Update: overall feeling pretty good today (lyrica is helping). But my digestive system is taking a beating today if you know what I mean 😣


Right there with you, friend. We probably went thru the worst of withdrawals together and didn't even realize it


I’m at 46 hours and I’m last 65 hours have only taken one 10 mg pharma oxy. And I went to CrossFit yesterday and felt great after. Exercise deff helps. Felt great last night and this morning. But this afternoon I’ve been feeling exhausted and my legs seem very heavy. CrossFit starts in one hour, I’m gonna go try to get an endorphin rush. This shit is not easy


That endorphin rush REALLY helps


So thrilled you made it! The other side of this is in sight!


Get some probiotics , its crazy how much of a sense of well being youll feel after … my fav brand to order is “probiotics one” seem to work the best and better quality than alot of store brands … also gym is godsent , im on day 3 but ik after 2weeks all thoughts are non existent (only with exercise tho) we got this 🤞


Keep pushing friend, I’m at 6 days and every day it truly gets better.. sure I wake up cold, have some thoughts or cravings u can say. But I feel like right now I truly have the willpower to tell myself no, you don’t want to go through the hard part again. I believe when people say the grass is greener, and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But regardless 72 hours is good by now obviously would be more, but yeah anyone who sees this just know you are not alone and trust me I know how it feels to almost lose it all or it was stopping oxy. Love.


I'm 8 days and miserable as fuck. Fent withdrawals last like 1-3 months. Im literally in agony and can't even take a perc to take the edge off bc vivitrol was forced on me.


Day 13… feel the same as you…don’t give up.. this can’t last forever!


I was so excited to see this!!! I’m at 13 days … keep riding with me!!!