The shortage of Dualshock 4s is really wearing on me at this point...

The shortage of Dualshock 4s is really wearing on me at this point...


I’m in Las Vegas Nevada and my Walmart restocks about 1 or two every other week. They’re more expensive than the DS5s. It’s insane.


Gamestops in Las Vegas are out of stock since corona started. You can go to the store and order one though and they'll ship to your house directly


What WalMart is that? Also in Las Vegas


Henderson, technically. Boulder hwy and lake mead


Plenty of them in Australia, wasn't aware there was a shortage - local jb has them for $80 AUD.


They're the same price as Dualsense here in Brazil too. Pretty crazy


They need to address this eventually. It blows my mind that they're releasing God of war Ragnarok in 2022, for the PS4 but apparently can't make new dual shock controllers? Also the shortage or simply put, absence of the PS4 pro. Who wants to play the new God of war on an original PS4 console? This just makes no sense


Are you all not aware of the global silicon shortage? It’s hampered production of nearly everything electronic since the pandemic started.


I had to buy a factory recertified ps4 pro for 349 from PlayStation. Cant complain though


They're on Amazon for £45-60 in the UK at least


I know this feel, trying to find a good condition Xbox 360 controller these days is like the quest for the holy grail.


Dual Shock 3's too, there's a boat load of knock off ones being sold as legit online which are worse than useless but the real thing in good condition is getting hard to find.


I got a DS3 off amazon that ended up being fake, it works, but not amazing. Crazy that they push it as real though,


I gave up on that quest. I keep finding fake ones in real looking boxes.


I’ve been searching for months, I know your pain


There was a post earlier this week, were some dude had like 12 ds4s. They were some type of ds4 Smaug the dragon.


I have 3 ds4 controllers (brand new in box) in my personal stock. Even now with my ps5 i'll keep them. Got the gold, rose gold and red version. When my first ds4 wasn't working fine i bought 2 in the store at a discount. (Red & blue version in june 2018 days of play). At the end of the ps4 life cycle when i pre ordered my ps5 i bought the gold & rose gold version as an investment. Reason for this weird action is when my ds3 controller jammed in dec. 2016 the search was hard to find one. Only on internet at 70€. Always buy a reserve controller at 50% discount at black friday or days of play. A new ds4 will never drop in price again at stores because of the low stock.


Yep, it’s so annoying. Wanted another PS4 controller to use (with my PS4, of course, but mostly my PC). Couldn’t find new ones and don’t trust used ones. Ended up buying an Xbox one lmao


Sony ended production of the DS4 in Japan earlier this year (https://www.glitched.online/sony-ends-production-of-most-ps4-consoles-and-accessories-in-japan/) and has likely slowed production elsewhere partially due to lowered expected demand (usually decided long in advance, hard to reverse especially today), and partially due to the semiconductor shortage affecting all electronic manufacturing currently. That likely drove up demand in Japan, which ripples across all other regions. My opinion is don't expect to see the DS4 stock return, and it's likely we'll see an announcement about it sometime soon from Sony basically stating production numbers will remain a trickle until they officially end it, unless there is a major rebound in the semiconductor shortage, which is definitely not happening anytime soon.


$60, as usual https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sony-Playstation-4-DualShock-4-Controller-Black/28802345


When you follow the link to the website it’s $89.95 lol


85.00 now


Says 80.00


I'm in the us


Me to.


That's really weird. You should try using a VPN. I'm using a new York IP.


Are you not in the US? eBay is full of them for around $40


it would be easier to find legit dualshock on the street than on ebay. It is full of cheap fakes


I had trouble finding one in store but I checked offerup and Facebook marketplace. I was able to find a new one in box for retail price.


OP where are you? Would help to know?


I'm just considering getting mine repaired. The buttons aren't worn and the casing is fine in colors that I like. The only issue is drifting, and I've researched and found that Sony quietly changed the joystick unit in later dualshock 4s and the dualsenses to something that's longer lasting. You can buy the new joystick units on amazon for like $15 for 4. I just have to find someone that can do the soldering without burning the board.


Target and Walmart in my area alway has them available. I’ve had to buy 6 in the last 6 months😔.


> I’ve had to buy 6 in the last 6 months Ah so you're the reason for the shortage!


Best Buy has the red in stock for $65. Allegedly.


Most wondrous buyeth hast the r'd in stock f'r $60. Allegedly *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


I have a clear one in pretty great condition. 25 plus shipping. I just have a ps5 and two ps5 controllers. Nothing wrong with it.


I bought a Luxcoms third party PS4 controller from Amazon for $30. Has pretty good reviews as well. Has vibration, the speaker, and the light bar. It doesn't feel cheap either. Not sure if motion controls are present. I haven't played anything that requires it. Connects directly to the PS4 and doesn't require a usb dongle. Also comes with a controller case.


Also, you'll want the V 2 Controller. Tho it's prone to thumbstick drift, the battery is apparently slightly better, but most certainly you cannot connect the OG DS4 to PC (I had several DS4 V1 and it wouldn't connect via Bluetooth, Dongle, etc even with 3rd Party Software like DS4 Windows). You also can't use the official Back Button Attachment with the OG one. I had bought that attachment after it went out of stock, then they went an re-released them again for $20. (ppl were paying upwards of $60 - $80 for the Back Button Attachment which is the craziest thing I've seen since the PSVR Adapter for PS5 (PPL paying $40 - $80, still)). I have like 3 spare ones thay need a new battery, and possibly the ribbon cable.




[Bought a 3rd party controller](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CX9W8BN?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share) and been using it since last week. No issues so far and all my controller skins fit it as well.


Wow that's bad. I haven't seen the same issue over here in my country (India), at their original price. They're available in plentiful. Might be a region specific issue the way I see it.


I got one of the green with white sticks and buttons bnib, and a 500 mill addition bnib. Should I trading these for a ps5?..


Jesus, on eBay even broken DS4s are going for what used DS4s went for a few years back.


Shortage in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil too ! Some friends that live in Sao Paulo report the same thing !


Got mine from eBay $34 brand new . I guess I was lucky


I have 4 for sale. All original, clean and working perfectly. Located in Belgium. 35 Euro each. Or 120 for 4. Excl. Shipping.


I have one I can sell you


I see them all the time at the Walmart I go to every few weeks.