman. I got every single level on a very good PS+ sale. It's great fun, and I can play it all at once. The levels have a lot of care put into them and they are big and expansive. I'm just going to keep patient gamer-ing through the new IO made series, so I'm going to 2 which I got on sale as well. I'll wait for 3, but IO seems like they have been doing a great job.


Yeah, I sold my disk copy of GOT just a few weeks ago since I had platinumed it... I can't really justify buying it again and then shelling out some more cash for the Director's Cut and upgrade. I'll have to wait, unfortunately


Because I’m not usually a DLC guy, I was thinking of just getting the PS4 version used and whatever PS5 enhanced stuff come with that for less than half the cost of the directors cut. How was your experience with this game on the ps5? It looks like it was 1080 P 60 frames a second?


1800p checkerboarded at 60fps


how long did it take to platinum? i'm like 3 hours into main story and it isn't quite as compelling to me as many have said here but I'm still going to attempt to platinum then sell


Yeah, fact they charge more for the ps5 version has not me not buying it till it's on sale or if gets released as a ultimate edition, I will wait till it's cheap and buy second hand.


Yeah, $20 just for the DLC and the PS5 version should have been a free upgrade. I'd have jumped at that, but $10 for some DualSense features and better lip-syncing is just a bad deal and I don't want to support that.


Just get the PS4 version then. It runs beautifully on PS5


Hell they could have put it at 30$ right away and would have way less complaints. With the price rising to 80$ those type of expansions at 30$ aren't that weird (Miles Morales was 50$ vs Lost Legacy at 40$ for example)


I have yet to see a valid argument why Sony should not charge more for PS5 features other than Sony should be more charitable. Those who don't want to pay the extra $10 can still buy the content for $20 and play the PS4 version on a PS5 (which has quicker load times and faster frame rates anyways)


Well first of all, they should not marry the DLC and the next gen update together like this. That's the minimum. But also, when on the Xbox side they add FPS boosts and HDR and whatnot without the devs doing anything it feels silly. And come on, if of all companies bloody *EA* can add proper FPS boost, better load times, higher res and even give a digital version of you owned a physical one and all that for free but a Sony first party studio can't, I'd say something has gone wrong. The next gen update should honestly be free but if they want to nickel and dime people at least separate it from the DLC and let people just buy the update.


Ghost of Tsushmia already got a free PS5 patch to boost its FPS to 60fps. The next gen update implements the heptic feedback and the japanese lip sync (all which takes work to do).


It’s a patch, not PS5 version. Why are you acting like Sony is a small company? Even the devs behind Mortal Shell, which is a small team, offered free next gen upgrade. Big companies absolutely have no reason to charge for it.


I have no problems with a company charging what they want to charge so long as they lay out what is being offered. As a consumer, I can then choose which option makes sense to me. The reason why companies can charge is because they did their projections and figured they can make money off of it (knowing there may be some who choose not to buy any of their DLCs). I personally enjoyed GoT a lot, and I think I will get the $30 package to get the full experience.


I definitely have no problem for them charging money for the expansion, it always been like this. But charging for next gen upgrades is incredibly stupid. We already pay for the console for that, why should I pay for the features of the console I paid for? Imagine buying a new PC and then paying for higher graphics settings… There are already many companies who offer free upgrades. For example Metro Exodus & FF7R are great examples because they completely improved the games technically, not just 60fps.


How can you think it's okay for Sony to lock features behind a paywall? Features they themselves decided to put into their own $500 box and used to market said box.


My evil grocery store puts all their food behind a paywall.


Well you didn’t buy the game for PS5….


Kong island?! Kaiju confirmed!


So much eye candy in this trailer!


This got the “NEXT IN *GHOST OF TSUSHIMAL*” vibes to it and I love it.


Anyone know if you can import your PS4 save?




FUCK yes! So it will be largely narrative, this is what I was hoping for. This is honestly one of the better ip's to be made by Sony in quite a while, and overall as well


>So it will be largely narrative I mean, it is a story trailer


Looks great.


I can't see a PS4 to PS5 upgrade listed in the store?


Well I had no interest in this after getting my fill from platting the game earlier this year, but if they’re dealing with some vaguely supernatural stuff that might hook me after all


It'll probably be some drug that makes people see trippy things and go crazy, kind of like how the Far Cry games did the trippy scenes. Those were my favourite parts so I'm happy to see they are in this.


Im out of the loop. Can someone explain to me what this directors cut is? What benefits does it have for the ps5 and what the cost is? Im seeing people in comments complaining about various prices and upgrades so things are not clear for me :( ​ Later edit, ive found my answer on the blog: * If you already own Ghost of Tsushima on PS4: You can pre-order an upgrade to Director’s Cut on PS4 for $19.99 USD. This upgrade will become available starting on August 20. * Starting on August 20: If you bought Director’s Cut PS4, you’ll be able to upgrade to Director’s Cut PS5 at any time for $9.99 USD You can also upgrade directly (from original Ghost of Tsushima PS4) to Director’s Cut on PS5 for $29.99 USD


Holy crap that villain is so much cooler than the guy in the main game.


A few more of these expansions will hold us over until the sequel


The beginning seems to confirm this takes place after the main story. Is that correct? It looks rad but that is a big factor for me I just want to confirm before I get too excited.


Im wondering how big this island will be. Would be cool if i could start with my weapons, outfits, etc from the main story


I had very little interest in this on PS4 at the time of release, I’m looking forward to experiencing it for the first time on PS5


bought my ps5 version, physical edition. awesome game on ps4, I will love to play it again on ps5.


Pre ordered


pre ordered when first announced. cant wait.






So I bought the base game on PS4 when it released. How do I pay the DLC on PS5 for the least amount of money?


Depends if you own it digitally or physically. If digitally, buy it for $29.99, it’s“technically” the cheapest route. The dlc is $19.99 for the ps4 version. The ps5 version is either sold for I think $69.99 or $79.99 new, or you can “upgrade” to the digital ps5 version from the digital ps4 for $29.99.


Is it me or do the speaking animations look a step up from the original version? Articulation looks great in the trailer


Well…. It seems that everything else in my will be put on hold on August.


The English audio threw me off for a second. I played the Japanese audio from the start and was like who is this guy?! I see one of the features is audio synced Japanese lips. Funny I never had a problem with the Japanese dub with the English lips


I couldn’t do the Japanese voice like I wanted with the English lip movement, found it unbearable


So I have to pay to play more Ghosts of Tsushima? Where do I sign up.


i don't own a copy anymore, but i have my save on ps+ cloud, if i buy this version, can i use my save?


Yeah I'm sure you can, since there is cross save


hopefully they vastly improve the repetitive quests and NPC interactions.


The side quests were uniquely done imo. Each of them provided more insight into the supporting characters' backstory. The mythic tales were really intriguing and rewarding too.


Those fucking footprints


Don't hold your breath


Yeah it dosent really feel like a full open world game. More like a linear game with a big map and some sidestuff The open world interaction isnt the greatest. At best you encounter some deers or enemys maybe some rarer stuff here and there kinda like horizon zero dawn wich was a mediocore world aswell


it looks fantastic but i just can't shake the $30 total for me to play it. i'll gladly wait for a sale like i did with Division 2's Warlords of New York expansion.


Unless you care about the ps5 upgrade you can just buy the dlc and play the PS4 version for $20


Since the 30$ is an upgrade and not really a dlc, would upgrades ever go on sale? Seems like it's either that or nothing


The $20 DLC might be on-sale, but not for a while.


that's a great question. i'm willing to wait and find out.


this is gonna be the best dlc of the year


Wait is this expansion exclusive to the director's cut?


Yeah, you’re gonna need to upgrade to the director’s cut to get it


Everything looks good apart form the stupid name. “Directors cut” in this instance doesn’t make sense. Just call it ultimate or complete addition. Directors cut must be supposed to be more classy but in fact sounds pretentious and is inaccurate.


Directors cut is just a marketing name in this case to make sony games sound more “cinematic and premium”.


Well I think the logic is the game was inspired by Kurosawa films. I guess people might find that pretentious.


I think in this case it kind of makes sense for the PS5 version because it includes things they cut for hardware/storage reasons (lip sync with Japanese audio).


Is there a Japanese trailer?


Not pre ordering but I think this'll be well worth the 20. New armor looks great and the story seems interesting. Will be passing on the $10 upgrade.


Gtfo with that paid ps5 upgrade directors cut shit. This should be a 20 bucks dlc. Fuck that


It literally is though


Buy the PS4 upgrade then for $20


Eh, not gonna bother. This was a good game for sure, but after the story it just felt like every other open world game.


After this I can definitely believe that 15-20 hour rumor. Wonder if people will still complain about the upgrade price


Seeing as people are complaining about having to pay to upgrade and not the price of the dlc, then im assuming people are still upset because that hasn't changed


I have no problem paying for new content. I just don't like being nickeled and dimed for a next gen upgrade when most of them are being given for free to people who already bought the game.


They did give a 60fps patch for the PS4-on-PS5 version already for free though.


Yeah, but they're still charging $10 for an upgrade.


Just got back from paying it off at GameStop. I’m really glad they fixed the Japanese mouth movements. I can’t see why anyone would play a samurai game in English so it really enhances the immersion to have the lip sync right.


PS5 owner. Played half on PS4 Pro, half on PS5. Loved it. I Will not pay a fucking cent over $19.99 plus tax for this update. What Playstation 4 Owners will pay.


How much is this again for PS5 owners? £10 upgrade and then £20 DLC?


Yup bundled together for £30


Can't wait *sits in corner, sharpening Jules, my katana*


I am still salty about buying the ps4 version on sale, only for the ps5 version to be announced a couple of weeks later. Left a bad taste in my mouth, yet to even start the game.


Ah fuck it. This won’t go down well but… …same shit, just about same setting. And by shit I mean formulaic Ubisoft-esque assassins creed go here escort them collect this kill him loot fort generic rinse and repeat pattern, wrapped up in a setting everyone was clamouring for, and some really pretty graphics that can’t quite mask how empty and flat everything feels.


Not hyped at all. The base game was boring and repetitive. The open world was so shallow and the characters were quite boring. I do like sony's open world games but they seriously need to work on their writing department because this DLC looks to be the same as the main story. Also the fact it's 30 dollars is so lame. I mean what's the point of advertising the ps5 as a new more powerful system if the features are going to be locked behind a 10 dollar paywall? It's like nvidia releasing a more powerful gpu just to have features like DLSS and raytracing to be behind a 10$ paywall.That's a stupid concept and people should speak up against this practice because this is a straight up scam.


Still not very happy with the pricing model they’ve adopted for this ‘expansion’ / DLC…




And it looks like we are going to mourn another horse. Sigh.


Looks fantastic! Cant find ps4 to ps5 upgrade in uk store. Only ps4 to ps4 director cut.