Im a tank main, feel free to add me. Geeknglasses#1930


Hey, mainly DvA here, but mercy/Mcree when the time calls, also have another guy with me. Add me so we can finally get in a match where no one leaves, haha lazorapple#1275




Give me your Bnet or add Spectral's from the OP and we can get some games in.


Hey, I'm the other person in the duo. We are definitely better players than what our SR would indicate. We haven't played as much recently before the current season which lead to some less than stellar placement matches. The two of us are currently plagued with poor 1 tricks, Junkrat mains who throw when someone else takes "their" hero and just zero comms. I am not the greatest player by any means but I did the placement matches on my alt account yesterday and placed 2500+, while my main is flirting with silver (in a few more bad games). Just looking for some people that want to play with real comps, use voice chat and not be trolled for a few hours every night.


I'm in the same boat as you and a flex main please add me nation48#1414


mythicus#11831 flex player around 1800SR. I was in gold but goofed off and dropped to silver. I'm ready to climb back


Juicebox#12428 I play all tanks at a good level. Rein/Orisa/Winston Specialist


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