Will Vivi reunite with the Straw Hats?

She hasn't been with them since Alabasta nearly twenty years ago. Though with recent events, might she meet them again? How would certain things go? Like how would she and Robin get along considering Robin was once a member of Baroque Works? Also, how would Brook feel about her having once tried to kill Laboon? And if Wapol sticks around, how will he and Chopper feel about each other?


Technically it’s been only 2 years 2-3 months since Vivi has been with the straw hats and I would love a scene where Robin apologizes to Vivi. Also we’ve seen that Vivi accepted Luffy’s choice to let Robin join the crew.


Basic reading comprehension says yes


You never know with Oda, but I hope so


I HOPE SO I LOVE HER But yeah I’d love to see the interactions between her and the other crew members, especially Robin. I’d imagine Robin would apologise immediately for everything she did to Alabasta, and Vivi would forgive her <3


It's been foreshadowed plainly, it's definitely going to happen. I imagine she'll even stick around for awhile as well until she needs to leave again to do... Something Lili/Nefeltari related that im sure 🐐a will make clear only she's capable of after the Sad Boy x Vivi x Joy Boy link. Imu has 800 years of repressed smoke aimed in her direction so the safest place in the world for her is at Luffy's side atm. 100% she'll be back with the crew.


Yes but doubt she will join the crew