For me its one of two reasons: 1. Devil fruit users cant get close to that island or they get sick. Buggy was the only DF user on Roger's ship and he got impaired right before they took off to the final island. OR 2. Oda wrote for buggy to stay back BECAUSE it would be so weird that buggy is running around with the knowledge of the void century. And he made Shanks stay so he could give the current race to laughtale a more epic ending.


I really think it’s the second one it just feels weird that the ultimate goal, laugh tale, will make the df strawhats sick


I would think that it was more of a way for both Shanks and Buggy to not know what the was at Laugh Tale, thereby preserving some of the drama as we approach the endgame.


Id rather say, that devil fruit users get sick upon approaching laughtale, because if i remember correctly, buggy and toki both got sick (both being the only df users i know on rogers ship)


Toki got sick long before they got to Laugh Tale.


It would be quite funny if devil fruit users can't go to Laughtale since Luffy and Robin are the ones who most need to go there. But it would go a long way to explain why Shanks, the only person who knows some of the secrets of Laughtale, is the only Shichibukai or Yonko not to feed devil fruits to all of his subordinates.


he asked both buggy and marco (twice) to join his crew tho


Only toki and buggy used dfs? And they were indeed sick near laught tale(not sure about toki tho). There is even theory that long ring long land is location of laugh tale, ussop got "sick" before entering it, and maybe it wasnt sickness but some kind of feeling? Buggy is very simmilar to usopp tbh


Nah ussop was just being a pussy as always lmao