We also exist :(

We also exist :(


Quest 2 still has bomb games dude. Doom3, Half Life 1, Pavlov, Pop one, Return to castle wolfenstein, not to mention the StarWars series, Fishermen tales, there's a lot dude. Just gotta find the ones that you in the mood for.


Beat Saber, too!


My Quest 1 was solely a $400 Beat Saber machine for a long time. Beat Saber by itself is enough to sell the console, let alone all the other great games!


I got a Quest 2 pretty much exclusively for Beat Saber! I got Superhot as well, which was astounding of course, but I've not bought much else because any time I pick it up I just fire up Beat Saber. No regrets.


VRCHAT and Echo VR are free, not to mention a shit ton of other free games


Indeed, yet still its Beat Saber every time 😂


You might want to try Synth Riders - the big benefit it has over Beat Saber is that an officially supports third party maps / songs, including with leaderboards.


Intriguing! I’ll check it out 😃


If you like Beat Saber - check out Synth Riders.


That’s the second recommendation! I’ll download it over the weekend I think 😃


buy it thru the mobile app if the 25% off coupon still works " *mobile25* " Also, install SIdequest on a PC (any PC, dont need a gaming PC) so you can add a ton of custom songs.


Thanks again!!


You're welcome - The internet should always be this nice and helpful !


Heres a 3rd. Its amazing, also, buy the 2 dollar Muse: Algorithm Experience addon :)


Thanks!! Going to be a good VR weekend for me 😁😁


It **is** amazing!! Actually might even be more fun than Beat Saber! Certainly feels like I’m getting more whole body movement which is great fun!


My thoughts exactly! Nothing can take away from the fun of smacking boxes, but I just love the total experience, music, and full body workout of synth riders a hair more


that's some mighty desire for chopping boxes


Mine was Beat Saber and Alyx


Got Quest 2 last week specifically so I could play beat saber tbh. Addictive and fun.


ofc beatsaber! beatsaber was actually my very first game into VR, its want sold me haha, legitimately like almost going into a different worlds, and its cool how they have hand tracking down. all they need is a nice walking/jogging capable thing or just a big space for each VR gamers to just walk around on their own would be insane. like a building that has a studio size apartment space, no private kitchen or bathroom and you can even rent it out for as long as you want, it'll be your own personally VR space. that'll be kinda cool.


Also Eleven Table Tenis!


Autocorrect, do your job.


Honestly non of those games interest me. I want overwatch in VR. It wouldn't even need any mechanic design changes. Just overwatch as is in VR with proper motion controls I also want stuff life mhw and dishonored. Or even world of warcraft One day..... One day.


I feel the same way. Ive come to the conclusion that the quest 2 is just a stepping stone to get the masses hooked onto vr. The next headset will give us the games/ depth we desire.


tbh even the quest 2 is enough for that. at least with a PC. for now we can at least dream. all we need is talented developers to work on projects, not just cashgrabs


I agree 100% especially with the cash grab statement. I said that In a post a while back and people tried to crucify me for it lol. The majority of the quest games are just a revamped version of the majority of mobile games


yeah exactly.


It's working. About 5 years ago I used a Vive on a friend's computer he loaned us and it was pretty cool, but for the hell of it I tried to get it working on my own system and it was a HUGE pain in the ass. By the end I had it working but had decided there was no way I was buying VR until it had matured at least 4 years. A bit over 2 weeks ago a friend let me use his Quest 2 for a bit. I was pretty "meh" at first but it stuck in the back of my brain and I bought one. Gotta say I was kinda frustrated at first. The Oculus program on PC needs work and has all sorts of issues with the mic. But I installed Virtual Desktop and then everything started just... working. I'm impressed at how little time I've had to spend trying to get things to work, and how much time I've actually gotten to play. I just avoid anything using the Oculus Link as much as I can.


So if you haven't heard of Hyperdash... It's not overwatch per se, but its the closest we have, and I absolutely love it!


No joke, the Half-Life 1 mod for Quest is simply amazing. I love the original game on PC, so getting to play it in fully immersive 3D VR is awesome. The physics can be a bit wonky at times, true, and the frame-rate often isn't the best, but it's still one of the best gaming experiences I've had in a long time.


especially being standalone, its cool and yea its wonky at times but its still a nice story/action game for the quest. its the frame-rate that gets me the most in vr lol when it drops and its very quick immersion pulling which kinda pushes my button xD but its not too bad, really can't wait for RE4 today tho!! damnnnn


Hyper Dash!


Doom wolfenstein and half life ? When did this go over my head is it native ?


Oh bud you are in for some fun times: https://www.doom3quest.com/ https://www.lambda1vr.com/ https://www.rtcwquest.com/


not official but i guess the people already told ya xD


wait what? Half life is on VR on Quest? Where?




Wait…return to castle wolfenstein is on VR?? I used to love that game


Doom 3 isn't in the store tho, so I don't really count games unless they were released on the store.


yeah...i should've said that when i posted but i figured ppl would figured it out already haha


Also Superhot!!!!


I can’t find any of those games on quest to ,ask everyone


Pavlov is only through PCVR though right? It isn't available wireless unless you use VD.


It's on AppLab native for the Quest right now.




Awesome, I'm glad people that can't afford a PC can play Pavolv. Easily the best VR game I've played, playing old COD zombies maps in VR is amazing.


I play pcvr Pavlov through shadow it’s a cloud gaming pc check it out if you want to play pcvr game’s


Personally I'm all good, I rebuilt my rig earlier this year as I managed to get my hands on a 3090. I've upvoted you though so others can see this, with things the way they are it's super hard and expensive to build a PC right now.


Whoa what?


Yeah I've played Nacht der Untoten, Der Riese and Call of the Dead all in Pavlov and it's amazing.


You've sold me thank you!


They unfortunately arnt available on the native quest version only the main PC version, quest version only has one pretty crappy map.


Pavlov shack (the quest version) has nacht, verruckt, and two cheese cube maps


Oh really, how do you change the map? Whenever i press the button it just does nothing for me :s Still a shame we dont get all the PC content though... Would of loved to play around on the Halo 3 maps.


Nach has pack a punch and jug too.


Any downsides, glitches, or problems you've seen with the zombies mode? I'm freakin pumped to try this if it works well.


Well the thing is they're all community made maps so it really depends on how well they're made. I've personally not come across anything that I've considered bad. Some creators make call of duty weapons for their maps for the mystery box etc and figuring out how to reload them can be frustrating and that's about it. I bet you've never had to think about how to reload a raygun before haha.


This is exciting I’m very excited by this


It's on AppLab, and it wasn't only PCVR before then, it was a game you could sideload.


Many of those have to be sideloaded and at least need a crappy pc to do it. Not exactly games you can advertise.


I can find none of these in the store how do I download them?


https://www.doom3quest.com/ https://www.lambda1vr.com/ https://www.rtcwquest.com/ Pavlov Shack Beta, has to be typed in exact Population One, dunno how you missed


Yeah after I typed "none" i realized thete were like 2 I seen in the store. Thank you for the links! Watching Swaggeraouls play pavlov made me want a VR so bad. It looks like a ton of fun.


As a non-oculus owner, the one I see often and think looks awesome is The walking dead.


Doom 3?! I can't find it anywhere in the app store.


pretty sure he is talking about sideload. It's not on the official app store it's a project mod someone made. I haven't tried it yet but i hear it's pretty good.


its like we are in a weird spot between console and phone because technically its a phone that runs on android but it has features and runs like a console


just because it runs android doesnt mean its a phone. Playstation and xbox are also based on other operating systems such as windows or freebsd


Modern cars are totally just giant mobile phones coz they use the same chips.


Putting the mobile in phone


Instructions unclear. Screamed into tailpipe.


I work in product testing, and yeah, modern cars are essentially software boxes with wheels now. Especially electric vehicles. So few moving parts.


What's funny is, with these modern "infotainment" panels and whatnot, they pretty much actually are


Exactly, Android is linux, ps uses some form of Linux I believe


PS4 runs FreeBSD, and both that and android are so alienated from their base systems that they don't really count. But you can still flex on PSVR players because you have a full PCVR headset too.


I mean, userspace on Android is quite different from desktop Linux, but it is the same kernel.


So, almost like a Nintendo Switch?


"It's the nintendo switch of vr" -Linus Tech Tips


I mean, it technically is just like a Switch in terms of hardware internals, discounting the VR-specific stuff. It just uses a different off-the-shelf SoC, but theoretically you could run Switch games on the Oculus Quest hardware if you installed the Switch OS to it (assuming the games don't do any sort of crazy weird hardware tricks).


I'd see the similarity mostly in product politics. The Switch doesn't try to fight a battle for strongest hardware; It provides content, and distinguishing features (in particular portable mode). Same with the Quest: It is distinguished by providing roomscale VR capabilities, while requiring neither ownership of a powerful PC/console, nor an immobile tracking setup, that basically permanently blocks a room. The last point especially makes the difference between "rich guys' toy" and "able to spread on the market". I'm rather well off here, and I still don't have a room where I'd want to install more traditional roomscale-VR setups. For everyone who doesn't own a needlessly spacious house, the Quest series is essentially the *only* room-scale VR offer.


It really feels like a switch to me since it's completely useable on its own, but you can also "dock" it to a PC via a link cable and experience PCVR as well. Some people prefer to use their switch completely portably, some only docked, and some with a hybrid approach, which is how I use my quest.


Or use Virtual Desktop and get the best of both


Well said.


>the Quest series is essentially the only room-scale VR offer. At least until the DecaGear comes out (which is why I've held onto my Quest 1 instead of upgrading to a 2)


Even if it delivers, it's a PCVR headset....I also have doubts it will deliver


I also love that you can use it anywhere. I'm excited for the psvr2, but if it's anything like the last generation, you're restricted to playing it near your console, i.e. the living room. I don't like being forced to play there. I'm terrified of hitting my tv or some other expensive furniture.




>meep, meep! Watch your mouth!


is this what switch games would look like on the quest?






I can’t figure out what could possibly trigger this bot. He wasn’t talking about bird seed or coyotes or ACME or anything.


ITS ON ANDROID! That explains the mysterious android device my router was telling me about.


One of the things I find most frustrating about the VR sphere is people who insist that the Quest 2 is sold so cheaply because Facebook is wringing so much valuable data out of the sheeple who use it. It's because the headset is standalone. It's sold using the exact same business model as the PlayStation 5; hardware sold at a loss to drive the install base, initial loss recouped from their 30% cut of software sales. The Quest gathers data about users, but it's literally all the same stuff PlayStation is also gathering. I get that people don't trust Facebook, and that's correct. But it's not some insidious plot; it's the way these products have been sold for over 20 years.


Fb gathers WAY more info.


Any sources on that? Because [I looked mine up](https://www.reddit.com/r/virtualreality/comments/m1ylrq/comment/gqipm18) and it was noticeably less inclusive than what my account collects on Facebook.


IIRC some security people analyzed network traffic from the Quest and didn’t find anything too suspicious like video or audio data.


I get what ya saying but Tvs and all kinds of devices run on android but never seen them listed as phones. It's a computer/console.


I would argue that Android is objectively the correct OS for a product like the Quest. On the hardware side, parts for it can be bought from existing product lines whose production is a known quantity; this keeps production costs down and allows for requisition at scale from day 1. It also means that the OS is running on hardware that was always meant for it, keeping dev time for drivers and whatnot at a minimum. On the software side, the platform is dependent on indie devs. Most indie VR games are made in either Unreal 4 or Unity, both engines that are designed for portability to Android. That means that your indie devs' limited resources can port their PCVR games to Quest with much less effort than porting to something proprietary.




Same as the Switch :)


We are headset gamers. A new platform to leave the rest of them in the dust.


If XBOX could get Oculus or Steam games on the Xbox store and allowed Oculus quest to run on Xbox (link cable or remote desktop)... Game over PSVR. I own oculus quest 2 (had the 1 first). PsVR early adopter (had v1 upgraded to v2). Looking forward to PSVR 2 .. Not an Xbox user at all.




Imagine not building ur own headset smh


Chad pc player with my quest 2 as a wireless pcvr headset For real tho I always find it funny how people fight over who has the superior console, like nobody actually cares, especially with cross play


Switch players not even being mentioned 😂


those guys took a ride in a time machine to the 90s when Nintendo was still king and never came back...




It's simply a device that is used mostly for playing video games and its has built ecosystem for it, that's a definition of video game console for me.


Honestly, I have an Xbox One X. Since all the game for the Series X are on the One X, too, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 instead up upgrading to the next Xbox. I'd say my gaming on the Xbox dropped massively, while I play PokerStars, Echo, Defense Grid 2, Half-Life Alyx, and Beat Saber on my Oculus Quest 2. It's absolutely a console. And it has cut into my traditional console usage by 60-80%


So according to your definition, the Super NES, Megadrive (Genesis), Jaguar, Nintendo 64, Master System, NES, Playstation, Saturn and so on are not consoles then ;)


Why the heck is this being downvoted? 3/4 things it that definition literally don't apply to these actual consoles.




Mobile gamers are the omnipotent puppet masters above all


I honestly see VR as more of a PC gamer thing. PC link is the way to go in VR


Yo, switch the colors of the ps player and xbox player please


This bothers me way more than it should...


I love my Quest 2 but I wouldn’t for the life of me try and compare it to a PS4/5 or Xbox One/Xbox Series X. It’s just not the same experience. Graphically speaking it’s not 4K gaming, but the immersion factor is by far the best. For those who enjoy games for the sake of gaming and entertainment, you can’t beat a Quest 2. Quite honestly I’ve missed (not that I missed much from what I heard) a few free games of the month on my consoles since getting my Quest 2, because I haven’t been able to bring myself to log on to even download them. Overall though I gotta say if you enjoy gaming - it doesn’t matter where you get your gaming kicks. ...me personally I get my gaming kicks above the waistline sunshine...😏🤣


Damnn, before getting my quest 2, I was a graphics nazi haha. If it wasn’t high definition, it was out for me! I almost didn’t get my quest because of that. But I was curious about VR, so now here I am, choosing to play Population One over Apex Legends, because one’s on a flat screen and the other one I’m actually inside of haha. It’s Immersion > Graphics for me now.


It's not just a console... It's an Android console that can play pc games. Claim to be anything but a phone


Its a vr headset, it is its own thing. No need to lump it with consoles


Idk, I always think of oculus as an accessory to PC. Yeah Quest 2 is separate... But because I can connect it to my computer and do, I just group it in with it.


A Quest 2 is undoubtedly a better console than either PlayStation or Xbox, it's cheaper, offers a better VR experience than PSVR, and can be used in conjunction with a PC if it's in your budget. If anything the consoles are the dude in the middle and PC and Quest are on the thrones.


is not a "better console", but it is ANOTHER console, with a radical diferent experience. I have Oculus, PS5, Xbox and Switch and I won't put one in top of another. Even that, the only comparable experiences right now is PS5 and XBOX


It's funny how everyone's perspective of the Quest and what it is seem to be different. Until reading this thread I've always just viewed my Quest 2 as a PC peripheral.


This is because the Quest is an incredibly flexible and useful VR device. It also has access to the most VR games, over any other headset. (All of PCVR, plus Quest Store, plus AppLab, plus Sidequest, plus third party published content on either PC or mobile VR, plus can run many Android apps in 2d mode.)


Yeah it's an amazing bit of kit. I remember buying the vive for £700 years ago and plugging in the 4 wall plugs, setting up the lighthouses, connecting headphones, plugging in the HDMI and usb etc. Now I paid £400 and have no screen door effect, no cables, I draw my VR area and can play any PCVR game.


but you’re only looking at the vr aspect here. What about people who don’t have enough room space to have an enjoyable enough vr experience? Those who don’t want to have to deal with battery life without having to spend more money or DIY themselves something? There simply isn’t any objectively better option when it comes to consoles vs the quest, it’s all up to opinion.


Gonna be honest playing beat saber and superhot doesn’t really compare to God of War and all the other AAA games on new consoles for only £100 more than a quest 2, or hell a PS4 which is cheaper than the Quest 2


I wouldn't compare beat saber or superhot to AAA games. What about Half Life Alyx? And we do need more AAA titles for VR. It's just a matter of time now tho


AAA games made for VR is off limits given current market size. What I want is more AAA games with VR mode and that's all I really expect from psvr2 on PS5. probably pcvr fans will benefit from most of these too, like they already did from such ports to psvr1.


You need a PC for that, and my 2 and a half year old GTX 1060 gaming laptop can hardly run it nicely through my quest 1. So in total probably at least £900 including the quest for an optimal experience, still only for very few AAA games compared to a PS4 with dozens or a PS5 which enhances those PS4 ones and will get new ones for years.


Yeah you can't really call it better cause it's like an apple to a tomato man. If one hates apples then the tomato is better to them.


It might be bigger already then you think: https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusQuest/comments/lvxh69/quest_2_has_more_reviews_on_amazon_then_all_2020/ I wouldn’t be surprised if the quest 2 is currently ahead in sales compared to the series x and s tbh.


yah cuz barely anyone has gotten the latest gen consoles yet, ya know scalpers and stuff.


Wouldnt scalpers count toward sales, even if they arent going to result in user reviews?


the photo only shows the amount of reviews, not sales.


*laughs in PC gaming* Oh sweet children




Requiring a social media account is still definitely a shitty move that they deserve to get hate for, though.


Tis funny cuz I rate gaming as so... Lowly switch players Console gamers PC master race Then VR gods


The switch isn't a AAA console but it's still my go to device, it's the convenience of just being able to play anywhere, the social features are a joke though and the cloud saves are as trustworthy as uncooked chicken. But it has some great games if your not a fan of AAA games. Also I have another rank which is below every other one. "Console players who think that their console is the best and will trash talk the other systems" it's just sad to see tweets like ps trash or Xbox trash. They are literally arguing over chunks of plastic and electronics


At the very bottom is people who think their device is "master race"


So true. Makes me cringe everytime I hear that phrase.


I love my vr, but it's still below pc by a fair margin. I would argue it's still below consoles too (which include the switch, it's not seperate, switch is arguably the best console,)


For me luckily, VR and consoles exist separately: I grab Quest when I feel like moving and doing more physical, while if I feel like playing certain games I use console. So they don't really compete against each other.


Same, I play on the pc or consoles most of the time and grab vr when I feel like it. I never limit myself to one platform. Any sort of platform war is silly.


>Any sort of platform war is silly. Yeah never understood this mentality: us against you and all. They can just complement each other.


It’s pretty much to do with tribalism for those who can’t afford more than one console/platform, which are mainly children.


If you look into the psychology of it, it's astonishing how little it'll take to bring it tribal behaviour in people. They've found that as little as putting people into groups based on a coin toss is enough to bring it out.


I remember learning in school that it has to do something with an underlying biology of our brain: we need to be able to separate things in our mind, so we can actually distinguish things easily. So our lazy ass-brain would, of course, try to include it somewhere. That's why things like racism and tribalism are so easy to fall into, because our natural instinct is to separate and put it in a neat little groups. And an inherent desire to belong somewhere has something to do with it too. Like even though I am aware of those things, I still witness myself getting triggered if something talks smack about my favorite football team or my race. Silly little brain.




Vr is another spectrum of consoles. Interested to know what differentiates them for you.


Vr right now doesn't have the games to sell a system. Boneworks S&S and HlA are probably the closest to that. But two of them aren't on one of the highest selling, most accessible vr system and then the rest of the vr titles are good. But not anywhere near the quality or quantity of pc/console games yet.


Exactly. Vr is coming on massively. But still has a long way to go. It's basically in the Atari stage of console gaming.


Still waiting for our Super Mario moment.


This is true, it's a bad comparison because benchmarks don't work very well cross platform, but the Snapdragon xr2 is about 100x less powerful than a 3090, which makes sense, but is still quite a margin.


Yeah, which makes me laugh why people don't understand why they can't play alyx or boneworks standalone on the quest. I know not everyone is tech savvy etc. But it doesn't take a huge understanding to know a standalone vr headset isn't as powerful as a pc.


Folks who want to play these games with the same graphics aren't getting it, but there are definitely folks like me (I played The Outer Worlds on Switch, despite owning an Xbox One, and despite the massive graphical downgrade, and regret nothing), who are kinda over graphics, and would be happy enough to play a much uglier version of these games.


100%. While I do love shiny graphics, I will take standalone and virtual desktop over sharper graphics on quest 2 (for example) everytime. Console wise I prefer my switch over my ps4 because I can take it anywhere.


Indeed. They can take their stupidly overpriced and buggy AAA titles that look amazing but play like shit and we can play our enjoyable vr games that largely work. Substance over style any day of the week!


What about a 1060?


Switch is great,I've got one in my house,however the games catalogue let's it down. It's a very subjective topic


Of course it is, but it objectively has far more decent exclusive games than vr does... I've loved be for years, but it's got a serious lack of top tier games.


I like your comment just for the sole reason of being bait of excellent quality.


What is wrong with you?dont call yourself a console gamer,call yourself a PC gamer.


Pc gamer: "ha... peasants"


Pc master race be looking down at it all shaking his head.


Actually for me VR gaming is just as similar to pc/console gaming as board games. The experience is on a totally different level. It's Just uncomparable.


We are better


Ps4 gathering dust. Regular Walkabout rounds with the boys on Quest.


Let me just say, I was one of the lucky ones to get a PS5 and I've played the Oculus Quest 2 much more than that thing so far.


I have both the quest (not the second one, I had my quest before quest 2 was out) and Xbox


It technically is like a switch because a switch is just a more powerful phone that has a controller


The console players are just sat in their chairs wearing their fancy armour miserably looking down on the Quest 2 player.... Who is having a great time enjoying themselves!


I’m gonna have to disagree with this meme cheif the dude in the oculus rift is living in 2035 well the Xbox and PlayStation players are still in the past


It’s a brilliant headset it is it’s own category


I think vr is it's own section entirely due to function of how to play and type of games.


The bright side is, people can buy the Quest 2 at MSRP.


I use all 3 :>


Well get it some proper game titles and we can talk about it. As it stands, the oculus store is equivalent to a mobile device app store. I don't call my smartphone a console.


I have an Oculus quest 2 and a Nintendo switch what else do I need?


I refuse to believe quest players are console players. You're VR players. Very different.


you're fitness minigame players


Quest 2 is superior beciase it can work with a pc but doesn't have to


I don't care about console owners (or pc owners) integrating me or not in their imaginary social group. I played videogames on computers, gamewatches, portable and not-portable consoles, phones, tablets, on local hardware, on cloud devices, and now on an autonomous/pcvr headset. I played casual, niche, AAA, indies, good and shitty games. I'm not a GaMeRz, I just play videogames, always, everyday, everywhere. I'm having a blast. Come and join me in the marvelous world of people who don't give a fuck about boundaries of cultural/social identities based on hobbies. On a side note, I was on the verge of getting a ps4 or ps5, just one month ago. Got a quest 2 instead, and now I couldn't care less about AAA titles on 8k giant screen ; WHOOOOOOHOOOOO im inside the freaking game now !


The quest is above consoles and below PCs IMO.


I would say in terms of Gaming expierence in general (not considering actual games) it is: Mobile < Consoles < Flat pc < PSVR < quest < pc Vr If a certain game is available on all those plattforms I would most likely play it on pc Vr, if that’s not possible on quest... and so on. For example I own a PS4 pro, switch, Gaming pc, iPhone but Resident Evil 7 plays best on psvr (as it’s not available on quest and pcvr)


I use my quest 2 on my PC. Master PC Master Race Master


I don't consoder the quest as a console imo, it's very different from pcvr, and while the comparaison to a console is very easy to make, it falls apart when you think about it, as quest 2 is in fact, much more than a console.


Us vr gamers are on a whole nother level than these console peasants


All 3😎


Better complementary dvice for pc than anything


I count us closer to pc players because we can connect to pcs if we choose to/ can