I really really really dont want Garp to die. I really like that old guy! Odaaaaa! Please! ​ Edit: I wonder, if a pirate crew - like Blackbeards - did a reverse Marineford (Public execution of a toprank marine (like Garp)), would the world goverment try to intervene like Whitebeards crew did, and how would THAT go?! :D


How would they contain garp ? He can't be stopped with sea stone . So BB pirates ain't taking him even if this is intriguing plus he is too big of a threat for them to take back so they will most likely eliminate him.


I love Garp too! That would be interesting. I also wanna see more with the marine bounties.


very intriguing 🧐 love your idea


I'd like to see Garp proud of Luffy and maybe even Dragon in some capacity before he bites the dust.


Koby isn't on Luffy's and BB's level yet. He would be fodderised by BB just like Luffy was by Kaido at their first fight. Koby would only be a hindrance to Luffy in a possible 2v1,since BB may target him to blackmail Luffy.


Maybe Garp doesn't die, but gets captured instead. What if rescuing Garp is what brings Luffy to Fullalead? Blackbeard got a message delivered to Marijoa, theoretically he could send one to the Thousand Sunny.


Luffy has to do a Davy Back to get Garp!


Foxy is definitely Blackbeard's secret boss. He slowed down BB's world domination plan so much, his own took priority.


And big reveal Koby is a D to have a complete parallel


I don't want Garp to die untill I see a Monkey D family team-up - Luffy, Dragon and Garp. I really hope that's what happens in the future - blackbeard raided the revolutionary army headquarters, kidnapped Coby and got Ace killed, earning the rage and hatred of all the three members of the Monkey family. They should team up and perform a haki combo attack and kick his ass.


My guess is Akainu vs Luffy would be the last fight. Caz its bears an emotional torment to Luffy


Garp is for sure about to get taken out. After Garp Shanks will be next. I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it.


Garp is fine but not shanks he has not been given enough screen time.