Since I own everything then my account must be worth A LOT


Hold on to it for a year or two when people really want a bunch of stuff, and are fine with the ow1 skins.


Dont forget Pink Mercy stonks will be on the rise as well


I looked up account prices a year or two ago out of curiosity because someone said I could get a pretty penny for my pink mercy. Even my gold/plat account was "worth" around $400, which was tempting to say the least.


This is a real thing? Good grief. I have pink mercy and all of the limited skins. Only missing a few cosmetics total.


Pink mercy nd a couple of blizzcon skins are all im missing lol.


Hmm, no pink mercy or blizzcon skins? Best I can do is about tree fiddy.


tree fiddy is tree fiddy more than the tree fiddy I was not getting before you offered me that tree fiddy.


I had a gold border GM mercy account account with all skins, items, gold weapon for mercy including pink and owl skin plus a lot of skins for others. I managed to sell it for $630 to a mercy main from US. I needed money to get a new highend telescope and mercy paid for it lol. Total I spent in game was the original rsp + $15 lol. After hearing all this I'm definitely gonna hold tight on my remaining 2 main accounts.


Hmmm this really has me thinking about my other accounts I made to play in low ranks with my friends. But I have a lot of skins on those accounts.


Problem is I will also lose other Blizzard games on my account which is something I dont want to do yet.


I don't play WoW anymore, but I did back in the day. My battle net account is one of the originals from when they converted WoW accounts into "Real ID" accounts. I've still got characters in there from the BC and Wrath days that I'm nostalgically (is that a word?) attached to. Plus it's mildly interesting to see I've got friends on my list who have been offline for a decade. Honestly, that nostalgia is what kept me from selling my account.


I had some dude message me after a game asking to buy my account because of the pink mercy skin, this was a few years ago


Imagine they add skin trading. Then it’ll probably be the most expensive skin in the game.


If you have other games on that account. Unless you sell it forseveral k. Not worth it.


Maybe for you, I certainly don't have that much money in OW, or any blizzard game. So a few hundred would not only get me our of the red strictly speaking dollar wise but would make me pretty happy, and like dude. An extra 100 or 2? That there is a utility or 2.


I’d sell it for $6000 that’s a 50% bargain and almost half my rent for the year


$12,080.69 to be exact




It's only worth what someone is ready to pay for


My skins transfer right?




Same. I bought the Blizzcon Bastion and Winston skins separately at a pretty penny. I think I paid $1.5k just for those two.


i refunded my ow1 how do i get it back


My pink mercy, Brick Bastion, and BlizzCon skins are my retirement fund


I'll make a deal and sell my diamond border with all unlocks + some of the extra paid& event skins for just $10k


I got pink mercy skin and bastian lego skinand like, 80% unlockedskins. Ill sell for 9k :D


Love Me Some Bastion Lego


Borders won’t be a thing anymore though, sadly.


Right, so it'll be even more valuable when someone inspects your profile and sees the [legacy profile icon](https://twitter.com/mizliz_/status/1575977744021991424)


Where is the legacy icon?


To the right of the endorsement level. They’re silver border, one star, level 96.




Old leveling system I think was replaced with the battle pass leveling :(


What the fuck


I think the rationale is that it created toxicity (e.g. ppl flaming Players who had high-level borders and being in low-mid ranks etc).


If the rationale was toxicity then idk why they brought those stats back and got rid of title cards as well as being on fire I think they're just saying whatever at this point


On fire system is still in the game (it still technically functioned under the hood during beta and they said it would be back in 2)


Would be cool to see a comparison to ow1. Either how many lootboxes u have to buy or just easier the same calculations u did before but with the ow1 prices.


Hard to compare since it's now an apples to oranges comparison unfortunately now that you can't grind/play for unlocks like OW1. To put it into perspective, all of these unlocks cost \~1.4 MILLION Credits in Overwatch 2. Since you can only earn 60 credits per week from "Weekly Challenges", it would take \~450 YEARS to get all of the OW1 cosmetics in OW2 without spending real money.... Yup............


450 years of PLAYIBG EVERY WEEK until you complete the challanges


Think of the friends you'll make along the way


I would tilt so much by then that I'd be spinning faster than some black holes.


Think of the sense of pride and accomplishment you'd get


"it would take \~450 YEARS to get all of the OW1 cosmetics in OW2 without spending real money....!" I think that needs to be the headline.


Something similar happened with Star Wars battlefront and I think the outrage changed the prices.


Blizzard doesn't care anymore. Not anymore. Not after Diablo immortal especially


Yeah and just look at this sub. So many apologists and people willing to bend over for big daddy bliz. Why would they change when there are enough people that would happily support their shit system?


played a round today. They all said it s fine everyone has a battlepass and they are hyped Gaming is dead and we killed it...


No, capitalism killed gaming. I don't know a single programmer that thinks, "man, I can't wait to code a system that preys on people's addictive need to buy stuff"


100%, Capitalism killed big gaming in particular. The formula for a big game now is typically “how much can we get away with charging them without them hating us or hopefully even realizing how much money they’re spending”. It’s predatory, and companies are literally hiring people to make games specifically addictive just so people will spend more money. A whole bunch of our predatory micro transactions practices are ILLEGAL in other parts of the world, but here preying on children is seen as a great opportunity, as long as you’re only taking their money or messing with their brain chemistry.


I'm never giving Blizzard another penny for the rest of my life. EA either, or Nestle for that matter. No regrets, none of them have anything i can't live without.


EA and Activision both actually publish some really damn good games from time to time. For example Activision published Sekiro. EA published It Takes Two, Titanfall, and Jedi Fallen Order. So while I definitely agree that both of those companies are terrible, they do occasionally back amazing consumer friendly games.


Diablo Immortal is also partially a different demographic. It’s a mobile game with a PC port. I’d be curious what the distribution of sales is between mobile users and PC.


The controversy with Battlefront was more how long you would have to grind to unlock playable characters. It was something like a 40 to 50 hour grind per unlockable character, and none were unlocked at the start. Even what people thought would've been core characters to start with, like Luke or Vader.


Coincidentally, it's 50+ hours to unlock the new hero in the battlepass on OW2. I'm rambling here, but I'd wager that the companies behind these games are going to be the big difference regarding success. EA's reputation was already pretty universally shit before BF2's fiasco. It seems (from the doormats defending/hand-waving these greedy practices) Blizzard, unfortunately, is going to be able to ride its reputation into the ground for a while yet before the general public realizes what it's become.


Battlefront didn't have fans willing to astroturf on behalf on EA. They won't be changing anything and the bad word of mouth gonna make this game the next Halo infinite.


I will say something i think people cared about SWBF and had a huge fan base , i would say this would have a similar reaction if it was Overwatch 1 but most people have already discounted OW as a game and won't care about OW 2 , but maybe if this post makes it to the front page the same might happen


Similarly, if you just wanted ONE Epic skin for every hero, you'd be spending 1000 coins every 18 weeks on the new character, and saving the rest for the original cast plus the three OW2 launch heroes. But since you earn a maximum of 1080 coins in that time, you only have 80 to spare every 18 weeks - which is itself 151 YEARS that you'd need in order to save up the 35,000 required for them.


....what is happening to the only online shooter I enjoy playing anymore? Shit sucks. Why Blizzard gotta be fighting so hard to be the new EA?


I just don’t understand how these devs don’t get it. Why does this always happen, why can’t they find a sweet middle ground where they get rewarded and gamers don’t need forsake their life. Ugh.


How about we compare how easy it is to get skins for free? In the old system, you got a new legendary skin every ~10 boxes. You got 1 box free per day from role queue, 3 per week from arcade, and one box for ~1h play time. Lets say you have a lot of time to play, and you spend 2h per day playing overwatch. Thats 24 boxes, or 2.4 legendary skins worth "$20" per week *not* counting the $10 epic skins and other common cosmetics *or* the extra credits you get to buy free legendary skins of your choice. And finally, a reminder that they made **billions** of dollars in 2016-2020.


In OW2 you can get a grand total of zero legendary skins without paying.


Not true, you can get 1 every 32 weeks provided you do all of your weekly challenges throughout that entire time and don't spend the coins on anything else ever. Thanks Blizzard!


And it's the same one everyone else gets! Dude this is going to fucking suck so bad. It's free so it will be fun for a few weeks with the boys but I don't see any longevity to this game.


Technically not true, we can get skins from Twitch drops. lol


1 legendary in (roughly) every 10 boxes????? you must be the luckiest OW player in the world :p I probably need more like 50 to get a single legendary


They had to release the drop rates for EU/Asia laws or something. I think the statistics are \~10 boxes per legendary. (7.5% chance per: [https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/284790](https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/284790) )


That chance also increased every box in which you didn't get a legendary.


Somewhere I have the math I did where I logged my legendaries for hundreds of levels (w/ distinguishes for event boxes)- came out to something like every 12 or so boxes on average you will get a legendary (i.e. your chance to get a legendary box next after 11 without is >50%). Events doubled the amount of legendaries (additional loot pools have their own pity timers) due to the loot rolling mechanics.


>And finally, a reminder that they made billions of dollars in 2016-2020. That was just the first 2 years and then profits dropped for this game SHARPLY. And it was one of Actiblizz's least profitable franchise which is why these changes are being made. This game was either gonna be put in maintenance mode or get with the times.


I would have preferred maintenance mode to this by far.


in ow1 the price is literally zero. I have everything – didnt pay a penny. diamond border, yeah, so a lot of time, but still.


Why is this giving me flashbacks to the Halo Infinite situation?


Damn, OW2 is going make bank from the skins and stuff. I unlocked almost everything in OW and still have a bunch of credits to buy what's left without buying a single loot box. Though I have been playing since launch day. The only thing I ever bought was a few tokens for a skin. Goodbye being able to reasonably unlock stuff just by playing the game and not paying.


I paid for one thing and have most everything just playing casually since launch… Pink Mercy.


Pink Mercy was very worth it. Donate to cause and get a sweet skin? Don't mind if I do!


I think pink mercy and whatever that blizzcon skin bastion has are the rarest skins in the game. I kind of regret not getting pink mercy. Although Mercy is one of my least played characters in the game.


illidan genji


I didn't get Pink Mercy because at the time I had only a couple hours on her. Now she's my #2 support... Oops


> Goodbye being able to reasonably unlock stuff just by playing the game and not playing. That's the price of free to play. I hate it.


> Damn, OW2 is going make bank from the skins and stuff. only if people buy the stuff they have an uphill battle to convince the 50 million people who bought the game then got everything for free to pay $20 for a single skin


I spent 0 to get them all :D!


The worst part of all this is that theyre shutting down OW1 to force people to play this if they want to play OW at all.


90's Blizzard were masters of game design and they grew their company and reputation based on this. Modern Blizzard is Activision's little stooge who doesn't care if they drive their reputation into the ground so long as they can have just....one...more....year....of saying "record profits!".


And King. It's blizz/Activision/King. The mobile game maker, the people who made candy crush and a bunch of other highly addicting games. This company is not interested in games or gamers, they just want your money.


Man, it's probably huffing copium to insane degrees, but I hope the Microsoft acquisition at least puts a halt to some of this shit. It all stinks of Activision's last burst of making money through shit means before it's in MS's hands.


Judging from Halo infinite it's not likely to halt


That's what I'm hoping for too. Halo not withstanding, Microsoft has also been remarkably fair towards players in other respects, whether it be the cost of Gamepass or the amount of content included with Forza Horizon expansions (all for about $90 total).


Yep, people keep talking about the relative time/money instment required to unlock rewards, but I'm mostly concerned about the shift in game design. In OW1, every loot box is a dopamine hit. And in keeping with lessons they learned from early WoW, there's a chance of getting the big cool reward you want randomly, and you also get currency which act as slow persistent progress towards your goal even in the event that you never get it as a drop. There are time-limited holiday rewards, but we know the schedule of their availability in advance, and they never dissappear entirely, so I can plan out my goals and the fomo doesn't get too bad. I'm OW2, we no longer get a daily dopamine box to motivate play on the short term, and we also don't get to choose how to spend our slow and steady progress. There's just a big long grind with no mystery or choice involved. If I want reward 5, I have to play enough to earn rewards 1 - 4 first. And if I don't earn rewards 1-5 before the deadline, I have no way of knowing when #5 will be available again. Even if the money / playtime spent was exactly the same between the two models, one motivates my play through Christmas presents and personal choice, and the other is a giant chore motivated through fomo.


Blizzard had been shit even before the Activision merger. They're not the full problem— they just made it worse.


Reputation no longer matters in an industry that is consolidating and conforming. They can make egregious decisions and continue to reap obscene profits, there is zero impetus for them to treat the player base as anything other than a consumer.


what a steal!


But not for you!


If this is what games are going to be like now, I need a new hobby.


"That's cheap!" Said Diablo immortal whales


How people can even defend this model when you show shit like this straight in their face is honestly unreal. This system is OBJECTIVELY worse but people will take it up the ass for anything.


“But it’s free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 🥸🥸🥸🥸


Just charge me $60 and call it a day, fucking moble game bullshit business model.


Then studios will sell you a product they consider as finished for 60€ and will call it a day. And they will sell you another game the next year for 60€, and call it a day. Rinse and repeat. Or they will sell you their new map or heroes as a 3€ DLC. You can't have a game that constantly provides new things for free for years if they don't have a regular source of income elsewhere. It's either one or the other. The real evils are the ones doing both. Yearly releases, and in-game purchases like FIFA for example.


>You can't have a game that constantly provides new things for free for years if they don't have a regular source of income elsewhere. It's either one or the other. It's kind of incredible how few people seem to want to acknowledge this.


I dont mind dlc skins or cosmetic add ons or even if ow3 came out in 2 - 3 years but im sick of wall street assholes ruining gaming companies and treating them like cash grabs.


I know this is an exception, but there's always the case of No Man's Sky.


Yeah the key difference is that Hello Games is an actually good dev studio


Yes it's objectively worse. The old system was so generous that people had no incentive to pay for items in the game. That created an issue where new players weren't coming into the game ($60 up front barrier compared to free competitors) and the people who did play never spent a dollar on the game for the last 5+ years. Year over year, that will kill a game, especially if the people who still play expect it to be a live service game with constant content. . Yes, this system is more expensive than the old one, but some of us want to see Overwatch grow and not just be a memory.


it was 40 dollars on PC and 60 on consoles I do think ppl r focusing on the exceptions to these f2p modes instead of the norms. I will always point to league of legends as a game that has this exact pricing model and yet still sells skins like hotcakes and is still the more successful game. the only difference is OW had things so good and consumer friendly for so long that this model just isn’t going to be as accepted as the LoL method, and OW2 is lacking a way to slowly gain free random skins like how LoL implemented them years ago. early in OW2’s life they need to add a way to randomly get a few free skins here and there, and probably get rid of the paid hero thing. there’s enough cosmetics that they don’t need to charge for heroes, and even Riot admitted that character sales are not a good source of income for LoL compared to skins, so why bother effecting game play for a few extra bucks?


Part of the problem is the league skins have unique animations, sounds, and effects. While these skins don’t. I happily paid for pink mercy and medic brig because those things were included. Will I for these skins? lol hell no. Not only do they not even look worth 20 bucks but since they abandoned the game for three years I’ve seen actually cool league (and other games) have skins with those unique qualities. And with how absolutely great the sound design team is for this game it’s a shock they don’t do that. Because they would absolutely kill doing it.


Dva's EDM skin has lights + unique bass drop sound effects. We're probably going to see crazier effects since they're going to need to alot more effort into these premium legendaries so they'll sell.


No incentive huh: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/overwatch-in-game-spending-tops-1-billion/ Estimates are that it cost 25 million to make, but lets just assume it was 100 million. That means they could have made 10 overwatch games with the profit they made.


It balanced out though because everyone had like 7 accounts on OW1


Funny how just today someone posted in this sub that OW1 earned 1 billion in 2019 just from microtransactions alone. "Never spent a dollar" yea, flat out not true. People were more than happy to pay for content while there was still new content coming out. This is just pure greed, there's no defending it.


Can confirm I never spent a dollar in the past 5 years and have more or less every cosmetic I've wanted from that period.


Tbh I didn’t follow Overwatch after it’s 2 year but they had no problem putting out updates until the announcement of OW2 and I’m pretty sure the player base has always been healthy until that point. Also you make a good point that it is difficult for Overwatch to grow since it’s not free as is everything now, but how does that excuse $20 for a skin? Or locking heroes behind a battlepass? This is literally a billion dollar company (trillion dollar after Microsoft aquired it) and you’re defending absurd prices that they are MORE than capable of lowering but they know they don’t have to because they have people like you support it for free


I might be misunderstanding but isn't this for cosmetics? Like you know... optional things that don't effect gameplay?


What? Do you expect me to play with the standard kit? What is this? Nazi Germany?


If I can't drip while I play why am I even playing?


... that is more expensive than Halo Infinite... which had the most controversial F2P prices at release... WTF is Blizzard doing?


Isn't it the around the same amount of money you need to be relevant in diablo too?


That was like $10000 I think


100k I think


Diablo costs half a mil per character. And that's pay to win, not cosmetics.


Halo infinite isnt 6 years worth of cosmetics tho...


Valorant got some expensive skins, too


The most confusing things is like... before Infinite shit the bed, it was VERY well regarded. Like, people (myself included) were dickriding it HARD, because past the MTX and desync issues, the game WAS a great Halo game. Blizzard, meanwhile, does not have that sorta leverage rn. 2020+ has been shitshow after shitshow, and OW -- as much as we love it -- has been dragged through the dirt and meme'd over for years now. Of all the games to WANT to have a good, consumer friendly foot forward, you'd think it's be what's, effectively, their big re-launch of OW.


Why do you need to buy cosmetics? Just play


The bad word of mouth is gonna make this game the next battlefield 2042. People need to realize that defending Blizzard is only to the games detriment because things need to change as it stands.


How many other successful games have this model? It appears to work. Set a budget , buy what you really like. Stop hoarding skins as a collection. Having more skins does not make you a better player.


Nah dude BF2042 played like a glitchy mobile game with no content. That’s why it flopped on launch.


It’s called a store. You aren’t expected to buy everything


i just calculated that to buy everything in walmart you'd need to spend $24,029,875.23 WTF WALMART???????


I rather pay 60$ for a new game...


We don't do that there anymore sir


How much is getting every single cosmetic in the OW1 model given the drop rate in loot boxes?


About two years of your life


is anyone really surprised? We're always talking about Blizzard here, with Mr. Dickface in charge. Monetization will be as brutal as possible. 50% of OW players are still cheering ... I guess that's how we wanted it to be


Most of the people here care about the actual content and gameplay and the skins are just a flashy thing on the side.


But even contentwise it's lame af. We got a player less in each team, all 2cp maps removed, 3 long overdue heroes, cringe and cashgrabbing charms system added and the heroes rework will make the game a tryhard festival


Based And ngl Sojourn and JQ are good design wise but kiriko… is so blatant weeb bait it hurts, I’ve had enough with Genji already


Fuck work I'm just going to sell my Pink Mercy/ Lego Bastion account and retire


Hey Activision is moving in the right direction, that's only about 1/8 of what you have to spend to win Diablo Immortal.


Look at how they massacred my boy


Jesus just think how you've robbed poor blizzard of that money by paying only 60 dollars for the game cause for every person who doesn't want to spend money there are multiple who do. There are even people in here parroting the same stupid "jUsT dOnT bUY iT" which is the idiotic mentality that has led us to a whole game dying so it can return with a big patch and a shitty cosmetic system It's very funny to see just how divided EVERY game community is when it comes to monetisation


All the people saying "but it's free" are forgetting about the people that paid for OW1 and are effectively having that deleted in exchange for a Sombra and Doomfist skin and a step backward in a progression model. It's going to be interesting as shit when the game launches and people find out that if they hadn't unlocked a skin in OW1, they'll have to pay or grind for it in OW2.


OW1 players are still keeping all the cosmetics they've earned over the years right?




Your skins in ow1 transfer over.


Didnt you gave to pay or grind to get the mere chance to get a skin you wanted though?


Should I spend my current OW1 credits or wait (assuming they’re converted)?


If there's any you truly want now I'd buy them and then save your remaining and grind some more until the 4th. That's what I did, spent 40k, still have 10k left over, they're getting converted to "Legacy Credits" and will be used for old and new heroes.


This is interesting and all, but I really only care about a handful of skins on a handful of heroes. I would never have tried to get everything if they didn't basically hand it out. As for the upcoming battle pass, I only care for maybe two skins on it and not that much, so I likely won't be buying it.


"F2P is better, gotta make money somehow" agreeable but can be done reasonably for gods sake


Remember when $2.50 for a set of horse armor was unreasonable to the point of mass ridicule?


this is so fucking sad. i hate the f2p battle-pass model. pls just use the paid model.


FReE tO pLaY is BeTtEr ThAn LoOt BoxEs!!!


They should put their work into Meaningful content not Skins.


A sense of pride and accomplishment.


Why would you buy cosmetics you can't see?


People in this subreddit complaining about the new monetization model are so entitled, it costs money to make games. Anyway don't you guys have 12k? /s


You had me in the first half ngl


It’s not the cosmetics that bothers me, it’s the massive grinding to unlock new heroes so I wouldn’t get demolished in competitive when each OP new hero comes out and creates a new meta. It’s not F2P, it’s P2W.


I was on the fence but ultimately okay with *not* getting new cosmetics in the big update. But locking new *characters* behind "paywalls" puts you at a disadvantage if you can't drop money or time into the game. "Just buy it" is a shit response from people who don't understand that money can be tight for *millions* of people who are just getting by. But I'm sure mommy and daddy pay for all their content anyway, so they wouldn't understand. And then the rest of the people who don't have the time to grind because of family and jobs. By putting actual characters behind a pay/grind wall it changes the game from free to play to *pay to win*. Everyone who doesn't unlock the new character right away is at a disadvantage. But as long as people throw money at the game the company won't give a shit. The consumers are the ones who decide with their wallets, and there are far to many people stating they will spend the money (or their parent's money). Also, the micro transactions *do not* go to the devs. The big billion dollar corporation is going to pocket the profits and still pay the development team the same amount of money and continue to treat them like shit. If you want your money to go to the devs then buy an indie game.


me who's just gonna stick to 1 okay skin for the entire game's lifetime: I missed the part where that's my problem


Fr I just want the battlepass to be earnable again after you buy it but thats literally my only complaint. I've been playing since 2016 and have a million skins I really don't need more, neither does probably mostly everyone bitching about the prices for skins they weren't even gonna buy.


I opened the hero gallery for the first time in forever after they opened all lootboxes. Was gonna go on a spending spree and realized just about every hero has everything unlocked. At that moment I thought “yea this monetization strategy makes no sense. I didn’t even know some of these skins existed”


The best players always run default skins


F2P games are designed so that you never get ALL the cosmetics. I know that goes against a completionist gamer mindset, and the way shooters were a generation ago, but that’s just the way it is now. You don’t have to, and shouldn’t feel compelled to, get EVERYTHING. You grab a few things that speak to you here and there for the heroes you enjoy when you feel like spending a little money. Like clothes. You don’t walk into a Gap and just buy the whole store.


You don’t know me. I’ll buy the whole GAP if I want to


I could never pay real money for a fucking cosmetic gun in a game. The fact that anyone does this shit is mind blowing to me.


Don’t hate the video game. Hate the bigger game that drives all companies to eventually go for this model. Hate the unchecked capitalist system that measures a company’s success by how much MORE they made compared to last time. They are forever slaves to finding ways to break earnings records, because that’s the only way the American (& global) economic model will tell them they are allowed to continue to exist.


Say it louder! Lots of oblivious arguments made about Blizzard when this is the current market standard, minimal content with infinite profit potential. Gone are the days of artists sharing creations for experience sake, just look at how many devs are skeletons of what they once were. Creatives are being burned out and taken advantage of, skipping from dev to dev, while gamers are focused on whether or not skins are worth $20. The entire AAA industry is cancerous as it's led by financial analysts and business managers. If you think they care about players having a fair and fun experience, you're wrong. The quality decisions that squeak through the corporate machine are exceptions, not the norm.


Meanwhile Battlefront 2 of all games lets you buy almost every single cosmetic in the game for a flat £16. You know it's bad when EA of all companies is making Blizzard look greedy.


Because the game is on life support, content has ended, and they're selling a legacy edition ? This comparison makes no sense at all


Not to mention, the game isn't F2P.


Shhhh, we turned this into an OW hate sub


That's because this game is dead, dude.


Meanwhile in Apex the top tier skin costs $100+, but let's talk about a non-live service game that hasn't received new updates for years EDIT: Oh btw, /u/Toa_Firox please enlighten us how much cosmetics cost in Dead by Daylight? A game that you play and actually costs $20 to buy on Steam.


>Apex the top tier skin costs $100+ Not to mention how the mythic store works. Every legend has a mythic that is unique to them, and to even BUY one you need to use Mythic Shards. To GET mythic shards theres 2 ways; pray to the All Father and hope you get it from the Apex Packs because it is a 1/500 chance OR spend $165 during the collection event when they come out. You COULD also whale on lootboxes to increase your chance of getting an heirloom. Theres about 17 mythics (2 including skins) btw, and most of the time people have 1 or just 2 if theyre lucky.


Welcome to Diablo Immoral After 5 months in development, we hope it's been worth the pay- I mean mon- I mean wait! Yes.


Good thing any reasonable new player is not braindead like half the people in this subreddit and will only concern themselves with 2 or 3 favorite skins for the 3 heroes they actually like to play.


No bru dont you get it its totally fomo if you dont have everything unlocked in the entire game! Not owning a random blue reskin that you would never equip makes this game unplayable!


No bro everyones gonna want all those sprays and voice lines!


Yeah I get what others are saying but speaking for myself I'm only going to want a few skins for the heroes I play. Since I've been playing on and off since launch and I don't care about owning all the skins for all the heroes let alone the ones I like playing none of this really bothers me. Again, I can understand others who want to collect more but this just doesn't bother me at all.


if you don't support these practices, don't give OW2 any money. don't buy currency, don't buy the battle pass, don't buy anything. vote with your wallet.


Your graph got featured on Stylosa's YouTube channel! Hopefully, that means more people become aware of the huge overpricing issue that will plague Overwatch 2.


I don’t even know what skin I’m currently using 90% of the time


I did the math. Every mattress in the store would cost me $124,563 to buy. So I only bought the one I wanted and it cost a lot less than that.


I'm not defending the cost; it's math, there's nothing *to* defend but realistically this applies only if for whatever reason, you're a Completionist. To be blunt; being a Completionist in a game like OW is kinda pointless. You can do it for sure; of course you can and all the power to you if that's your goal but do you really think the system SHOULD be built entirely based on your convenience? If OW1 was F2P as well; would you be as mad about things as you are now? I get it; through choice or OCD you want/need to have all the things. Okay but let's be practical; * You're not using even a small fraction of them. * You're an even smaller minority, not just in the community but in general. It's no secret, F2P games (the decent, non predatory ones and make no mistake; this is one of the more respectful ones) need to make money to exist and do so by exploiting content creators, completionists and whales; sometimes simultaneously. They know you want everything and will probably pay for it. Games like Genshin are literally supported financially solely by a few dozen people worldwide. But how you are isn't how the vast majority of players are. Many will never spend a cent; and from those people, every item they acquire is a loss to the Developer (yeah I know, my heart bleeds for their struggle /s) Most, myself included; are who F2P systems are designed for. We will spend money for a thing we want to use/equip. Nothing more. If we get extra things along the way, cool but it doesn't really matter; they're bonuses that may or may not see use. We'll find the best deal for a thing and take that and if necessary, sure we might spend a little extra. So yes 12k is a hell of a lot of money and more amusingly, won't even get you everything anyway; things like Noir, Blizzcon Exclusives etc. will never be sold. But just for a moment, look at everything you have and instead just consider everything you USE; currently equipped or not. For you that will be a more accurate example of the cost and guaranteed, it will be a far more reasonable one. And if it isn't? Well, that might be a problem you need to address with yourself. For reference, here is what I'd consider reasonable to "need" per Hero as a new player: * 2-3 skins * 2 Voice Lines * 2 sprays * 2 Emotes * 1 Souvenir Item * 2 Charms * 1 Highlight Intro * 1 Victory Pose. The advantage being, a new player has their choice of everything currently available. They can choose exactly what they want and going forward, so can everyone else too.


Adding up the prices of everything is so weird and pointless to me. Like, do you go into a real life shop and then add everything up and say shit like "I did the math... If you were to buy everything at *Martha's Fruit Pies and Sundries* it'd cost new customers ~$12,000 USD to purchase." The prices of the individual items is what matters. If a pie costs [$40](https://www.reddit.com/r/jerseycity/comments/xsxqme/basiles_pizza_and_the_40_pie/) I can understand being annoyed, and $20 skins certainly ticks that box. But the full cost of every cosmetic in the game is meaningless. All it shows is there are a lot of options.


F2p at its finest.


Totally isn't greed.naw this is totally fair


Why is owning all the skins even important? Why frame this as a negative for new players? I may most of OW1 skins but 90% I'll never use. It's like getting mad about how you can't afford all the different types of toothpaste in the aisle... I know we live in a land of plenty in today's world but you don't need to compulsively collect EVERYTHING.


I love how many people come in saying it NEEDS to be done this way… The ONLY reason it works is because they have tailored and sold that false narrative for years and years and people now just accept that it’s a thing There is no need (only greed) it exists solely because they can make a shit ton more money this way thanks to millions of gullible people who have bought into the lie


"But the money goes to the devs!" I can't believe people believe a huge corporation would pay their devs more money instead of pocketing the profits likes they've done since forever. Devs won't see a dime.




why wouldn't you just play the game and unlock stuff?


Yeah gamers are idiots


NOTE: OW2 Credit prices are based on Stylosa's Video: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/xs2oj8/new\_cosmetics\_prices\_in\_ow2\_credits\_stylosa\_on\_yt/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/xs2oj8/new_cosmetics_prices_in_ow2_credits_stylosa_on_yt/)


Overwatch Immortal


I understand this but I also don’t get the collector mindset that most of us never had during OW1. It’s £12k to get everything but do most us even have a desire to collect absolutely everything? Regardless, I think besides the BP and bundles, the monetisation is too pricey. They really should lower the price for individual cosmetics.