This one is pretty obscure, and not talked about often. Another series from Bob Odenkirk back in the '90s. Info below. *"In between The Ben Stiller Show and Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk created and starred in this HBO comedy pilot, Life on Mars. Odenkirk, Janeane Garofalo, and Jack Plotnick played the lead characters, a trio of struggling LA writers and/or actors who hang out in a coffee shop called Mars. The pilot followed Odenkirk and Garofalo organizing a poetry reading at the shop for their hero, a Warholian figure named Lou Cage. The LA Times described this as “the anti-Friends,” since it was shot the same year, primarily took place in a coffee shop, and was pretty dark. This cut of the pilot only runs 15 minutes, so HBO either commissioned a shorter pilot for the show or this is just a partial version of it."*


Interesting. I wouldn't say it's good per se, though. Besides, if this had been picked up we might not have Mr. Show.


Good thing too, since no one else had the balls to blow up the moon.


You don’t mess around with God’s America.


“hey mr. monkey don’t be asking why. don’t you know you can’t mess…with American pride.”


If it had been picked up, we may have avoided [the death toll of The Devastator](https://youtu.be/uk3uBVYUBn4).


I ain’t scared of no rolley coaster.


What did slippin' Jimmy mean by this?


It alienated Chuck, and that was good enough!


For those wondering, no this isn't a US version of the UK show called Life on Mars (that came 10 years later)


It's like a mix of Friends, Spaced and David Mamet. There's something here that could have been good, but needed more polishing. Odenkirk and Garofalo are great.


I’m a big Bob Odenkirk fan and I had no idea this existed Thanks for sharing


Having grown up in Los Angeles, I was shocked by the smoking. I believe the total ban on smoking indoors and within a short distance of restaurants/bars occurred less than 3 years after this was shot


This link is down, but [it is on YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxkIeAQjBNM).


There's a British programme called Life on Mars ... about a modern day police officer that gets smashed by a car and awakens back in the early 80s .... it's one of the best shows I have seen.


There is also one season of an American remake that came out in 2008


There were a few seasons of the British show, four I think. The first two had the main character go back to 1973 and this third and fourth of the character go back to the 82 and 83. I think that's what it was. I watched it when they came out but I haven't seen them since


[*Life On Mars*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_on_Mars_\(British_TV_series\)) was the 1973 one, the followup series which had a different main character who was sent to 1981 in the same universe was called [*Ashes to Ashes.*](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashes_to_Ashes_\(British_TV_series\)) Both of them were pretty great. There was also [an American adaptation](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_on_Mars_\(American_TV_series\)) of *Life On Mars* which was so, so bad.


You are absolutley correct, I forgot the second series was called Ashes to Ashes.


I liked it I didn’t recognize the actors Nostalgic, with easily relatable content, forced a reflection over the degree technology has affected large scale transformation in our social behavior and interpersonal affairs between 1994 and current day. Particularly, I was most shocked in the start, after the young man in the coffee shop returned to his seat and revealed, “no, no calls from my agent”, he had instead been speaking with an old lady based in LA over the telephone, and shared the recipe of her’s that he had written down. Then, the other two seated at the round table, as does the viewer, learn that his lengthy phone call had been an accidental call, though they had stayed on the line with one another because of a shared enjoyment in another’s company. Today, interactions like theirs can be manufactured online (e.g., Omegle.com.), but how the odds that an elderly woman living and cooking in LA phones in at the time an experimenter drinks a chai latte and dials his voicemail is an unknown but I possess a hunch bank wins. Largely decided under the assumption that pay phones are no longer placed in coffee shops, so the tea drinker would be using their cell phone. Tldr: Cool share! I enjoyed that the pilot hovered truths of selfhood out for play, the show had an anti-friends, younger-skewed society rebel feeling to it for me


Janeane Garofalo could ruin a wet dream


Whaaaat?! For me Janeane Garofalo is a quintessential 90s hottie.


-- Now i wish i tried to be more like my father... -- Oh, please! You were always saying he was alcoholic asshole! -- He was just trying to fit in!