They should put a map in the game that is on the moon. Maybe with a little section outside with low gravity that you don’t need to use but can


New mandela effect


I still think HLC should have made the antigrav section mandatory. As is, the map’s biggest flaw was it was boring as hell to play on and there were really only ever two places worth fighting at.


HLC should be reworked/ remade into a payload or hybrid map imo, It would be so cool, you could be moving a moon buggy for uploading data


They just released a new map with what looks to be primarily reused Nepali assets (don't currently have the game downloaded to see for myself). It's certainly possible they're creating more maps with the retired assault map assets. They'd be stupid to not churn out easy "new" content that's just Volskaya/HLC/Anubis/Paris/etc as different map modes. It's diversifying the map pool and nostalgia baiting people who played for years at the same time. They already sort of did it with Hanamura and Kanezaka. As long as they don't turn them into push maps. That gamemode needs a *lot* of balancing. It just replaced assault as the community's most frustrating game mode.


I honestly thought Paris was an escort map until it was released. I was like "isn't this supposed to be an escort???"


You're getting the map confused with the irl city


it has the same aesthetics and architecture since it is in nepal but it's hardly made of reused assets. it's gigantic and is separated into sections that look very different from one another.


I remember them saying that they are looking at converting the 2cp maps to other modes when the talk about removing them from the queue started


I think they remake all 2cp maps. I once had this crazy idea to make em 3cp maps. One truly advantageous for attackers. One truly neutral. One truly advantageous for the defenders. That sounds like a healthy game mode to me. That being said, I don't work in game design so probably impossible.


Blizz tried 3CP in testing it didn't work


And yet they think push does. Don't trust blizzard internal testing as the qa and devs are kinda terrible with balance. I mean sojourn is still in the game and just got a buff


I quite enjoy push but I can see why it's not everyone's thing.


I enjoyed 2cp so everyone has something they enjoy


I've had Push too many times to enjoy it


Sounds awful haha. You get destroyed on first point, staggered on second and never lose third. It’s just gonna be whoever spawns as the “right” team wins.


I forget the name of it, but there was a map in one of the Halos where there was a large chunk of the map in the center that was low gravity. There were plenty of ways to go around it, so you could avoid the low gravity if you wanted, but the main pathway between teams, and objectives was through it.


This was a Reach map, I forget what it was called. It was so fun though, random fights while flanking around the outside, and a full-blown low gravity brawl in the middle of the map.


Condemned, from the Defiant Map Pack. Anchor 9 also had low grav outside the shield doors.


Lawbreakers did this really well too. No gravity in the middle, shoot your gun for propulsion, but sick to the outside and you can avoid the anti grav area.


I want HLC to be made into a payload map with the payload path passing through the low gravity area.


Right? I was so excited at the concept and ended up fighting in that section a handful of times.


I wonder how the new hero’s gravity ability would work in an antigravity environment in a map.


I don't think an element that basically takes player control away from you is good for competitive. Sure you can just say "git gud" but a large low gravity area is extremely hard to maneouver with all the different movement mechanics in the game.


I don’t remember the last time I played that map, oh lord…


It's been 84 years


I played it when 2CP was in the Arcade Rotation. It felt nostalgic loading into HLC, but then we got snowballed and I remembered why the mode was removed.


that would be such a cool brand new idea never done before -rung


And introduce a gamemode with 2 capture points, I think that would be a bad idea but that's what Blizz does best!


Idk man a map where you have to capture 2 objectives with one being at the end of the other map seems pretty fun. In fact I think it should be called 2cp


Oh oh oh don't forget to put the defenders spawn right behind the second point so that the games can last longer and be totally epic!


I weep for Anubis


I actually liked 2cp (don't tell anyone) for sure the worst mode but if I'm honest push feels way worse


I had absolutely no problem with 2cp, don’t know why there was so many complaints. Anubis and Numbani were two of my favourite maps. I don’t think there’s any argument that the current OW2 is better than original OW in any way, even if there were 2cp maps in OW1


why did you sign your comment


Just spitballing here, but what if we also made that map absolute garbage to play on? That sounds like a fun time.


But the first point should have a tire swing!


They could even introduce a new game mode for it, one which is kind of like the first stage of Hybrid repeated twice


And lots of potatoes


Totally forgot it existed


Sounds like a really cool map that loads of people would want to play, but I think if blizzard ever does it they'll probably keep it off competitive rotation indefinitely.


Its the apes They started a civilization MONKE TIME


Literally the planet of the apes


*Satellite of the Gorillas* — Legal Team


Moon of Monkey if you will


Baboon Moon


Moon Baboon!


So if they flash you, is it a Moon Baboon moon?


No, it's a Baboon Moon on the Moon.




Damn Dirty Apes!!!


That's no planet, that's a moon!


Ahem acshually the moon is not a planet


oh shit


Don’t worry. The moon base wasn’t built in a day.




Overwatch Winton




You’re on to something! RETURN TO MOON-KE


Reject humanity, embrace MONKE


What if theres a PVE mission where you have to do something on the moon and the enemies are a bunch of hyper intelligent apes




Winton overwat


This game is so rich on the lore its practically begging for PvE content


And I’m slowly losing faith that the upcoming PvE will live up to any of Blizzard’s past standards. I’m still gonna play it and reserve any judgement until I do, I’ve been hoping for it since 2016.


I played the PvE build whenever it debuted at Blizzcon and it was so fun and hectic, almost like playing co-op with my friends back in the Halo days. I'm really, really hoping they don't underwhelm but the issues with OW2 have been too large to ignore lately.


I also got a chance to play it as well that early build was fun and that was back in 2019b


Question, does it feel like the firefight mode from halo?


Sorry this is late. I can't say definitively since I didn't really play much beyond Halo 2 (and yeah, I know there's a definite difference in feel between 4 player co-op vs 2 player back in the Halo 1 and 2 days). But I can say that the campaign we were playing was very engaging and felt extremely cinematic, enemy AI was reasonably challenging, and having defined roles for everyone made it so much fun, even for one of our team who had never played Overwatch before. And the talents, while rough, was such a nice touch with customizing how you wanted to play. [This is a good video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ9EZUEvw_o) showcasing the campaign we played (not us btw, this was from cakechievables' channel). You can barely recognize Rio compared to the map we have today, and the cliffhanger at the end had us screaming lmao


I legitimately **forgot** PvE was meant to be one of the biggest selling points of OW2. Years after the game's announcement and it's like it never existed.


yeah, I haven't actually jumped into OW2 yet so when I saw the parent comment I did a bit of a double take. I thought that was like the whole point! Everyone was so excited for the world and characters of Overwatch at the start. I was pessimistic but still slightly hopeful this would be our chance to finally get deeper into it all, but it's really turned into a fool me once fool me twice situation.


PvE was meant to be ***the*** thing distinguishing Overwatch 2 from the original enough to warrant sequel. At present however, there is **nothing** even close to doing that.


The Halloween event has given me some hope that it'll be good, if it's just more of that but longer and with skill trees, items, better/varied enemies I'm in. If it really is "highly replayable" and has 100s of hero missions like they said then I'll be barely touching the PVP once PVE drops. Cause despite playing Overwatch since launch I really don't *like* competitive games, OW is the *only* one I play just cause it's that good.


I’m very worried it’s going to release with 3 levels and then the rest released seasonally on the battle pass. Will probably have its own separate battle pass to have to pay for


The taste we got in Halloween was fucking sick. Imagine that but with more map extensions, power ups, and more


Quick, scrap the plans for OW2 and focus on a PvE mode like a campaign. We will down size the game and redesign the heroes for 4v4. When the game launches in the next 3 years make sure the campaign isn't ready and we take out the remaining half the maps out. They'll love it


Nerf Genji


And remove endorsements/custom games. Because reasons


We have been asking for any kind of story for the last 6 years lmao. Still cant believe league of legends got a (very very good) tv show and Overwatch has almost nothing


To be fair, that tv show was in production for almost exactly 6 years.


At this point I'd settle for something like a Netflix series. Completely remove the IP from the game team and let someone else handle the story. I've given up on them actually delivering on their promises. They've cancelled novels and comics, and retconned previous lore, and only drip-feed us new stuff through random comics and cinematics. Even then, with their new seasonal content schedule would we get much PvE at all when it does release? Or will it be a single chapter and then we wait for another season to get the next? Will we get to 'keep' those chapters, or do they go away? They've told and shown us nothing for a while now. Blizz is amazing at crafting these compelling worlds and incredible characters, but they've really not delivered good stories for a long.. long time now. My hype levels are pretty low, tbh.


People already forgot about Horizon Lunar Colony? The place where Winston and Wrecking Ball were born and grew up.


Not surprised people forgot about it since they took it out of the game for some reason


It wasn't a very well made map (Paris, too) in comparison to the other 2CP maps. Then 2CP got removed entirely, so... now we have Push.


I would rather suffer in 2CP than Push. THERE I SAID IT EAT ME


......you mean walking simulator? Always goes like this for me playing support usually ana. 1 get singled out being the healer (good play for opp team) ,2rush back to heal get there in time to watch everyone die im dead again, 3 in the short time that i was alive longer than my team they all rushed in ,4(see2)


I just completely avoid Ana on push. Granny takes 5 minutes to get back to the objective


This. You basically can’t use Ana or Zen on Push.


They are literally only playable if you win basically every fight and the enemy DPS don't decide to flank for some reason and if they do you better not miss any shot.


I usually play Moira or Lucio on Push for mobility and robot control but if our DPS are struggling I like to switch to Zen and hope for the best. Usually by that point I can tell how the game is going to go. Either I can switch to Zen and help out or we’re already getting rolled and it doesn’t matter what I do. Of course that’s assuming the other support hasn’t already picked Zen and is just playing DPS and not healing.


You know you could play Lucio and get back to the point quickly or have your team group up before pushing again.


The latter is slim chance, picking mobility is usually best option.


Or my team gets distracted by a fight while someone on the opposing team walks the robot in


Unless they have the slowest/low mobility team possible I don't even attempt Ana in push any more


Ugh, I miss 2CP. Played some in the Arcade and it made me realize how much I miss it still. I fucking hate push. I would hate it less if they lowered the timer, but it’s just too long for how stressful and boring it is.


Imho 2CP is SO. MUCH. WORSE. Don’t get me wrong push is a pretty shitty gamemode but 2CP actually made me want to carve my eyes out, the mode itself gave attackers the advantage every time, as defenders it doesn’t matter how well you could hold, if you got caught out first fight you got snowballed and screwed. At least push allows for counterplay, you can have well over 10 fights just pushing 1 direction and the attacking side have to work harder each time they get it further to keep the momentum up. Sorry for the paragraph I just really fucking hate 2CP


I get what you're saying but you could honestly say this for all modes in the game to a degree. Like when the attackers win the first fight on a payload map they're usually going to keep that momentum and keep winning more of the team fights. even if it's not always like this it's still fairly common. I think the solution is both sides get a chance to attack, which is the case for competitive 2cp.


Space Dustbowl


I recently came back atfer 2-3 years and Push is just awful. I am glad 2CP is gone but Push is just so annoying.


Not entirely. its in arcade rotation as assault maps. all the 2CP maps are in there. Playing them i don't really get why they were removed from the regular playlists though. I fucking love the Anubis map.


Haven't played 2 much and didn't know 2cp was removed. Sucks cause Anubis was my favorite map. Playing junk on that was fun asf


yeah but it was still fun to play.


Because people complained for years about how 2CP was a garbage gamemode to play, especially on Horizon and Paris. A good 95% of the playerbase just absolutely despised those maps, so they removed them. It honestly surprises me when people go "why did they remove 2CP?" when there was a period of time where the mode was so hated that you'd get at least 2 or 3 leavers before people even picked a hero.


Horizon lunar colony? Nah that’s made up. Same with Paris. It’s totally a non-existent place.


Man, it’d be neat if they added an Egypt-themed map to the game. Wonder why they haven’t done that yet?


Yeah you’d think so given Ana and Pharah.


You haven't played Necropolis?


I know about it, but in order for it to look like that it would need to be HUGE and I thought that the horizon colony was small because it got taken over by monkeys and I dont think a colony that huge would be taken over by them so the horizon colony might not be part of whatever is making those lights


i mean yeah, hlc isn’t huge, but there’s probably more than just hlc on the moon


No it's massive. If you go out the airlock and fly up as Pharaoh you can see how big it is. It's like a metropolis


I miss that map. Is it still accessible in custom game or something?


assault pops up in arcade every few days, it has horizon, hanamura, etc :)


All maps are available in custom games, including assault maps and maps that are out of rotation


Not numbani 😔


Aren't they working on Numbani? I heard they were trying to make it more 5v5 friendly, though I thought it would be out by now.


They can't figure out how to fix the airport.


“Make it 5v5 friendly” has translated to “putting a bunch of cars and shit in the way.” Which translates to “I get killed while kiting because I get stuck on stuff that wasn’t there before.” It’s infuriating.


Or huge ugly ass boxes on the streets of Rialto, one of their most pretty maps.


That’s the stuff you’re supposed to be hiding behind.


Numbani is still in customs.


So only pharah players know this lore?


Just memeing here but wouldn’t the monkes getting control of the oxygen system give them full control? “Do as we say or you suffocate/get sucked out into a vacuum lmao”


That's h more or less how it went, minus the threat part. It's canon that the gorillas murdered the human scientists by faking an airlock problem and then vented everybody out of the base.


return to monke


Just like Among Us!


> in order for it to look like that it would need to be HUGE I agree, [long ago I figured that one of the straight paths went ~800km](https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4kk9op/horizon_moonbase_analysis_from_hero_trailer/), making the main circle-and-spokes something near the size of Mexico! But we've seen _nothing_ to suggest that the moon is populated to that degree, so my bet is remote-robot-industry stuff, like for Helium-3 mining.


TBF, it's been removed from the game. Along with ALL the little blurbs about character lore/information on their skins. So new players would have no idea it's even a map, except maybe if they come across old footage or hear someone bring it up. There is basically zero information about who any of these characters are or where they come from in-game anymore.


Feels straight outta destiny 1 in that regard. As someone who read ALL the d1 grimoire cards the game contained the least amount of story possible it’s strange


I found a comic book store near a hotel I’m staying at for work. What’s sad, is there’s an art book for Overwatch that explains the map design, character design, emblems, player icons, etc. in great detail. You know, back when Papa Jeff was around and wanted to make a great game. I stopped and looked through the book for a while and it was depressing how much love was poured into OW1 only for it to go the way of OW1.5 monetization required DLC. None of the new players will even begin to appreciate the lore of Overwatch, because there’s not any in OW2. Unfortunately we are now bitching about skins and prices (warranted) instead of whether Genji or Hanzos’ lore is more badass. I’m lucky enough to still have a core group of people to play with from the very first season of OW1, but if I were to pick up OW as a new player right now, I would probably play a week or two and then not care.


It's still in arcade games, unless they took it out recently.


I just thought it was the one facility. The lights on the moon suggests it is much much more.


We’ve also seen the lights in the S76 short IIRC.


I doubt they forgot about it, but we see one building in that map. This is a whole city, if not the equivalent of a country.


The thing is that if you look at every other map with a moon, those lights aren't on it. [Small sample](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/360125614990295041/1050232799484985354/image.png) The lights only got added on with Shambali.


you can actually sort of see it on the king's row moon. its faint, given that its a glowing full moon, but you can see the ring of yellow lights still on the bottom left. it looks almost exactly like the shambali lights. i dont know how long the lights have been present on king row's moon, but it doesn't seem like its an inconsistency among other maps, only varying in visibility based on the moon's position + lunar cycle.


NGL, I've not got the best eyesight so I didn't register kings row as lights when I was making that image, I thought it was some kinda crater. [looking to dorado though does show the same lights](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/360125614990295041/1050236182165979207/image.png), though Shambali's are definitely the easiest to see. (also there's the weird skybox thing going on on dorado too lol)


The thing is that you're pretty wrong. They're there in Dorado and King's Row.


Wait the space animal place is that big?




Space Snakes rule!


Nah, what we're seeing there is about the size of Mexico (yes, [years ago I did the math](https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4kk9op/horizon_moonbase_analysis_from_hero_trailer/)) and there's no way a couple dozen apes--ones *not* as smart or well-adjusted as Winston--built that in just one generation.


I thought humans built the colony with genetically modified apes to test on them


Kinda a scary detail. Imagine story mode is that the moon monkeys are angry and they invade earth.


Manic moon monkeys may masticate men.


Homicidal hamster haphazardly helps.


That's just straight up ascension from cod zombies xD


don't tempt blizz, i don't want my ult getting stolen


The Moon base wasn't built in a day!


If we ever actually do build bases on the moon to this scale, I sure hope it’s on the dark side.


That’s… not how the moon works…


I realize that’s just our perspective. The moon is tidally locked so the side we don’t see is usually referred to as the “dark side”.


It is tho


Horizon lunar colony says hi


There is no Horizon lunar colony in Ba sing se


It's fucking Coruscant


Had to scroll way to much to find this comment


isn't one of the maps on the moon already anyway? I haven't played in a while idk


It was. Not in the rotation other than arcade anymore


oh, that's a shame. I liked that map


My boyfriend made the same observation. We're hoping they bring Horizon back as a map for a different game mode, or expand upon it with another moon colony map :>


Damn there's a generation of overwatch players that haven't played on the moon


Do you think the next map might be some sort of a moon base? A type of lunar colony if you will.


That’s on the horizon?


Yeah and we could have some cool lore like how they genetically engineering smarter animals


That is such an awesome little detail! Edit: Spelling


Horizon lunar colony might not be in the map pool anymore but its out there and in our hearts still RIP


I just realised I haven't seen the moon base map in forever.


All 2 capture point maps were removed in OW2. Hanamura, Volskaya, and Temple of Anubis were removed on launch. Paris and Moon Colony were so unpopular they were removed long before that.


Because its been removed


…we’ve literally been there lol


Civilization of Winston’s


Moon map from OW1.


There was literally a map called lunar colony... Winston is just looking up like "Shyt I left the lights on.."


Horizon Lunar Colony. A map on the moon that most players hated and now it is gone. I miss that map!!!!


Was one of my favourite maps.


Only just now? Like winstons video is LITERALLY on the moon


I know but I didint know that its so big


That’s no moon...


Yes, yes it is...




Some kind of *Lunar Colony* perhaps? One that represents a new *Horizon* for humanity?


What happened to lunar colony from ow1


If you look closely, there’s a bunch of T-posing models on the moon


bruh moment


did you not watch the winston animated short? not a real fan.


"Wait till you see me on THE MOON"


Do you want to hear my favorite joke about the periodic table?


Being back the 2 point game mode and maps!! Please!


Honestly, one of the modes should be pure kill count, or they should add a “kill confirmed” mode like COD has. Pushing points in a game with so many mobility and range characters seems silly


0_0 this must mean that in the years the horizon lunar colony apes took over they managed to develop even further, use the equipment the scientists left over, mine fuels from the moon, and build an ape civilisation where the one person in control is actual Dr Harold Winston because of those metal things on the apes foreheads. Then Winston returns to the colony in an overwatch story mission with the armoured apes as enemies to find out that Dr Harold Winston was the mastermind of the gorilla uprising because he didn't agree with the abusive experiments conducted on the specimens🫢😲 Blizzard if you need me find my contact details on my blizzard account


Horizon lunar colony... see the word "colony" thats right.


Oh you sweet summer child...


I know about the horizon colony but whatever is making those lights, its not it because horizon colony would have to be the size of china in order to look like that, and I doubt that couple of gorrlias would take over such giant structure


It's actually not even the moon. That's Texas.


Yup there was a map on there It was a 2cp map and called Horizon Lunar Colony Wasnt the best map but it was fun


Fun fact: that's where both Winston and Hammond (Wrecking Ball) came from


I know everyone is talking about how it's horizon lunar colony, but the lights on the moon cover a much bigger area than just one base, unless horizon is meant to be the size of China or some shit.


I'm going to take a wild guess and say that op hasn't seen the hammond or winton origin story.