Definitely on my list of people I wish I had dinner with.


Have you seen his cookbook he did with his wife? It’s fascinating. I found a copy on eBay for $35. An absolute relic


I collect cookbooks and have that one in a lockbox with some of my favorites. $35 is outrageous, it’s such a beautiful book, what a find! I’ve seen unsigned copies sold for $200.


If you don’t mind me asking. What are some of your other faves? I love old cookbooks and one of my favorite spots on campus during college was in the cookbook archive of our special collections library


Like In my price to own? I have a few thousand cookbooks and food related academic studies and etc. I began cooking and my book collection at 14 and am 41 now, have been a chef my whole working life. I could read forever with the vastness of the subject, especially where history and culture intersect. I don’t own a many I’d like to hold and look through. My price range fluctuates as life does. I read a lot of the digital libraries to read through things I’ll never see. I don’t know what other book I’d compare to Vincent and Mary’s book. I would say my faves in that lockbox are my copy of the Magic of fire- William Rubel, a few old Bocuse, ma gastromie-F. Point first edition , James Beard Treasury of outdoor cooking, 1st edition and few Jane Grigson and Elizabeth David first editions, a signed Au Pied de Cochon sugar shack and 1886 published The Table- Alessandro Filippini with a bunch of cool leave in extras from original owner.


That laugh at the end makes it. Fantastic find.


Vincent Price was priceless. I will still watch any movie he's in just to hear his voice.


And there's no one quite like him in modern-day Hollywood. For a lot of Hollywood talent, you can go back in time and find basically the same talent provided by a different actor. The action star, the distinguished male/female role, the singers, the dancers, the comic, the villain, etc. You can look back to previous decades and find someone that is pretty much a carbon copy of whatever person is filing that niche today. But who replaced Vincent Price? The guy was famous because of his voice which was just perfectly suited for anything to do with the horror genre, but I can't really think of anyone that is filing that role now. Edit: A few people have mentioned Tim Curry as a replacement. Tim is amazing and a very distinct voice, but I wouldn't really put it in the same "creepy" category as Price.


Maurice LaMarche is the voice actor for Vincent Van Ghoul in the Scooby-Doo franchise. Vincent Price was the original voice. You can hear the difference, but it's very minor and LaMarche really puts effort into embodying Price's speech and personality. Couldn't work in live action but at least the voice can live on for a few more decades.


LaMarche is an absolute pro though, as well as being the best Orson impersonator. "Oh, what luck! A french fry in my beard!"


"Full of country goodness and green peaness."


One of the funniest lines in "The Critic".


That was John Lovitz' show, right? Around that time was *The PJs* with the voice of Eddie Murphy. Both great shows.


The peeejaaay PROJECTS the peeejaaaays the PROOJECTS I can hear that themesong in my head. man.


They’re even better when you’re dead!


> Maurice LaMarche I think I remember him being the voice of The Brain in *The Pinky & the Brain* as well.


Yup, he was, as well as a lot of people on Futurama(Calculon, Kiff, Morbo, etc). Brain's voice was basically an impression of Orson Wells. He's really good at a number of old celebrity impressions. Check out "Twisted Toons" on Youtube, a thing where voice actors get together at cartoon conventions and read through the script of a well known movie while voicing the characters with their various famous voice roles and impressions. He takes part in a lot of them, as do Wakko and Yakko(who was also Pinky). He often pulls out a great Peter Falk impression and really gets into it.


Gee, Brain...what are we going to do tonight?


Same thing we do every night, try to take over the WORLD!


Fred Astaire is pretty much another example of a unique talent that doesn't have any modern equivalent.


That's because his talents aren't really required for modern film.


i think you all are reminiscing about vaudeville... as a vaudevillian, the type of casting you are lamenting over is one of which died out with the end of the Hollywood Vaudevillians... sad, but, actually why i like people like Jack Black and Stephen Colbert. watch their most basic of moves and you can see the acting flows through them. anyway, i miss the old timers too.


I remember first seeing Jack Black on Mr. Show back in the 90s and just being blown away by how he performs. That whole show had a lot of vaudeville flavor to it. Great stuff.


I love Mr. Show. Started rewatching recently, and some of it is extremely dated, but I think most of the sketches were still incredible


I’ve got the DVD’s and watch them every few years or so. I’m so happy Bob Odenkirk is thriving these days.


Reminds me of Mel Blanc. Others may have voiced his characters since, but the original talent was unmatchable. You can find clips of modern voice actors gushing over his work. The one that really stands out is the impersonations - in one bit Bugs was disguised as Daffy while Daffy was disguised as Bugs. Mel Blanc, the actor for both, had the incredible talent to make both impersonations sound distinct. As in, Bugs as Daffy sounds different than Daffy as Bugs. Seems subtle at first but makes a world of difference and takes an incredible skill to pull off.


Man I just heard the coolest story about Blanc on the radio. Maybe This American Life or Radiolab? There was this whole thing about how he was in a brutal car accident and unconscious in the hospital for ages. It was something like, when they finally got him to respond, it was by talking to Yosemite Sam and that's who answered. He plays Barney Rubble on The Flintstones and he recorded the whole first season on his back in a full body cast in a hospital bed. They were interviewing his son for these stories. It was awesome.


Thhhufferin' Thuccotash!, Doc.


Willem Dafoe, maybe?


Oh absolutely, he could totally do it if he were ever so inclined.


His take on Norman Osborn is still one of my favorite performances.




*OUT AM I?!?!*


*You know, I'm something of a Thriller myself!*


this made me lol! ty!!!


I didn't realize that I needed this.


“HAAARK! Hark Triton, hark! Bellow, bid our father the Sea King rise from the depths full fowl in his fury! Black waves teeming with salt foam to smother this young mouth with pungent slime. To choke ye, engorging your organs til’ ye turn blue and bloated with bilge and brine and can scream no more only when he, crowned in cockle shells with slitherin’ tentacle tail and steaming beard take up his fell befitted arm, his coral tyne trident screeches banshee-like in the tempest and plunges right through yer gullet bursting ye -- a bulging blacker no more, but a blasted bloody film now and nothing for the harpies and the souls of dead sailors to peck and claw and feed upon only to be lapped up and swallowed by the infinite waters of the Dread Emperor himself. Forgotten to any man, to any time, forgotten to any god or devil, forgotten even to the sea, for any stuff for part of Winslow, even any scantling of your soul is Winslow no more, but is now itself the sea!”


You don't like me lobster?


There was Christopher Lee. RIP


I seem to recall reading that the two of them were friends and would try to scare each other on occassion.


I was going to post the same - that guy was badass. Released a rock album in his 90s, too 😄 truly awesome


Tobin Bell?


Tobin Bell is *AMAZING* don’t get me wrong, but I think they were more talking about being able to do the same tone of work as Price did. Bell is more suited for that which he’s known for; the gravelly, meticulous, angry type of horror character. When you hear Bell speak you feel like you’re in an abandoned factory and about to be killed by him stabbing you with a knife, when you hear Price you feel like you’re in an abandoned castle and about to be killed by falling into a secret floor trap full of knives. Easy example, Bell doing the thriller rap wouldn’t sound anywhere near as chilling, it’d still sound scary, but not the shivers down your spine kind of scary more like the shit your pants scary.


A true legend


And cooked a mean French Onion Soup...


I absolutely adore Mr Price. A few years ago a very good friend gave me a beautiful, large cookbook by Vincent Price, which I cherish. ❤️


The guy was the consummate professional. Always showed up prepared. Always put his full effort into any role he had - no matter how big or small it was. Hollywood could use a few more Vincent Prices’ these days.


From this clip alone, you can obviously tell he cherished the art he performed. He looks like he is having a blast as he recites the thriller and fucking knows everyone hearing him is having a blast.


I've always thought so, like he was a man who loved his work.


Vincent used to do local theatre in St. Louis before hitting it big, and one of my drama teachers used to be his leading lady in a few plays. She couldn't stop gushing about how amazing he was as an actor and a person.


Upvote for St Louis!


Some would call him, Vincent Priceless.




Propane and propane accessories.


Have you watched Monster Club? It's so delightfully weird.


The laugh is part of the act, but it seems like about when he slaps his knees, it was genuine laughter, like he was having a great time and was delighted with the audiences reaction.


I know, it’s his classic evil cackle. But he was clearly chuffed by the audience’s delight.


and his eyes - he waited until the end to truly focus directly on the lens - such control over the tension! A master!


tfw you realize his evil laugh and his actually enjoying himself laugh are the same laugh


His laugh used to scare the crap out of me. I had to turn the TV down when we the video came on. Seems so silly how lmao


Nah man, that laugh terrified an entire generation even before Michael Jackson was born. You're good.


TIL. I never even considered that to be a rap. The title had me confused.


Old school "rapping" means talking. Listen to live recordings of Jimi Hendrix, he would talk to the audience and say he was about to sing a song, "instead of rapping like I am now." Rapping = talking


Rapping as slang in the 60's (my Hippie days) meant to establish a rapport (connection) with someone.


Yup, in the 60s it was straight up slang for talking or conversing, as in let's just hang out and rap for a bit.


I watched this when it was on TV at the time. It was spine-tingling not just because it was scary but also because it was Vincent fucking Price. He was already well into legend-hood by that time, so to experience his talent (almost) live on TV was a thriller. (Pun well intended.)


They say rule no.1 is never meet your heroes. Rule no.2... don't ask about your heroes. I've had the good fortune in my career to meet and sometimes work with some very talented people who's careers crossed over with Hollywood legends. I've broken rule no.2 a few times, and when talking about old films, Vincent Prince has come up, and few folks have said, "Oh I was working with him on such and such". And my curiosity is too much to bear and I ask, "what was he like?". In every circumstance the answer is some variety of "I never met a more genuinely nice and caring person in a sea of backstabbing assholes and phonies."


I really can't imagine how difficult it is to be a celebrity. Yeah...money and blahblahblah. But imagine having to be continually nice to everybody, all the time? So you're famous, but you're running late and you go into a coffee shop. And you run into a fan. What for any other person is a 5-minute exchange, now turns into a 15 or 20 minute event, because I'm sure that once one person asks, the line starts to form. For you, this is just a Monday and a coffee. For a fan, it's the moment they remember for the rest of their life where they ran into you and got an autograph, and a selfie, and told you all sorts of stuff about yourself that you already know because you're the person they're trying to impress by knowing all these things... Now imagine if you cut them off, and they go on the interwebss and start talking about what a shitty person you were because all they wanted was a minute of your time for an autograph... Honestly, in that type of world, to have people say what a kind and generous person you are time after time is amazing.


This is why 'famous' people have PAs who do that sort of thing for them. Everyone always jokes about stars needing someone to go get their coffee/dry cleaning/groceries etc, but it's in large part due to avoiding precisely the scenario you described. A 5 minute stop off for a cup of coffee can't turn into 45 minutes of pics and hi hellos everyday or nothing would ever get made.


That's why I think it's unfair to judge the celebrity based on those that say "that celebrity is a jerk" because he wouldn't take a pic with them or whatever. The real question is what do their PAs and the crews on their sets or wherever they work think of them.


Tbf, I still think the way in which a celeb turns a person down should be considered. “Sorry, not doing pics today because of X reason, but thank you for the support!” is different than “No, and get the fuck out of my face.” My mom has a sad story of meeting some famous NBA dude when she was in junior high, and when she asked for his autograph he gave her a little shove and said “Get out of my way, little girl.” She said it broke her damn heart and she refused to watch the team play again until he got traded haha.


For sure, its very difficult to keep the mask on. Any time its comes off for a second it has huge lasting "aha, got ya!" effects. "The rags" thrive on this. But I think hearing an opinion from the people who directly worked with them is even more valuable. We see our coworkers how they are when they're stressed, how they work with other people who are trying to achieve the same thing, how they treat others around them despite (or because of) their status. I think that's why so many stories about people like Keanu Reeves seem so genuine. We hear the same story from fans, animal trainers, makeup artists, voice coaches, production assistants, etc. He treats everybody with respect, regardless of it there is a camera around. From what I hear, Price was similar. Fun to be around, kind, gentlemanly (but not in the toxic, of the era way), and respected the hell out of his wife.


I *almost* stopped reading your post because if it were awful, I didn't want to know. So glad curiosity got the best of me, but I'm not the tiniest bit surprised he was a great human. My then-husband knew how close to my heart Mr Price always has been, and woke me up early the morning he found out Mr Price died so I wouldn't have to find out at work and lose my shit there. Such a kindness I'll always remember.


Well, despite these stories, I had another moment of doubt hit thanks to youtube about 10 years ago (spoiler alert, he's still a hero). I watched the stop motion animation "Vincent" by Tim Burton narrated by Prince (its fantastic and has a great story about it for internet sleuths). But then the "suggested videos" popped up on the screen after. One thumbnail was titled "Vincent Prince, Racism". My stomach dropped, and 100 "say it ain't sos" crossed my mind, but I had to click on it. The video started and it was just a photo of an old radio. Then his voice started: *"Hello, I'm Vincent Price. You know, I've played a lot of monsters in movies, but nothing as monstrous as racism..."* It was an anti racism PSA from the late **50s** (at least that's the timeframe the description said, might need a fact check) Price showed up.


> "Vincent" by Tim Burton narrated by Prince Well I was a _little_ disappointed when I googled that.


Whoops haha, that would* be an alternate reality great piece


*She wore a Raaaaaaspberry Decay* *The kind you find in a Second Hand Morgue*


Please someone award this so it'll catch the eye of more folks. I might be singing this version now.


Frank Sinatra also did anti-racism PSAs. Not the same deal as Price, of course -- Frank was a documented asshole in just about every sense -- but I'll always give a few points to the select few who fought the good fight when it wasn't the easiest path to take.


Sinatra almost tanked his career over his support for Sammy.


What a beautiful thing to say about one's ex.


I have heard the same is true for Joan Rivers. Every encounter I read about someone meeting her, only good things were reported.


It was too bad Johnny Carson never spoke to her again after she launched that show. They had been dear, close friends.


Carson was an ass.


Thank you for not bringing me tears of sadness, but rather tears of joy!


I second that!


Scared me for a second. No no no ..yes.


He's an icon of classic horror and had a great reputation as an adult. He supposedly got sucked into far-right beliefs when he was younger but thankfully became fairly left and socially liberal as an adult. > His daughter's biography Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography (1999) details Price's early antisemitism[42] and initial admiration for Adolf Hitler. According to his daughter: "When he went to Germany and Austria as a young man, he was struck by a lot of things going on during the Weimar Republic and the disillusion of the empire... So when Hitler came into power, instead of seeing him as a dangerous force, he was sort of swept up in this whole idea that Hitler was going to bring German pride back."[43] > However, Price became a liberal after becoming friends with New York intellectuals such as Dorothy Parker and Lillian Hellman in the 1930s,[43] so much so that he was "greylisted" under McCarthyism in the 1950s, for having been a prewar "premature anti-Nazi", and after being unable to find work for a year, agreed to requests by the FBI that he sign a "secret oath" to save his career.[44][45] His daughter said that her father became so liberal that "one of my brother's earliest memories is when Franklin Roosevelt's death was announced, my father fell backwards off the sofa sobbing."[43] > Price denounced racial and religious prejudice as a form of poison at the end of an episode of The Saint,[46] which aired on NBC Radio on July 30, 1950,[47] claiming that Americans must actively fight against it because racial and religious prejudice within the United States fuels support for the nation's enemies.[48] He was later appointed to the Indian Arts and Crafts Board under the Dwight D. Eisenhower administration; he called the appointment "kind of a surprise, since I am a Democrat".[49] He was supportive of his daughter when she came out as a lesbian, and he was critical of Anita Bryant's antigay-rights campaign in the 1970s.[50][51][52][53]


Man I didn't know Vincent Price the ally was something I needed today.


He had an awesome voice


Are you pondering what I'm pondering?


I think so, but we will never get a monkey to use dental floss


Lol He's all polite "Well Okay.." Then proceeds to get into a demonic trance. Legend!!


Many years of practice as a horror Icon.


And being the worlds most famous rat. ^(this was a Ratigan joke…)




Great movie! I was waiting for someone to mention the greatest villain of all time! To Ratigan! The world's greatest ra-- mouse! ;)


Yea this dude is THE horror legend, look up the SNL Vincent price special skits they’re hilarious


The bouncing jokes with JFK and Liberace are my favorite of those.


When the red record light goes on, the red lights in his eyes flare up


Well it's not like she actually asked him impromptu, talk show hosts give that appearance but the producers would've asked him far in advance if he'd be willing to perform


Well yeah that or the sound and light engineers had the reverb and the backlight ready you know just in case.


**Years of practice for moments like these**


First time i hear someone refering to the spoken part as "the thriller rap"


I think most would refer to the style of Price's vocals in Thriller as 'spoken word'.


also known as talking


Unidirectional conversating.




aka Single Player Conversation


same, I was like "I don't remember any body rapping in that song". I also wanna say I almost typed "raping" and I I knew that didn't look right. Would be a lot easier if we just spell rap with two p's then, (rapp).


To be fair, there wasn't any raping in it either. So you wouldn't be wrong.


That’s what they called it back then. Rap was a new buzz word.


It's called a rap in the album credits, so


Boom! Next thing they’ll be saying Debbie Harry isn’t a real rapper.


This mf spittin


Yung Price


I watched the entire video and Vincent Price's part is actually credited as "rap"


Price had the opportunity to take a percentage of the total sales or a flat fee of 20K. Interestingly, he took the flat fee. Thriller still is the highest-selling album worldwide at 40 million copies. Price did the performance in this wonderful post knowing that he probably missed out on a fortune, which makes his enthusiasm even more fantastic.


The man was 76 years old at this point and I can't imagine he was hurting for money. Just being a part of the highest selling album of all time was probably enough for him.




Also, knowing what little I do about the entertainment industry, they can and will fuck you if you sign on for payment based on revenue and sales because they are very good at hiding the money when they want.


Michael Jackson wasn't known for being the most honest businessperson. 20K flat fee invested might be worth more than fighting MJ for nickels.


Yeah, always room for some Hollywood accounting when someone is owed a percentage. “Oops, Thriller actually *lost* money…”




Okay that was dope af


Came here to say these exact words lol.


That performance is absolutely incredible. It is not just his voice, but his timing and expression. It is hard to imagine a modern equivalent.


I had the album. (Yes, I am old) and was listening to it wearing headphones. The radio didn’t play the album version. I heard the door creak and at that same moment, my mom came into my room with laundry. I started screaming and jerked the headphones out of the jack so the music was VERY LOUD. My mom started screaming. I’m screaming. My dad stuck his head in and just looked at us Shook his head and closed the door. Fun times.


Foretold the tale of your doom Your mother stepped in unkempt room. Laundry clean and folded right Would be your greatest time for fright


Plugs are pulled and albums turn, sounds arise and ears do burn Screaming voices fill the air as father shows his lack of care


I love how I read this all in Vincent’s voice


Then shortly aft he shook his head He ceased his gait in fear The music now had stopped abrupt And Nothing did he hear. Back to the room he tensely tread...


You earned this gold. That was great!


TY! Keep that coin for charity ;)


The mixing on that album was amazing. Every song on that album is a hit. Not many artists have been able to pull that off.


Thank Quincy Jones as much as anyone.


What a fun memory to cherish forever!


And then she says the next guest is Anthony Perkins, best known for playing Norman Bates in Psycho.


Right? What was it, horror legends day on the Joan Rivers Show?


As she said, it was Friday the 13th, and there was a full moon. The episode was called "The Friday the 13th Horror Show".


Imagine telling him a joke and he laughs like that too


Top three epic voices all time Vincent Price, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones!


Orson Welles is up there. Similar to Price but different types of careers.


JEJ: "We are the United States government. We don't *do* that sort of thing!" - *Sneakers* (1992) MF: "Stay away from here, California!" - *Se7en* (1995) VP: Pretty much everything from the *Bob Wilkins Hour* ([email protected] 1968-1976[?]) Gifted, all three.


Must add Thurl Ravenscroft. The super deep voice of Tony the Tiger, singer of The Grinch song etc.


Paul Frees "Welcome foolish mortals!"


I just got back into listening to MJ and was genuinely excited when I remembered that Vincent Price was actually the voice. Stoked you shared this - thx!


Also, Quincey Jones produced it and John Landis directed the music video. How many legends have their fingerprints on that album?


Eddie Van Halen and Paul McCartney too. Shit.


Class act.


I was 5 when Thriller came out and my dad was obsessed. Naturally, it freaked me out so he found the making of video and we would watch it over and over on VHS throughout my life, especially around Halloween. I now do the same with my kids (minus the VHS tape). My 8 and 10 year old daughters just asked to watch it over the weekend. We lost my dad in February and it was the first time watching it since then. It made me cry just like when I first saw it. This time not from the fear of zombies, but from the fear of life without him.


Never heard of this guy before or seen any of his films, or even knew he was the one who did the thriller voice. But for some reason, this video has me mesmerised and I just keep watching it over and over. Absolutely amazing


My dude you are in for a treat! His filmography is massive but if you'd like to go on a journey, try The Princess and the Cobbler and Basil the Great Mouse Detective for voice roles, then for classic horror try The Abominable Dr Phibes, House of Wax and House on Haunted Hill


Classic Man Classic..


Almost as good as hit bits in The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.


Poor guy, could never enjoy a joke without freaking out those around him. /s


This dudes voice was nightmare fuel for 8yo me back in the day.


He was in a Murder Mystery film called Laura, non-horror film.


I love him in Laura! He plays that character like an American Leslie Phillips, a very nice switch from his horror roles


How could you not smile while watching anything with Vincent Price in it? The man is a legend.


Completely forgot Joan hosted for a while. Nice double old school here.


No idea how many times I’ve watched this and I still can’t get enough. My god, this man is still unmatched as a horror icon. I have to go rewatch House on Haunted Hill now…


I had Edgar Allen poe audiobooks narrated by Vincent Price. It added an extra dimension.


His voice is horror comfort food!


His laugh was so chilling


I got fucking goosebumps when the lights went down! This is awesome! Edit: I also wanted to add that I love how his eyes looked like MJ’s at the end of the music video!


I wish Carson hadn’t done Joan Rivers so dirty and basicallly got her black listed from late night. She was a great host and wish she would have been the queen of late night. Probably would have lasted as long as letterman. But oh well. Rip Joan !


Gave me a bit of a shiver mid way through


While very different, Vincent Price saw his voice used in Bell Witch’s “Beneath the Mask.” Damn was Mr. Price a legend. Amazing voice.


Laughing all the way to the bank. I grew up in the ‘70’s/‘80’s and Vincent Price had his face all over everything from the popular Hangman board game to a Shrunken Head kit (you basically dried an apple until it shrunk and got wrinkly then stuck creepy plastic eyes and other stuff in it.) He had numerous creepy movie roles and records and voice acting roles like this one. He was a legend back then. When you heard Vincent Price you automatically thought spooky. He was great.


Once read a story that Vincent Price would go to theatres playing his movies and he’d sit behind couples and when a scary bit happened he’d lean forward and say : enjoying the movie


Every time I'm reminded of Vincent Price I get hit with the biggest wave of nostalgia. I grew up watching his movies either on vhs rented from the corner store or re-runs on one of the 5 local channels we could get, on a black and white TV. Him, Jim Varney, Gene wilder, Jerry Lewis, Elvira and rando b-movies... my childhood entertainment in a nutshell.


Call me an effing nerd, but I stood up and clapped after watching that. (I'm in my house alone, so the only people who know are you guys.)


His smile and the look in his eyes adds to the effect.


With Joan too. What an awesome peek into forgone Hollywood.


Such the showman. His final role of note was as the inventor in Edward Scissorhands (1990), a role written specifically for him. He suffered from Lung Cancer and would run out of steam quickly. Tim Burton was patient with him and took as many breaks as he needed. To Price’s professional credit he soldiered on and pushed himself.


Everyone is talking about how great Vincent price was, but have you ever seen Joan rivers standup? What a Savage.


I love listening to the old 30s and 40s radio broadcasts with Vincent Price as The Saint. Seek them out, you won’t be disappointed.






Love Vincent Price. And my friend in high school bought the red thriller jacket and wore it to school.


"Idk man- you better lose that glove, you look nuts"


That album was a revolution in music. Anyone with even a tiniest knowledge and taste in music knows it. Btw, I'm not a Jackson fan. Classic, Metal and Jazz are my biggest passion.


“Classic, Metal, Jazz” Ah, a Jethro Tull fan. ^s/


Those desperate gasps for air between flute solos are pretty metal.


The video had an unheard-of $500,000 budget (in 1980s dollars) and an equally unheard-of length of 14 minutes.




I feel like we could do a whole Vincent Price themed month on this sub, he was such a cool dude. He grew, he was a Nazi sympathizer and grew away from that, and it gives me hope in some people that they can become better


I only know this man for his Egg Magic craft set, I’ve still not received my feet even though it said they were included on the box!


Hes one of the best actors of all time. And incredibly tall. All angles for his shots are from a lower angle.


Love his movies. Still watch them.


I don't like Halloween... But this got me in the mood


I’m 38 tomorrow and I had no idea that was who did that part. What makes it even more weird for me? My IT managers name is Vincent Price.


2 legends right there.


The newer generations don't have a Vincent Price. That's a shame :(


My great grandpas college roommate. :)