Back 4 Blood party leaders can share paid DLC with squad members - if your party leader owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them" without having to purchase it yourself. This includes maps, gameplay, and campaign. "No separation. No exclusion. No split,"

Back 4 Blood party leaders can share paid DLC with squad members - if your party leader owns a paid content drop, you will be able to play that content with them" without having to purchase it yourself. This includes maps, gameplay, and campaign. "No separation. No exclusion. No split,"


Dang. Like Mario kart DS


I don't think other players even needed to have Mario kart


Been a few years, but I believe my friend split it 7 ways with all of us...I know I for sure didn't have it


Yeah I remember you’d play as a Shy Guy if you didn’t own it haha


Which is funny because Shy Guy is best guy so it was a win win. Free game, best character.


I remember when I was younger we would play Mario kart on the bus and I was the one who owned it. We had 8 people playing at all times. I would purposefully play Bowser because his weight made the shy guys fly across the map basically if you bumped them while using a mushroom. I bullied my friends.


I'm sure that was because memory restrictions.


Used to play Mario party DS with my nephews when we were all kids. Only one person had to have the game


The best multi-player


But we could only play the first 2 cup i believe.


Yeah, I'm imagining people are thinking of the 3DS game. The DS cup limitation was lame as hell and likely borne of the DS only having 4MB of RAM. The 3DS had 128MB of RAM and Mario Kart 7 lets you play all the tracks off a single cart, though guests still had to play as Shy Guy


Funny enough, Nintendo would _NEVER_ make that kind if a choice again. Good guy Nintendo is as greedy, if not greedier, than all the other companies now.


I love Nintendo but these guys literally get free passes all day… some of their practices are really questionable


You mean re-releasing the same games for every generation of console but adding nothing new to it and not even updating the graphics? Or are you referring to releasing a new platform every 3 years with barely any update or improvement to the previous platform?


What? You could only play one grand prix cup if I recall correctly and everyone else had to play as shy guys. A better comparison would be paradox strategy games.


Absolutely love this - I can see a lot of younger players benefiting from this. I know this would’ve helped me personally as a kid, so happy others won’t be excluded.


Back 4 blood...... rated E for everyone


Rated E for family friendly lyrics sung by cute furry animals.


I’ve always found the esrb rating system weird since nobody i know (myself included) be it family, friends or even classmates ever paid attention to it. My parents didn’t give a crap either. I want to know how many people actually pay attention to it…


I think it's a kind of law or something to let parents know the nature of the medium before they buy for kids, so they can make a decision. Or also just to let the user know the kind of content explicitly in the game without having to infer from the case. Some people don't like mature genres.


It's not law. The ESRB was created as a board of self regulators by the industry in the 90s because the US govt gave in to people complaining about games like Mortal Kombat and threatened to put them under govt regulation unless they self regulated. Like the MPAA movie rating system, it's not a law, but any store/theater not following the ESRB/MPAA guidelines will be essentially blacklisted


So it's not a law but kinda is but not really maybe technically either or...


Yep haha, but it's better to have control over it "ourselves" than to have the govt decide what was ok. This was before video games were protected under the first amendment. Of course nowadays other countries are prone to censorship and the actual groups of people who decide the ratings here are made up middle aged parents so they're susceptible to not being with the times in terms of content


Oh, that's a whole bigger discussion lol. I was just thinking of the customer benefitting from knowing beforehand what the content of a game is like, so they can decide not to purchase something if they're sensible to things like violence, nudity, drug reference, etc. Having it regulated to me means every company follows the same advisory format. I don't see how the gov is deciding it for us, since we're not required to show ID to purchase a game, I think it's just suggesting the kind of audience suitable. Personally I would get rid of the age number and just have the list of topics. Maybe that's what you mean by Gov deciding wants ok, when they assume what age you should be to purchase?


Yeah that's what I'm saying, the govt *doesn't* regulate it, because the esrb does. and it is designed exactly to give purchasers an idea of what kind of content is in the game, again like the movies. The only reason a store doesn't sell an M game to under 17s is backlash


Oh sorry mate I keep thinking ESRB is part of government.


But those same parents will buy them GTA and Mortal Kombat and CoD. They won't pay attention to the rating or ask what it's about, but they will complain about how their "little angel" was able to get and play violent games and to "think of the children". Fucking karens. This is why we can't have nice things.


My mom would only let me play teen games and no people vs people violence


My mother. I wasn't allowed to watch pg-13 movies till I literally turned 13, so before spending the night at a friend's house she would call their parents to tell them that. It really sucked and was super embarrassing, so I mainly just didn't go anywhere. I'm pretty sure she'd still not let me watch R movies if she had a choice.


So this past year must've been like one long continuous party for her, right?


I got a job and moved out right before I turned 17. I'm sure she would love this, I once got put on probation and I think it was the happiest I'd ever seen her, since "obey parental commands" was one of my juvenile probation rules lol.


Some parents do. Usually ones that are completely unfamiliar with video games.


In some places stores are forced by law to only sell games to people old enough for the rating. Seems like this isn't true for the US, but some stores might still choose to make it a company policy.


Im 27 and GameStop still cards me when buying M rated games in California at least


Like that means anything when idiot parents purchase M rated games for their kids and then turn around and complain about the violence.


As a parent I use them to gauge what kind of content is being in the game, such as, is there graphic violence and cussing? Then I say that's Hella cool and play it myself


I wish I was one of these “cool kids” Had to go to a friend’s for some Halo lol


I missed out on a lot of fun times with friends growing up because i wasnt allowed to play M-rated games


The ESRB gave this basketball game called NBA2k an E for everyone rating. It sounds innocent enough, but there is literally GAMBLING in the game. Like, slot machines!! You pay REAL money and earn a small percent chance to get a good player in the games multiplayer mode. The marketing is super predatory too. EA, the publisher, gives no shits about the effect this might have on children. They are the same company who published Madden (and holds a monopoly over the simulation football archetype). The scummy ass fucks are predatory assholes who want one thing: money. Even worse, the ESRB said something along the lines of “this isn’t TECHNICALLY gambling” when they’re fucking SLOT MACHINES! Watch [this video](https://youtu.be/g-BuUqsd71w) if you want to learn more, or if you don’t believe me. Fuck you ESRB. Fuck you EA. Fuck you Madden and 2k.


As much as I love to hate on 2k, they are a completely different company from EA lol. Take Two (2k) owns Rockstar Yes, both have insane amounts of gambling like “freemium” games, despite being paid titles


This is such a refreshing practice


They finally figured out they're likely to sell more DLC packs if they are exposed to it with their friends vs being forced to separate.


Segmenting your community with exclusive map packs is just a really, really dumb idea. Population numbers matter so much for the health of a multiplayer game and anything that reduces it artificially should be avoided like the plague. It also is a giant barrier for drawing in new people if they have to buy a bunch of things to get their foot in the door before even getting sold on the game. Hell, it's also a deterrent for bringing back players that have lapsed. On the bright side, it seems most companies and games understand this and don't go the hard gating route as much any more. The major exception of course being the "yearly" titles like CoD and FIFA that essentially create a giant division with each new release.


That whole first paragraph is why FFXIV is so fucking amazing. Free trial through level 60, most classes, base game plus first expansion which is easily 200+ hours, higher level players incentivized to play lower level quests so the early game won’t be dead or Dungeons for quests that don’t give anything good never filled. Shits dope yo. Edit: all classes to most classes


I agree and currently play the game. That said, there are a few weird things. If you've ever put money into the game, no more free access. Makes sense I guess but if you want to play around again in the future after pausing you're on the hook for the monthly sub cost again. No dropping back to a "free" tier, it really is a trial for your first foray and that's it. The way they handle PS4/5 is also weird as hell. I play on PC and was gonna put it on my PS5 cause it seemed worth trying. If I want to play on both PC and console I need to repurchase the whole game again for the PS5 version. Furthermore, my PS account is linked up to an account my old roommate used so we could try playing together and there is apparently no way to undo that outside getting support involved. Though, if you are new the game it is really a fantastic deal and 1-60 through Heavensward alone is a hell of a lot for free.


Oh yeah. Idk why I bought it and paid the sub from the start. I just wanted all the shit you’re locked out of I guess. I should’ve completed the trial but oh well. The whole one account to one system is the weirdest shit.


And to think that this game is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead 2. The game that was released one year after its predecessor despite Valve promising long-term post-release support it. I'm glad a development studio that has a passion for the franchise (different IP, I know, but we all know why that is) and aren't greedy like Valve have made this. I hope it turns out great because it'd be an enormous success for pro-consumerism in the game industry. Greedy ass Valve refuses to make sequels to popular franchises and their former studio makes a pro-consumer banger of a game sounds like a great feel good story for the industry.


I like it. A few games have done it that I know of. Payday 2 and Killing Floor come to mind.


That’s in payday 2? Well now that I think about it I don’t remember half the heists I played a few months ago compared to launch. I wish the masks were available though.


Payday 2 always had it but most console stuff was in 1 or 2 mega packs iirc.


Let's not forget the OG of multiplayer GameShare... Mario kart super circuit for the GBA. 4 friends/one cart. EZ


I remember way back in the day when I had Halo 2 and they dropped the map pack DLC and I was able to borrow my friend’s and install it on my Xbox for free. Good times man. No sleep, but good times.


World War Z too iirc.


It Takes Two and A Way Out. It’s so nice splitting the cost with friends you know you’ll always play with.


The Minecraft Dungeons game also does it.


Another refreshing practice was the GoT Legends DLC, completely unforeseen, not behind any yearly passes, deluxe/ultimate editions and also completely free.


I would love it if more successful single player games just came on Twitter a month after launch like “multiplayer drops tomorrow...surprise!”


The devs did the same thing with Evolve. Always thought that game was underrated and ahead of its time


This will actually probably help sell DLC. People will be able to get a taste of it and if the content's good then people are going to want to be able to play it anytime they want.


Or in a group of friends. Each person will only have to buy 1 dlc for everyone to enjoy. 4 different dlcs, 4 different people buying it.


3x the loss of sales!


And 4x the player base!


It just works!


It win’t help sell DLC much more but it will absolutely help sell future games from the publisher Brand Goodwill is immensely powerful in the games industry, look how many pre-orders Cyberpunk had off the back of Witcher 3


It would absolutely help sell DLC. Once you’ve played, experienced and enjoyed something and it becomes unavailable again, you’re more likely to take the plunge. Gamers will know what they’re missing and a smaller DLC price is just a small hurdle hop to start experiencing that content again. This is a great idea that puts the choice into the players’ hands much more than the locked content of other series. Bravo Back4Blood.


wow this is amazing!


Man, I really want this game to be good


Just give me left 4 dead with better graphics and couch co-op and ill be happy as a clam!


I don't even need top of the line graphics with every blade of grass rendered. The fact that couch co-op is not utilized more is a damned shame and unfortunately a make or break for me on this game. I don't want to sit in my living room alone with a headset on, killing zombies with complete strangers. I want to have my brother and friends come over, have some snacks and just brawl together in the same room as we joke around without everyone having to have their own TV, game, and console. Take me back to the days of OG Halo, LFD, and Twisted Metal where at least I have an option.


Yea, L4D is amazing. No character progression, building a weapon collection etc BS. That’s really getting on my nerves lately. As if a game isn’t worth playing if it doesn’t give you explicit hoops to jump through. If the core gameplay is fun, the rest is just pulling things down.


How do you sense that clams are happy, O wise one?


You DON‘T have Clam-O-Vision to see into the inner-most workings, thinkings and feelings of a clam?


No. Couldn't find it in Amazon at the time. Might've needed to check Atlantis. :/


When they start pooping pearls = happy.


Played the closed beta and it went from a must have to a not gonna bother. The card system is just plain awful and even though there wasn't any in the beta, you could see that it will be full of microtransaction.


I havent looked into it, whats so horrible about the cards?




Okay, so many people are asking and I can't reply to everyone, but [yes, the game will be cross platform even in beta.](https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/06/back_4_blood_open_beta_begins_this_august_cross-play_enabled)


If they would have treated Evolve like this, it probably would have lasted so much longer 🥲


It really sucks the game got killed off, I absolutely loved it while it was free to play


Evolve was dead before it even had dlc. Wouldn't have saved the game like going f2p would have potentially saved it.


I feel like part of that problem was because before the game even launched they announced that there was another like 50% content coming as paid DLC. There were 3 monsters on launch, with two more coming as paid DLC. And it was a significant number of extra hunters too. So while it might have been fair pricing over the following year, the impression that people got was that they were deliberately withholding content on launch to charge extra. That got it review bombed and a lot of bad press. In addition, the season pass didn't include all the upcoming content. If they had never announced all the upcoming content prior to launch, it might have had a more successful launch and people would have been excited to have additional content.


On the plus side, Evolve got rat fucked for B4B to happen. Good fucking riddance. I liked Evolve, but I knew the game was doomed with their asymmetrical MP, also a full priced game, and had DLC heros. Recipe for disaster.


I think companies are realising it’s better to give some stuff free to ensure longevity. That way more people play and spend money on it long term rather than a 6 month burst.


That was Evolve’s plan too, though. All maps for free.


All the maps in Evolve were free anyway, there was no community splitting by DLC in the first place. You could buy skins or eventually expansion characters if you wanted to play as them.


This is awesome. Does anyone know if this is going to be cross play as well? Not just generationally, but across platforms


[Apparently, luckily, yes.](https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/06/back_4_blood_open_beta_begins_this_august_cross-play_enabled)


That’s awesome, thank you!


That's a nice addition


Is this game cross-play? If this happens to all platforms too then this is great.


[Yes, seems so.](https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/06/back_4_blood_open_beta_begins_this_august_cross-play_enabled)


Nice. I hope the open beta won't be restricted to certain platforms and will be on every platform so everyone can try it.


I believe it is every platform, if you preorder it, you get to play earlier, Aug 5-9, and then everyone, even wirn no preorders can play from Aug 12-16 I think.


So cool. Overcooked 2 has this as well !


But is it gonna have couch co-op?


They’ve said that it will not have couch co-op. I am really bummed. My wife and I love to play L4D together


That is heart breaking.


Wait, for real? That literally kills any interest I have in this game. L4D is one of the only games my wife plays, I was looking forward to playing B4B with her.


In these day and age, you gotta beed two consoles and two displays to play together 😭


Everyone has been talking shit about this game but I can’t wait


Absolutely, I’ve been waiting for L4D on a Sony platform for years!!


Payday2 does this, it's amazing.


This is cool because there’s a bare minimum entry for your group. If they’re happy with the dlc they’ll happily pay for it too!


Nice! Now my friends who refuse to spend anything over 10€ on a game will be able to play dlc with me further down the line, i hope we see this trend with content continue


I wish my friends were down to buy this game 😭


Damn that’s actually really nice. I wish more games did this.


Back 4 My Bros


I can think of a lot of games that would have really benefitted from this.


Interesting premisse


Has it been mentioned if the game will support cross platform multiplayer


Yes the beta was cross play.


when was the beta?


It was in August 2020


Was it good?


It’s an updated L4D by the L4D guys. Hell yeah it was good.


That's nice, it's kinda like when a co-op game needs only one person to own it


Reading this really makes me want to purchase this game now.


I’m excited to play this!


This is the way


*Everyone liked that*


Still no couch coop :(


Game is not even out yet and already talking about paid dlc, gotta love the industry.


Golf clap Clearly we're so programmed to accept DLC that when a company does something that appears moderately not shitty and allows players to share it, we applaud. Of course this is an altruistic move by the Devs! /s How is this much different from that patent EA has, which taps into FOMO by pairing players without DLC with players who do. It's an effort to sell more DLC. "Wow! I got to use that awesome boost card / skin / weapon when I played with that player, better go buy some packs to try and get it for myself"


Very similar to evolve, which I loved


That game died so quickly though. It would have been a hit if it would have gone to game pass and ps+ day 1.


Gamepass didn't even exist when Evolve launched though.


Was a seriously underated game.


This is refreshing and all but the game isn't even out and is a ledt4dead successor but dlc is spoken about already?


If an online only game does not get any future content, it would die quickly, not getting any DLCs would be more worrying.


Getting DLC is expected, and this news we got is great, but this is Turtle Rock we're talking about. Before the release of Evolve, they were hyping up about how it was "built for"DLC" before the game was even out, and we saw how that game turned out.


This is basically L4D 3. The difference here is that it's a coop zombie shooter where the A.I director controls how crazy the game gets. Evolve was a 4v1 asymmetrical game where if the monster was an asshole, the game would never finish


This is absolutely great news, Just hope this sort of a buisness model works better than the normal method. So more developers can adopt it. - If its successful --- \*Fingers Crossed.


Well they are far from first one doing it


So has it been successful?


*Everybody loved that*


All Wel and good but it’s gonna feel pretty bollox paying €70 when I know Xbox are getting it on gamepass.


Grab it on disc if you can. Always cheaper.


Why can't people just let me have my hopes crushed?


Aha so this game is a full priced release, with mtx such as cosmetics and DLC that includes gameplay stuff... this sounds like shit.


It's on gamepass day one if you have a PC/Xbox I guess to try it out


I don't though it does seem like a perfect Gamepass game.


Agreed. I find it so hard to pay close to full price for these types of games.


Yeah, they overhyped it by saying that since they were the original creators of l4d, that this must be worth it... after the alpha, all that hope just sort of fizzled away. Very disappointing.


Who would have thought?


It shouldn't be surprising, as I've seen the same type of thing happen before. Sadly, a ton of people will get scammed, get mad, the company will make millions, then make false promises to "fix" things with a new paid DLC or game, which also fails to deliver, and the cycle will continue.


Single playthrough and it will be uninstalled..


Lol. Or they could just put content in the game y'all payed for without extra fees.


That kinda implies that the DLC will split the community if you DON'T have people in your friend circle with the DLC. Makes it sound a little like a fix to that problem, rather than a selfless act. At least that's my two cents.


A $60 multiplayer game talking about extra content already. Fantastic.


they can shove dlcs up their ass. especially if its gonna be like payday 2


"No separation. No exclusion. No Split." Except between other players that are not your friends... cmon man its 2021 maps as dlc are outdated


In the era of “free” DLC it seems like a weird move to have paid DLC like this in the first place though.


Well now I'm really glad I bought the ultimate edition. Some pre orders are worth it lol


Ehh, I got the gold edition. I get the pass, minus the last bit of dlc the ultimate edition has. No big deal.


Well they have my preorder


Don't pre-order games... there is literally no benefit from doing so. The best thing that can happen, you just play a week earlier and don't miss anything. Worst thing? Cyberpunk situation again


I was already in on this. This news seals the deal.


This is almost MarioKart DS levels of wonderful!


Would love a PS5/steam cross platform


But will it be Cross platform?


Fucking amazing!!!


What about trophies?


no split screen is a big let-down still. The beta was decent but there were some serious balancing issues that I hope were solved


Is it cross play


I imagine no one knows, but any ideas on keyboard and mouse support for ps4/ps5? If its cross play its really not gonna matter for fairness.


i wonder what about the trophies dlc, i guess the members wont get it


cries in COD black ops Zombies


This is nice, they have a similar system in Killing Floor 2 with DLC. If ANYONE in the game owns a piece of DLC, everyone in the match gets access to it.


That’s smart move on their part


It makes sense for player base. The devs still want to get paid by the publisher. Publisher wants to keep active users for a multiplayer game. Not everyone is going to buy all the dlc. Why split your player base over new dlc content if you don't have to.


That’s pretty damn dope, I wish more games would adopt this practice




Nothing to do with Sony and Microsoft is putting it on gamepass while you pay 70€ sooooo…


Sony had no input on this it's a 3rd party game.


This has nothing to do with sony, feller... It's a decision made by WB.


Is it a Sony game?


Payday 2 had the same feature and it worked very wrll so if more games are adopting it then I'm happy




Will it have split screen like Left 4 Dead I wonder?


Same with Stellaris, When you Host a Match the Other Players can Play with your Expansions. This is how it always should be If possible.


So ... like PD2?




We did it Mr Stark


Me, the friend with no kids and who isn’t married buying all this shit up and having my homies with kids and wives play!


AND it’s on game pass. The hype is real for this game. “Left 4 Dead 3” is something I’ve been needing for a long while, and if valve won’t get their shit together and do it, I’m glad someone else is.


Honestly this game looks insane (in a good way). I loved me some Left 4 Dead and it's basically that with more bells and whistles. The fact you get it day one on Game Pass is a great decision too.


They does this with 4x games which is cool. PDX game i notice it with


Bet they will be selling those upgrade cards in packs with a random drop rate