I’m surprised Perona didn’t make it on the list, thought she would be more popular.


Idk what post this frm But on Twitter she’s number 8


I'm more surprised zoro didn't make the cut


Zoro always makes the cut.


At least he's is good swordsman


0 wasn’t included in this list sadly


chest too big


Having him get lost and wind up in polls he doesn't belong in would be a fun touch


This is exactly what I was thinking


One would think so. But look at it. In popularity polls the characters that have actually appeared or done something in the story are usually the ones on the top. You can see that all the girls here (except Bellemere) are all post time skip. They have been relevant in this last time. People just loose interest if the character does not show up for anything interesting for a while.


Yes, but actually no


To be fair, it was a very small number of people who voted in this poll and readers of a small publication. Not at all the most representative poll.


Damn my girl Perona didn't make the cut? But she's a literal big tiddy goth gf.


24th place


not enough screen time 💀


Tbf Monet has even less screen time than Perona lmao


Always has been...


I'm more surprised Cosette or Reiju didn't make it to the list


Bellemere in 7 LET'S GOOOO!


It surprised me to see a character that hasn’t appeared in decades in the top ten


Vivi is right there dude


The Reverie...


Based Japan. Tangerine supremacy 🍊🙏🏾


Mikan oranges or Citrus unshiu has high synephrine content. The origin of the word Orange is India. Synephrine is a stimulant structurally similar to ephedrine used in the Indo Aryan Amrita Soma/Chandra/Shandora/Sandora or Deathless Moon the treasure won by Garuda/Karura the namesake of Karoo [the successor to Joy Boy](https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePiece/comments/y3at3e/how_the_cyrillic_script_solves_the_ancient_mystery/) who lives in Alubarna inspired by Jodhpur, India and the Palace inspired by the Taj Mahal built by the Shah Jahan or King of the World. The enemy of the Soul of the Sun or Celestial Garuda is the Celestial Dragon. Nami’s treasure is Belle-mère’s Orange Grove from Cocoyashi and Conomi Islands inspired by Bali, Indonesia. The year is 2022. 800 years ago in 1222 the Kediri Kingdom of Joyoboyo fell like the Ancient Kingdom of Joy Boy fell 800 years ago. Kediri means Mulberry the color associated with Nico Robin where Conomi associated with Nami means Berry the currency of the One Piece world which Nami loves. The Berry currency is a legacy of the Ancient Kingdom just like the Dollar currency comes from Joachim’s Valley where Joachim alludes to Imu of Marijoa who leads the World Government the successor to the Ancient Kingdom. Indonesia has the largest following of Islam whose emblem is the Crescent Moon the treasure of the Garuda and the title of Chapter 28. The emblem of Indonesia is the Garuda the namesake of Karoo born on 11/8. 28 in Re Verse is 82 the number of Fables of Aesop the namesake of God Usopp the descendent of Montblanc Noland. #One Piece is WONDERLAND


Damn, Nami won by a land slide.


I was actually surprised by this lol. I thought it would be more of a battle between Nami and Robin lol


Yeah, I didn't doubt her winning, she's one of the OG's so mostly everybody and even those not caught up will have known of her and no doubt the closest to being Luffy's Lucy, but I just thought it'd be more evenly distributed. At least with Robin. I guess I just didn't realise just how big One Piece fandom is. Having started reading (and getting into One Piece online community here) during early Wano arc after I got into it over lockdown, I really thought Yamato would've been higher, lol. Carrot not even being in the list is crazy. Their fans here really made it seem like their fanbase was like 10x larger, at least here during Wano. Lol.


I agree with you, I'm not surprised that Nami won (although I prefer Robin lol), but damn did she mop the floor with the others in the voting 😂 I'm like a third into WCI, and so far I can see why Nami was the chosen one lol


Fr though, I have nothing against Nami as a character but like, number one? I cant think of one actual reason for her to top the list..?


She's literally the female lead


Having actual personality and an important role every arc is enough of a reason imo.


Yamato barely beating Monet is 💀


Wait I saw a list before where Hancock was no. 1 and perona was number 8. So which one is the right list?


That list was a fan vote on who is the most attractive, this vote is on which character is your fav


Oh thanks for clarifying


Different polls can always get different results depending on how many people are being asked as well. I’m sure you can find a poll where older Big Mom is the most beautiful OP character, but there will be like 17 people voting lol. More people who participate, the more insight there is behind the poll IMO.


If she just lost a few tons of weight then she could be 👀


Zoro where? ![gif](giphy|26n6WywJyh39n1pBu|downsized)


He’s on waifu lists for other animes, don’t worry


Lost his way yet again


hes on the 0th place dont worry




No Perona? Come on...


My vote's for Pudding because....chocolate house


Rebecca is literally the watered down version of Vivi how is she ahead of her lol.


Her dad's still alive. Suck it, Vivi! On a serious note: It's boobs. And I agree with you.


More fanservice + recency bias, Alabasta was a while ago.


Bikini armor and kawaii pink hair.


In case you're being serious, it's because she wears less clothes.


Because she gave food to Luffy, of course


Boobs duh


She has a butt


Vivi is only held by nostalgia, Rebecca/Kyros/Scarlet is way better than Vivi´s


Because she wore the bare minimum to keep the series a Shonen


top three make sense glad nami and robin are over boa that is how it should be


thank you, someone with a brain


That is exactly right 👈🏼 Hancock kicks kittens, someone like that doesn't deserve the top spot


Let's go Nami


Nami will always be the First Lady of One Piece


I will never get the love for Shirahoshi.


Massive boobs


Basically for most of the girls on the poll lets be real here


But Kiku is goated 💯 no boobs needed


Or arms


(Giantess + minor + big boobs + mermaid + crybaby needing protecting) fetish all in one. Outside of that: Her being poseidon is also cool and she did get some character development. She was also haunted almost her whole life by a fucking psycho Pedofish that had his mark on her. That deserves some sympathy. Otohime should have gotten her spot regardless.


> + minor That's a plus point for people? Damn


For Japan? Yes. Some of the voters would've been actual boys under 18 so they're fine, but let's be honest, most of them weren't.


Pedophiles exist in more than just Japan.


Whole groups of pedophiles that are publicly proud of their affiliation don't exist in other first-world countries. Pedophilia is a personal problem. Mainstream loli artwork is a culture problem.


Needs courage to say this on an anime related sub. Shit ton of weirdos get defensive about that for some reason.


The people One Piece is written for, 13-17 year old boys.


Japan recently raised their age of consent from 12


Giantess is a fetish?


You innocent soul.


sometime I wish I was very small so I could sleep on my gf's cheek (or on her tits lets be honest) so I guess that could be fetish


Does that count as a giant kink or shrinking kink?


Rule 36: If it exists, it is someone's fetish. From the rules of the internet. Oddly enough people seem to think Rule 34 is the only one. I recommend if you don't want to learn the true horrors of man stay off the internet.


As someone with a size fetish, can confirm. Shirahoshi is rather popular solely because she's big. So is Robin for her powers and that one scene of Perona making a giant copy of herself. People will simp for 2 seconds of anything.


There are lots of hentai manga about giantess with small guys, so it is probably a popular fetish.


Every thing is a fetish if you look it at from a right way


Two words: Big Mom


People fetishize anything related to childhood and the parent/child relationship, including the size dynamic.


As a girl around Shirahoshi’s age, here’s my two cents. She’s very nice, very emotional (good way), pretty ofc, humble, outgoing, and has a power that can destroy the world without knowing. She’s also blunt after picking up on Luffy’s habit which is very funny. I can relate to her a ton, and that’s always nice. She’s just a hormonal teenager who cries at the slightest things. It’s pretty real.


She's cute, nice and POSIEDON.


Cute and big boobs


Because she's underage with revealing clothing, and creeps love that


That would explain Rebecca beating out vivi


Nah Rebecca is actually kinda fun


I gotta be honest, this rhetoric on manga who’s entire genre is marketed for, geared towards, and overall written with pre-teen and teenage boys in mind is very tiring and just flat out stupid.


Westernized age fetishists be like


Westerners are not the ones who voted here lol


Weebs will shit on the west and praise Japan for anything lol


Exactly. You see can so many Westernized age fetishists in this comment section. They have to see the birth certificate of a fictional character so that they don’t feel ‘guilty’ lewding them. In the end it’s their culture, so it is what it is kek


Oh I think I see what you’re saying. Yeah at the end of the day they’re all just drawings, people care way too much about the ages of these chicks. I see big titties, I like. I may be a pig but at least I’m honest uwu




Eyyyyyy 👌


Bro take a look at this manga's home country


Ok??? When I look at a fictional character, the first thing that come to my mind isn’t “how old is she in IRL so that I can be a hypocrite and pretend to be morally superior”


...what the fuck are you talking about




So I am the only one who would have put Tashigi in the top 10? Ok 😔


Where's Perona :(


Bellemere is too high imo, I would replace her with Nojiko however.


For those who forgot like me Nojiko is nami's sister!


Best girl at the top as usual.


Nami is first girl, after all


Where Big mom 😠


Bootleg Vivi from bootleg Alabasta over the real thing is terminal taste


Nami fans, rise up!


Perona not being on the list is criminal but Nami @ #1 is facts.


Nami is a queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen


Holy shit maybe I'm Japanese, nobody shows rebecca enough love over here


Facts. The sheer disrespect sickens me.


As it should be, Nami has always been one of the pillars of the series and the heart of the crew.


>and the heart of the crew. Excuse you, that's Ussop.


I love how Yamato made both the woman lists lol Some people bout to be triggered


Some people really just don't see how her character arc is one of "don't live your life recreating your idol's! Live a life they'd be proud of!" in a franchise about living your life and following your dreams.






Dear Mr magic man, how the fuck did you put a gif in a comment?


Lol that name is far too infamous for me for reasons I cannot say BUT Im using mobile and the GIF function seems to be active


Ah bitchin. Thanks friend


Okiku supremacy 🙇🧎


Robin used to be my fave but honestly Nami post time skip is leagues ahead. Just so damn funny and lowkey evil 😂😭


Idk man. Bonnie goes hard in the manga


Nami SchwaaaaaaN




Nami beat them all by a considerable margin, as she should!


Where Zoro


Average Okiku W


Minus the arm but that was Kaido so it doesn't count


How can Rebecca be above Vivi, when Rebecca is basically just a “we have Vivi at home” character?


One word: Butt. Rebecca has a great ass


I'd wager it's simply due to recency. It's been like 15 years since alabasta... Or the massive milkers


Till this day i still dont understand how is Nami better than Robin for the majority.


Some people like her best because she's been with the crew for longer. Luffy, Zoro and Nami are the original 3 and get the most love partially for that very reason.


I like Nami because she is kind, especially to children. Doesn't want to fight seraphim jimbei because he looks like a kid, takes care of momo, otoko, tama. In the cover stories, she is seen making clothes for children. Nami is also extremely kind to people for their circumstances. She being worried about Vivi when she was literally dying, pretending to be hated to protect her family, screaming to the rest of the crew to do sth when Vivi is screaming to stop fighting. Getting mad and giving no shits to Big Mom or Ulti when Ulti hurt Tama. I think it's fair for her to be number 1, but ofc this is the benefit of having more screen time haha. Nevertheless, her kindness really shines through :>


1.Nami has been around longer, has had more screentime, and has better development. If length and quality of the audience's "relationship" with a character were a measure, Nami would win hands down. 2.Nami is gregarious, sexually provocative, and bubbly, while Robin is aloof, reserved, and relatively unexpressive. One of these personality types is "popular", and the other is not, relatively speaking. 3.Robin really hasn't gotten a "Whole Cake Island" storyline where she's *the* person another strawhat has to rely upon to cover their reckless ass for incident after incident. Not her fault, but still. 4.In Nami's join-arc, Nami just \*asks\* for help as soon as things go to shit. In Robin's equivalent mega-arc(Water 7 + Enies Lobby), the crew has to chase her down and declare war on the WG before she stops running away, despite Robin having been with a much more established version of the crew for a much longer period. While there's a **LOT** of story behind this, and it's understandable, Robin's arc just doesn't endear her to us the same way Nami's did. 5.Nami's backstory is her fighting to save her people from oppression by stealing from pirates and drawing maps. Robin's backstory is her fighting to stay alive, by any means necessary, including the full destruction of Arabasta. Nami was **ALWAYS** "best-girl". Robin has only grown into being a candidate as a result of joining the crew. Robin has an appeal, but it's a relatively niche one if she must "compete" with Nami.


Oda has favorites in the crew and Nami has definitely got better development and roles compared to Robin post ts


Nami is more entertaining, more involved with the plot and has greater long-term development especially in post-timeskip Robin is so well-liked because she has no apparent flaws like Nami with her gags, but she's been underwhelming otherwise imo since Enies Lobby (aside from Onigashima)


>Robin is so well-liked because **she has no apparent flaws** Robin aided and abetted Crocodile's plans to destroy Arabasta for the sole purpose of gaining access to a poneglyph when she could've just run. She had enough experience to avoid dealing with him. It's not a past she's proud of at this point, but I think it still counts as an apparent flaw.


I meant that Robin doesn't have a standout flaw that can commonly irritate people like Nami's greed, Usopp's cowardice or Sanji's simping, even though they're all gags. Her gags consist of morbid humour and liking cute things, which don't irritate people (to my knowledge at least).


Ah, I see, but Nami's greed isn't all that much of a flaw. I can't really think of a point in the series where things progressed differently or people treated her or the Strawhats less-well on a practical level due to her "greed". Contrast with Sanji's simping which forced Nami to fight Kalifa, nearly killed Sanji during FMI, and made the fight with Bentham **MUCH** harder, or Ussop where his cowardice has been an even *larger* focal point in the series.(Hilariously, his fight with Perona was an uno-reverse on his flaw, but still)


Yeah I agree, Nami's gag has not once been detrimental to her character or even irritating to me, whereas Usopp and Sanji have definitely gotten on my nerves a few times. But I've seen people hate on Nami acting like an actual pirate by being interested in money and treasure lol, despite clearly showing she'd give it all up for her friends.


You already answered to that point, but I think that what the person above meant is that Robin is the one who has the *real* character flaws that people tend to overlook, in contrast with the Nami situation where they annoyed with some innocent comic relief. Robin was *actually* willing to revive an ancient weapon and endanger destroying the whole world, even though it was to save the crew, while the Nami "beatings" never really happen. If anything, they are honestly needed because somebody needs to keep the dumbness of the straw hats in order, since it's pretty clear that her "punching" the crew is an exaggerated, comedic way of scolding them. Also, obvious note, but Nami 's whole past was about her trying to save her people, whereas Robin 's past included villainous acts even if it was full of tragedy. People are hypocrites for constantly describing Robin as "superior" and portraying her as "kinder" via selective mind set. As you mentioned, it's also even more ridiculous since many fans hate Nami 's gags but are willing to even *defend* the gags of Usopp and Sanji, whose flaws have actually caused problems for the straw hats several times. Nami 's love for money has occasionally been proven very useful, with her managing the finances of the crew for example. I neither get the toxic situation with Nami, nor the desire for Robin fans to prove the latter as "better", when it's clear by ethics and story telling who's the real highlight in the manga. Even the main comment that people are replying to here, with more than 30 upvotes, wonders "how in the world" Nami reasonably has a lot of fans and not Robin, who, by the way, has a ridiculous amount of fans too and probably even more in western social media. These same fans are also vocal in disliking Nami for no reason. I don't like this fanbase.


Exactly! Nami is greedy? Oh my god! A pirate who is greedy. What are the odds?! People seem to forget that strawhats are pirates. They are not paragons of virtue, they are not heroes. They may do some heroic stuff but it is usually a consequence of either saving their crewmates, or helping out someone that was nice to them. Nami is the prototype for most women in OP in terms of design and has that nostalgic value for being the original, and on top of that, she has a vital role in the crew as a navigator.


>They are not paragons of virtue, they are not heroes Only because Luffy thinks that a hero has to share his meat, and.....doesn't realize that he always shares anyway. That's *why* it is so funny when he and Zoro keep refusing the title of heroes. As far as "paragons of virtue" goes, they're not *quite* that, but they certainly average closer to that title than they do to "traditional pirates".


Of course, because this is still a Shonen manga. Imagine a seinen or R-rated version of One piece. It could be bloody and with shades of grey.


>Imagine a seinen or R-rated version of One piece. It could be bloody and with shades of grey. "could be"....yeah, or it could not be. That's a weird hypothetical that doesn't actually support your point. Especially since the most logical extension of One Piece into a more Seinen would still retain the basic general flow of the story, which means things like Luffy befriending almost everyone and Nami's greed being largely irrelevant are staying in. Seinen isn't "grimdark". Like...it'd probably just end up having nudie scenes, swearing, and be largely the same else-wise. Remember, Goblinslayer is Seinen, but is somehow **MORE** black&white than One Piece by a large margin.


What point? I was just trying to picture how a dark themed Onepiece would look like, with people dying left and right. I used the term seinen because it is a Japanese manga, I guess I should have just said darkpiece. If you are talking about the hero thing. I know Luffy is kind of a hero without realising, but they are pirates and therefore don't have to adhere to the high values of being a hero or role model, even if they do it on most occasions.


Robin’s personality is a bit boring IMO.




Disagree but to each their own i guess.


disagree not a big robin fan but i find that false for me atleast


I think because she is an adult in a crew of mostly immature fools. She has depth to her, but she is not very reactive like the younger crew members. She has been through enough even before joining the gang. That's why her portrayal is kinda boring for some people.


I guess she's boring to you because she doesn't do stupid things and doesn't fool around but to people who want elegance she's perfect


I liked Robin more on my first reading but I liked Nami more on the reread. She does a lot of little things that you would tend to miss while reading the first time. Also, Robin's personality has been a bit boring since the timeskip and her roles in arcs has been pretty insignificant. Pretty much a female Zoro except not as badass.


>She does a lot of little things that you would tend to miss while reading the first time. I'm curious as to what you're referencing here. Always like hearing about little details others notice.


Robin>Nami "FOR ME"


Didnt we just get a Japanese popularity contest from some other guy with different results?


It was only about beauty




Nami Domi


Hiyori is basically 6th. She had her votes split


Damn man I have seen no Bello Betty love anywhere in this subreddit 😭😭 yet she’s so fine


Idc that boa kicks kittens I’d let her turn me to stone any time


Is this favorite girl characters or most attractive? Because Dr. Kureha should be on here if it’s not about just looks. As well as Dadan. I’m sure I’m forget I’m forgetting others, but lists like these are the reason why people think that Oda only draws his women to look alike. He doesn’t at all, people just aren’t turned on by them lol


"Which one piece female do Japanese men want to fuck the most"


Where's Charlotte Galette?


Yamato NEEDS to be higher !!!


No Uta ? Thought she’s be popular for sure


Where's Bon-chan? I think this was rigged.


The 304s are seething with anger seeing Yamato on this list


Hell yea Kiku supremacy. Also Bellemere being 7 is a pleasant surprise, I didn’t think it’s possible for flashback characters other than Corazon to rank so high these days. No love for Reiju though…


Wha, but how is Rebecca that high?


Yeah. But Yamato never said she wants to be a man. Sure she wants to be Oden but she never mentioned she wants to have a dick. Even Oda classified her as a woman.


Who tf asked. Why bring that up at all.


I think he’s replying to that one comment about Yamato’s gender but fucked up lol


Reddit can be a bit fucky sometimes


Rebecca coming out of nowhere


>we conducted a questionnaire survey of 1003 male and female members of Mynavi News about their favorite female characters appearing in "ONE PIECE". This isn't all Japan, just readers of a very specific publication


Nami is a W, personally have Robin over her. Also Nami and Robin > Hancock


Glad my girl vivi made the list


Okiku's a dude though


Yamato should be n. 1. Also Reiju and Hiyori should be on this list.


On Twitter they got Yamato at 4th🤨


Okiku in the top ten let’s go!


Kiku at 7!


I’m happy to see Okiku making it so high :)


Rebecca at number 4 means we can and should disregard this list. Rebeccas is TRASH. Put on some clothes and do something helpful!


Cringe 😬


I hated Shorahoshi in the manga, but when i watched the anime... i trully fucking hated her.


I thought Yamato was a male 🤣🤣 she's not recognized as male neither a strawhat bro her fans are IN THE MUD LMAO Your headcanon brought this on you btw


Nah her vivre card stated her to be female a bit ago


Yeah ik they still deny it tho so it's good to tease them once in a while lol


No way by that much 😭?


No Ivankov???


She/he was male at the time of the poll


Yamamoto is a 100000% to me sorry world u have no idea abouz sht


Yamato is at least top 5