So they're saying accepting an award from the JCCF is the same as supporting the freedom convoy .....sounds like more govt gaslighting


Fits to me. Good thing there's a court with very strict rules on evidence to figure this out in.


When did it become a criminal offense to accept an award?


The article title is misleading. It's not because of the award. Which isn't even set to be awarded to her until mid June. Federal prosecutors want her back for breaching bail terms, and issues with her release originally


>Federal prosecutors want her back for breaching bail terms Specifically?...


"The lawyers are also arguing that Lich breached conditions set by the court “not to verbally, in writing, financially, or by any other means, support anything related to the Freedom Convoy.”" They're saying her continued relationship with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms violates her terms


Interesting. By "continued relationship" you are referring to her correspondence with them, where she indicated she would be open to accepting an award from them at a future date and time? And. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms. I assume they must be a "2022 Freedom Convoy" group, created specifically in relation to the freedom convoy, yes?


Idk man, just read the article. I quoted basically all it says for you


Well i mean. You started talking as if you had some authoritative knowledge on the subject... I dont know either. And this is reddit, im not reading the article.


Oh I'm 100% not the authority on this. I read that article and saw the title was misleading to why they want her. Only based on what I read. You definitely should read the articles. If you're invested enough to comment on it at least read it


It's not socially acceptable to hang political dissidents on the wall anymore. This is their version of it.


It would seem that this is more of an allegation, than an actually provable offense. It can easily be argued that accepting an award, is not supporting anything yourself, in that you are the one being supported, which can be argued doesn't violate the terms of bail. I mean if she was to receive money from a person who was opposed to the federal mandates, for her to use to pay her legal fees, does that violate her bail?


Political prisoner


Freedom award? Holy shit we're in the dumbest timeline.


> Holy shit we're in the dumbest timeline. The last two years, we've seen people's fears take over from logic and reason. I'm still curious why unvaccinated Canadians are not allowed to travel by plane or train when the vaccine doesn't even stop infection or spread? Or how people from Ukraine are given a pass on that rule. How about the fear that was generated over a virus that has such a high chance of survival. It was absurd to see so many things that went on over the past two year. Shutting down outdoor parks, I recall the news about the fines given to the family that was rollerblading in an empty parking lot early on in the corona situation. The man that had an altercation over the mask mandates and it eventually escalated to him ending up being shot and killed by cops over the situation. Ridiculous stuff that didn't even need to happen. Yep the past 2 years has been the dumbest timeline in my life.


It's just plain spite at this point why the federal government doesn't lift the restrictions. I would see this as a campaign tool used in 2025 honestly. I wouldn't put it past them. Nobody wants to challenge it, we have see what happened to the truckers. Nobody takes accountability anymore, and historically it would be done by force, by any means necessary.


I think they will/must keep the federal mandates until at least September, because that’s when the court challenges are happening. If they drop them before the court date, it can open up the gov to losing the case, but if they keep the mandates forever they can rely on the courts cucking to them saying ‘muh health and safety policy’


Only if she goes and accepts awards. Title of post is misleading.


Real life is better satire than the Beaverton will ever be.


Conditions breached, to jail.


Nothing was breached, nor is it planned to be breached. She can accept the award over zoom if she wanted to.


You're totally a reliable source


I know. But so is the court ruling that she has not breached.


Nah, if she accepted the award over zoom that would break her bail conditions. They are about behaviour, not location. Having said that I think the government is over reaching here. If she had accepted the award that’s one thing. Suggesting that she is open to the possibility of accepting it, that gave the court a month to consider and communicate how that would be viewed.


Womp womp


tnc.news is a fake news site which leaves out the fact she has very specific bail conditions that explicitly forbid these actions.


Tamara Lich is a Canadian Hero.