I finally got this to install on PS5. Before you even insert the disc, disconnect from the internet. I have been trying for weeks and this finally worked. When the install gets to about 21.4gig the PS5 starts acting up, going slow and drive speeds up then slows, then speeds up again. Just leave it, it will struggle and whine and complain, copying slowly up until about 26 gigs, it will then continue to normal. AS SOON as it says, "install the play disc" eject and swap them out quickly. The installation should proceed and complete as per normal. Once done, restart your PS5, connect to the net and download the patches. This has worked for me, I hope it helps someone/anyone to get it to install from disc.


Oh man. I hope it works for me. After a couple failed attempts I searched this up and am currently trying to follow your instructions to a T. Going for my second play through (it’s been awhile since my first one). After 30 some-odd years of gaming this might just be my favorite game of all time. I need to see Arthur through to the end one more time!


Good luck, let me know if it worked for you!


No dice. Tried multiple times. Did online chat with rockstar and Sony. They both sucked. I guess I’m returning the physical copy and waiting until it goes on sale again in the PlayStation store.


Ah man, so sorry.


but i had the same problem like 2 weeks back but then I tried a few days later and then it worked but then my bro deleted it so i tryed reinstalling and now I have the same problem again


He deserves death


anybody have an updated method on installing? my disc will get to around 14gb installed and it will slow to a crawl at that point, 99+ hours it says but i know there’s nothing wrong with my internet connection


I had the same problem believe it or not I took the disk out cleaned it then it worked


Just curious, how big is rdr2 when fully installed on ps5 hdd? I have been scrounging the internet and nobody or their mother seems to have posted or said anything about it, just the ps4 version basically. I’m more curious about if the kraken system on the ps5 hdd will compress the overall size and make it smaller than the ps4 version, or is it exactly the same GB size as the ps4?


Thanks helped allot


Disconnect from the internet before you insert the play disc or the data disc?


I finally got it to install been trying for a few hours. What worked for me was after hitting try again before it fails pause it then wait a few seconds and resume. The amount copied will go up and bit. Did this like 3 times and it went back to installing like normal. Hope this helps anyone still trying to get the physical copy to work.


Opposite for GTAV for me. Wouldn't come across from PS4 via LAN or extended drive. Had to install it on PS5 directly.


How crazy is that!!


I think I found the solution. While your game is installing, check your downloads/uploads. There should be an update file installing alongside your game installation. You need to pause that.


So installing the disc version with internet switched off should do the trick?


Apparently it was a false positive. I did my solution. Seemed to have worked, but ultimately failed. ended up returning the game


Did you solve it yet?


Worked for me!!! I tried many different methods online and none worked. The ONLY thing that worked was AFTER it fails the install to persistently force it install by ejecting the disk and putting it back in multiple times. It was a slow process but after many attempts the weird sputtering of the disk drive stopped and then it was a smooth install. It installed in under 5 minutes after getting passed that speed hump. Don’t cancel and delete the file. Just keep forcing it to install. Hopefully that works for someone.


Man I hope It works my external hard drive took a shot so I popped a new drive in and haven’t been able to download it in 3 days now I called Sony, rockstar, rebuilt data base, factory reset the machine, cleaned the already pristine disc, tried it off line online tried unplugging as it was downloading tried plugging it in while downloading lol been trying to force it past that point now at 55.83 gigs it stopped working for me at 55.818 gb so since last night I’ve been removing the disc and putting it back in to no avail but I’m not going to stop trying




Unfortunately after trying for almost a week and trying more ways than I can count of different tricks that worked for others I had no luck I ended up having a PlayStation card with 25 bucks on it and I bought the game AGAIN but digitally this time had no issue downloading after that on the digital version


Did it wind up working on your external drive?


I don’t know what exactly worked for me but I did the following: 1. Cancelled and deleted the update file that was downloading in parallel 2. Restarted the ps5 (with 5 mins of no power) 3. Cleaned the disc And finally, what probably did the trick: 4. Every time it failed, I ejected and reinserted the disc and tried again. After a few attempts (~5), it started to install again smoothly


I had the Can't Install error and would always happen at 72% when the play disc was inserted. Visually the disc looked absolutely fine and I tried all the recommended steps with no luck... until I cleaned the disc with a small bit of washing up liquid and hot water, once dry I inserted the disc and it worked fine. I had tried cleaning the disc with a micro fibre cloth multiple times but the soap and hot water seemed to the trick. Even though the disc looked fine there must of been something on there I couldn't see


I'm trying this as a last resort tried everything else and nothing has worked.


Any luck?


Unfortunately no, I'm assuming that the disc likely has been scratched on a part where the console reads the data. Such a shame knew I shouldn't have deleted it off my storage a while back smh.


Same no matter what I do it won’t install, it’s ridiculous to have to work this hard to install a game on a system that’s supposed to be so advanced 😞


Noooo I don’t want to hear this, I’ve bought the disc version (don’t have a PS4) 😫


Sorry mate. I was yelling profanities for about 2 hours while it failed over and over. Hoping people figure out another way....


Worked for me installing to an external drive... But then I deleted it and disconnected the drive cuz of the issues people have been talking about


Having the same issue. But it appears to be working for some people...


Make sure that you actually use the data disc and not the game disc 😏


Haha I wish that was the mistake!!


Any one find a solution for this? I can install the data disc but the play disc errors out at 72%


Yeah just keep ejecting and reinserting. I had to fully restart it once or twice.


Yeah I’ve tried installing it 5 times now and every time it gets to 73gbs and errors out


Hi, did you ever manage to solve this? I’m getting to 72% as well and then it errors


It just worked one day after a system update, no idea why or what was causing it not to work to begin with


Anyone still having issues, I installed mine first try no issues, my install disk was practically new since I only used it once to install the game on my ps4, my play disk however was NASTY, I cleaned it well with an alcohol wipe and a microfiber cloth, when you put in the install disk go to your downloads quickly, you’ll see the red dead install, click on it and you’ll see an update file downloading at the same time as your install is going cancel and delete the install file, your first disk will install up until around 48GB at which point you’ll have to put in your play disk to complete the install, whole process took around 1 hour.


it ended up being the smudges on the disc for me 🤦🏻‍♀️ my generation doesn’t know shit about discs so we would never think to check that 😂


Jeez I want to at red dead redemption on PS5 but seeing all this issue I think I'll just stick to the ps4 pro.


I was


I know this post is 2 years old but just got a PS5 and really wanted to play RDR2 but won’t let me. The game icon wont even pop up on my Home Screen to acknowledge I’ve interested the disc (and yes, the disc was inserted the correct way up) 😭


Yeah just restart the console, eject and reinsert etc. Have to repeat a few times.


Thank you!! I’ll give it another try.


Any luck? My download gets stuck on 52 GB each time


PS5 was faulty so got a new one. Works perfectly fine now


Stuck on 15Gb/89Gb, might have to give up as my ps5 is overheating