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Their faces! 😆


They look so happy :)


Don’t think they were complaining :D


Right after she passes: “What were we doing again?”


"I need a toilet break"


“I’ll be in my bunk”


Username checks out.


The hero of canton the man they call Jayne


Ok Tsitsipas


Imagine if the world was flipped around and women got happy and excited to see male streakers like that lmao.


SNL did this with Tom Brady and sexual harassment


We do. Depends how good looking the guy is, though.


I was gonna say: this girl is very pretty. I have known many women in my life who would not inspire the same… mirth.


You can't even see her face dude


Her face clearly doesn't matter look at the rest of her.


The rest of her is very attractive yes


But...when people talk about a girl being "pretty", aren't they usually referring to their face? That's what confused me.. Edit: downvotes for asking a damn question? Thanks to those who answered it, tf..


Usually, but there's a lot of leeway on her face given that she is rocking that figure. I personally don't think her face matters one bit.


But we can see her tush :)


she has a face?




What if it was Quasimodo? Would the thought of his potential romanticism and good heart suffice?


Depends on the size of his wiener


The commentators thought that he was limping on a cane


Third leg problems.


Quasimodo definitely had a serious hog.


i think we all know there's a very different reaction to a fairly attractive woman streaking at a mens event and a fairly attractive man streaking at a womans event


Can confirm! My wife went into a trance this one time when we were walking through a park and a topless muscular guy jogged past us.😂


As a gay man I also do this.


As a straight man I also do this.


Sorry about that.


The tradition of streaking has never been limited to women!


Well I mean this is the most exciting thing to ever happen during a tennis match.


Lmao Washington looks like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 2 and Krajicek looks like he's 15 and just snuck in to his first strip club with a fake ID


“I’m fine with this”


My favourite part is how their racquets are touching....


A very subtle highfive


Just the tips.


I didn’t even notice that. I went back to check and busted out laughing when I saw that.


The score is now love-love


This didn't get enough love Edit: Now it did, please stop.


I used to date a tennis player but love meant nothing to her


Username tho (ಠ_ಠ)


She got a warning, I wonder how many phone numbers she got along with it.




Not in the UK, I think. Disturbing The Peace maybe.


Yeah streaking isn’t THAT unusual. Maybe at Wimbledon though!


You are the home of Lady Godiva lol.


Well, she's definitely disturbing my piece


You mean she would or I would? Its too early for me to figure this out.


The Senate will decide your fate.


Senator Palpatine is never nice


Have you seen Vader’s suit? That was free of cred charge. Loyalty is all Papa Palps asked for in life. Like here’s your castle in Lava Land, take some specialty modded TIE fighters. Yo Vade, you need a Mof and capital ship? PP got you. It honestly goes to show how jealous family can be and how your closest loved ones can mess up your entire career, just like that.




Joe Manchin?


We can let the jury decide.


I'm Innocent. I only flash my wife after a shower.






In the UK being naked is only illegal if you do it with the intent to alarm or distress someone. So it’s not okay to flash your bits to a random stranger on the bus. But running around in front of a crowd won’t get you arrested for being naked, because you’re not targeting anyone. It could get you into legal trouble for other reasons though, e.g. trespassing.


This didn't happen in the US.


I don't believe you.


You can get away with a lot if you're hot


I grew up chubbier, failed some classes in college that were only offered in first semester so I had to take 8 months off. During that time I got fit. When I got back to college it was like night and day on how people treated me.


I've gone the other way. I used to be quite fit, then I got chubby. People are way less friendly now, which I presume means they (either consciously or unconsciously) no longer want to fuck me, and therefore have less motivation to be kind. Looking back, makes me wonder how much of my life was defined by an attitude towards me that was based on physicality.


I think about it as if looks and money are the same, the sexier you are the more shit folks are willing to put up with. When you're fat, you HAVE to bring something to the table. Notorious BIG got his dick licked daily for his sheer amazing skills. I think it was Bill Burr on a rant that paraphrased went along the lines of "I hate it when ugly guys complain that girls only want good looking guys. Fuck off and develop a personality, do something like learn guitar or being funny like the rest of us". Or how the Red Green show said it: "If the women don't find you handsome, they should atleast find you handy". And I am in the same boat as you, I have since gotten fat again because of Covid. But I am hitting the gym again so we'll see.


Upvote just for the Red Green reference 🍁 Edit: and also The rest of the post lol


the red green quote mostly though. Fuck that show was amazing, I loved the episode where he made a cigar car riding lawn mower that was like 40 feet long


The best life is to start ugly, get past it, and then become hot late in life.


It will useally result in you being a down to earth person which is no a bad trait to have.


And same with money, most rich people don’t value what they have, but people who started from the bottom do.


Getting your diet in order will get more results then the gym. I too gained A ton of weight during Covid. Starting counting my macros and lost 30 pounds over 18 months. .25 pounds a week is realistic weight loss while also still having an enjoyable food menu. Good luck


"ounces at the gym, pounds in the kitchen" is a good rule of them. The equation you're trying to balance is: Calories absorbed verse Calories expended And one side of the equation is WAY easier to change than the other.


Same here. I used to be pretty fit and got some amount of attention and niceness directed at me. Now I've let myself go a bit (not visibly overweight), but it's remarkable how invisible I've become.


Yeah that invisibility takes some getting used to. Occasionally some woman looks at me on the street and before when it happened I used to think "I must be looking good", but now I think "she must be wondering why they let that dude out without a bag on his head".


It’s the same as a guy. When I got in shape women treated me much better, but also other dudes. I also assume women treat you differently?


Been there. Yes, I get treated a lot differently. It's very interesting, too, because people mostly think about looks in relation to sex appeal, but literally in every area of your life, people treat you better. Things down to just getting assistance in a store, for example, or getting the bare minimum of service versus them sticking around to remind you of deals or offer helpful advice. Or how people will show up on time for you or do you little favors.


Yo! Have you noticed that losing weight is like a full-time job? I got in shape when I was unemployed for a bit, but now that I'm working full-time I'm ballooning back up. People who have lost weight while working a full-time job, please help.


I’m gonna take a stab here: • Are you doing weekly meal prep? • Is there anyway at all to schedule 1hr a day in the gym. For the first one, you have to be okay with humbling yourself regarding diet choices. View eating as only a function to survive. For the second, it’s a matter of priority. Might have to do some serious reflecting and shave off those activities that are eating away at your time.


\- No. Yeah, you are right about the humbling that needs to happen. \- Yes! I've been relying on home workouts but that also gives me an easy out. I'll try building some form of pre-commitment. Any tips on healthy snacking? Specifically, looking for alternatives to eating my feelings when work anxiety comes up.


Okay great on the exercise. Honestly, if your goal is simply to stay slim, your real focus should be diet. Weekly meal prep of a healthy meals will go a long way. As for snacks, I simply try to keep unhealthy snacks out of the home. Make snack bags of nuts and fruit for work. Also your comment gives insight into your relationship with food; as a means of dealing with stress. Not to get all deep in you, but I imagine figuring out healthy coping mechanisms and identifying your sources of stress will go a long way as well.


Thanks so much, friend!


I just want to point out that while they’re healthy, nuts as snacks are very calorically dense and can absolutely prevent you from losing weight. I’d rather incorporate nuts into meals vs having them as snacks. Best snacks are going to be low calorie and high volume. You can eat an ENTIRE bag of popcorn (not even anything special, just microwaved popcorn) for around 100calories. That’s about 10 nuts.


Fruit is always number one for snacking, I'm always seeing people recommend frozen grapes and apples. If the texture doesn't put you off adding a tablespoon of chia seeds to my drinks has helped me stay feeling full and they're loaded with fiber and protein. I've been putting them with my crystal light packets, the flavor helps me get over the texture (especially strawberry or pomegranate flavors).


Thank you! Fruits I can do, and the frozen version would make it super convenient, so that's a great tip. Will make an effort to try out chia seeds too.


If your goal is weight loss, fruit is not great for snacking. It's loaded with sugar and typically has almost as many calories as equivalent sizes of junk food. Vegetables are the way to go for healthy snacking. An entire cucumber is like 35 calories. Slice that up, sprinkle it with lemon pepper and a small amount of salt, maybe some hot sauce or something, and you've got a pretty filling snack for virtually no calories.


Air pop or stove popped (with olive oil) popcorn. You can any spices you want. Immediately after dumping the hot popcorn into a bowl, I add basil, oregano, chili powder and salt. So long as the popcorn is still hot, the chili powder and salt will cling to it; the basil and oregano sort of stick. It's a low calorie, high fiber snack! I've also done hot sauce popcorn by adding the hot sauce to the oil on the stove. It's a subtle kick. Note: it is harder to keep the popcorn from burning with the hot sauce affecting the oil temp.


It's really all about eating. The mental hurdle it takes to make eating literally a need instead of a romantic getaway is what fucks people on. Get rid of the sodas and juices (lots of sugar), all the shit processed foods and high sat fat things, stick to high protein foods and snacks, and then STAY on it. You'll be amazed how much better you feel and the energy you have even after as little as two weeks. Meal prep is the Satan's asshole of losing weight I swear


You literally have to change your entire lifestyle to achieve one goal, that's why people *don't do it or can't.*


You have to know your goals and just do it. My work out is about 2 hours. So 8 hours at work, 2 hours at gym, 8 hours to sleep, that leaves 6 hours to cook, clean, travel, shop, chores, time for SO, ect. It takes a lot. There are no short cuts for weight lifting. But if you're only concerned with the scale, calories are your enemy. 2000 calories is the rule of thumb for a fully grown adult male. You just have keep track of input and output. You can cut time at the gym, but you have to watch what you eat. But you'll find that healthy food to go is $$$. so get cooking to save money or get working to afford food. Also helps if you don't mind raw vegetables. A stick of celery is ~6 net calories. So grow your ears and eat that shit straight if you want to be full. Fruits aren't the worse for you, but go for raw again since you're going for the fibers and no the sugar.


It’s the opposite for me. I was much better about consistently going to the gym and eating better when I had the consistent schedule from a full time job. You can get yourself into a loop that’s hard to fuck up.


Make time for gym. Either early in the morning or right after work. Just do it. It sucks. It's tiring but 3 months from now, you'll thank yourself for the hard labour. Repeat


Eat less carbs and eat fat to lose fat


I had an almost romantic comedy level transformation between 10th and 11th grade. Over the summer my braces came off, acne vanished, I put on some muscle, and stopped dressing like a dweeb. High school became completely different for me, it was kind of surreal.


It honestly made me a little more shy since I wasn't use to the kind of attention I receiving. But hey, no you have an idea of who was attractive as a highschooler by how much they enjoyed their experience.


I had a similar experience. Was very overweight in 10th grade. Was gone for a year and came back In 12th grade 105 pounds lighter. Girls that previously made fun of me were hitting on me because they didn’t recognize me. Everyone else was generally just nicer to me.


It's true, I was told "I didn't recognize you at first!" As well. But hey, I learned to be funny while ugly so I had something to fall back on during the Covid-45 that hit my waistline.


105 pounds of vegan poop being burned provides 789239.19 BTU.


Good bot.


thanks :)


I’ve had the same experience in both directions so I can 100% assure you this is accurate. I was really fat in my late teens/early 20s right when I was starting University, then started working out a lot and got really fit for about 2 years, then unfortunately regained the weight again. That 2 year window when I was fit, I made so many more friends and people would actively flirt with me. During the times when I was fat (still am currently) it’s like you’re invisible and some people are just outright hostile.


Some of that is probably because you were carrying yourself with more confidence too


Also, the nunchucks and ninja uniform.


Legit humans trust attractive people more inherently. Though I agree that putting out good energy normally wins through regardless


It's a big reason why many serial killers are good looking, or the "average helpful neighbor" type - people inherently trust them because they are either hella attractive or so average that "they look like they'd be a nice person"


Nah, I was always confident. It was pretty much looks solely. Now I was more confident in other parts of my life, but socially with friends it was the same. People just treat more attractive folks better ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ .


What if I’m confident everywhere but my wiener


I'm confident about your wiener.


Working out can still help. And if you think intimacy starts and ends with your dick then you need to reevaluate. There's oral, toys, kinks (that don't involve your penis), and more. Good sex isn't solely about the orgasm.


I'm glad you're being brutally honest about this, I'm so fed up with the whole "oh no one judges you it's how you behave". People really do fucking judge you based on look to a disproportionate degree and I'm tired of pretending they don't.


Some folks just need to hear it.


Jup was very fit, and decent looking all through my twenties. Hit my 30's got sick, hit by ptsd inspired burnout. Gained 15kgs and look a bit haggard all the time. Quite the difference.


Not really. Losing weight can help but being fit doesn't grant auto-confidence in your self. People just genuinely treat fat people worse. It makes people uncomfortable tbh. Weight is sort of a "don't talk about it" thing in the US. So most try and rush through interactions as fast as possible when you're fat. That was my most noticeable difference after losing my weight. People weren't giving me as much high pitched "heyyy" kind of interactions like they were talkin to a child and rushing through any conversation. They wanted to talk and be in my presence instead of sweeping me under the carpet.


I lost 70 lbs when I was a college freshman and I noticed this shift. I gained it back a few years later and noticed another shift. Lost it again a few years later and yep, it was definitely real and not my imagination. Gained it back again (yeah I know) and yep…same shift. Years later I had surgery and lost 100+ lbs and it’s *a little* less profound now that I’m past the age where people view me as a potential mate (and it’s also possible that in middle age I’m less sensitive to what people think or the more subtle differences in how they respond to me) but I still get more respectful treatment and seem to get the benefit of the doubt in situations where I didn’t just a couple of years ago. I get invited to things, people want to be my friend, people don’t seem to look right through me like I’m not there…


Step 1: Be attractive Step 2: Don't be unattractive.




Yeah I was thinking that as well. It is kind of messed up but I mean I can’t really blame people since we’re biologically wired to think attractive = good


Not speaking in terms of genetics here, and not to sound like I'm being a completely superficial asshole, but there's somewhat of a truth to this. It's even somewhat instinctual. Attractiveness can be very much added to a person by taking care of themselves. Thus it shows a person's mentality of how they treat themselves their habits and disciplines, etc. Good skin, good teeth, good body, nice hair. even smile have a large part to due with our instincts in viewing the health and attractiveness of the other sex.


Yeah that’s true. Im not denying that to an extent your attractiveness does show off your health (not having deformities, being fit, having decent hygiene etc). But like beyond that it’s mostly just genetic luck whether you’re the next Angelina Jolie or a 4 chan basement dweller


Well yes there's the genetic lottery aspect but I think people very much underestimate just how much influence and ability they have to add to their attractiveness. Nit to mention, it's even been scientifically proven that you will quite literally view someone with stereotypically less than desirable looks as more physically attractive if they have a gold personality, sense of humor, skillset, talent, etc. Also, people also continually forget that many celebrities are on reality quite average looking without makeup, the right lighting, stylists, editing, etc. The boatloads of money and access to the best diets, trainers and lifestyle doesn't hurt either. Sure Angelina Jolie is attractive, but if she had the same genes and grew up in rural Kentucky on a farm, her looks wouldnt be stopping anyone in their tracks either. Maybe thay sounds of dickish, but I think you know what I mean.


Pretty much. Fat man doing this would be a sex offender.


Tbf a hot man doing this probably wouldn’t go down well either


Bro there were people tryna get Ted Bundy outta fuckin jail for bein attractive. You can get away with A LOT.


It'd go down better than a fat man but yes, probably not well


Streaking is not that uncommon in England. I’m not sure you’d be called a sex offender. We’re not as puritanical as Americans.


When two opposing sides join together for the greater goods


*The greater goods*


Stop saying that!


Aaron A. Aaronson


It's just the one swan actually.




A-Aron A. A-Aronson


I'm the greatest good you're ever gonna get.


Frozone should have replied, and I'm the greatest wood you're ever gonna get


Those are some pretty great goods she has there.


When two opposing sides join together for the greater boobs


I would looked straight for the bush


You thinking what I’m thinking?


*The Greater Boobs*


When two opposing sides join together for the greater woods.


But if this was a dude he wouldn’t get off with a mere warning 😂


There have also been male streakers, and yes they just get a warning.


No. He would just get off.


Exactly- when I do it it’s “extremely perverse” and they “won’t let me within 500 yards of a school again.” Crazy double standards!


500 yards is the same as 914.4 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.


Good bot


Who's a good bot? You are 🙂


If she' been fat and/or ugly, they would have thrown her ass in jail or fined her.


Fist bumping with their tennis racquets


They look like they're trying to hide the racquet in their shorts.


That photographer must've been fucking psyched with that shot. Great work.


There is no better feeling as a photographer than getting a great shot.


The lads look delighted.


Howay the lads, as they say in Wimbledon


Ok Miss, you do that 5 or 6 more times and you're gonna be in deep trouble.


Dude... Did our racquets just touch?


The warning was: "next time, don't wear an apron"


But she's cooking...


This is art, I'd frame


I was honestly thinking this would look nice framed in my living room


Good man cave item if you're into tennis


One art, please!


And then put it in your office when you take over the company from your father who jumped out the window to his death when his pension fraud scheme was found out.


Where is she now? I can't help but want the "where-are-they-now" story, especially when people from every day backgrounds do something, once that is wildly newsworthy -- like streaking at Wimbledon. I mean did this change her life? Or does literally nobody remember it anymore? Edit: streaking, not streaming


Must have been a little awkward coming back to work at the cafe the next day


She got more tips than usual that day.


If memory serves, the apron she's wearing was in the 'normal' position for the fans and flipped up for the players.


The Wimbledon Final was extra competitive that year as the winner took home a trophy and a trophy wife.


I dont think we agree on the definition of nude


I’m fully nude underneath my clothes




How indecent.


The shrubbery at Wimbledon is second to none.


Their faces holy fuck xD


Thats the face of all men seeing boobs


Weren't the boobs covered though?




Most of the comments on here are the opposite of the 90s. Lots of people streaked back then. No one gave a fuck at cricket or rugby or whatever, just the security chasing them. Sometimes things are just fun.


Wtf mods why would you remove this? Fucking prudes


Those are some nice tee.. tennis balls


No front view??


Gotta be a top tier tennis player for that privilege.


Where's r/AlternateAngles/ when you need them


>let off with a mere warning To think of those players had their happiest moment throughout the whole match, she should be rewarded




She needs to find better shoes, the ones she wears are causing sores on her feet.


Meme template!


She’s running across the court, and her clothes just, fall off. She tries to cover herself up but it’s too late, I’ve seen everything.


But if you are a guy who goes behind a tree to take a leak and someone notices you end up on a sex offender list.


Only because she was hot.


Racism Ends (1996) /r/fakehistoryporn


Best thing to happen to tennis.




^Blessed ^Day


Step 1: be fit, blonde, nude and attractive


crazy that if you're good looking this is like a public service and you get a mere warning. humans👌 i mean i wouldn't have complained either to be frank.


Richard's face looks like this is the greatest day of that man's life. Malivai is also happy but Richard is just... She must be really beautiful.


I’m pretty sure they make fun of this in that HBO tennis mockumentary “7 Days in Hell” with Andy Sandberg and Kit Harington. One of the matches gets interrupted by a couple of female streakers who one of the players end up sleeping with on the court lol If you haven’t seen it, and you like mockumentaries or Andy Sandberg, I would definitely recommend watching it, it’s hilarious.


Imagine a guy doing that, 5 years in prison


In that first picture they are touching rackets… you know what that means…