My parents at their wedding in the 80's. We're talking OG mixed race couples. Still married after 30 years

My parents at their wedding in the 80's. We're talking OG mixed race couples. Still married after 30 years


I always want to see the 'now' pics of these posts


He aged, she didn't.


Black don’t crack, baby.




My mother is fine now, but it took cancer for her to show any signs of aging


I bet having you gave her a few smiling wrinkles as well. Have a swell day!


I love the wholesomeness coming from and directed towards a guy who calls himself TheSwaglord420 lmao


This made me laugh wayyyyyy more than it should have.


The 80s would disagree


Thaaats raaaacist


Lol harmless joke. I wouldn't reply to anyone. I would just take the undeserved downvotes and go on with my day. I feel your pain.


I can almost feel their happiness. Love those big smiles.


Me too. They are exuding love and happiness. You can feel the moment decades later just from a photo.


I had a friend who got married but I missed the wedding. When I got a chance to look through the wedding pictures later, it was painfully obvious that she was barely holding herself together. 10 years later and they're happily married with 3 beautiful children, but I still wonder if they've ever talked about it.


Weddings are horribly stressful, it can be a less than happy day.


And this is why I don't want a large one. My sister in law was a bridezilla to the point of just not wanting to drive my brother to his own wedding. I did, afterwards she was better. She even went on to say that what she had chosen and done herself was not worth it at all. She made 80% of the decorations... It was a huge ouch moment.


It's just a day. I've had both - a big church wedding with a big reception with hundreds of people and a band and all that. I also had a wedding in my living room in jeans and a sweatshirt with only my daughter in attendance. Both were memorable. The one in the living room was sooooooooo much easier. And cheap! My niece just had hers with just immediate family with a small party after (like 15 people). If I had to do it all over again I would definitely go that way.


People like that make me think they don't have much control over their lives generally ykno? Just a theory but yeh otherwise why would it be so important to terrorise everyone in order to have your exact way for the day


Ohhh indeed. Things have come out since then that still make that obvious, I'm just happy she has more handle on life now. Outside of my nephew attempting to stab my younger sister but that's another story for another day...


I can recognize stress. I can also recognize despair. Maybe you're right though. I hope so.


Hooo boy my parents wedding album is… awkward. I think they both knew this wasn’t something they should be doing, but they were young and felt pressured. And to absolutely no ones surprise they did get a divorce when I was about a year old. I’m so glad your friends marriage wasn’t foreshadowed by her wedding! My parents were in love but sometimes that isn’t enough yknow? Thirty years ago now, no biggie! I got a huge smile on my face looking at OP’s parents. That’s a genuinely happy couple to be getting married, like fully stoked about it. That’s the kind of marriage everyone should have!


Looks like your mom married Kenny Loggins' long-lost brother. Gotta love her smile on her big day! Here's to many more years of happiness for the two of them!


I was gonna say they look like they could put out a killer RnB Duet.


Ha I was going to say the Professor from Money Heist


Yess! That was immediately who I thought of, too!




Danger Zone!


They look like *the* nicest people: beautiful pic!


Beautiful couple. And your dad resisted the powder blue, or gray with a teal cummerbund look. Dude was not easily swayed by shitty trends.


I used to video weddings in the late 80s/early 90s. The non-traditional Tux look was never that overwhelming, certainly less than 50% of the weddings I shot. Dark suit and tie was most common.


Apparently all my family were trying too hard to be trendy because I don't think I attended one wedding in the 80s with the groom wearing a black tux. Haha


30 years was 91, so this must be very late eighties and the powder blue was already mostly out of style.


Yeah, before reading the title I tried guessing the date from her dress style and I put it between 89-91. It's all in the sleeves


that was for proms!


My parents were married in the early '80s, and my dad wore powder blue. Not a look that aged well 😂


Good to know I was out of style in 2001 for my wedding as our colors were silver and teal. At least the tux was black.


What a gorgeous couple, they look so happy and perfect together.


Props also to the photographer for getting the lighting and exposure right!


Agreed. Our photographer did not seem to get any lighting right. Maybe three pictures that were acceptable. Of course this was before digital. So yeah we can all agree that this is a very uplifting picture of a couple at the height of their happiness. Cheers to Jnnx for pointing out that, thanks to the photographer, we are all able to share their happiness a little bit.


Isn’t that literally the photographers job?


As a POC with lots of mixed relationship couples in our family, we can tell you, taking photos with different toned subjects is an art and science. Don't assume the average professional photographer knows how to (or gives AF about) balancing light /exposure with black and white couple. It's a thing.


You know people that do their jobs properly? I wouldn’t take that shit for granted. Most professionals I know, could fuck up a one-car funeral.


Sure, but don't you complement a great athlete for achieving something? Sometimes it's nice to just point out that something looks good.


OG mixed-race ... from the 80's? Yeah, nah. OG mixed-race goes quite a bit farther back than that. Most folks in the 80's didn't even bat an eye at it compared to, say, the 40's/50's.


There were no mixed race couples before OPs parents. Everyone else started copying them because they set the trend


80s BCE is a good place to look too, whereabouts King Mithridates of Pontus was encouraging his nobles to racially intermarry as a way to create, in his mind, a super race of Pontic nobility children, fusing the best traits of the East and West


Unexpected Bulworth.




Mixed race people existed before slavers and it didn’t require rape. The Romans didn’t see mixing of races as bad and go to any country in North Africa and you can see mixed race people. Ditto any Asian country bordering Caucasian areas. Even the concept of “race” itself is muddled and not as cut and dry as people make it seem.


I assumed he was talking about America. Where until 1967 it was basically illegal a la gay marriage in the US. Some states had it legal whim a large number it was illegal. And the overwhelmingly majority of Americans did not support miscegenation. I think until the 90’s only 3% of couples were inter race.


“Some states,” being the 19 most populous. Still appalling but worth mentioning.


also see the moors and southern europe. when my mexican american mom got her d.n.a. results back there was 10 percent african that most likely came from early race mixing. let's diversify this gene pool y'all.


I was born in 86. Dated a woman who was black when I was a teenager in the early 00s. I was lucky. Both of our families were cool about it. But other people definitely cared. And they let us know about it. That was in California. And they were not bashful about it.


You're right that it's not OG, but as a mixed person myself born in 88 you're just wrong that people don't bat an eye* *Grew up in TX,NC,FL,TX


I'm not mixed but have been the white dude in a couple like this and came to the same conclusion. People definitely cared.


I didn't say "people wouldn't bat an eye," I said "Most folks in the 80's didn't even bat an eye..." The South isn't "most folks."


Exactly this. But this is still a beautiful couple.


> G mixed-race goes quite a bit farther back than that. Most folks in the 80's didn't even bat an eye at it compared to, say, the 40's/50's. Depends where in the US. In the South you would still get dirty looks in the 80. Hell it was illegal in many southern states until late 60s.


You’d still get dirty looks in the suburbs of Atlanta TODAY for this lol


You can get hate from both WHITE and BLACK people as a mixed race white/black couple. Often you get more hate from black folks as a white man with a black woman.


I have noticed that huge double standard. Black men date outside their race = normal, acceptable. Black women date outside their race = seen as a traitor in their community. Then again you see those attitudes in a lot of misogynistic old-school cultures as well.


While I'm sure there's truth to this, this isn't a universal fact at all, I'm a black man and I got shit from the women in my family for dating outside my race as well, and it's not necessarily as normal as you're making it sound. Lots of black women still take it personally, as if black women aren't good enough to date or beneath you. I'm not saying misogyny doesn't exist, but people of every race do this shit: when men date out of their race it's because they like *exotic* women, women who do it are worthless. But there are plenty of non black people here who are none the wiser, and your anecdotal observation or experience just isn't as universally true as you think it is. It's much more nuanced than that.


Right. Black men with white women are also subject to this type of racism.


Thanks for your insight as someone with first hand experience


Am I projecting or were you thinking about Alpharetta when you wrote this? The crazy thing about this town is that depending on where you are, the type of person looking down on this will change.


I was thinking north Gwinnett, dacula and Suwannee but fuck Alpharetta fits to a T haha


On a side note as an ATL transplant, I thought Dacula was pronounced like “Dracula” minus the R, and boy did I feel silly when I found out. Also, Houston county.


My parents have experienced it in Buford/Cumming.


Yup. I used to date this girl in Tennessee.... and she was sweet and lovely and we dug each other.... but she couldn't get over her friends (and parents) freaking out that I was white... and wherever we went in Nashville people would STARE like we had just bit the head off of a bat or some shit. So rude. All the racism doesn't always just come from the white haters. heh. *sigh*


So happy we live in the DC area. No one (almost) gives my wife and I a second glance.


> All the racism doesn't always just come from the white haters. heh. sigh Yeah the South still has that segregation feel from both sides. Old habits die hard.


I know people in the south that hot dirty looks in the 00s, like late 00s. A few people even approached them to speak their mind.


I'd say 2 decades on from it becoming legal doesnt make it OG... I've got an OG playstation here for you, it's a ps5 release in 2021, they brought some out in the early 2000s but this is still OG


I was referring more to the "people wouldn't bat an eye" statement which is totally not true.


I didn't say "people wouldn't bat an eye," I said "Most folks in the 80's didn't even bat an eye..." The South isn't "most folks."


the south is half the goddamn country.


Sure, "OG" isn't quite accurate but you could chase that title back to creation. I can attest to mixed race being very controversial well into the 90s. Not with the vitriol of the 1800s and early 1900s, but it was there. We had a teacher-led discussion about the repercussions of mixed race pairing in school around 1995. Being in favor of it was considered *very* progressive (and selfish because it wasn't taking into account how the child would be treated). Our church still taught the misguided interpretation of "be not unequally yoked" (and the rest of that section) to mean "no mixing of races" (instead of the more sensible interpretation of "it's best if both partners are of the same faith"). Just my experience, but it's not unique for my area growing up.


As a white man who dated and married a black woman in '89. I can definitely say people of both races did bat an eye. I should add, we live in the midwest, got stared down at the mall, restaurants, etc... We took the kids to Myrtle Beach early 90's, stopped at a small town in SC for lunch and people stopped eating, talking and just stared. We turned around and walked out.


Nice sentiment but they are not OG.


I'm sure humans were mixing up races for thousands of years not just the past few decades


My great grandparents were a mixed race couple. My grandfather was born in 1928. So yeah OG goes back quite a bit further.


I consider OG to be before it was mainstream, but yeah. My mom's side of the family really took a lot of America's racism as both my grandparents were college educated. Not going to get too much into it, but you can imagine how 2 college educated black people would fare in the 30's, WW2 and the 50's. The KKK can suck my mixed race nuts


Oh no, people batted eyes. They married in the late 80's. The only reason why you would say that is because you don't have any experience being a minority in this country


I didn’t say they didn’t, I said most folks wouldn’t.


Most people did indeed bat their eyes, both black and white. Fewer people made comments, and a small minority did racist actions. But being in an interracial marriage in the 80's wasn't at all normal. After 1968, there wasn't a lul in racism. Mixed race couples nowadays don't face as much overt racism as my parents did when they first started dating, but if you talk to interracial couples, they will tell you that it is an issue they discuss


That’s awesome! As a daddy of mixed girls, I love this pic!!






Psst, quit projecting


OG in the 80s? Sure, okay.


The 90s would not be OG mixed race couples but still this is beautiful


The dress told me long before the title did what era this picture was from. I'm glad people like your parents paved the way for people like me and my husband


Flowers told me the era. By this time, gone were those multi-colored daisy bouquets for the girls, and white daisies for the bride. This bouquet was the transitional period between the ultra simple flowers of the 60s and 70s, to the more sophisticated designs of the 80s, leading to the very tailored look we have now.


Everything about the man screams 80s too. The tailoring, the beard, the hair...




Your mom is absolutely glowing! Love this picture op


Lovely picture...however, Richard and Mildred Loving would like to check that OG status.


The first interracial marriage in your country was 1874. Not really OG


Well sure in 1874 they were **O** but I ask you, were they **G**?


I'd probably argue that Richard and Mildred Loving (of the Loving vs Virginia landmark case) which made anti-miscegenation law unconstitutional, and led to the Supreme Court ending prohibitions on interracial marriage, the OG. They got married in 1958. However, many interracial marriages existed well before 1958. Still, congrats to your parents OP! :)


Right? Interracial marriage was fairly common by the 80s.


But surely not without issue.


Holy moly, he looks like a white version of Phil and she looks a bit like Vivian (the first). Great picture by the way.


I graduated from high school a little over 30 years ago in Texas. This was still a really big deal back then. Most of us just shrugged and worried about our friends having trouble, but there were a lot of racist idiots who frowned, shook their heads, and turned their backs (in as many ways as possible). It's definitely gotten better, but there are still plenty of racist idiots in Texas (and everywhere else). I can only imagine what your parents had to endure for their relationship. Some strong people, for sure.


Your dad looked like Eric Clapton for a half second, zoomed in and not Clapton but he still looked like a rad dude. They looked so happy and indeed cool!


Love her dress and both their smiles!


Your mum has the most lovely smile!


Dad looks like Cat Stevens.


Richard Branson


"Wedding in the 80s" "Still married after 30 years" Current year 2021


🙄 OP probably meant 30 something years. Not everything has to be 100% correct at all times


This whole sub is arguing semantics. Kinda ridiculous


Based on the wedding dress and tux style along with the photo quality, I'd guess that this is late 80s...like 88 or 89, which would have them at 32 or 33 years. Suddenly it doesn't seem so out of whack to say 30 years. Or it could also be from the early 90s and the OP fat fingered it. Either way, I think you're focused on the wrong thing here.


Mixed race couples were also a thing before the 80’s y’know.


The good ol' 80's. What a time to be alive. A time and place where a white man could marry a black woman and not be accused of getting a "token black wife" or fetishizing race.


Literally no one has ever accused me of doing this since it would be ludicrous.


Sad but true. The current culture of shaming almost anything with ethnic sloganeering is really so retrograde.


Can we see a current pic too??? Lovely couple!


Got a pic of them now? That’s awesome


why your dad looked like professor from money heist?? jokes aside beautiful picture :)


He has been a professor before :) Hydrology


when can we just look at a photo like this and see a man and a woman getting married...


Your dad is Kenny Loggins + Michael McDonald.


My girlfriend and I are mixed race, and I want this energy at our wedding!


She’s glowing and he looks more than happy… but the bouquet tho!! Gorgeous! Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing. Congratulations to them on their long marriage!!


Hope you have a great day!




While I'm not trying to detract from the hardships of "interraciacial" couples in the 80s, it's worth noting that they are not in fact "OG." There have been mixed "race" couples long before the 80s. Like hundreds of years. Including when it was illegal.


I love it, but my parents were married in the 50s, kid. And then they moved to Alabama to teach at medical school. That’s OG. 🤣 But seriously, your parents look lovely, and I’m glad they raised a kid who is proud of them. I know they didn’t have it easy.


Dr Umar making a fist rn


I fucking hate that guy. When he starts talking about interracial marriage and kids, he really gets my blood boiling. My mom was at one point going to marry an African dude, but bro was like "you're going to cook and clean," and my mom was like "oh fuck that." My mom is a college educated woman, and my father has his Ph.D. Maybe college educated people have a lot in common. I hope Umar sees this, I hope he's fuming


I agree with you completely. Wanting to keep a race pure and not mix because you want the perfect bloodline? Sounds familiar right? Lol. I saw his breakfast club appearance recently and the man is definitely a muppet.


Hell yeah my parents got married in the 80s also and they're also Caucasian dude and Black mum😁


Who upvotes this shit


Beautiful couple!


They look radiant. That is a brilliant picture.




Their faces look like they will indeed continute to be married for 30+ years.


So it’s true, all old photos are in black and white. They look happy!


They are a good lookin couple. They look super happy.


Hope you do well!


Your mom is beautiful and your dad is handsome


Pffft my parents did that in the 70s, that's OG. In rural Saskatchewan no less.


Why do all of these perfectly innocuous comments have zero points? Are there downvote bots? If so, why? If not, someone is very grumpy! And nice photo OP. They are a lovely couple.


tfw 1980 was 41 years ago :(


That can’t be right. 82 was just 30 years ago... I’m sure of it!


The 80s include more than one year though.


Their smiles are so genuine. It makes me happy that they are happy.


Hope you do well!


She’s gorgeous


I just see two people, nothing mixed about it!


Weird title. Mixed race couples were here since the beginning of time, it’s just not fetishized like it is now. I’m not saying there were forbidden ones in recent times, but almost every race you see now comes from mixed couples. My grandpa and grandpa were mixed race and married in the 60s, and my parents are mixed race too and married in the 80s. Im triracial.


My great grandparents were mixed race 1920s. USA.


Lookin' good Salut


Whose smile did you inherit?


Gorgeous couple. Happy to hear they’re still together.


They look so happy, made me all warm and fuzzy inside!


What a beautiful picture.


Your mom is gorgeous and looks so happy!


Your mom was/is gorgeous, no disrespect.


Thank your parents for me. My wife and I started going out in the late 90’s. And we got states then.


Beautiful couple, and respect! I can't imagine the intolerance they must have endured. I'm Caucasian married to a Latina since 2016 and we still hear or fair share of ignorant comments. My cousin, who is twelve years older than me dated a black man for years in the nineties before some of the intolerant racist elders on that side of the family forced them to end the relationship. Much respect to your parents, and may they be together another thirty years!




Love seeing people of different races and backgrounds together, even just as friends. Warms my heart :)


Good looking parents.


Happy couple. Glad they’re still together.


He looks so proud to have her as his wife and your mom is giving me those Kerry Washington vibes!!


What a happy photo! Superb.


Beautiful! My mixed race parents married in 82 and I remember my father telling me a few stories of dealing with racism over it. They would still be married today if they were still alive.


Wow another interracial couple on reddit haven't seen that since 3 seconds....


If it bothers you is because you are a racist fuck


It could bother a person because they are not racist, and wonder why everyone is always emphasizing peoples’ races.


I wonder how many times they heard, “It will never last.” Congrats to your parents!


My wife and I are in an interracial marriage and we’ve noticed that we tend to attract interracial couples. At one of my wife’s previous jobs she met a lady that just moved to the area and my wife volunteered to show them around town. We all became friends and they told us they got married the year after interracial marriage was legalized.


That’s genuine happiness right there.


Cant express how much i love this


Your mom ewas radiant and dad perfectly squared away, I don't care what anybody says the happiness is the proof these two were meant to be together.


Must have been pretty rough doing this in the 80s. Lots of racists who wouldn't think twice before making disparaging comments. They look incredibly happy. EDIT: Interesting that this is being downvoted. Can someone who is downvoating tell me why?


The Professor


1980 hells yeah I know that was kind of tough on the both of em, hell if they love each other who gives a dam. Do it do it do it


perfect picture. hope they have this hanging up in the house.


they were at least 20 years off to be considered OG mixed race, it was when it was becoming more accepted by people so they were OG not having too much negativity mixed race marriage I guess.


Even if you don’t say when this is from I think I can tell. That dress is awesomely 80s.


They look so happy! 💖💖


your mom looks gorgeous!


they looking fly AF


Congrats to them! As someone who's been married for over 30 years, that's a HUGE accomplishment!


Was your dad the host of Tool Time?


I’m loving the happiness just radiating off of them in this picture. Your mom looks amazing btw!


Your pops got pretty lucky, your mom is a fox!


It's too bad that they have to live with the constant shame at their offspring for wanting to be known as TheSwaglord420xxx.


At first glance I didn't even think they were a mixed race couple. And then I thought about my old classmate who was a quarter black and looked white and it blew my mind when I was a kid and made me question the whole mixed race thing as a lack of perspective. They look happy! That's all that matters.


Ocean Grown mixed race couples?


Your mom's outta your dads league.


Upvoted but probably a little late to the game for consideration as "OG mixed couples" you're talking about something just 40 years ago, my dude


Not OGs or anywhere close to OGs, but cool nonetheless.