Headspace is a lot more important to the narrative than people give it credit for. It always irks me whenever I hear people refer to it as "filler" when in fact the story would be radically different if Headspace's role was minimized or cut out of the story altogether. Scenes like seeing the real world versions of the friends for the first time as well as late-game events like the picnic at Mari's grave would have no impact at all if not for Headspace.


Thank you omg ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2463)


The fact that headspace is there to obscure or distract you from the 'real' story of the game is such a brilliant narrative device in and of itself. It's a beautifully ironic reflection of how some players are going to be playing the game as a means of escapism for something. Within the game itself the part with the majority of the actual gameplay is simply the escape fantasy of the main character. There's a point where you suddenly realise the gameplay you are going through is as much of a distraction for you as it is for Sunny, and that hits you with an incredible sense of clarity.


As a headspace enjoyer, thank you.


The somehow still ongoing debate about how Kel, Hero and Aubrey react to the truth really drag down my experience with the fandom. There's a very specific reason it's left up to the player, and it's that it doesn't really matter. The"point" (if you can call it that) of OMORI, the video game, is overcoming yourself, even through some of the most difficult and traumatic experiences possible. Sunny lived 3 years of his life alone, traumatized and deeply depressed, but at the end of the game, after remembering and confronting the truth, Sunny truly does it. He wholly overcomes his trauma and finally lets go of Mari after 3 long and hellish years. He wakes up in the hospital and tells his friends, but we don't see their reaction, because their reaction is meaningless in the grand scale of things. OMORI is, at its core, a video game about the character of Sunny, and we, as the player, know better than anyone how truly broken he was, and how unimaginably difficult it was for him to confront what he had so deeply tried to repress. At very end of the game when Sunny stands in the hospital room with the others, we have to *truly* ask ourselves if *we* would forgive Sunny, and whether our answer to that question really matters at all.


I think the reason why the fandom (including me) is so fixated on what happens after the ending is that we want to see these characters happy or whole again and is hard to accept an ending where we have no goddamn clue what ended up happening to their relationships, and these characters are so lovable that it makes it hard to just let go of them so a lot of people end up creating theories or even AUs to just cope with the ambiguous ending but idk this could just be me.


The way i see it, the ambiguity of it all is so you are supposed to headcanon it. The story revovles around sunny, but also you. Sunny is just an outlet for you to explore the weird and twisted world that these characters inhabit. I ended up naming my character sause and now he has his own with friends of mine. This game is just enough a journey of you as it is for sunny. So what happens after your adventure is for you to figure out. I know some people do not like ambiguous endings and they instinctively spark discussion but this one is meant to do with yourself and whoever sunny may be to you.


but i mean the devs leaving out the ending makes their message about self forgiveness more concrete than ever since in self forgiveness other's opinions dont matter and each character has both their reasons to forgive and hate sunny for example aubery her reasons for forgiving him could be that she nearly did the same thing to both him and basil two days ago and the fact that he definitely stopped taking care of himself during those 4 years out of guilt her reasons for not forgiving him could be because he blacked out the album and she could have stopped feeling bad about her pushing basil and nearly killing sunny cuz they are responsible for the accident and its coverup


This comment probably makes no sense, I'm just generally really tired of fandoms trying to give answers to absolutely everything, no matter how minute.


Your comment makes more sense than most things fanbase talks about lol. Don't get your hopes down for saying absolute truth about this subject.


Happy Cake Day!


I didn't think this would be an unpopular opinion, I thought the game was pretty clear in portraying exactly this. That being said, I dont think people theorizing about how they'd react or making fan content to that effect is necessarily a bad thing, and I can understand why it's fun for a lot of people


Well, my friend, I'd like to object to that. Arguing is bad, I get it. But I think the whole point of a fandom is to discuss about their games, movies etc. So to say that we should stop discussing something that was obviously left to our interpretation undermines the whole idea of the fandom. PS: Obviously, that doesn't mean that anyone has the right to force their own opinion on to someone else.


Very sorry but, *4 years


technically somewhere between 3 and 4


>Sunny lived 4 years of his life alone FTFY


ong, this is exactly what I was thinking. ppl shouldn't pay attention as to whether they forgive him or not, the entire point of the game was that he had to tell them no matter what...


Take my free silver stranger. You truly read my mind while writing this didn't you?


>!disco area is an alpha version of headspace!<


Have my free award👍


w-wow, that actually makes a lot of sense


Wait theres a disco area??


A crossover between Hotline Miami and Omori could be actually good


oh yeah :)




comment of the year


The game is way too easy, headspace would benefit a lot from a hard mode. Perfectheart was a good level of difficulty for me. idk if this part is controversial but on the other hand the recycultist section is way too difficult for absolutely no good reason


I agree. Granted, I did take a peek to see what skills people recommended for Perfectheart... but I beat her on the first try, with all characters at level 46. Sure, she deals a hell of a lot of damage, but once I figured out a good rhythm of skills, I really didn't find it nearly as challenging as a lot of people hype it up to be. And yet I still got my ass handed to me during my first attempt at the Recycultist's HQ. ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2467)


I agree. I was like 10 levels of what my friends reccomended me underleveled in the end and still had no troubles and beat humphrey first try. At the Space Boyfriend fight all my party was across levels 4-6, it took me a while (it took 3 attempts, the last one was like 45 minutes long) but the fact that I even managed to win the fight says a lot about the difficulty.


items are absolutely broken in most rpgs so much so that you cant beat perfect heart without them


Aubrey got away very easy


![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2472)that my group of friends >!disbanded!< because an important member >!died!!abandoning me!< when I was the one who >!left them!< easily. ​ ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2471)Only to be >!cut/stabbed!< by an old childhood friend >!(crush)!< who hasn't >!left his house for 4 years!<, humiliated in a church fight, pepper sprayed by the same guy and >!nearly killed two people!<. for a tantrum...but hopefully someone saves them just in time >!(cough cough script convenience cough cough)!<, accept that you screwed up for 4 years and be forgiven, find two of your friends hurt which one ends up of >!losing an eye!<, and then they tell you... >!the truth!<. ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2461)I have a question ... for God. ​ ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2472)WHY!!?.


Best comment




you gotta wonder how half of the main cast are not in jail already


If you ship Space Boyfriend and Sweetheart especially after playing thru the game (DOUBLE Especially after the Space Ex-Boyfriend fight in the Hikikomori route) …. Thats like really weird. Fucked even💀 Also on a lighter note Mr Jawsum deserved more screentime #JAWSUMNATION


cut Humphrey time in half and give it to jaw some


Idk how much of a hot take this is, but Humphrey was the definition of filler, every other part of the game had a place in the story, but there's not even any reference to Humphrey or the Sea Witches in the real world, it's just there to pad out runtime and honestly, extending the casino part of the game would've been so much better than Humphrey and the sea witches


There’s a kids book in Sunny’s room about Humphrey


Wait really? I should probably interact with more things then if I missed that, but still it doesn't change how I feel about the actual part of the game, the slime girls and sweetheart are the only redeeming qualities about it


Although I agree, we can’t forget about “I fucking love air conditioning.” That is ABSOLUTELY a redeeming quality.


Yep! If you only played the game once, you probably didn't miss it; it's only seen in the Hikikomori route. During Sunny's daily chore on the third day, he has to sort through his old belongings to pack for the move. There are various hints to other aspects of Headspace as well-- a book about the solar system, a pinwheel, a rainbow xylophone... etc. Not to mention some more obvious ones, like a Capt. Spaceboy action figure and a book called The Kid and His Kite.


If you do the hikkikomori route, then on the last day when you have the chore of packing away your things into sorted boxes one of the things that you have to pack is the book. I don't think you see the reference anywhere in the normal route.


I agree but even more, casino part and some other parts also just felt like filler


The reason why I think Humphrey is more of filler than any other part is because it's placed right before you reach the last part of the game and really when you expect actual things to happen, especially with the little something blobs on the floor and what the NPCs say when you talk to them


Idk, I like to see Humphrey as an allegory for Sunny, creating an entire world within himself with inhabitants that must collapse eventually


Same, and for me, I don't dislike him, if something i like how his fight feels like you're hopeless and that your friends are at an actual risk, it has a disturbing feeling that i like, so yeah, that whale is filler but one i don't mind


Yeah, really reminds me of the final bosses of Mother 1 and Earthbound (I still haven't completed Mother 3)


Mother 3 is one of my fav games of all the time, do yourself a favor and finish the game if you have the chance 👍


They only appear in the hikikomori route when Sunny has to organize his stuff, showing up as a picture book, but I do agree that Humprey and the Headspace sections in general do tend to drag on a bit too much in places.


I generally don't mind most of the headspace sections since a lot of the stuff is fun and the tonal dissonance helps in building the tension that Omori's horror lives off of, but Humphrey's the exception


I don't really think so, I do believe the humphrreyy part should have been faster, but Humphrey represents Sunny or at the very least his future if he keeps going down the path of headspace. Humphrey lost his mind by becoming his own parasite, feeding himself over and over again until it is no longer enough. He is harming others in the process because he is unable to handle his wants and needs properly.


Humphrey was almost my favorite character, but he was way too edgy and annoying in my opinion for my current taste, sorry:(


what exactly was edgy about him? thats not the first thing i think of when i think of humphrey


Maybe he's talking about the boss fight?


what the fuck is edgy about vore


starving eldritch creatures = edgy (?)


There are moments in the game that annoyed me to no end, the biggest one being going straight from the Squid Sisters boss fight into the Humprey boss fight, who is one of the biggest pain in the ass fights on the entire game. Some areas were just far too big and got annoying to traverse incredibly fast. Hero feels like he had a lot of story to be told that got left on the cutting board. He sorta shows up and does everything he's been shown to do before and be sad about what happened... which is fine, but he definitely feels the most bland out of the entire cast. Its as if he had more character to be told and shown outside of what's already in the game. This community is either really funny and cute, or it's the most obnoxious cringe shit to ever grace this entire website. Between repeating the same jokes and acting as if these characters are the sweetest most innocent bundles of pure candy sweet sugar, then becoming keyboard warriors whenever they read anything that conflicts with their unhealthy obsession with these fake high-school characters makes it a gamble if I ever want to open this subreddit lmao.


I agree with the Hero bit, I wish I could like him more but he feels too “perfect”


That's the whole point, he's supposed to be the responsible one that doesn't show his emotions


You're right, but it doesn't make him my favorite or anything. I don't dislike him at all, I just wish we saw more from current Hero. Like when Kel talks about him to Sunny. And he got the least amount of screen time out of the gang.


people who say headpace doesnt forward the plot idk were u just zoning out. the whole casino section is about sunnys fear of change and his friends moving on, which was part of why he hated playing the violin so much: he just wanted to keep playing with his friends in a treehouse and going on fun adventures, not grow up and practise his instruments etc. yes its petty and childish but he was a petty child. he thought mari was blocking him from having fun with her, in favour of the piano, when in reality she was doing it all for her little brother anyway. the Humprey section is THE single most important section in headspace, firstly because of all the exposition dropped by that tree and the blobby things around it, and because humphrey represents sunny: everything inside of him is in fact himself, even if superficially it seems like there are different individuals, and in order to beat his hunger (/push away the truth) he constantly devours himself and resets, like and endless loop. that final bossfight is basically sunnys desperation coming through in that he doesnt think he really can break through this loop of denial, and i see when he defeats humphrey as once again pushing away having to actually accept his own position. also jesus fking christ the song H20:HCL is so good, when that basil theme from Trees at the start of the game comes in at the end but further and further away 😔😔😔


I don't think Basil is a bad person.


I think Basil is a bad person


sexualizing minors is bad


Careful where you share this opinion, it is very controversial /s


it shouldn’t be lmao


It isn't, added /s to my comment to clarify it was a yoke


this shouldn't be controversial but sadly it is![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2467)


Making fun of suicide is also bad


Only in the Omori Fandom, would saying fantasizing about children being in relationships is creepy, be a controversial opinion The amount of downvotes I've received on this subreddit for saying sexualizing children is wrong is astounding And if anyone is going to deny this happens: [1](https://www.reddit.com/r/OMORI/comments/udyccl/dont_do_it_you_will_regret_it/i6llo8a?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3) [2](https://www.reddit.com/r/OMORI/comments/udyccl/dont_do_it_you_will_regret_it/i6l9mm2?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


not only in the omori fandom you underestimate other fandoms


There's a reason I don't invest myself in Fandom spaces 💀 I thought Omori would be different because of the nature of the game, but I guess I gave it too much credit


Omori sadly isn't the worst fanbase for this... I've seen a lot worst... Undertale was bad there for a while, I think Attack on Titan used to be, and the worst one is My Hero Academia... That fanbase is terrible about sexualizing children...


So a couple things I want to say. You're correct that sexualizing childrenis bad, but i dont think imagining characters being in a relationship isn't necessarily sexual. It can be, and any adults shouldn't be doing it with child characters, but if its just like relationship stuff I dont think its necessarily wrong. I look at it as similar to the way you'd be interested/find it cute if a younger family member (i.e. a sibling or younger cousin) had a crush. And I think part of the reason you get pushback when you say that its weird is because there's a considerable portion of the fan base that are kids, around the same age as the characters, who it wouldn't be weird for at all. That doesn't justify any adults sexualizing the characters of course, but its worth considering that probably not all of the pushback is coming from weirdo adults.


>You're correct sexualizing children is bad >But Meme worthy


headspace didn’t drag on at all and i really liked the combat /srs


Headspace was one of those segments where I didn't enjoy it very much in my first playthrough because God DAMN I just wanna know the story and learn what happened But then on the second playthrough you have time to chill and appreciate how unique the combat is, and you can actually notice all the small details that reference the truth


If I was sunny, I could never, ever forgive myself. I won’t say whether or not people should forgive him or if he should forgive himself, because that’s different and left up to the individual. I just honestly don’t think I would be capable of forgiving myself for doing what he did. I’ve done things in life that aren’t nearly as bad that I still can’t forgive myself for.


Internal progress on issues like this are two things: rarely linear, and almost never total. There is a reason he >!absorbed Omori rather than him fading away!< . At least I'm almost certain that was what the scene was meant to portray. In some measure, some part of him will likely always chastise and doubt himself, but what is important is that he chooses to forgive himself enough to at least face the world and live. If he has come that far, he is free enough, even if he never 100% forgives himself (which based on a real life template, he likely would not.) He definitely will be much more healthy about it, though. Sunny is still passing an incredible threshold considering the enormity of what happened, there I agree, but I just wouldn't say his self forgiveness is or ever can be total. I think he will live with some measure of regret for the remainder of his life as many of us do.


It’s easy to forget, but he really is a strong kid to even make it that far.


How you view them morally doesn’t change the fact that Sunny and Basil are by FAR the best written characters in the game. Well written doesn’t necessarily equate to being a clear cut “good person”, or Hero would just be the best character


I don't support the genocide of all Sprout Moles.


![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2462) I do


me too


Basil is a great character. He had good intentions and wanted Sunny to not get into trouble. If the police saw Mari's corpse Sunny would be in jail.


I agree. even if Sunny wouldn’t be in jail, they both panicked. It’s fucked that his mind went straight to what it did, but panicked minds don’t always make sense.


That's.....not how the legal system works


>12 year old pushes his sister down the stairs in a fit of rage after pressure of a recital and not wanting to dissapoint his friends gets to him >clear history of loving and downright idolising her, treating her as possibly the most important person in his life bar none, with several friends to testify as much >sister adored him and went out of her way to protect him, including banning her friend group from going to their hangout spot after he nearly drowned, indicating that she clearly wouldnt want him to suffer for this >immediately thrown in jail please stop trying to make basil seem better then he is. he did not help in the slightest and this idea that sunny would get jailed for this (or face any kind of serious punishment from the law) is bullshit


A kid in a highly stressful situation isn’t going to be thinking that rationally though obviously what he did wasn’t good or right, but I don’t think he’s as bad as a lot of people think


spoiler tag please


I don't think people are tryna say he helped, just that he was so panicked that you can't blame him


Sunny and Basil are too traumatized of each other to make a good relationship between each other, much less keep their friendship intact.


sad but true


yeah... I love all the ships from this game but tbh any ship with sunny and/or basil just don't rly land. They'd be more viable if it were pre-recital days. I ship their current selves with therapy first


i like how the actual controversial opinions have been downvoted while the most obvious ones have been upvoted


It is a war zone out here


thank god there's a controversial option for sorting the comments


i don't think sunny's mom is as bad as some people say she is. she's definitely not a great parent, but she did her best for sunny considering everything she went through


i like to believe taht she kept overworking herself to try to keep the house for as long as possible to try to keep sunny close to his friends


Okay this is less about the game and more the fandom. These are **children** and yet some of y'all really do be treating every single action with intense levels of scrutiny and like... They're dumb kids to dumb teens. Even fully grown adults make idiotic choices in stressful situations and trauma really can fuck with your ability to make "good" choices. Yeah Basil doing what he did was dumb but he was trying to protect his friend. Yeah Aubrey becoming a bully to her close friends was also a scummy move but she genuinely and wholeheartedly thought they abandoned her in one of the DARKEST situations someone could live through as an adult let alone a kid. (I find it oddly nice that at least people are relatively chill about Sunny becoming a recluse, weird that people will call out the other characters for doing their own thing but at least we're not bullying every traumatized child lol) (Also for note, there's no malicious intent here. I know most of the people saying this just don't have the lived experiences to understand this kind of thing so it's kinda fair that y'all wouldn't know what it's like but also like maybe be a bit more polite about things. lol)


I agree, people judge the characters and are constantly debating whos good and whose bad but the majority of the fandom (thankfully) hasn't been through a similar situation, so they don't know how *they themselves* would react and what actions they would make in such a stressful situation. Sure it doesnt EXCUSE their actions, but stress and mental illnesses messes with your brain, therefore it messes with your rational thinking quite a bit. We don't exactly have the right to call them terrible people.




air conditioning is overrated, fans ftw


Sorry, I’m not a huge fan of that take


Well personally, I fucking love air conditioning.


Headspace Basil is the best character


Clearly you don’t have burgers on your mind ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2476)


I found Basil so boring that I forgot he existed lmao, I just got headspace'd. ~~But I think I'm just overwhelmed by anxious characters, so yeah he might not be boring.~~


Honestly same, only in headspace though


We are not bringing these posts back are we?


Alright, here we go! Sunburn is only so popular because it's a main character × girl of the group type ship. They've grown distant over the span of 4 years and it's very unlikely that they have feelings left after, well, beating each other up 3 times in a row. And that's if only Aubrey was attracted to Sunny to begin with. It's obvious that Sunny was, but because of that headspace presents us with a "perfect" version of her, the one which likes him back, meanwhile there are no such hints in real world, mainly because we only get a glimpse of their childhood almost at the end of the game and you would have to make a big stretch to call asking your friend about the color of your coat a romantic scene I can only see them as close friends at the end of the day, >!provided that Aubrey can handle the truth, of course!<


kel could of been a girl and it would of changed nothing


kel is perfect in every form


the bad ending is worse than the neutral endings


Okay... Gonna have to diasagree with you there. It's simple Maths. ONE 16 y/o kills himself or TWO 16 y/o Kill themselves. I kow there's the "Something Behind You" ending but it's kinda like the middle Child of the neutral endings weird and unintresting. So still, simple Maths.


>!emotions arent mathematical!< >!yea i know 'technically 2 teenagers kill themselves blah blah blah' ok. cool. it's not about that at all.!< >!it's true that the neutral ending is the worst possible outcome from what we see of it, but what i mean as 'worse' is the emotional impact.!< >!if you got the neutral ending, let's be real - you were expecting it. if what you fear death and despair, then maybe it IS the worst ending in terms of misery for you.!< >!but i feel like being so close to finally admitting the truth to himself, being just a smidge away from putting 4 years of repression and guilt behind you and taking a step forward, but giving up in at the last moment, giving up when you're so close is much more tragic in Sunny's story.!< >!besides, do you REALLY think Basil doesn't die in bad ending? i'd imagine he'd either kill himself later or end up in a psychiatric hospital or something. !<


i like to believe that he snaps after the bad ending and starts having a panic attack and says to himself how its all his fault and his friends try to comfort him but he snaps and tells him his half of the truth


Sunny and Basil would be a kinda toxic relationship ngl. I can see it before the timeskip/in headspace (mostly as friends) but after 4 years Basil is hella obsessive and Sunny is apathetic and seems like he doesn't give a single shit about anyone he meets in the true route excluding a few scenes


nahh I don't think Sunny is apathetic the reason he seems so closed off is that feeling is too overwhelming for him so he intentionally just blocks it off and before the trauma, he did seem like he liked actually listening to his friends. Basil on the other hand needs fucking therapy that kid has issues


>!Didn't Basil got abandoned by his parents? The closest person he has is about to die and his best friend disappeared for for years, he got bullied by things he didn't did and almost got drowned!< >!Poor Basil, no wonder why he has those issues!<


BASIL has some MONIKA vibes. Change my mind


Wait now that you say it he really does


I’ve always thought he had some stalker shit. I’ve never been able to find him as cute and wholesome as a majority of the fandom does. I’ve always thought the flowers were to hide the fact that he’s actually quite creepy and obsessive.


People who think Aubrey is the most relatable character are probably bad friends irl


I wouldn't care if Basil broke his elbow


The pizza isn’t here


"This feels more like a mistake on Omocat's part rather than purposeful evidence" is a valid refutation of certain theories about the game


kel is nothing else but okay to me and not the best char


Basil is secretly evil and I don’t trust him.


The game is fun, but I fucking hate the fandom, and my hatred grows almost every single day. I dunno why I'm still here


Sunny killed Mewo.


*sunny killed mewtwo


I prefer omori over sunny


Just morbid curiosity but... Why? Just askin'


Duno. I feel like sunny is a more.. emotional/(?) character than omori , and in this context, it makes omori more likeable to me. Omori is also like the definition of emo which i fond funny. These are dumb reasons, but in all seriousness, its just that while playing the game, i was more drawn to omoris character


Emo literally stands for emotional lmao


The dream world is way less interesting than the real world, just because we know it doesn't progress the story in a meaningful way.


pretty sure that's the point


The ending felt kinda disappointing, Idk I kinda just want to know what happened afterwards, telling all the characters the truth behind Mari's death


Bad end was the best ending![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2478)![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2478)![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2478)


Basically any Sunny ship (Sunburn, Sunflower, Suntan, etc.) kinda breaks the story and themes of the game. Sunny is extremely traumatised. He doesn't have time for romantics.


I'm not a fan of shipping, but I do take issue with what you said. The idea that traumatized people can't be in romantic relationships is kinda bull. Traumatized people may have a harder time getting into healthy relationships, but they're just as entitled to a health, romantic loving relationship as anyone else.


No fr like I get maybe they wanted to say “focus on your relationship before your relationship with others” but saying traumatized ppl don’t have time for relationships is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. ![img](emote|t5_31hpy|2467)


I dont think its the trauma that makes him not want romance, it just doesnt seem like his personality to be interested in anything like that. I agree though, and I dont like the non-canon ships in general because it's pretty uncommon for stories to not be romance based at this point, like they can just be good friends


OMORI was right about sunny.


i dont like basil


>!Sunny's parents dont know the truth!<


I thought this was canon lol


Pretty sure they know and help him hide the truth bc A) the dialogue from the dad saying sunnys not his son anymore while chopping down **that tree** / from the mom saying she can't lose her only son after losing her only daughter B) the injuries from >! falling down stairs VS hanging oneself!< are different and would've come up


You know what, those were all details that I hadn't understood or chalked up to plot holes, but after your explanation it finally makes sense. Thanks!


It is lol


I don’t like basil


Hero would be the first of Sunny’s friends to forgive him.


I think it would be Mari :)


Mari doesn’t really count.


download window deserves more love


Hector is an A tier character and not an S tier character


how about this one Basil isn't G A Y


When i first saw Basil i thought he was discount Ralsei uwu femboy im so fluffy and shit. That obv changed but that was luterally my first impression


Basil probably existed before Ralsei


Basil is the worst character. Change. My. Mind


I didn’t mind Basil at first, but the fandom’s treatment of him just me made me dislike him


Ok *cuts open brain and gives you one with actual intellect* Mind changed


Literally changed his mind


That does happen to be the joke good sir


Overpowering aggression


Ok soooo... I was planing a big explanation but If I learn anything from Disco Elysium is that I shouldn't take the easy explanation. So I'm goona try to play devils advocate here. 1. It's basiclly canon that Basil came up with the idea to... You know... And that's it. But on why Basil is good we have 1.Basil is CONSTANTLY triyng not to be a burden 2.He suffered things no 12ish y/o should suffer and is still holding out "kinda fine" (Besides the Basil fight where he triyes to kill himself and Sunny but both of them are having panic attack so we don't cout) Overall, he's hated because he does irattional things, COMPLETLY forrgeting the fact that he IS A TEENAGER WHO FRA.... Aaaaaaaaa. Do you get my Point? He has more PTSD than a war veteran. Cut him some slack. And if you wanna Point out where I'm painfully obiuslly wrong, feel free to. Until then, Basil4Ever


ill disagree with that point on the basis that as a "character" he is well written and compelling. he isnt popular entierly for nothing. but he does seriously piss me off.


That's what I wanna know. Why??? I'm very curios, that's all


Mari deserved it #packwatch


Not an opinion but I never gave Kel a high five


especially after what happened in the church


Uh… The aftermath of Sunny revealing the truth to everyone falls on Basil’s shoulder and I feel like that’s a little unfair to Basil no matter if it’s a negative or a positive reaction to the truth. It falls on Basil. Sunny leaves the same day so he’s off free from the aftermath. TLDR: Man I feel bad for Basil. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense


I've thought abour this too, but i like to think that the moving was post-poned after the whole ordeal that happened between sunny and basil which landed them in the hospital in the first place. But then considering that in the other endings where basil kills himself, Sunny still ends up moving if i remember correctly. So its highly unlikely that they postpone the moving day and I'm just trying to make myself feel better lol


>!mari didn’t die when she fell down the stairs. The jump rope killed her, hence the open eye. !<


That is awful to even think about, but wasn't it said that she wasn't breathing when Sunny came down the stairs right after he pushed her?


I think she died when sunny took her upstairs and put her in bed bc there's a memory of her hand falling limp and I don't think there's any other reason for that


People's eyes don't remain shut tight when they die The jump rope on her neck could very much have pushed her eye out a little bit more too


eyes usually stay open when death occurs, the reason you see them closed in funerals is because they put eye contacts with spikes ontop to keep the eyelids from snapping open (the mouth also opens usually, bc every muscle relaxes)


I hate how the fandom demonizes Basil while treating Aubrey as an angel who they want stepping on them. Both were kids and get over yourselves.


I don't care about Basil at ALL half the time I forget he's even there Also everyone babies and infantilizes the characters way too much, specifically in the neverending bitching of random ship art "sexualizing minors" like my man they are 16 not 5, and even then who fucking cares they're not real anyways.


so it's okay because they aren't real?🤳


Sunny should get off easy, but Basil shouldn't. That "innocent" twelve year old boy suggested suicide as a cover-up to an accident. The same stage suicide that is the entire plot of the game. Like what the hell is wrong with you?


He was 12, the only reason he would even know how to tie a noose would be if he was suicidal, so clearly he was already emotionally unstable before the accident.


or he knew how to tie hanging plants


As someone who knows what it's like to live with mental illness & trauma, this game is the best I've come across in its portrayal of it. Almost every choice the developers made in terms of game design, even those criticized is very much "the point", and so i consider it a near perfect game overall. I see a lot of " headspace is pointless and too long" criticism which.. Yeah, he's actively trying to avoid thinking about the actual plot of the game (his trauma) and wants to focus on literally anything else so he keeps making random shit up to keep himself (and you) distracted. "Omori has no personality" despite being a wrong opinion to hold - why would he? If he allows himself any sort of nuance he runs the risk of thinking about his own emotions - it's much easier to just imagine walking through a fantastical world where magic happens and you just observe. Not taking any part in it but still being in a group of friends. Additionally, he clearly hates himself and doesn't view his personality as interesting or worthwhile so there's no reason he'd imagine himself as anything fun while alone in his room. "The real life segments are boring" well yeah, reality sucks. Real life is mundane and boring but it still is the only way to live. Recognizing things are a lot more complicated and the world doesn't stop spinning for you and STILL choosing reality is part of his healing A lot of arguing over whether his friends forgive him / it sucks that the game doesn't tell us - again - that's the point. We're following his journey, and he decided for his own sake to confront what he's done, and to no longer hide from the truth. Their reactions are meaningless. Sure, we'd all love for them to completely forgive him, but realistically, it would be valid if they wanted to distance themselves from him after that confession too. Even if they hate him for it, it doesn't matter. This isn't about them. It's about his own healing process Tldr: too many people treat this like any other video game and completely miss the message it holds and it annoys me to no end. If you come out of this genuinely hating any of the characters, maybe come back to the game after gaining some life experience.


Aubrey fuckin sucks




its not ok to ship depressed suicidal 13 year olds and make up their sexuality


They are all ~16 but shipping is still a bit meh


Sunnys father is justified for leaving the family after he figured out qhat sunny did to mari


>!Sunflower ship would be incredibly toxic and I don't get why people consider it a ship. If Basil "liked" Sunny so much, why would he rip out his eye? If Sunny "liked" Basil so much, why would he (or omori) kill Basil multiple times to block out the truth? Its doesn't even make sense.!<


I agree it would be toxic but I'm pretty sure Basil ripped out Sunny's eye because he thought it was Something not because of hatred


I don't like kel that much


dang this fandom really doesn't like that


I am fighting the urge to downvote and reply angrily so hard /hj




Imagine downvoted someone's opinion on a post about sharing controversial opinions lol


Mari had it coming fr