Just let people in China fund P6


Schenmu 2 was another game that had life sim aspects, about a dude solving mysteries... Be cool if they made a Persona game take place in Hong Kong :3


6 whales should be enough


Eh? What happened to sales of p5?




Certified bing chilling moment


Beeng chillin


+60000 social credits




Let's take a moment to honor the credit cards of our chinese brothers who will fund Persona 6


I wonder how much percentage of profit Atlus will get since they aren’t the ones making this game


Token Royalties I would assume.


You'd think they named this one Royal and the other one X, not the other way around...


I mean its there IP and they spent nothing on developing it instead of costs being solely marketing related. The answer is enough.


since Atlus designed the characters and even Lynn sang new songs, answer would be plenty.


omg... credit cards??? is this a reference to persona 5's calling cards??????


Great Comrades they are. Funding P6 and raising their social credit score all at the same time!


Under the assumption this doesn't either shut down after 2 months or flop on release. I don't think either are likely but everythings a possibility


Igor: Sorry. You don’t have enough velvet room gems to allow your confidants persona to evolve. Buy more or watch this 30 second interactive commercial to have it evolve with half power. Fully expect something like that


That's just the god talking.


The Holy Whale, God of Microtransactions. You cannot escape, humans.


Yaldabaoth in the end: Well, Phantom Thieves, since you deny my gift to you, I see no other way but to annihilate you. But I see that you lack the Phantom Crystals™️ to face me. Would you like to pay 79.99$ for the required amount or 299.99$ to unlock your full potential?


Imagine if this game is such a financial success that they never make a normal Persona game again


What would be worse is if they try to put shit like this in P6


Then it couldn’t be on Steam which would severely hurt their potential profits. Or god forbid they make it and Epic exclusive.


Why couldn't it be on Steam?


Steam has some issues with pay to win Gacha systems that impact gameplay. At least I think they do


There's a fair amount of gacha games on Steam that affect gameplay. I think it'd be more likely that gacha games wouldn't want to be on Steam so they wouldn't have to pay Steam a cut of the gacha sales.


Nah, there's a few. Honkai Impact 3rd being one of the more prominent ones. Valve's standards for what's allowed on Steam are only "What can we do to have to not moderate anything on our storefront?" - always have been.


You know how many years it took them to bring Honkai to steam? Plus, it not even popular on PC, so they really weren't making much money on the platform. Also, they another honkai game releasing soon and other games in development, so pretty sure they aren't to worried about HI3 as much. Genshin still their cash cow tho.


Idk about that, there's quite a few that do this :/ Maybe only "free" games can do that?


It's likely that there's just too much money on the table for gacha games, which are rarely on PC anyway, to publish on Steam and give Valve a 30% cut. If anything, they'd try and get as many users on a standalone launcher/get an Epic Games deal for marketing support/lower revenue split *before* going to Steam.


Took 7 years to get on steam. Can just put it on steam 7 years later with tweaks


The P3P “remake” made me lose confidence in Atlus and seing them pull stuff like this makes me wary.


it was never marketed as a remake... at most a remaster and really just a port.


Even as a port it’s sub-standard. They cut so many corners to the point where it’s unprofessional.


I don’t really disagree in terms of audio mixing, based on what I heard.


Its not just that but also rather than going back and remastering a lot of the PSP assets to a higher res properly they just did a quick shoddy AI upscale of everything from backgrounds to UI icons. Character portraits look fine but once you look at how the backgrounds and everything else turned out ...well you won't be able to stop looking at it.


I must be deaf. I watched a sound comparision video on YouTube and it sounded extremely similar. In a handful of scenes the voice did go randomly lower in the "remastered" version though, thankfully those are rare. Edit: Is this topic taboo?


Someone would need to change their hearts. Surgically. With a bag of poop.


Need to go into the Forbidden Palace then.


Developing confidant: Time remaining: 3d 7hr Spend 80 Mementokens to finish now?


The GTA Online effect.




What exactly is Heroes-like in Engage except for the characters from past games? (who are in the game because it was made as an anniversary title)


The only things I can think of are the character designs and the bond rings being gacha-like. The latter was the only one I really didn't like, but that was because it reminded me of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's core crystal system.


Not sure what was heroes-like about Engage aside from previous main characters making cameos.


The Gundam Breakers gacha killed the PC Gundam Breaker series. People are worried the same is going to happen to the SD Gundam games once the gacha for that launches. Yo-kai watch and Medabots are literally trapped as gacha since their mainline franchises died but the mobile game still makes money If the Digimon gachas didnt keep dying we'd probably never get a mainline digimon game. It took them like, 3 failed apps to finally start pumping out games again


Besides the fact previous characters return, and that you can create bond rings with RNG mechanics (which is totally free and not at all necessary to beat the game), nothing about the game is Heroes like.


I remember when everyone was freaking out about the create rings for stats stuff, in actuality it's just a random collectable thing, absolutely dogshit practically since the hero rings are always better and with DLC you always have a surplus, even after Chapter 11.


Eh there are a few really goos rings. Lillina's S comes to mind. That said the Gatcha is totally ignorable.


Now there it is. The part where you whip out the credit card.


nope, the part where you whip out your credit card is when you want to get a character you want since the game uses a genshin impact style of gacha when getting characters


My thoughts about this is gonna be how are they gonna actually make the gatcha run long term? Like we’ve got the original thieves, then the new lot from this game which may or may not be gatcha acquired (could from story progress if they’re feeling generous) but then after that…? How do they make the characters story relevant enough but also enough of them to make more banners?


School outfit joker. Summer outfit joker. Swimsuit joker. DAN joker. Joker dressed as a Gekko student. Joker but he's wearing a silly hat. Content for years.


Smash Bros Joker: Like normal Joker but the announcer guy says his name every once in a while


Fun fact: joker's English VA is also the smash bros announcer


*Oh god you’re right*


This but also B rank Joker. A rank Joker. S rank Joker


It's fire emblem heroes, but persona


Probably different outfits (summer, winter, strikers summer, dancing) etc Then I could see them eventually moving into other Persona games for characters as well


Collabs with other series. Gacha is pretty easy to "invent* content for years.


Ngl the game collabing with Yakuza or Bayonetta might get me to play it 💀


is this how we're finally getting modern p1 - 2 lmao


Their only appearances outside of their games of origin being in a gacha game seems depressing enough to be real


The shin megami tensei does it well. Even if it's random character who appeared one time, they have content for at least 5 years + most gacha add different outfits/weapons as characters. Example being fire emblem, you have sword Ike, Axe Ike. Sword Lucina and Wedding Dress or Swimsuit Lucina.


They could do what fire emblem heroes does.


Possibly add Sumi, Sophia, Zenkichi and Maruki with outfits colour variations of their banners?


So how do... What do... What?


you roll on a banner with characters from persona 5. You get a 0.6% chance to get a 5 star character and every member of the persona 5 cast is a 5 star character and you get a guaranteed 5 start character every 88 pulls


me when i get fucking mishima from the banner


Me when I get Pompus Costumer from the banner


Not buff but level up or ascension, which is typical for a gacha game.


Some of that stuff on the right means Life, Power, etc so I assumed buff :0


Yeah these are stats and stats usually increase when you level up...


I mean... Did you expect anything less? Its a FREE mobile game


Freemium isn't free


im sorry but you need more canadough to complete this comment buddy


damn, who would have seen this coming? /s


I love the comment section everyone is like "OMG We have to GRIND to get MATERIALS to LEVEL UP our characters?!!?!?!??! GAME IS RUINED!!!!!!" "We have to use MONEY (which is probably earned in game) to LEVEL UP our character?!?!!!! Persona is RUINED!!!!!" Like yeah congratulations welcome to leveling up gacha characters I don't know what you expected from a system that almost every single gacha game with characters has used. Truly a GAMER moment.


People are doing a lot of doomposting for nothing. It's a f2p and gacha game, of course there will be grind and currency to earn something in the gacha, which we still don't know exactly how it will be. The question is which game will be friendly to those who don't want to spend anything, but it makes no sense to complain that in a game like this you can spend money on x things, that's how it makes money. Of course there are other things too, like story and gameplay (and monetizing on top of that would be suicide) Edit: Banner is very similar to that of genshin, now we need to know the monthly income/f2p patch, and what else the premium currency can be spent on


No one is expecting a gacha game to not be a gacha game. People are frustrated that a new persona game is a gacha game that's meant to wring money out of you instead of it just being a good game. Gacha games are intentionally designed to be less fun so you spend money on them. It's like when Diablo Immortal was announced. Would you rather Diablo 4, or a less fun Diablo 4 that whalebaits you into spending thousands of dollars and still have a worse experience than if they just made the game good to start with? Gacha games are designed to intentionally shit all over the player at their core, and anyone defending gacha games are advocating to pay more money to have less fun as they give permission for more and more games to be like this.


> Would you rather Diablo 4 I would rather they made Diablo 3 in alignment with what I'm looking for in a Diablo game, and then continue adding to it until the sun burns out. I really don't get the people excited to play another reskinned version of Diablo 2. Barb, Sorc, Druid, Rogue, Necro. So new. Much variety. History says you might get one or two new classes and then game ded. Really worth getting excited over a game that's already dead... > Gacha games are designed to intentionally shit all over the player at their core, and anyone defending gacha games are advocating to pay more money to have less fun as they give permission for more and more games to be like this. Obviously you're completely new to the medium. Welcome aboard. The free to play live service thing is like an MMO or soap opera: endless content that you can play until you've had enough. There are economic reasons for why they're so often low quality and crap: the AAA companies don't want to make something that cannibalizes their business. Squaresoft *could* make the ultimate Dragon Quest / Final Fantasy live service game, with multiple "worlds" that encompass the entirety of their old games within the engine. Each world added being effectively an entire game of its own. But that would kill their established profit model. So actual games have to come from actual companies that take it actually seriously as their core product, because it's a ruthless ocean of blood out there and DxD Kagura Boobie Card Battle doesn't quite cut it anymore. Korean and Chinese developers consider it a real platform for games. Japan and the West do not. This Persona game could be total dogshit. Or it could be an endless Persona game that's meant to be played over months. Odds are it'll be somewhere in between, and they are low they'll be Diablo Immortal level bad. These games are meant to be played with $0 or a $5 monthly subscription. There's no freaking reason for you to pay $800 for a character for a game you plan to play for a mere couple weeks at most.


So some people are misdirecting their criticism. And I know that gachas are meant to make you want to spend, I can't deny that, but they can still be fun, we don't know if will be the case or not. This game is not a replacement for a persona 6, this one will come out, atlus does not want another case of announcement but having to keep postponing it, and we are still in a time window similar to that of P4 to P5


Not doom posting, I’m still excited for this game!


I don't mean exactly you, but some people everywhere


I just want a mobile game company to release a full modern RPG with a crap ton of content for free without any in app purchases or ads. Is that too much to ask for? /s


I want to buy the characters I want for a reasonable price and not gamble hundreds of dollars for them, and this *is not* too much to ask.


I dont think gamblem is the right word tbh because that kinda implied you can gamble hundred of dollar without getting the character . Gacha is more like buying super expensive stuff with a small chance of getting it cheap .


Gambling is absolutely the right word. You are paying real money for the *chance* of getting a rare item perceived as more desirable than others. It is exactly like a raffle, which is a form of gambling. I could mention that people do sell gacha accounts to redeem money from their draws, but I think it's far more important to emphasize that people are *spending* real money regardless. They get all the psychological and financial harms of gambling with no need for a cash reward to be involved. Companies play coy about it because they don't want to be regulated. Even pity systems don't make it less gambling, they are just a consolation prize to ensure people don't get so disappointed that they quit gambling. Calling it a sale is inaccurate and absurd on its own if you want to say they are selling individual characters and gear for over $100.00. But it is inaccurate because many items don't get highlighted in banners to have any sort of pity, you possibly spend infinitely and be unlucky to never get them. That is even for the games that have pity, which aren't all of them.


In app purchases are fine, it's when you make those in app purchases are specifically for Gacha, that's when it begins to suck Some gacha games are more benevolent and give f2p players more free shit while others have an original and well done world building to at least make it barrable


No, I would prefer an paid episodic mobile rpg like FF15 Pocket Edition any day of the weekend over an gacha game


Yeah it's really weird how people act like there should be no in-app purchases with a free game.


It's not weird at all that people don't want those in app purchases to be gambling for new characters.


We had Final Fantasy Dimensions and people never played it.


Yeah, that’s what I want too. Since dedicated handhelds are no more, it’s up to the smartphones to somehow fill that Gap instead.


As long as they're like Genshin in that powercreep is almost nonexistent (Genshin has reverse-creep, I stg) and I can do 99% of the content w/ whoever I want rather than only the meta teams, I could care less.


This is my shining example. You could devote hundreds of hours to genshin without spending anything. And even if you're a filthy collector casual like me, the game does not punish you for not fully investing characters. And yeah, if this game has a xianling/xingqiu/Bennet deal going, so much the better. Give players all the tools for success up front. But then tease our balls with fancy over powered weapons, preposterous attractive himbos and archon mommies. I got zhongli and Bennet early and have never felt like I NEEDED anything. I now try and pull for characters I like (wasted ALL of my saved primos for albedo last banner). If this game replicates THAT dynamic. Then it'll be fine. Otherwise, the doomposts will be real.


>It's a f2p and gacha game > >The question is which game will be friendly to those who don't want to spend anything i think you already have your answer


Nah, PGR for example, you can get one S character per patch, soo is very friendly


the rate doesnt mean anything as there are many factor when deciding friendly gacha game like how long is it take to powercreep, how much dupe to make character usable, how much does the content demand the player to get stronger,how long is a patch.


But I'm not talking just about rate, is income and pity to, and I not expand, but yeah, exist others factors


Didn’t think Okumura was involved in the games business before >!he kicked the bucket.!<


What else were you expecting? I'm genuinely confused what else could they have done?


a fun mobile you game you pay for upfront and can enjoy anywhere. its like people forget you used to pay for these things but actually get a real proper game out of it


This! I would be ready to pay $15+ for this game if it means having a fun little game instead of the pay to win bs


$8 for sukukaja take it or leave it


I'm just curious how the plot and themes of rebellion will change to suit what is acceptable in China.


Idk bout the plot and theme but censorship was given to some of the more sensual personas Example: Incubus has pants on now without his “strap” he wears


I guess Mara won't be making an appearance then? 🤔


*covers him with a non-see through condom* that’s censored right guys? 🤣🤣🤣


Brilliant 😂


I mean keep in mind that Japan has a culture of conformity too, and one that's arguably stronger than Korea and China, but I digress. From what I've heard, they only care if the government feels it's a threat to the ruling party, and considering the main theme is about social corruption, I feel like the only way they will be fine about it if it's promoting the idea of what a "good" society should operate. But then again, this game takes place in Japan and not China, and China doesn't really like Japan at all.


Japan, while it does have a conformist by nature society, they are very huge on that free speech thing. Silencing is often from social pressure rather than something compulsory. China has more of compulsory action against things a ruling body would object to.


Reddit discovers what a gacha game is


I look forward to never having enough Mara scrotes to upgrade my Jack Frost. Am...am I the only one who's sorta excited for this? I probably have a gambling issue, but I kind of like gacha(VERY low spender, so I'm usually disappointed by my pulls), and a chance to perpetually enjoy the p5 world just seems like a plus to me. I'm totally fine with having to pull for dupes of the new (dramatically superior) succubus. I guess I expect to grind a bunch and not always get what I want. But the feeling of saving up like 50 multi pulls from just playing the game with no real money spent and dropping it all on a banner for a character you like, getting them fully kitted out in the process is satisfying to me. I mean, I probably can't even play it because I have a potato ass phone. But it DOES run genshin and dffoo, so maybe.


Whats insane to me is I see some people trying to defend this game, its a crap mobile game designed to make money, with the most bootleg designs for characters, (The owl is basically Mona with different textures I mean come on!) and the story looks like its just a safe cheap copy of P5's formula, and people are gonna throw thousands of dollars into it just to get 50 copies of Mara. I fucking hate the mobile game industry.


I just don’t think we should care. This isn’t getting in the way of any new content, at least it shouldn’t be. This is just the newest in an extremely long line of licensed Chinese gacha games.


We should care because something like this may effect any future Persona titles? Lol


no it wont bruh its not even made by the persona devs


Mobile gaming was a mistake


Free mobile games were a mistake but then again micro transactions in general were a mistake… remember when you unlocked new skins and costumes, heck everything just by playing the game back in the day?


"OMG Guys! This gacha game is going to have GACHA MECHANICS!!!" Is this really where we're at now? Edit: Thanks for the downvotes, Persona 5 fan.


Not surprised at all, its a mobile game staple to keep you playing,


Did you get in the game yourself, or is this a screenshot you found? Cause I really want to try the game myself, but the login is basically impossible outside of China.


Promotional screenshot found within the game’s files


I dropped fun destroyer cuz the requirements got ridiculous too easily


Is the beta out already?


Tonight for China only (gonna be watching someone stream it!)


I meant that’s a typical gacha game upgrading your character


It isn’t much of a big deal because it’s pretty standard mobile game stuff


If P5X wasn't a mobile game and they actually put more effort in it I'd like it


Well what did you expect? A free game gotta earn money somehow


Stop… P5X mobile game ?


I… this isn’t real right?


Not a suprise. Typical scam mobile game like diablo immoral and co. Feel bad for people who get hooked on these. As for me, idc, i can wait for p6.


Diablo was the biggest scam of them all


Why am I not surprised


This image looks like it's been circulating the net since 2011 💀


i don't think this game it's my style


Oh great whales of the chinese gachas, please fund thy wallet for Atlus to make Persona 6


I really wish these posts didn't appear much, not like there's any real interest aside from the most hardcore in playing given its china exclusive, it's going to be a shitty gacha game that monetizes great in china and nowhere else outside of Asia, one already exists for SMT, and P5 have already slutted for like 4 iirc, like sure it'd be cool to have an eye out for it but detailed stuff just seems uneeded


I gonna sacrifice my phone.........to order to play it....


Why are people still talking about this game??, it has all the marks of of being a gacha predatory money vacuum disguised as a game, so why are we still talking about it??


I'll wait for the mod APK


I have a bad feeling about this.


If they release it in English, I will play and pay not gonna lie.


What, the game is published already?,


There's a beta


Damn, if I had more free time I would try to get one


It's limited to China, i don't know if anyone from outside has managed to workaround the barriers to play it apparently you need a Chinese id, a Chinese phone number and a code


DOA in all place except china


Is it really bad if I hope it's failed. I just don't want every awasome ip become gacha game.


RPGs are the perfect genre to make money hungry gatcha games. They’re inherently number games and you will get walled by the game at some point, with an action game some could hypothetically get past it alone on skill but that’s not the case with RPGs. It’s really seedy and I hope this isn’t a trend that extends further


I don’t care what is gonna cost money, if I can get all the characters, I’m happy. Especially that white haired princess girl.


Cant wait to play this banger (im a sucker for gacha Games, I already Play: genshin, SF Duel, SDS Grand Cross). Now I get a gacha game with Persona characters! Like im excited just like the Kid thats allowed to drink cola while playing Fortnite! YIPPIE


Isekai memories is pretty fun. Based on the reincarnated as a slime anime, I love that so I’m probably biased. I’d never give these games money but it’s nice just having a daily 15-20 minute time killer. Another Eden is pretty fun too. It’s more like a single player rpg game play wise but does have some gacha stuff. Long ass story though that I’m maybe half way through and that felt like a long time.


XD i play both of those aswell....they are more obscure than the ones I listed I think. Isekai memories is a very nice game and the graphics are beautiful. Another eden has the Phantom thieves and that makes it crazy good (also collabs arent time limited)


Mobile games = shit Mobile persona 5 = shit Change my mind


Have you heard of these concepts called "not judging things prematurely" and "wait until it actually comes out"? Hard to imagine, I know.


Normally I’d agree with you but it’s a mobile game. They’re just money sinks for whales to dumb their wallets into. They usually promote gambling mechanics and massive time sinks. Anything that pushes toxic mechanics like that is by default worthy of contempt. The only good thing that could come out of this is if no story is gated behind a mobile game exclusive to china. I don’t want persona to end up like Kingdom Hearts where we need to play browser games to get the whole story.


Punishing Gray Raven = Not Shit Arknights = Not Shit Two good mobile games (esp the former) that are gacha but are very f2p friendly




I mean... That's okay for me


Hmm. If you can complete the game in <130 hours, without paying anything I think it'd be fair.


Gacha? No chances of that happening. They don't even like to let people complete anything because when the story is over people stop paying.


I thought I read somewhere that the mobile Smt game had an ending(s)? And this game is literally Persona 5 again, I dunno how they could keep it going forever.


It comes to mind the Kingdom Hearts gacha, which they dragged on for years, and finished in a hurry once they decided to shut it down. I'm not aware of a single Gacha which wrapped up their story neatly in a timely fashion. Seems like in the Gacha realm the options are going on forever never concluding anything, concluding in a hurry or closing unfinished.


It’ll probably be something like Genshin where it’ll just be more and more quests with each update instead of a definitive end


Genshin will end at some point, there's a lot of story in it, it'd be weird if there was no conclusion. Kong or Ying are just going to go around looking for their sibling for the rest of time?


Genshin won't end. Once the sibling story ends, a new thread will have already started. Stories don't have to end just because I've storyline is wrapped up


What's P5X?


Persona 5: The Phantom X a Chinese mobile game


Never heard of that until now, tell me more


https://www.reddit.com/r/PERSoNA/comments/124pq6p/cn_translation_p5x_image_dump_gameplaybanner/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf Also there’s trailers on YT!


It is a Chinese mobile game, basically another P5 spin-off. It has new Lyn songs and also have character design from Soejima itself.


Can someone please steal Atlus’s heart


And there is the gacha element. Character too weak? Don't worry just give us your entire life savings and you can get materials to buff your party 1 entire level. Seems like a bargain to me


Damn bro you triggered some gamblin addicts with this


The fascination with wanting the game to be what we all know *it isn’t*, and then complaining that it’s exactly what we all know it’s *going to be* as more news come out is funny.


We should collectively let this game flop


Hard for Persona to flop tbh


also people ignoring that as much as we hate it atlus will prob get some good money if this turns out to be succesful


Don't think we have much choice, considering it's availability.


Hard to flop a game, when we don't even know if it's gonna be available out of china, and even then, why? I doubt main series is gonna be this way either way.


Some people in the past didn't tought microtransations were gonna be a big thing, now look at us


I hope teh game flops hard, just so Atlus doesn't make more of these We want acual Persona games, no mobile shit


At least it won't be as bad as some other gacha rpgs. Cough cough FF all of the bravest


Honestly the only thing that annoys me is we’re missing out on the new velvet room attendant


What you mean? :0


Wait can you play the game now? I've got a Chinese ID set up so I could access the beta but I can't seem to play it rn, I thought you had to wait until the 29th


Guys, this Persona 5 themed gacha isn’t actually a Persona game. It’s a skin pack for a crappy gacha game.


"look how they massacred my boy..."