Straw Hat is going to get another musician

Straw Hat is going to get another musician


They making a band


Get Pell in and they're the Band of the Hawk.


Fs in the chat for Nami


If yamato is the lead singer they could be the sideboobs


Have both Queen and Apoo join the band as well.


> Band of the Hawk Too soon, everything still hurts.


Brook about to killed while defending Robin.


But he's already dead




Heres the y: Y






I already know what she would sing… A daikon ganmo! Chikuwa ni tamago! Io io no yoy te to te soro…niete nanbo no - Oden ni soro!


I wish they will do something similar to the scene where Oden sings the song among the Roger pirates, with Yamato in Oden’s place and Luffy in Roger’s


Same here!


I wonder if she’ll actually have a position or will she just be a combatant.


Technically Usopp’s offical position is one of the only two dedicated combat roles. Just think it’s funny the biggest coward and arguably weakest straw hat is officially only there for combat hahaha


One of the weakest pre-TS. Post-TS I think Oda is setting him up to become one of the stronger straw hats, what with him using haki as early as dressrosa. It lines up with his dream too. "to be a brave warrior of the sea" is a probably more combat intensive than most straw hats dreams.


I hope that’s the direction it’s going for Usopp. There’s a little wiggle room in the phrasing of his dream where it could be fulfilled as “to be weak but keep fighting.” Maybe observation haki will show him a bleak future, but he has to continue the fight anyways to protect the crew, and sacrifice himself.


He could become the best long-distance combatant/strategist. Doesnt need to have brute strength like Zoro or Sanji. His skills are his sniping, use of tools/trickery, and strategies. I do wish to see him utilise these in a serious fight though.


Would love to see that, personally I think no more straw hats will be getting CoC but I think if any do it will be Usopp based off his dream, everyone wants sanji to get it and I’m a big sanji fan but his dream isn’t to be the king or top of anything and the way I see it something like that is needed and usopp is the only one who fits


Quartermaster. Its been one of the few main empty slots. I can see it fitting either Yamato or O-Kiku if she were to sneak in as the dark horse for different reasons. Latter based on what we've seen would fit more the traditional mold (half bookkeeper half *petty* disciplinarian) and just being the one keeping on top of all the little things. But Yama? Design fits. Right ogre of a taskmaster right? But tempered with One Piece silliness in that I don't really see Yamato actually doing proper quartermaster stuff. A pretty good oxymoron right? Role that would normally go to a seasoned veteran going to someone quite ignorant of the outside world. Because the beauty of that iconic role is that it can work exactly like Zoro being the unofficial First Mate/Vice Captain. QM fits just as well as a nominal role to paste over "more here for hitting hard."






Is this edited or something else?


That shows up when you google Yamato. Idk why


Now we know what CP0 purpose is (plot device)


She's gonna be the token rapper in every kpop group.


Maybe she'll also be a womanizer like Oden... Give Sanji some competition for biggest creep.


Yamato is 263cm (8'7-8"), Sanji is only 177cm (5'11"), so she is already bigger than him. Thing is she is just a bit shorter than Brook who is 277cm(9'1"). Jinbei is currently the tallest crewmember though at 301cm(9'11"). Yamato would be among the taller crew members if/when she joins the crew. I wonder if Oni grow for longer than humans in the One Piece settings. She still seems small compared to her father. Maybe someone should bug Oda about that.


Wait wait wait wait. She's SHORTER than Brook? Whaaaaat


Oden had a harem when he was like 16 so I hope that's the case and Yamato really goes after Nami and Robin.


I think Yamato >!will take the same path once Oden took, this time his last hour will be splitted among two people: the burden of 1 boiling hour will be taken by Momonosuke while the sacrifice will be taken by Yamato herelf.!<


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Oh my God. I am pretty surprised that Yamato will join the crew of Straw Hat Pirates. Since she wanted to join the crew along with Ace. Now, she will join the crew and also she is a musician? Not just being a musician (100% true?) but also will join the Monster trio along with Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji as well.