Probably because of the absurdly horrible job Blizz has done actually advertising what Overwatch 2 is. I mean how common is it to announce a "sequel game" which is literally just an update to the original? The fact it's called "Overwatch 2"alone implies it's supposed to be a separate game. Not something which overrides the original. We're going to see a lot of people upset in the next few days when OW1 suddenly goes away. Most people have no idea.


They should have never called it "Overwatch 2", The number adds so much baggage to it and makes it seem like an optional new game. It should have just been a relaunch with a new surname, similar to how Wow goes from like "World of Warcraft: Legion" to "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" or w/e.


Calling it OW2 allowed Jeff to get sponsors/Blizzard on board since sequels tend to sell well. All Jeff wanted was to make a PvE game.


Honestly hope Jeff gets that good ending where he goes to a new studio and gets to make the PvE game he’s been dreaming of since Titans


They couldn’t even manage that and scrapped the assets to make overwatch. Then they couldn’t even manage overwatch pve.


Or Starcraft: Ghost. Blizzard PvE shooters are cursed


last time i heard overwatch pve comes out in January


it'll be a bite sized pve addition (with new content being released over the live service life of the game) not a full featured game like originally planned. Don't expect Left 4 Dead 2 levels of content anytime soon if ever.....


It’ll be the same as those shitty pve events we got during those events in ow1 won’t it?


There were rumours that Titan was cancelled because Destiny was pretty much the same game, but closer to being complete, and ActiBlizz didnt want to have two directly competing products.


Destiny is not even close to being what Titan was supposed to be. If you were following at the time, listening to the leaks for years, you'd know that. Titan wasn't cancelled due to Destiny, Titan was cancelled due to what it was supposed to be. It was too big and no one was controlling the scope. Go research it, dude, and stop parroting morons online.


Anyone know what he’s doing these days? His Wiki and LinkedIn both end with him leaving Activision-Blizzard last year.




On first announcement I honestly thought ow2 was just PvE and that's the one you pay for and they'd update ow1 with all the new pvp stuff and that was going to be free to play. But now ow1 is gone. And it's replaced by the same game that we've still not seen much of the PvE stuff... I don't understand why would they make a proper PvE left 4 dead kinda optional game mode for a free to play?


you thought that because that's how it was initially framed. then higher ups stuck their stupid noses in to it, fucked up and delayed all the development with their ideas, forced jeff out with all the greedy MTX from other games, and we end up with this instead.


I honestly thought the PvE was going to be a standalone vermintide kinda game haha. Fortnight has a PvE game mode too that you paid once for. And look how much they focus on PvE now.


Well I bought the Fortnite PvE mode and its just tower defense with zombies, the video from the OW2 launch looked a bit more complex, plus we know each character will have skill trees to work through.


Now that you've mentioned it, I would kill for a Vermintide-style Overwatch game


When I saw it it's what it reminded me of. Just minus the gear part. All well l... we got dark tide next month!


Yeah, I remember them saying that Overwatch 2 would be primarily for the story mode and would need to be purchased, but it wouldn't matter if you had Overwatch 2 or Overwatch 1 because the multiplayer would be the same. It was a simpler time. It was a better time. Then greed seeped in. Personally, I can't help but notice that the stuff that made me start to dislike where OW2 was going started after Jeff was gone.


Yeah but then people would (rightfully) get mad that they were adding this bullshit monetization into a game they bought. Literally every argument I've heard saying that this is okay basically comes down to "It's a new game"


Well, they have to call it OW2, because changing the monetization like this for a mere update would be borderline consumer fraud.


issue is overwatch 2 was supposed to be a separate game because of how much new pve content that would be added. fucking whores kicked it by the wayside and drove the IP into the ground for shits and giggles instead.


No joke, I'm sure that some absurd percentage of Overwatch players are about to have a real rude surprise when it turns into Overwatch 2. I think people, and Blizzard, really overestimate how much the average player cares about their game's news, especially when it's been as poorly communicated as Overwatch 2 has been


I know at least a couple of people that got upset when I told them OW1 was shutting down instead of the two running side-by-side >.> I've mentioned it before...I can play Starcraft and Starcraft 2 any time but OW1 is a different story :/




Wait, does OW2 want a phone number? Why?!


To deter secondary accounts and prevent banned people from coming back is the stated reason.


its actually funny how much ads for WoW stuff I see on reddit lately - as well as intel GPUs or some other shit. But not a single ow2 ad. Back when OW launched, quite literally my whole city was plastered in OW ads. This time I know some people who are in the space (but not playing ow) "oh yeah, ow was gonna get a sequel right? how is that going?" and noone even knows its gotten a rework. Idfk what the marketing team of ow is doing.


Honestly I think they’re planning on the free to play model paying for the advertising for them for the most part because of it dropping for free on consoles. OW has never been free on ps4 for instance, it’s never been the offered game of the month. I wanna say the cheapest it has ever gone was around the $5 mark or so during a really good sale. It might work but the type of player base brought in by free to play games is usually 100 percent different than one who has to buy the game. It may be a good thing but it’s going to introduce more challenges too. One big one? Kids in comp if they have access to a parent’s PC. It was already a problem on console. I literally would lose SR to because I’d hear a mom yelling that they were going to unplug the game because it was time to do homework or whatever else. Now add that it’s free? Comp, especially on console, is going to fundamentally change. There will be a LOT more children in comp and I foresee bronze kinda becoming the kiddie pool (worse than it is now). And that actually kinda worries me for the kids because there’s a lot of really shitty plat players who throw and are toxic in bronze…. But maybe all the reporting changes will help that too


They haven’t done a horrible job, they’ve done exactly what they intended - keeping people in the dark as much as possible bc they know it’s not a happy change for everyone.


I'm the fucking idiot that when they announced the preload was available I went looking for the OW2 logo. As if it was a separate program.


You're not an idiot. You're just expecting a sequel game to actually be a sequel, not a patch.


Literally, me. I had no idea and have played OW1 for hundreds of hours. Why the fuck is it called Overwatch *2* if it's essentially just an update?


>We're going to see a lot of people upset in the next few days when OW1 suddenly goes away. Most people have no idea. Tbh I've been aware that it's going away ever since Blizzard first clarified it, and I'm *still* upset about. Imagine Microsoft shutting down the Master Chief Collection's servers to force people to play Infinite's multiplayer, people would rightfully be pissed. And yeah yeah, I'm also aware that OW2 is just a glorified update, but Blizzard are choosing to market it as a shiny new sequel and the game is fundamentally different enough from OW1 to be divisive to people, so...


And they're completely changing the monetization. And the balance. And requiring people have a phone plan to play it. This was going to be a a shit show either way


It’s insane to me that they thought all of this combined is a good idea.


Its even worse when you realize they already fucking did the same thing with Warcraft Reforged which pissed off *everyone*


If they weren’t changing it to 5v5 and removing an entire mode? Fine, update it. Yes, I know a lot of people hate 2CP. I’m not one of those people and I liked it. But when you remove a huge part of the matchmaking for the default mode AND change the setups of the teams, you’re not updating the game. You didn’t add a character or a map… the game has fundamentally been changed and is no longer the game I bought (on three different formats because I loved it so much) I agree that it sucks and it should be put into maintenance mode and still available to those who bought it


I've mained tank for years. I will never get to rein/zar again. Fine. Whatever. I'll just play a different game.


They should’ve called it “Overwatch: Reunion” or some shit, stick to that Paris Cinematic they did Edit: Zero Hour


They learned nothing from what happened to the Wii U


It really is a bad move because if you think about it, if they had existed side by side there are people who might play overwatch one for a little while but get overwatch 2 later. As it is now, an OW1 person going to log in one day and basically find they slapped a two on the game and everything costs money now. It's going to be a total shit show once it goes live.


How do I even download the game? Is it out yet? I thought it didn't come out till the 3rd while they shut the servers down for OverWatch 1 on the 16th even though they're a billion-dollar corporation and we paid for the game and we let them get away with it...


I had no idea until I saw this meme tbh


I thought so too at first like a year ago. The way they had worded pretty much everything was confusing, I used to be under impression that with OW2 OW1 will get the makeover with new graphics and the new hero looks and OW2 being the optional PvE. Now everything's a lot clearer tho


you see, it originally was. they first marketed it where in pvp, ow1 and ow2 would be crossplay with pve being exclusive to ow2. but somewhere along the line (probably the switch to 5v5) they canned that idea.


I'm 90% sure they scrapped that original plan after realizing how much work would need to be done to implement all the changes from OW2 into OW1, as in the new team composition, role passives, and especially the upgraded graphics which as far as I'm aware come from a completely different engine than what OW1 is running on. All that would have taken too long, been unnecessarily complicated to accomplish and thus would've cost so much that the cosmetics everyone are bitching costing too much now would probably had cost even more in order to make the money back


> I used to be under impression that with OW2 OW1 will get the makeover with new graphics and the new hero looks and OW2 being the optional PvE As far as I can tell, that's exactly what it *was*, and somewhere along the line they just threw their hands in the air and said "Fuck it, put it all together".


Wait, so it’s more like Overwatch 2.0 and not two separate games?!




Well, shit.. They should’ve named it 2.0 instead.


You're getting it :)


It's more like Overwatch 1.5


Can’t wait for Overwatch: Birth by sleep.


Many people also think its mandatory to buy OW2 through the watchpoint pack


My friend thought he needed to buy Watchpoint to get Kiriko


Someone on Twitter was spamming my replies, adamant that OW1 players wouldn't get Kiriko without the Battle Pass or the Watchpoint Pack. And that was after she told some guy that OW1 owners would get shop skins for free... [Have a read if you want to lose some braincells.](https://twitter.com/ItsMaddleDee/status/1575486116525850624)


Theres probably gonna be a large handful of folk that go to login OW oct2- 4 or forward and find out the hardway only to either be dissapointed or pissed off. Blizzard handled this like shit like always


Please, don’t insult shit by comparing it to blizzard.


Ir they can't even play because if a fucking phone number


I had no idea that OW1 was going away. This whole time I’ve been like “eh I don’t want to play OW2, I’ll stick with 1.”


Yeah, my girlfriend is in the same camp. Didn't have any interest in the sequel so she figured she'd just continue playing the game as it is. She seemed genuinely hurt when I broke it to her that OW1 ceases to exist as we know it this week.


Do you really think that someone who is so casual a player they aren't even aware that overwatch 2 exists yet is going to be *disappointed* when they log in and see that the game has received a massive update? Pretty sure they will be pleasantly surprised.


I mean, skins basically no longer being obtainable without paying, a bunch of nerfs, 6v6 gone, yeah I think people will be disappointed


Don't forget the arcade modes; lots of casual players love those and there's no telling how the OW2 balance changes (specifically, the tank buffs) will affect them.


Rip og doomfist parkour, ill never get past level 6


As a Mystery Heroes only player, it was already too tank biased because you could stay alive longer with tanks and have a higher chance to use their ult. Now that tanks are purposefully going to be stronger than other roles, it's just going to be a giant tank fest.


I am Mystery Heroes and sometimes PVE events only too! On the other hand maybe I'm just bad but DVA and Roadhog were really my only consistent tank ults. I imagine if they're rebalancing tanks to be more tanky they will have to make DPS ults stronger. With the right balancing I don't see why it'd end up biased any more than it may have been before. Another thing to consider is the mobility of most non tanks. In my experience 1v1s against a tank were usually not in their favor in Mystery Heroes.


The problem is not in 1v1 situations; it's when one side gets a hard-to-kill combination of units. When one team gets a nice mixture of tanks and healers, it's already hard to break them because your entire team is just rolling random heroes (and most likely running in one by one) instead of picking counters. Tanks in ow2 are even beefier than they were in OW1 and with cc greatly reduced, there are less heroes you can roll that have a chance of getting a pick from the beefier team.


I fear that it will just further feed into the cycle of constant leavers that's already plaguing the mode. It's fairly common for like half the team to tap out if the enemy rolls an op composition. With tanks being super buff, I can see it happening even more in OW2.


Some perhaps but theres gonna be plenty that wont know of the SMS connect and potentially just drop the game as a whole or like some on here have been mentioning are gonna be pissed they cant play a game they paid $$ for. Point being the rollout blizzard has done for this has been crap. You could at least have a promotional ad come up on youtube vids if the person is a known OW player at some point


Depends, do they play off-tank, doomfist, sym, or any healer? If so, they probably won't be thrilled.


Yeah I'll bet they'll be pleasantly surprised when they find out they wont be able to get skins without paying anymore lol


I'm very curious to see how it turns out, and I'm not sure how/if we'll even hear about it. I think the presence of a store on the homepage asking for real money is going to be a shock to some.


You're right, it is a massive upgrade - an entire new game engine. Some people aren't going to have fairly updated equipment for OW2 to even play - my desktop which can handle OW1 fine can't handle OW2, fortunately my husband's can - so yeah, I can imagine some folks will be blindsided and upset when the game is inaccessible to them.


Step one: force everyone to play the new game Step two: lock earnable content and cosmetics behind a paywall Step three: rake In unbelievable amounts of cash from whales at the expense of people who payed for the in game content you've now removed


Last time there was a crop this bad we called it the Irish potato famine


Which is funny because that famine was also largely the result of rich fuckers trying to make a bunch of money. Activision isn't quite as bad as the British monarchy, but not for lack of trying, lol


This crop looks fine to me lol


man, how i wish i could keep playing OW1 going forward


Honestly we should have been able to. It’s bullshit that we are not, I fucking PAID for that game and now it’s gone




They could have kept the 6v6 mode to OW2 while adding a 5v5.


I'd play just for 6v6 alone


>You paid for a license to the game. We're finally at the point of people defending actions like this with the license argument. Fucking hell.


They fail to realize that the laws are so far behind on all software industries that many of these practices will be considered criminal in the future


There’s never gonna be a law to require companies to keep servers up for online games forever. That just doesn’t work.


What does work is having LAN, peer-to-peer and/or custom dedicated servers like any game with a multiplayer 20 years ago


They should make a better game if they are so concerned about splitting the player base. If the game was better then people wouldn't mind moving to overwatch 2.




Is that a bad thing? Letting people play a game that they personally prefer? Look at Counter-Strike... 1.6 was mega popular. They released CZ which for the most part flopped and everyone stayed with 1.6. Then Source came out. Source basically split the community between 1.6/Source for many years. Both games had their pros and cons. People could pick. Then came CSGO. CSGO is now by far the most popular and there aren't concerns about a split community since CSGO is like the updated best of both worlds (for the most part...). Even though CSGO now holds 90% of the CS player base, people still play the older ones. They may just prefer them. There are old mods that people still love...


They only had to **add** new stuff (heroes, maps, modes and possibly PvE). They didn't because they want to make the game more accessible and get a constant revenue stream from battle passes. That's reality.


What?! I’ve been playing fighting games and FPS for such a long time and they never stopped any of those games. Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4 still has players online despite Street Fighter 5 being out. Call of Duty releases their games yearly yet they don’t close their past games’ servers. Blizzard just messed up big time and know that if OW1 is still active, players won’t move to OW2.


So then I'll get a refund since they're revoking my license?


Will you shit the fuck up about that paying for a license shit to excuse shitty decisions. Have some fucking self respect man.


Don't worry, knowing Blizzard they'll just make you pay $40 or $60 for it again when they inevitably release Overwatch Classic lol


nah, i'm not paying for that game again i'm actually not giving another single cent to anything Blizzard makes


Same here


Until Diablo 4 atleast...


I have literally 0 interest in Diablo


How are we even going to play 6v6 in OW2? All the tanks will be OP. I assume people will play this game initially then slowly lose interest.




I recently found it out too. Going to update and keep OW1 on my older Xboxes for preservation.


That’s a great idea


lol Blizzard doesn't want people being able to go back and see how good they had it with the old cosmetic system, and they don't want anyone who doesn't like the gameplay changes in OW2 to be able to go back to 1 either. They want as many people as possible to play OW2 because it means more potential suckers willing to buy battle passes and throw away $20 a pop on skins.


I literally found out about the phone number bullshit last night and guess what? I don’t have a phone.


The “do you guys not have phones?” Wasn’t a question. It was a threat.


Yea that's kinda wild to me. Even though I do have one. There have been times where I just ditched having a phone or only had a land line. I get why they are doing it but there has to be a better way.


Especially since, even for people who do have cell phones, they have issue with pre-paid carriers. Thing is, at least here in the US, almost half the phone users use pre-paid plans. Requiring cell phone number and then not allowing many pre-paid services is completely asinine. May as well require players only use a specific brand TV or monitor.


I have one but what’s this phone thing referring to?


You need to link your phone number to your OW account - new anti-smurf protection. Big drama because there's a lot of people whose phones aren't even allowed.


Because Bliz advertised the game as if it was a new game, a sequel, but it is just OW update 2.0 like Fortnite Chapter 2.


Rip overwatch


nOnE oF ThE CaSuAlS WiLl MiNd


I hope that’s sarcasm buddy.. I got screwed over… I was semi-casual… loved playing the game. I took it seriously even in Quickplay… Competitive was in my experience way too sweaty for me to deal with.


lol when OW2 is F2P and people will still rather play OW1 🤣


My sister casually plays and I had to break this news to her a few weeks ago. She got super sad. There could have been a lot more in-game communication about this. They have a link for patch notes in the game itself so they could easily have put a tab for news about the game. All I know about ow2 had to come from twitter or here.


Somewhere in the news tab they literally tell you the game is shutting down to prep for ow2 to replace it


Originally OW1 was still supposed to exist, but they've altered the deal (pray they don't alter it any further)...


Nope. Since 2019 Blizzcon it has been stated that "Overwatch 1 players will play alongside Overwatch 2 players", which is just a confusingly stupid way of saying overwatch 1 players will be transferred to overwatch 2.


That was way back before the major pvp changes were announced though. Back then, OW2 was expected to be a PvE expansion, along with an updated engine and visuals. At the time, it made sense to say there was crossplay on the PvP side. But they gradually changed just about everything about that arrangement.


Yet, it was never stated that Overwatch 1 would remain as is.


The usage of the word "alongside" definitely implied it would continue to exist as a separate entity though.


No then it would be all overwatch 2 and no overwatch 1 players. They misled us.


Scummy behavior on Blizzards part. They don’t want people to be able to go back and play OW because they need to push people into their new cosmetic/BP system. It should not have been called OW2, because its not a sequel. OW2 is just a massive update and overhaul of OW with a new monetization system. I think it shows a lack of confidence in their new product. Blizzard wasn’t sure that players would migrate to the new monetization system, so they decided to get rid of the choice. Also I am aware that we have known for a long time that OW was going away. My point is that it is scummy behavior from Blizzard and does not instill confidence in their new product.


So did I until just now. At least I’d really really hoped.


A lot of us wish OW would stay live. Not everyone can d thirsting for the cash grab that is OW2. And they dangled the Pve and it’s not even in the game.👎🏻


i spent sixty dollars on ow and they can just take that away from me?? at least give me some credits for that or something... Ok well new people got to unlock older characters. So i guess we are compensated for playing the old game.


It’s like Bungie deleted Destiny planets I payed for when the game came out


And I stopped playing destiny because of all that anti consumer bullshit and now it’s hitting overwatch. Great


Hopefully (unlike Destiny it seems) they bring everything from OW to OW2, D2 doesn’t have a lot of armors and weapons (even supers such as Bladedancer and Sunsinger) in that were in D1


Everything you have unlocked on ow will be unlocked on ow2 aswell


My sister bought it only a few months ago and now it’s getting taken away


For fucking real. FULL REFUND!


It is annoying that they'll be taking a game I paid money for and replacing it with something I need to pay more for to make it properly playable.


Yea, there is no such thing as "Overwatch 2"; What we have is "Overwatch" 2.0 . It's pretty obvious. Just compare Diablo 2 and diablo 3, warcraft 2 and warcraft 3, etc etc, then compare OW and OW2 and it's pretty obvious that OW and OW2 is the same game, with new maps and heroes, and new game rules, and new PVE content. We had all of those things added within OW1 before, so in my eyes this is just an OW1 update like the ones we had before, just a slightly bigger one with more skill changes. Honestly it feels like they held up updating the game for a long time then released all the changes and patch notes developed over time at once and try to sell it as a new game.


Not actually any new PvE content, we keep getting lucyd Your last point is 100% what happened. No real updates for 3 years and then suddenly 3 new heroes, 6 new maps (while getting rid of 5) and a rework of hero balance. It's so fucking lame :/


Gotta love that, since we're in the early days of software legislation, they can take away something you bought and replace it and it's 'fine'


It’s not as simple as that though because of updates. No one complains about companies being able to update the games they bought, actually they demand it. And overwatch “2” is nothing but a glorified update. So if want it changed you’d have to make it illegal to update a game that someone bought in any way other than glitch fixes.


I really hope that this is gonna get enough people surprised and riled up to maybe do a big lawsuit to set a precedent for digital game ownership


look at the post before yours. there's no precedent to be set here. You might not like it, but they're treating it like an 'update', which they're fully allowed to do.


I've noticed a lot of causal players are completely surprised when someone mentioned ow1 is going away. I can't play ow2 because I have cricket and I refuse to change or do a work around because they need to know they're numbers are dropping for the complete disaster of a game update "new" game, or whatever the f it is. My entire family including, my teenagers, are out. We have 6 accounts. Buh bye.


How exactly is it a disaster of a game update? You just saying what you read online, or do you have thoughts on the changes? You said nothing here besides the phone complaint, which I can understand.


Since I can't play it once they enforce the phone requirements, than it's a disaster to me, imo. I'm not going to cheat the system or pay more for my families phone policy just to play. Since that's fairly easy to do I don't see the point of banning cricket. So yeah.


6 accts? Damn y'all all okay at the same time or just six stack? You'll have eat more fun playing CoD with that setup. See you in ow2


I have two accounts. I've been playing since the game came out and made a second account because I got tired of all the, "plat border haha you suck for not being grand master". Husband plays occasionally, I have an account to play with my two kids that's about silver so not to affect my others. And my kids each have an account. These were all purchased over the last 6 years. I play the most.


WTF?! So since day 1 of Overwatch 2 I will not be able to play Overwatch 1?? Whyy?😫


It’s not so much of a new game as more of a relaunch (mainly for their new pricing model). Some people say it’s a new game because you can pay to do PvE, but that hasn’t come out and won’t for at least a year.


OW1 will be taken down just over a day prior to OW2 going up, so it'll be unavailable since day -0.125 of OW2 https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/23852690/overwatch-2-ready-check-prepare-for-launch/


because ow2 is literally an update to ow1 lmfao


Wait it’s not a separate game? But I don’t want any changes …


“Sucks for you” -Aaron Keller, probably


Everyone has a right to be upset, we paid for ow1 and now it will not be available anymore. You have to link a sms to it and to keep up purchase a battle pass every couple months with shitty skins attached to it. Anyone who doesn’t like ow2 is now stuck cause that game they originally spent money on is gone.


Me and my friend spent 20$ when the game was on sale and had some of our best gaming memories ever and know they are just gonna take the game away. Idfc that my skins transfer over I want compensation for spending 20$ and then not being able to play the game.


A lot of people don't even know about the downgrade and think it's like a normal game where you get to keep the original.


I didn’t know this either.




Your friend isn't the only one. I've had to explain it to several people over the last couple weeks. Blizz is handling this thing horribly.


I feel your friend. I will miss overwatch 1. I don’t understand the new complicated stuff people are talking about. Full disclosure: I don’t know what a battle pass is and I am too afraid to ask now!


I felt the same when I found out wtf


This is so upsetting


It's ok, all this will just fuel the impending revolt coming in 2 days... Is that a pitchfork vendor I see?


I love how you can just jump into old counter-strike games like it has never changed. Unfortunately we won't be able to do that with Overwatch


Not surprising, when does a sequel delete the original? Almost never.


In fairness we all did at one point


This has definitely been in the top 3 of worst roll outs ever. And sadly, I can't even think of what the other 2 would be. Cyberpunk?


Pretty sure come dday their support will be flooded with people unable to play the game they paid for. People also don't want to add their actual phone numbers as well for a damn game.


yeah this really sucks. 100% because otherwise the populations will be too split bc overwatch had a better content delivery model and lots of people arguably prefer ow1 to what they have played of ow2 ((altho u gotta acknowledge game not out yet lol)). but like it really sucks we cant just go back to 1 for nostalgia or old times. it's just gone. hope u had some replays saved. side note, i think they will surely add an overwatch mode or ow classic mode or something i think, down the line maybe w slightly different balance and 6 players.


so it’s completely gone?? I can’t play until i give more money? this is all news to me someone pls explain


Overwatch 1 is shutting down. Overwatch 2 is replacing it, and is free to play. Your skins and other cosmetics will transfer over. Overwatch 2 pretty much plays like a different game with it being 5v5.


ah, thank you. i hate that


Good riddance to the CC spamming, blatant hackers, and smurfs. I loved OW1 but the game was a dumpster fire by late 2019. All the great nostalgia I have for the game won't make me feel otherwise. I'm sorry for everyone who will miss OW1, but as someone who fell out of it, and didn't want to touch it anymore, I hope I'll be seeing you on OW "2" or some other game, not picky.


Well...this is also the first time *Ive* heard of this. I was expecting to keep playing OW1 because of how terrible the battlepass system looks...


It is optional. I’m taking the option of not supporting it and boycotting it for example!


I swear and I could be wrong but wasn't OW2 only needed if you wanted the single player game, OW1 owners could still play the new maps and heroes. That was like the major feature. I also swear that OW was marketed as a game you could earn all cosmetics through playing the game and you didn't have to buy anything. I also swear that THIS VERY SUB called blizzard out on this with the first event and how they tried to ninja change the website to reflect this wasn't actually a selling point in response blizzard said we're all entitled and we only paid for base game and new heroes cost money to make so you should buy loot boxes....till the next event where they 180'ed on the 180...which I feel will happen here eventually. Wait... where is the Single player content that was the huge chunk of this now content patch that caused them to abandon OW1 for 3 years to make? This won't bite them in the ass at first, IIRC OW1 owners get the premium BP unlocked, once this season ends only the whales will buy it and the whales population will get less and less till they pull the blizzard, and make a statement "we learned so much from \[insert IP launch/patch/content\] and will take this \[thing no one liked that they claimed they learned from\] and modify how we do \[thing\] from now on." this ofc is after we get the other blizzard which existed long before this quote, just JAB was ballsy enough to say it outright "you think you want it but you don't"


I still don’t get what ow is doing with their ads and communication. Like they have always been bad at it but come on don’t fumble this. I have yet to see a single ow2 ad but I’ve seen dozens of ads for the new wow expansion like common blizzard you have the capabilities. (I know wow is different but like it’s just annoying)


Im not doing all of that shit they want just to play ow. They can eat a dick.


Blizzard and Activision deserve every bad consequence of their terrible actions.


People also forgetting a major reason for branding it OW2 its because when OW originally came out, they promised there would be no paid DLC or the like. This is a way of circumventing it. And that OW2 was announced around the time all the sexual abuse stuff came to light very conveniently


wut ow2 was announced in late 2019. The abuse stuff became public knowledge summer 2021. So the announcement was roughly year and a half prior


I found out today that Overwatch won’t exist anymore. Pretty upset by it, Overwatch 2 sounds awful from everything that I’ve read about it.


I didn't know it was replacing OW1 until a few days ago its not even out yet and I already hate OW2, freaking battle pass money grubbing bullshit


Hasn't this been known since like 2019? Like when OW2 was announced they said that the PVP would be the same game. Like all OW2 updates would go to OW as well...not really sure what people thought would happen.


yeah but that was before we knew it was gonna be f2p microtransaction hell so nobody really gave a shit


I still don't understand why people think this is anything other than a big patch.


Because Blizzard made the marketing decision around naming it Overwatch 2, a sequel


>I still don't understand why people think this is anything other than a big patch. You don't understand how people think a release called "Overwatch 2" isn't a patch?


I’m not gonna actually play ow2. A big reason is the battle pass and cosmetic change. Plus the fact that they are closing ow1 kinda tells me that they need people to play ow2.


Also the fact that some of my best memories was grinding to get a legendary skin during the anniversary event in ow1 really makes me sad that they ruined what ow1 had going in ow2


It’s because blizzard lied to us all claiming OW1 would still be available. Just a garbage company.


They didn't, since day 1 they were saying it's an update.


I understand why they are getting rid of ow1. When cs had its sequel (csgo) people were hesitant for a long period of time, splitting the fan base and harming the game before improving it. However, cs to csgo was a massive improvement, in graphics, gameplay, etc. ow2 is not a massive improvement, and forcing people to come across would be the only way to ensure their players come across. I love ow1 and I’ll try ow2 but the way it has been dealt with by blizz and the absurdity of the “free” system they’ve based it on, taking 350 years to get every skin at launch for free and the 30-50 hours of constant gameplay to get a character from the battle pass (wtf blizz, I could understand them being tier 1 or tier 5 so that you play a few games a season and get the character, but that many hours???) ow2 will kill overwatch as a brand at least a little bit, and it will be disappointing. Enjoy the game if you want, but I won’t be giving them another cent


Just boycott OW2, don’t login don’t buy the battle pass, these greedy sobs will only learn when their pockets are hit


Well all my poor friends are happy that theyre now gonna get to play Overwatch without spending 20 bucks \^\_\^ so more the merrier for me


It *IS* optional. You have the option to not play.