mine as has also been slow and glitchy. i feel sony screwed them just a little so ps5 looks better


this is called planned obsolescence, and it is illegal


Yeah, mine has been crashing a hell of a lot. I have the new The Last of Us 2 PS4 pro, and it crashes at least 3 times a day. I had no issues before the PS5 . Quite upsetting really :/


Idc if this is from a year ago…but oml my ps4 has been so so so so so slow now I feel like and it’s so frustrating. Loading into games now feels like I’m loading into gta5 online. Like it’s not my wifi 😐 I’ve tested it so many times and it says it’s normal.


Mine hasn't gotten much better, i cleaned it which helped a tiny bit but still being super shitty. worth a try tho!


Thank you thank you…playing cod games lately has been ass


Mine is freezing while playing games and take ages to turn off


Istg I should just jump off my roof atp


Yeah lol… I gotta buy a new hdd


I think Sony is releasing crooked updates that overheat the system which is causing a multitude of problems for a lot of people.


Came here to say the ps4 PRO is still moving like a ps2




I say we all go together and sue Sony in a class action lawsuit! Ours disconnects, freezes, blinks, and the remotes will disconnect.


Mine has been acting wierd since the ps5 came out as well. Never had any problems at all before. It has been super low when using the playstation interface.


my console's performance **has** dropped significantly in the last year. I've had pretty much zero issues with my PS4 until the PS5 came out. Maybe its because I've used it more but it gives me plenty of issues now. It frequently gets stuck powering down and I must do it manually, there are new disk drive issues, copying update file loops, and I've gone through 2 brand new controllers with normal use that started to drastically stick drift within a 2 month period of using each controller. Im not saying Sony would downgrade performance of the PS4 to push more PS5 sales, but I'm not ruling it out. Big consumer tech companies have a tendency of doing that.


I seriously think that's what they're doing




Wow, really?


Yeah its been doing wierd shit ever since like its done some stuff in the past but doing it now and just being very slow is weird


Nope, but then I have Pro+ssd.


Ah mines like a gen 2 one gf has a slim and says its also being shit


Mines fine


Probs just a coincidence but it makes you think.


Never had any issues, now suddenly since the release games are freezing on startup, the UI is slow and glitchy. It used to be perfect, every update makes it worse since Nov.


Yes, since the first day the ps5 came out my ps4 felt instantly slower. At first, I thought I was just paranoid, or even worse, wearing a tin foil hat--but even now I still am wishing for the previous speeds. However, it is worth noting I felt the same way about the PS3, and I went back (two years ago) and it was slow as hell (even for Chrono Trigger)--BUT when I disconnected all forms of internet connection to the ps3--it runs like a monster and a half.


YES!! PS4 now loads slower than ever and freezes sometimes and it NEVER used to


Mine was working perfectly and once it was announced that no more sales for ps4 and it being phased out mine has slowed down soooo much, takes forever to get the thing started. I'm thinking of storing the games externally and wiping it completely clean and even make sure its physically cleaned in an out. I can't give up on this console, it belonged to my dead brother in law :( if this is a trick with playstation it's fuxked up.


That bs how Sony did us like this I got ps4 pro ever since ps5 came out my shit freeze and disconnect me from games sometimes black screen also I got my ps4 pro glacier White 2017 there was no problem before ps5 came out / system updates we need do sim about this shit unfair asl


Absolutely. After the past few updates, more frequent "flair ups". I've even rebuilt my database, but that was more than a month ago. Freeing up space, figured I'd try to condense what games were still on. It worked. Until the updates.


My PS4 Pro started glitching a lot exactly on Nov 12. It’s entirely not cool. I’m unsure if it was the software updates or when I downloaded Spider-Man Miles Morales but almost instantly when I played on the PS5 release date I had a lot of glitches and crashes in both the Spider-Man game and in the home screen.


My ps4 is freezing up in the PlayStation store, starting up games has become a nightmare, and fast traveling in games sometimes kicked me out of the games, never had these issues before ps5, hey if it works for apple why not for PlayStation


Apple paid a huge fine back then, hope sony would suffer the same faith


> Apple *paid* a huge FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*




Yeah mine just wont go out of the safe mode loop and its annoying as shit i think sony might have fucked with all the ps4 consoles.


PS4 has become slower on the UI can't even load prime without it crashing back to main menu, it has also has shut down randomly no warning just blank TV screen. I've had it 3 years no issues like this since ps5 release it has downgraded


I’m having crazy issues that I didn’t have months ago, network has trouble staying connected, it’s slow af, games crashing/not saving properly and it can barely load the playstation store. I mean I was going to buy the ps5 anyway for my living room but man I would like to have a functioning product in my bedroom. I bought it new only 3 years ago like I’m still kinda novice to it and it’s making me miss my xbox lol


Yup I feel it now for sure


Everything is so slow now for me too!! I do want to buy a PS5 but I have to save money for so much other stuff so I don’t think I could buy it until next year at least :/


bro mine just started getting all slow all of a sudden wttffff!!! this is bs bro it even says tye wifi is great now its all buggy n shit bruh wth


My audio started fucking up and my PS4 suddenly overheats a lot.


Yeah i got the same problem. i Cant even go into messeges anymore. its too laggy


Yes I've been on ps since day dot.. The system behaviour has changed continuously sticking between apps. Lagging out of games and freezing.. Most companies do it to sell there new products.. money before people. The world we live in..


Nov/2021 here… I have both the 4 & 5… 4 crashes and freezes… I bet it’s intentional… Thanks Sony.


God that makes sense now, my ps4 would glitch and cause the tv to lose picture so I got a new tv. Now it keeps freezing and saying it has an unstable connection. I check the connection and it’s completely fine 🤷🏼‍♂️


Mines freezing loads now defo think they fucked with us


Mine freezing while playing game and take ages to turn off


Me too. I have to unplug console to restart. I get black screen


well now i reinitialized it and it’s still freezing


Try unplug it and plug in again… that’s all that works for me


But wouldn’t that corrupt the hdd?


No. It will ask your to repair memory and you select yes.


Can you show me how it looks like ? Because it’ll tell me the system was not turned off immediately


I can’t go on my PS4 right now but it will automatically pop up when you plug back in and you just click yes to repair hdd


Ok so if i recap once my ps4 freezes, i’ll unplug and plug it back and then it’ll ask me to repair the hdd?


My PS4 has been crashing, giving me the overheating message and is having terrible internet connection issues even tho I use Ethernet and the router is directly next to my console. Granted, my PS4 has gone through 5 years of service and I haven’t replaced any internals for the past 3 years


They definitely did slow down these consoles. My fav games, that have been running smoothly for years, started lagging so much that it was unbearable. Problem came directly through some software update. Tried everything from rebuilding database to resetting the whole console to factory. Switched to a new Xbox Series S recently and everytime I play a game that still holds a 30fps lock, I realize again how far I‘ve been away from even that framerate during the last year on my ps4. The fact, how obvious that slow down was, still makes me mad and PlayStation probably lost me forever for this one


this was a year ago but it’s happening to me :(


So damn slow and so many disconnects just like the iPhone shit.


So recently my Ps4 pro which I got in 2019 (so it is only 3 years old) has been borderline unusable. It crashes all the time. It takes 20 mins or so to start up. It takes 20-30 mins sometimes to even load a game and when it does, It freezes every few minutes. I recently tried replaying Dark Souls 3 and the gameplay was fine, but the audio would stick and replay the same 1 second over and over. I then tried to play PUBG. The game was corrupted and I deleted it thinking that was the source of my problem. It wasn't. Since then I have been trying to play the new Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This has been the most painful experience I've encountered in a while. My PS crashes almost every time I load it up and when I actually get to play the game, It freezes every 30 seconds. No exaggeration it's every 30 seconds. I've deleted it 4 times, Deleted the rest of my games, Deleted lots of clips, and cleaned the dust from my fan. I reached last resort when Initialised my PS4, losing everything on there. It is still not working at all. Fairly sure this is due to the fact the P55 has come out and they want people to buy that. Even though you can't really find them and if you can they are like £600 minimum.


I bought my PS4 pro 6 months before the ps5 came out and when it did I have been getting kicked out of my games because of some “errors” that I can’t do anything about. It’s really frustrating sometimes because when I play certain games it needs to be saved but then when I get kicked out I lose progress!


Bro! Same! Bought my PS4 in 2018 played for a few days and since I had not to many games I forgot about it and it literally stayed like unused for almost 2 years. Started playing again in 2021 bought a 2/3 games and its glitchy and has corrupted database or freezes on game. How can a unused PS4 show this kinda of issues? Dust?!


I've had to initialize 4 times due to corrupt hard drive I didn't start having these issues until the PS5 came out


My PS4 slim used to be super fast and smooth frames across the board (unless I tried to make it lag) but since the ps5 came out its been slow as hell


All bet if I go buy a BRAND NEW ps4 PRO… it will also run like my current shitty running ps4 pro. I truly believe Sony pulled an APPLE and is making older consoles run like shit.


For people who are having over heating issues, consider the age of your system and wether or not it may need both a clean out and thermal paste replacement. However, the ps4 pro hasn't had a long life so thermal paste is not likely an issue. That being said, my ps4 pro has a laggy UI and completely horrible ps store loading. It's very similar to my memories of the change over from ps3 to ps4.


Changing options on the game menu is horrible as it takes a second to go to the next option. also, i've noticed that the performance is a lot worse for games that released after ps5's launch like fifa 22 and far cry 6. old games are working smoothly. after reading all the replies to this thread i'm thinking of never updating the ps4 again as they are mostly meaningless anyways


I switched consols because of this they are very greedy ppl


Yeah my PS4 worked Perfectly until the PS5 camed out now its keep saying the PS4 cannot be started and my Games always Freeze I bet Sony is Destroying now the PS4 with the Updates so we can buy a PS5 where is nowhere to be found


Yeah ever since things been acting up taking fuckin forever to load fuck sony