Massive thanks to everyone who helped with the redraw, there were 10 fucking pages this time and most of them were complex as hell.


I liked when one punch man said “it’s one punch time”


"It's punching time"


Please no


daddy, please


"It's one-punchin' time"


and then he "one punched" all his enemies


thanks for the upload as always! you guys are doing a great job kings! 👑


If you ever need tittie pics, to boost your morale and a way of also saying thanks, let me know😉




Murata has done it again. Every chapter just keeps on getting better and better.


Agreed! As a webcomic fan I’m totally fine with this 🔥


Peak fiction!


He's done justice to the webcomics story for sure, I'm glad him and ONE-sensei started working together


[Boris: Don't underestimate One & Murata](https://i.imgur.com/19iCaUM.png)


Personally I think this chapter wasn’t as good as the previous one. Not bc this one is bad, because it isn’t, but because 166 was insane. Also wtf did they translate it right when saitama says he can go all out?! Did we all massively underestimate garou?


He can go all out with one hand. Still crazy tho, Garou is throwing everything at him including Blast's abilities and has only achieved destroying Saitama's clothes.


He said he can go all out, but it doesn't mean he'll go all out if he still wants to keep Garou alive, we'll see in two weeks... nooOoooOoO *time to sleep for 14 days*!


Which is something considering that he just lost everything he had left to lose: his house, his companion, his city, his clothes and his beloved hero suit 💀 One nothingness-man


He said that he finally got what he wanted so I'm guessing so


He said “I may have finally got what I wanted” at the beginning of the chapter before they even fought. I think he was just saying “this could be the fight”


Not yet, but it looks better than what he got before


i doubt it, he's probably just kicking the shit out of garou in a "kind of serious" mode given that garou's demonstrated he can actually take a few hits all things considered he's still protecting genos's core and so he definitely has to control his strength there


I would really dislike if Garou actually hurt Saitama. Would make the whole premise meaningless. I'm already not liking the fact that he's seemingly taking serious punches.


Relax, even Garou notices Saitama is playing with him and "showing off". Besides I think if we ever see Saitama's face like before he became so strong: - [Like here](https://i.imgur.com/m59Is3s.png) [or here](https://i.imgur.com/5yryBTq.png) against Crablante, [and especially like in his dream](https://i.imgur.com/jQk7p8Q.png), then it would mean that he got a real challenge and found his long lost love of fighting something truly powerful.


Saitama does state garou is someone he can hit with full power and still get up


Yes, but Garou isn't a menace to Caped Baldy's life. He got hit so many times and he still doesn't bleed (like in the screenshot linked). Like in the WC, Saitama was happily surprised to see when Garou kept getting back up. Also guys never forget that he told Boros that he would use his final move too when Boros said he was gonna use his full power to destroy Earth at the same time. Don't take these too seriously. I think that One & Murata are playing 9000D Chess here because if we take a few steps back, the parody spread outside of the manga, it's in the fanbase, which keeps trying to find anime shonen powerscaling logics but One & Murata constantly bait and still people bite lmao. Like people being worried because Garou could use the portals and in this chapter Caped Baldy literally said "who gives a shit".


Even if he gets Serious. Hes not meant to find fun with fighting. Thats the point one is going for. Its no different than Mob not getting the girl he wanted. Sometimes what you want in life is not what you need. You grow pass your desire. He is meant to find fun through life. Genos living after this arc will be huge step in bringing him actual happiness.


He's taking things more seriously than he was on the surface and we know that his serious punches vary in intensity. Garou is most definitely a cut above most opponents but next chapter he won't be able to keep up. I don't think the serious punch has ever marked a ceiling in the series for me, just a different kind of thinking from Saitama. It's when he's fed up, frustrated, or in the odd case respectful towards his opponent (boros). There are unnamed punches that are more powerful than certain serious punches in the series (namely the one used on cruel dragon).


i think a good consensus i've seen on the subreddit is just that a serious punch is when he puts any sort of actual effort into the punch, not a 100% serious thing


Saitama: Serious (ノ•\_•)ノ彡┻━┻


I love that it just straight up destroys the moon they’re on. Amazing fight so far.


Its the one serious move from the webcomic that I think had to be adapted to the manga, and Murata-sama nailed it imo


Agreed. Moving it off Earth was a great move. Really cool to see it brought to life (in the manga at least).


With God, this fight being in space is just perfect.


I’ve been hyped for it for so freaking long, and I loved it. Seeing him literally single handle rip the crust off one of Jupiters moons (which they don’t seem to say which but if I’m not mistaken some are actually bigger than earth) was so cathartic. Edit: not bigger than earth, some people are saying io is larger than earths moon but after looking it up it looks like Ganymede and Callisto are also larger, with Ganymede being a full 50% bigger by diameter Second Edit: I’m an unobservant idiot that did didn’t notice the chapter title


It's Io and it's slightly larger than Earth's moon.


Now that the translation is out, I only now realize that he actually "flipped" the fucking planet inside-out LOL


Like the [webcomic](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/02f26314-9650-4203-a4ce-ee22e0cca399/scale-to-width/755) 😁🔥


With every passing chapter I ask myself: How the fuck they gonna animate this shit lmao


murata and one on their way to throttle the anime budget


nah nobody will pick it up, then Murata will be like "fine, i'll do it myself"


And 1 month later he will have finished animating everything, and it will be season 1 quality from start to finish.


“today’s quota is finish, i went through 420 pens, trafficking tomorrow”


Murata making sure they can't hire a cheaper studio because all of them will turn this shit down lol


Murata: fuck it, I'll do it myself Murata tweet: I completed my 7 seconds of animation quote today, going for 10 seconds tomorrow!


So like.. 9 days per minute.. 20 minutes per episode.. that's in the arena of 2 episodes per year.. Yeah that's probably faster than waiting for someone else


they would be so fucking good too


the community will animate it themselves


He just kicked a portal so casually


My guy Saitama said get that shit outta here 💪


I'm starting to think Garou isn't going to win this fight.


you're starting to think that *now*?


Some Bugs Bunny shit


That's pretty much his power. Defy reality, do what he wants.


one punch and one piece embracing bugs bunny at nearly the same time. coincidence?


Bursted out laughing so hard at that lmao,now that’s proof that Saitama can’t just get countered by portals “doctor strange style”


Yeah, this chapter was *great* for Saitama’s WhoWouldWin feat profile.


Death battle be like: Saitama has a limit to his punch strength and has to adhere to the laws of physics I think Murata took that personally


Garous fucking "eh?" got me too good! I love gags like that from OPM!! Casually kicking hyperspace gates lol


Imagine reaching your peak strength with the help of a freaking God and copying the most powerful and broken abilities of your enemies to only see your efforts being brushed aside like dirt on shoes. Garou's gonna need a lot of therapy after this fight.


A whole lot of waterfall sitting-thinking


Fans: “We miss Boris!” 😞😔 Boris: [“I’m back”](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/026/152/gigachad.jpg) 😎


All Hail Lord Boris' triumphant return!


[ Me being so torn between the impressive fight, Boris in team Blast confirmed and the pain of not seeing Genos and Caped Baldy reunited](https://i.imgur.com/HL8ly3S.gifv)


They also said blast was the strongest of them which is super cool imo.


Where? They said is impresive that earth can have not one but two heroes capable to stand againts God's chosen


So God lives in the moon, guessing that's his spine?


surprised there's not more people talking about that panel cuz WTF WAS THAT??


A centipede /s


Lunar Centipede


Cosmic Centipede


If it were, I’d be torn between laughing my ass off at the biggest troll in manga history, and being pissed that we have to see another centipede.


seems like he's been imprisoned in there and Saitama's impact on the moon during the Boros' fight might have cracked the seal or something






We’re Evangelion now


Gedo Mazo


"One hand is all I need for you." I'M DYING FROM PEAK FICTION


Also:"Shut up. That can come after I beat the shit out of you". Saitama 100% done with Garou there. He didn't even take the "20 words or less" route.


He’s done with him, but still, he didn’t decided to kill him as people theorized; I guess is not on Saitama character him **killing** a human, just *beating the shit* out of them. (Quite literally this time, god is the shit.)


Well he did say to Tareo that he wasn't gonna kill him so... Best guess is that he's gonna Mike Tyson the shit outta him as a way of saying that he's up a wall and he is that wall.


This is the first manga I picked up not too long ago, and between this and One Piece I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to read manga again due my standards being insanely high (besides Berserk eventually of course).


Berserk is the GOAT. Vinland Saga, Attack on Titan, and Chainsaw Man are also top tier stuff. Wholeheartedly recommend them.


Omni directional Serious Punch?!?! Holy fuck


Saitama isnt hitting garou multiple times in that frame he said its afterimages and for someone as fast as garou him seeing afterimages saitama really went fucking fast. Those afterimages are to confuse him on which is the real one since he was evading saitama on earth. Ma boy is actually learning from battles


> Ma boy is actually learning from battles all thank's to his ninja pal, Jack O'Lantern Panic


God rest his soul in heaven


Yes, I saw, but it’s still cool


Brings a tear to King's eye.


Even tho it's Serious Puch he probably puts enough force into it so he doesn't kill him, no? Just so he can give him a "lesson"


Yeah I’d assume so, cause of Tareo


With each chapter Garou is getting closer and closer to the level of Non Meteoric Burst Boros, nice


lmao borosbros...


99% he’s already far passed non meteoric burst Boros…. Like he shits on him for breakfast


My friend, you are being memed on


Who is this "meme" and why are they on me?


You’re insane. Non meteroric Boros is Boris level, both would genuinely struggle against Platinum Sperm, nevermind Garou.


I can't even fathom how much stronger HotDogMan is. Insane power scaling


Least delusional Boros fan


Dude flipped the ground and destroyed the moon LOL


it's not fully destroyed, but that was still an insane visual


It’s fully destroyed, the shattering was just in motion, next pages show the moon had been completely turned into small cubes


Can’t be, cause Garou falls to the “surface”


Garou doesnt even know the surface doesnt exist. He is disoriented


Nope, it’s not fully destroyed. Garou hits the surface with his head when he’s confused.


SAITAMA KICKS A FUCKING PORTAL OUT OF THE WAY LIKE A FOOTBALL, yeah and hey, BORIS is back woooohoooo and boy, the spine of GOD, shiiiiiit! that's menacing looks like Saitama can actually survive in space without any air, he didn't even *try to* hold his breath this time...dude's built diff


I swear to Jod ( since swearing to god is a no no as we've seen ) that was the most Loony-tunes nonchalant physics break I've ever seen. The portal kick had me on the floor. Man, watch us find out Saitama is so stupidly op that instead of breathing in space, he's literally taking the individual oxygen atoms out of the air somehow to breath. Actually that sounds dumb, he's probably just recycling the CO2 his body produces or not making any at all since his genetic limiter or whatever it was is gone.




You joke but that’s basically how the Hulk figured out he could breathe underwater.


Garou: **"Why won't you die ?!!!"** Saitama \*casually kicking a portal away\*: **"Special training routine son, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10km run EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!"**


I wonder what the real reason for saitama power. Murata told us ONE is working on an ending (not that we are close) and debating on revealing the secret of Saitama power before the end or at the very end. I can't even imagine what we have in store for us for an ending. ~~Probably 5 years or so.~~ Actually more like 10+ years as this character seeded all the arcs for the webcomics and that is like 5 arcs ahead of us.


imagine we get to the end of opm and it’s dom toretto with the power of family… I’d be down


It’s going to an epic buildup, lots of tension, high stakes, and it’s going to be that one day he accidentally lost count and did 101 pushups.


I love all the shots of the Eye of Jupiter behind saitama. The color shot of Garou with his little power aura around him and then there is Saitama at the center of the eye with all of Jupiter behind him bigger than the panel can show. Love it.


I feel the next panel of Jupiter towering over lo in the same way as Saitama was towering over Garou represents the gulf between the twos power.


Garou got only the moon of Earth while Saitama got the biggest planet in the solar system.


LMAO at kicking away the portal and casually flipping another. Our boy is now disaster level: looney tunes


Saitama vs Popeye rematch?


Oh baby, let’s find out what the Blastice League did to Garou and Saitama. Edit: Gotta love Saitama’s strength being acknowledged.


If god has been in the moon the entire time he's going to need a chiropractor.


Omnipotent universal entity Still has lower back pains


Scoliosis was the final boss all along


Saitama is officially a planet(moon) buster, add that to his strength feats powerscalers


What about those stars they destroyed


Idk how you scale that with Garou adding on and Blast's team adding in, no idea how you divide that up


I don't think Blast's team added to it, they just helped redirect the attack away from earth. But either way, Garou and Saitama combined are galaxy + level here surely.


Garou's Serious Punch is a copy of Saitama's Serious Punch. So I'd say 2 Serious Punches from Saitama are Galaxy+ ***Dunno about the non-collateral damage Serious Punches that he threw at Garou after though***


Hes galaxy level lmao.


Uhm he's galaxy level with that void


Pretty casual at that, he didn't even punch the moon he simply dug his fingers in and it crumbled.


So Saitama still doesn't feel excited despite being shot to an even further moon? And is he using his full power? I think Saitama doesn't know the full limits of his strength. Even he recognizes the scale and power of this fight, but I think he feels a bit disappointed that he still doesn't feel challenged. But now it seems he only wants to punish Garou. He doesn't seem concerned about anything else. EDIT: It seems Saitama feels like a failure of a Hero. Saitama has an idealistic image of what a hero is in his head. Always shows up on time, kills the monster, and saves everyone. Here, he did not show up on time. Garou already gave half the HA space cancer. And Genos was torn to shreds. Saitama doesn't kill humans, he only ever KO'd them. He also promised Tareo that he wouldn't kill him. So here's Saitama in a situation where he failed as a Hero. He failed to show up on time, save Genos and kill the monster. But there's no monster. Only a 'human' that thinks they're one \[ a piece of shit but a human nonetheless\]. Saitama is slapping up Garou because that's the last thing he could do as a hero.


maybe but I think it's more cuz of what happened with Genos. Even if this is a fight that makes him actually try, the irony of it is he can't bring himself to feel excited considering what just happened.


Thing hit him hard, plus maybe giving back the core would help but now he's like 700 million kms away…


He would be excited were he not holding what's basically his dead best friends heart right now


him letting loose is like him punching how a normal person would. it's not to the point where he has to put all of his strength behind his punches yet...


So if not for Blast Saitama would casually destroy the planet? Wouldnt even try to avoid the exchange?


Yea 👆🏾💀


I think it has more to due with the fact that he doesn't know the limit of his power. For all he thinks, he probably assumed that it would just been blown across the sky.


I think it's more that he didn't expect Garou to match his punch.


I mean he probably wasn't thinking about the consequences of his actions at the moment, he's so distressed by what happened to genos that he was probably only thinking of destroying garou and nothing else




Is this really that different from the time he "saved" that one city from a meteor by breaking it into a bunch of smaller pieces that still completely wrecked everything?


#Things I took away from 167 Blast is fast enough to casually teleport even a *SERIOUS Saitama* really fucking far away to avoid any damage to earth. Gods physical body is apparently trapped inside the moon ala Kaguya in Naruto Shippuden Saitama doesn’t need air to breathe Saitama doesn’t need to fight anyone with 2 hands Saitama when he wants to can say “fuck all that” to anyone and their ability to open portals Boros/Boris is still in play #AND DID YOU SEE HIM SMILING IN THAT PANEL!!! So hyped Saitama made God Garou into a human pinball and it was fucking beautiful to see. This chapter lived up to the hype of waiting 2 weeks.


Blast didn't teleport him, he compressed the energy of their attack so it was aimed in one direction, and that blast pushed them to jupiter


He teleported them to space by the moon. He legit says “not enough distance.”


refresh refresh refresh refresh refresh, OH WAIT!


Serious Series: Serious Refresh Serious Series: Serious Refresh Serious Series: Serious Refresh Serious Series: Serious Refresh SERIOUS SERIES: SERIOUS JOY!


I bet nobody guessed that Cosmic garou would be so lit


That hes tanked multiple Serious punches I think almost breaks OPM into a different story then we all assumed it would be. Hes literally not OPM anymore. And the fact hes stating hes actually going all out seems to imply even he has an upper limit. Now that upper limit is being drawn out by a literal avatar of OPM God, so not exactly City A monster, but i wonder if Murata (or ONE rather) is slightly changing the premise of his character. I still of course assume hes going to win. But this battle doesnt seem easy for him, which you'd think, no matter what, all battles should just be a cake walk for him, never require him to actually try.


Eh. I don't think so. He is specifically doing this to teach Garou a lesson. He is using ONE hand for goodness sake. He is intentionally limiting his strength to not kill Garou, rather just making sure he is beat down far enough that he can learn from it. If Saitama wanted to ill Garou, he could.


To be fair I still don’t think he’s going all out. If so then garou would just be dead instantly. Remember serious punch isn’t his full power




I wonder if the manga version will move Saitama to S rank after this A letter of recommendation from Blast seems like a pretty good reference


They're going to redefine rank S as just being Saitama.


Except Blast has been absent for so long the MA thinks he's committing fraud and gets demoted to the newly formed class D. Frustrated Saitama co-founds another hero association.


seems like it


Bout to read some peak 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨


THIS CHAPTER IS HYPE AS FUCK. Saitama & Garou's fight is on a whole different level for OPM. Also BORIS IS BACK!


Saitama casually kicking and flipping dimensional portals is hilarious😭


Saitama got naked yet still wont let go Genos. True bromance.


Ok but him holding onto Genos' core is so heartbreaking. He finally found an opponent who doesn't die in one punch, but at the cost of his first friend


Saitama is purposely avoiding killing Garou. He promised Tareo he wouldn't, plus Garou is still human deep inside. Note Garou's natural first reaction upon landing near Jupiter with Saitama is to talk to Saitama about "we" should find a way back to Earth. It's not about fighting or killing Saitama or even leaving Saitama behind stranded.


Garou got smacked around the debris like a pinball machine


"Later then, lol" Contender for top 10 quotes in the series


So hard to resist opening Raws, but it was worth it


Is that God's spine poking out of the moon???


It’s the founding Titan


Fucking Fritz


garou's attack names are getting longer and longer every time wtf


bros gonna write an entire essay just for the name of his next fist




I feel so bad for studio thats going to animate this in future. OPM manga became a **"Disaster Level: God"** in terms of anime adaptation.


Did... did Garou say "lol"?


[All that insane fight happening and Saitama is still holding Genos core](https://i.imgur.com/RU69ksG.jpg) 😭


fuck the webcomic this shit lit


I'm so erect rn


Is that blood coming out of Saitama’s mouth as they punch eachother in the last panel?


I hope not, I want him to remain invincible


Don't know how to feel about Garou surviving multiple Serious Punches. Makes it seem like Saitama is weaker but don't know. He might be stronger with all the feats.


serious punches mean nothing. Saitama just outs little to no effort in his blows, he was clearly playing with garou, like the new serious move he just used it to show garou he can do the same stuff as he. My boy is just olaying around, in his words he wants to beat the shit out of him, there is no killing intent


Yeah reading it again even Garou stated that he felt he was in a cage being played around with.


yeah, but also the fact that saitama says he is only gonna use one hand before the fight, and he just doing the same things garou does clearly points to saitama doing a little cat and mouse routine before slapping god out of him


Finally! Garou is a match against armored Boros!


how are powerscalers gonna scale saitamas clothes now???


Apparently it requires the culmination of Blast, Bang, Bomb and Garou's own move augmented with God's divine power to finally destroy his clothes.


This chapter gives a whole new meaning to the saying "Now you're thinking with portals"


So Garou can survive a serious punch? And he didn't even seem really hurt by it....


I wouldn't say "didn't really seem hurt by It", It even seems part of his skin cracked If you look closely enough


oh so saitama can just grab dimensional holes. Albeit they are miniature ones but still wow.


I cant read any new chapters without listening to the first opening


Damn! Saitama just straight up saying “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you with one hand” is already become one of my favourite moments


Oh boy, a new chapter. I’m sure it won’t put me on a roller coaster of emotion like the others 😌


This is the combination of goofy, over-the-top, intense action that made me fall in love with OPM. What a chapter.


I see god is still watching except this time instead of the eye on the moon we have the eye of jupiter watching. Also: Blast reacted and teleported them away from earth fast enough that the serious punches didn't collide from nearly point blank before he initiated it. Really insane speed feat.


He’s #1 for a reason. What’s funny is that the power gap between Tatsumaki and blast is bigger than her gap between the other S class heros.


Praise the translators!


So I guess they’re really painting God as the number 1 in the verse rn. [Full powered](https://i.imgur.com/vhb9Ud6.png) Saitama is having trouble putting down an Avatar of his that was given only a fraction his power. I expected Garou to get one shot by a no holding back Saitama. That a serious fight/challenge would be saved for God? But no, he’s able to evade and *tank* attacks from him and is now trading blows with him as of the cliffhanger.


Garou did say he felt like a bug being toyed with by a child and Saitama is doing all this one handed, I'd say it's too early to say that he's having trouble He also promised Tareo he wouldn't kill him iirc Edit: upon rereading I think the panel where he says "one hand is all I need for you" is actually meant to settle this exact debate preemptively. He's literally doing it with one hand tied behind his back. Now that he's copying Saitama though who knows, it depends on where the upper bound of that ability is or if it even exists I guess


that was not at all his full power. Garou said himself he is being played like a caged bug in the hands of a child. Also saitama is using one hand and he doesn't even try to evade the attacks. Also he said he wants to beat the shit out of garou, not that he wants to kill him. Final verdict, he is just playing for now