Split screen isn't supported in zombies even tho its on the menu plus idk if multiplayer works that way


We can’t get split screen on zombies or multiplayer. Any update? Just says press x to add player. Nothing happens.


Another response suggested signing in under another profile rather than trying as a guest. That worked enough to add a second player to the lobby, but it kept crashing the game until we gave up. Still no success beyond that.




I couldn't get it to work with the second player being a guest, had to sign it in to another psn account. Even then it only worked for multiplayer but not for zombies.


This is why Reddit is the best. That worked & we were able to be in a lobby together but the PS5 crashed every time we actually got going. Maybe a bug :(


Did you ever get this figured out? I'm dealing with the same issue.. Are 2 ps+ accounts really necessary to play multiplayer online?


Never got past having to use a second account. AND that’s still crashing my machine when we go from lobby to map. Fail.


I've still had no luck getting into a zombie match on splitscreen.


I've fooled with this for awhile and finally got offline split screen MP with bots to work. Still no luck with Zombies.


how did you get it to work? I've tried for ages but not luck :(


Pretty janky, but as you're starting a match, add the second player on the other controller. Then quit the match and both players should be in the lobby. I haven't tried it online, only offline with bots.


Have this same issue, have to log each account out join COD and then he logs in to his account and hits x and we are good to go. If we ever have to leave the CoD window to the PS5 window we begin to see issues and are unable to join any lobbies until we log out of our accounts and re-enter CoD. Oh also we are able to close game app then re enter but when this happens we usually have no crosshairs and some enemies are only visible by their guns.


How about offline splitscreen, is that non existent now?


Did they fix the split screen now?


Don't think so, I'm having thé same problem now