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Answer: Some people watch this because they have a fetish for it, other people have some sort of morbid fascination with it. Others still think that it is funny. As for what is happening, Nikocado is a mukbang YouTuber who makes a living out of eating extremely large amounts of food, and, as I understand it, he does this multiple times a day. He seems to like complaining that he is gaining weight, in spite of the "effort" he puts into losing. Recently, it's gotten to a point where he is suffering actual serious effects of very very sudden weight gain, though whether or not he is being serious about these effects is debatable.


as a sidenote: he used to be in shape (well, mostly), vegan and played the violin before spiraling into... whatever this is now


the algorithm is a harsh mistress, it has no soul and only wants attention.


Mental illness is a bitch.


You guys are so naive to think it's mental illness… maybe mental illness is involved but that doesn't mean we should have any empathy for him. He knows exactly what he is doing, he's not stupid. The answer is MONEY, I know shocking right??? He sold everything he owns for money, friends, his dignity, his reputation and of course his health. And I argue he's always been this way just now his true colors come to the forefront. Truly an evil man in my opinion and everyone who worries about him just buys into his scheme. That's exactly what he wants. I honestly wouldn't care if he dies. I'm not wishing death upon him but those actions have consequences.


This is why I'm glad I avoid YouTube a lot of the time.....


I see so much stuff about Nikocado and these questions on Reddit that I wouldn't be surprised if it's viral marketing at this point.


Reminds me of that one Simpsons episode where Homer eats too much food just to work at home.


Probably what you're referencing here, but check out YMS, Adum's theory highlight: https://youtu.be/8reDFLB-1eU Granted it's his opinion, but he presents a solid argument for it.


Answer: He's a famous/Infamous member of the muckbang comunity, muckbang means basically making livestreams or videos of a person eating food and maybe also interacting with the audience, it varies from eating clever foods to just eating absurd amounts of food. Some people get a similar pleasure as they get from eating food by watching others eating food, others feel sated just by watching others eating food, so while it may not be for you, apparently it does it for a lot of people, and not in a sexual way, although there's someone into that shit, for sure. Evidently this is not a healthy hobby/job. In the case of Nikokado Avocado, we're talking about eating like 3000 Cal. in one sitting, so it is a slow suicide in a way. Nikokado is particularly famous/infamous because he thrives on drama, and so causes it as much as he can whenever possible, and exploits every drop of it. If he's having any health problems, which, obviously he is, he will of course make a big, public deal out of it while also refusing to change (while also pretending to really want to), because that causes drama, and the man craves the attention (And the view$).


I'm approving this, but honestly...it feels like that video covers it pretty well.